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Google Analytics — Yes, it is a security risk


Oh, that's better then

Oh dear, oh dear. Please, stop with this reporting already.

It's still bullshit. If somebody internally compromised urchin.js (now deprecated btw) then the majority of the internet has a big problem, let alone Obama's little blog.

If that little script got compromised then Google have a huge issue in that it would probably spell the end of Google Analytics. Who would trust them after that?

No. This is just scare mongering. You're creating a story out of almost nothing.

And no, just because you got access to the DOM, doesn't mean you had access to the database or "full admin rights".

I say once again. This is a really shitty non-story.


Congratulations, Barack — Now fix your websites



Dan, this is a non story. I just watched breaking glass last night by chance and it reminds me just of that. A pretty much fabricated story about nothing. Please check your facts and learn a little about the internet before writing more articles for our precious Register.


Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

Thumb Down


I can't wait until my 36th birthday. Only 11 years to go, but I'm positively bouncing at the thought of all that sex offending to be had.

Seriously, what on earth are they playing at. Faceparty has made an utterly ageist move and I really do think a boycott is in order.

I suspect the majority of "sex offences" is done well under the age of 36 anyway. Usually mid twenties for rapists isn't it?

Obviously there's no chance of people after committing a sex offence from registering as a 14 year old. Just like there's no chance of an 8 year old registering under the guise of being 13.

Face party, you get a thumbs down for such a blatant move to rid you user base of the only folk on that list with any money to spend on potential advertisers on your site. Well done retards.



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