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Asus pledges end to Eee PC 900 battery swap 'delay'

Adam Elphick

Swap sorted 'summer promotion' stil in the air!

Finally yesterday a somewhat stressed gent called Howard called me to check my email address etc and then called me a few more times as the email was not going properly. After a while we used a different email address and it arrived stating the details for the return plus my RMA number. The system he told me should take a few days max with turnaround for us to get our batteries back. Maybe at last this whole debarcle is over... but oh wait.. all the shops who were supposed to have the 'special summer promotion' of 5800mAh batteries for £29 for us to buy instead/as well as the swap know nothing about it (apart form the ones who have been asked by we the customers it seems!) and none of them have any stock at this price..... oh dear the saga continues!


Asus speaks out on UK Eee PC 900 battery issue

Adam Elphick
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Shocking disregard for early UK buyers

I like so many UK buyers scrambled to buy the eee900 as soon as it came out. I believe this shows commitment to Asus especially as many many 900 buyers were ex-700/701 owners!

None of us expected the UK only to be completely shafted over the 900's power requirements. It is an absolute disgrace that for some weird reason Asus thinks the 900 will take less power in the UK. I mean where do they get this information from? We pay more in the UK for the machine, yet have a laptop that now run's for less time than ANY other country's version! They state all sorts of rubbish about the battery issue to different complainants. The latest being 'European 900s come with both types of battery' yet Italy is the latest country to get 5800mAh from the start...

Come on Asus do the right thing. You may have our money for this 900, but unless you sort somethign out for the 'loyal' I am afraid not only will you lose our future trade, but also taint your previously good image. Doing this to the UK goes against your own company Mission Statement!



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