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Are disk drives beginning to spin down?

Meghan Stewart
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I agree

Data has to be stored somewhere and on something. If I was building a massive datacenter would I buy all expensive flash disks to put in my array or would I go for the cheap SATA drives? Until the price of flash and other upcoming fast access stoarge devices comes down, you will not see a big shift to it.

I, personally, am planning to buy a new SAN for the office and put flash drives into it for frequently accessed data and SCSI drives for live data but lesser or archived data can rot on SATA for years for all I care.

Texter who fell in fountain threatens to sue

Meghan Stewart

Points to ponder

Point 1: You were in a public place (yes I know it is privately owned.. but it is still open to the public) and people could see you fall into the fountain in real life. Pedro fron housekeeping did ask if you were allright and you said yes.

Point 2: No one could tell who the hell you were from rerecorded crappy CCTV footage. You came forward and identified yourself. You are the only one to blame for your loss of privacy.

Point 3 :Because of you coming forward, you have been identified as a criminal wanted on felony charges. Felon; meaning you lose your right to vote (depending on which state you are in) and own a firearm. Lets not forget about prison time, which guess what.... you are not entitled to any privacy in prison either.

Put them all together and you realize one thing: Cathy is a dumbass who decided that she should take advantage of the situation to try and hit a quick payday. If she was in Florida, her lawyer would be Jack Thompson.

MS packs yet more tweaks into 'near-ready' Windows 7

Meghan Stewart

63 changes huh?

And yet it still takes 63 clicks to change your freaking IP address. (Microsoft, its lovely that you think we should be able to store our most commonly used IPs. However, the danm thing never works and you just end up haning to clear out all the you assign). Asking a user to look for the tiny little local area connection link when they cant even find a regualr XP sized icon is rediculous. And forget asking an end user to use the run command becsue it takes you another 15 minutes to explain to them how to add it to their start menu.

I've been using 7 for a while now and while I do admit it is much faster than vista, there are still definite advantages to XP as far as support goes.

Red Dwarf touches down in Coronation Street

Meghan Stewart

I wil

@ Simon-- Thanks. I will have to check them out

Meghan Stewart

Smeggin' hell

All of us poor people who happen to be on the wrong side of the pond have to hope that BBCA will air it or it comes out on DVD soon.

@Ross Fleming

TVCatchup checks to see where your IP is based, so its a no-go for us yanks. The only way I've seen around it is a proxy server based out of the UK that charges an arm and a leg for decent enough bandwidth to stream the media

(hrmmm maybe an IP spoof might work too,, need to test that theory)

Just reading this, I now have a sudden urge to go get a curry and pompadoms for dinner tonight.

Dell XPS M1730 17in gaming laptop

Meghan Stewart

I have one and I love it

I bought this computer for work and I really like it. I could give or take the graphics extras. I bought it for the exteme processor and the RAID capability (they will do RAID 1 if you ask them to) and basically the sheer power of the machine.

It is huge. Much bigger then you expect. The power brick alone is the size of 3 regular laptop bricks put together. However, I find the size hard to complain about. I knew that it was big and heavy and ordered it anyway.

I also ended up buying Dell's backpack specifically designed for the M1730 because it is hard to find a case that will hold the laptop plus all the extras that end up in the bag.

All of the light effects are pretty cool and the monitor is very sharp. What they dont make apparant is that the machine ships with a decent set of headphones and a small remote control that fits right in the PC card slot (That was a nice little bonus to find in the box).


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