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BOFH: The Mandelboat virus

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""What did you do?" I sigh, fully expecting to hear that some poor user now has a vast amount of space available where their files used to be. "

Epic! I'll use that quote more than once from now on ;-)

Further more, your insight on how to abuse Wiki... how sad it is that it's the truth...

Thanks! It was a long wait, but a wait worth while!

PS: Would like to note the PFY seemed a little off... more like a new PFY who doesn't now how the wheels work yet, in stead of the wintered through PFY we all know and love...

BOFH: Lock and reload

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A real BOFH!

This one can go in the books as a classic case of BOFH! Absolute genius! Making a rule for yourself to run RELOAD every time you get a cup of coffee, and realizing seven cups later that ít's a lot of coffee... I almost spilled mine :-D

BOFH: The PFY wants a reference


Let's see...

... what the PFY has in mind next time... Surely the BOFH has won the battle, but has he won the war? Wasn't this an elusive scheme of the PFY to take Simon's place? Looking forward to the next episode!

Skull 'n Bones, for the deadly BOFH!

BOFH: The admin gene

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Well it passes the time...

GE-NI-US! :D Been a long time since I read such a great one-liner :-)

BOFH: The Batcave

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Absolutely great!

What a great episode! Wonderful work again Simon! I can't wait what you're going to set up to ehhh... "secure" the fitness centre across the street (nothing like a good neighbour keeping an eye out, right? ;-) )

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