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Microvision protoypes iPhone-sized projector

Mike Weisman

Pocket Pron

When this becomes a low common denominator, there will be nuisance incidents regarding pron and other objectionable material. On the ceiling of the bus, the classroom, outside the church, etc.

You can count on human behavior every time...


Tell Santa to bring more assault rifles

Mike Weisman

A new gun-salesman-of-the-year award

I owe my own activism to Bill Clinton, now comes Obama to spur gun sales beyond all previous levels. My organization is well acquainted with Obama's brand of ban-em, but give the nation a chance to feel the wrath.

The Obama presidency will give rise to the next generation of 2nd Amendment advocates.

Mike Weisman,

1st Vice President,

Illinois State Rifle Association


American auto dealer offers free handguns

Mike Weisman
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Merits of the Keltec

Note that a voucher was issued so the recipient could make up their own mind about which gun to get.

That said, the Keltec has some merit as a self-defense piece:

1. It's affordable, prehaps disposable.

2. All the Keltec pocket models are locked-breech recoil operated. To find this feature in a semi-auto smaller than 9mm is unusual. This results in a reduction of felt recoil. Most other .380s offer the shooting hand some sting.

3. The accuracy is as good as it needs to be for the intended use as a defense gun.



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