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Asus speaks out on UK Eee PC 900 battery issue

colin ward
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People Power wins - kinda

well, well well...

after many complaints - least not from the great users at Eeeuser.com - we have it sorted...almost

Asus UK today has confirmed, that they are working on a rebate scheme whereby for approx £10 early purchasers will be supplied with a 5800 battery.

an official announcement will be made in due course but this won't be before they are able to secure enough 5800 batteries. At the moment they do not have enough. I couldn't get a timescale out of him but he said they are definitely going to do something.

they admitted that the 3 hour claim on ToysRUs POS material and the several hours in the manual was based on the higher capacity battery and also that we (UK) received the 4400 battery as there weren't enough 5800 batteries.

they agreed you cannot get 3 hours with the current battery even with his own tests.

so due to Asus qouting the same 3 hour battery life everywhere - even in places with the much smaller battery we get a result

so we pay £10 for a 5800 battery -and from what we can gather - we keep the tatty old 4400 as a spare..

lets hope an Official statement comes from Asus UK shortly..

colin ward


ok - now Italy are starting to get stock of the eee pc 900..

and they are getting the 5800 mAH battery... AND the 2 year warranty..

last time I checked Italy was in the EU...

same as the UK

come on Asus.. whats the game???

colin ward

2 year warranty as a bonus?

excuse me if I'm wrong - but the other Eee PC's such as the 701 also come with the 2 year warranty - it's "standard" and I think it's standard on Most if not ALL Asus laptops sold in the UK / EU?

so how can something you get free anyway - be the reason for the "cheaper" battery?

come on Asus - why Mislead people with reviews and also info stating "2.5 to 3 hours battery life" - when on the 4400 you are very lucky to see 2 hours?

yes you never said it came with a 5800 battery - but theres no way on earth you can get 3 hours with out it...



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