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UK's lags bemoan Freeview channel blackout


A box.

I been reading peoples comments about this topic and the article. To be honest the article it self doesnt give enough information. What level/grade of prison is it? High secure unit those who done murders? low unit for those who just did robbery of house ?(with no GBH)

I think these things need to be taken into account before declaring all prisoners useless / waste of space / time. They are having punishment but then there are those who could argue those who have commited no crime but are living on streets with no food no bed etc are worse off. But you could also say that is also why many turn to crime because they have nothing they turn to drugs to feel a bit better it ends up in a bitter cycle.

Where GBH and murder/rape is concerned I dont think any of those types of prisoners should get any privalages what so ever. I have experienced myself being attacked. Wouldnt want anyone to go through that not even the person who did it to me.

I have had a burglary recently, s/he ran off. CSI came took fingerprints and everything but nothing much came of it. I dont feel that these types of "prisoners" deserve less human rights or privalage to get to see a TV.

I think the sentance length should also dictate what privalages they should / not get.

Since there is now some silly sentances for prisoners, such as those for truancy where the parents get sent to jail for the children leaving the school premises for example.. I think is rediculous, it doesnt make the children respect the parent anymore.

Keep your thinking realistic, dont broaden the range of stereo types by generalising "prisoners are all same they all deserve what they get in prison thats why they are there attitude" because I feel some of the laws are a bit... twisted and wrong.

Think there needs to be clarification of what crime has been commited to what privalages / rights they have within prison.

**Okay I am sorry for all errors/typos made I am awful speller and I am also sick at the moment with I think flu. Just thought I would add that. **



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