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New iPad revealed. Big price cut is main feature

Jon Lamb

Non bonded screen

I've heard that it has a non bonded screen and if so will be just like the original Air's touch screen, ie bouncy and feeling a bit cheap.

Help! I’m trapped inside the Chamber of Hollers

Jon Lamb

Your forgetting one thing in all of this ...

Marjorie ... DAMNNNN!

Smut-for-Glass app suffers premature ejection

Jon Lamb

Tits & Glass


Apple chief Cook is highest paid CEO in America

Jon Lamb

I based it on a 5 day week, not a 7 day one.

Jon Lamb

Sorry, its worse than that ... $365,000!

Jon Lamb

Sounds a lot ...

When you say 95 mil but in it only works out at around £365,000 ... a day.

Ten gaming headsets

Jon Lamb
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Re: why so much ?

Love my fatality headset, bought a spare just in case my current set ever fails. Not keen on the removable mike tho, keep losing the bloody thing.

Worried dad invents pepper-spray iPhone case

Jon Lamb

Your pepper spray iPhone case ...

... is no match for my roofie colada!

BBC pulls plug Ceefax ahead of analogue TV's end tonight

Jon Lamb
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I used to read you every day, that is all.

Superworm Crisis eats Macs, VMware and - shock - Windows

Jon Lamb

Re: late?

I've always assumed the article delay was usually caused by having to think up a catchy sub-title. Not sure what happened here.

Belkin Keyboard Folio case for iPad

Jon Lamb

Does onscreen keyboard stay on ...

... when typing? Thanks.

Ten... digital adult toys

Jon Lamb

Big Train

This review reminds me of the Big Train no wanking in the office sketches. What a job!

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a massive package

Jon Lamb

Nice package ...

So working on current salary and assuming his shares stay constant for 10 years and finally assuming he works 7 days a week, hes effectively on $105k a day. Nice

Arcade emulator MAME slips under Apple radar

Jon Lamb

@Steve Loughran

It was this morning when I downloaded it onto my iPad and iPhone.

Darth Vader mounts defence of doomed empire

Jon Lamb
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Chad Vader

Needs to be done in the style of Chad Vader

Four jailed for million-pound abuse images ring

Jon Lamb

Just a usenet provider ?

So was this a dedicated server for the purpose of distributing dodgy child images or just a usenet provider like easynews for example that doesnt filter their content that passes through them?

I imagine any usenet provider is going to have some illegal images on their servers?

More info please!

Internet tethering spotted in iPad iOS beta

Jon Lamb

Not showing on mine ...

... unfortunately ... 4.2b2 on Three

Westfield opens kimono on EV Cup racer

Jon Lamb


Hope it gets one for head

SF's rogue admin finally gets day in court

Jon Lamb
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I've always wanted to ask the question ...

... is this a secure line?

High Court: Software dev agreement did not transfer copyright

Jon Lamb


Didnt Hyperion recently win against amiga inc in a similar way?

BOFH: Baitin' switch

Jon Lamb
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Back on top form

Camera catches Samsung's OLED iPhone wannabe

Jon Lamb


I really like the phone? I dont really like the question? at the end of each pause? That could get annoying? Real quick?

Dell accidentally sells 140,000 monitors for $15 a pop

Jon Lamb


26000 monitors at £81 difference = £11.34 million!

Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m

Jon Lamb
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Hmmm ...

Seems like a relatively cheap way to take down the site.

OMFG, what have you done?

Jon Lamb

Fixed width

Everything ok apart from the fixed width, half my screen is grey at 1900x1200.

Commodore launches little laptop

Jon Lamb
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Re: Um....

And two of the pics in the commodore PDF are EEE's ! Still want one tho.

Dabs.com courier goes titsup

Jon Lamb


Have to say Amtrack were great for me. Order from dabs previous evening, normally on my door by 9am. The driver even figured out that quite often I'd be in the office in the garden and would come round if I didnt answer.

Game sharer gets £16K fine

Jon Lamb
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Nice little earner ...

7000 possibly paying 6k for the game and 10k to lawyers! 5% success rate should generate a nice income. Almost worth their while to leak a game into the p2p networks.

Nvidia denies chipset farewell

Jon Lamb

Re: What sad f*ck

'inquiring' minds would like to know!

Ofcom swoops on caller ID-faking firm with... request for information

Jon Lamb
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Straight into my voicemail!

Bought some credit. Dialed my mobile and also presented it as the calling number. Straight into my messages. Nice, not!!

Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

Jon Lamb

Lying about age, now a sex offence ?

"Unfortunately some of the creators of accounts who were deleted, of an older age group, have been creating new accounts with a younger age (which means that government legislation classifies them as a sex offender by lying about their age on the Internet"

Some dating sites I've seen must have a fair amount of sex offenders on them then!

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