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Peugeot 508 RXH estate car review

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Pug electrics

I have a 55-plate 407 and it has been the most unreliable car ever. The 508 is its replacement and there is no way that I would touch one of these. The engine is superb but the electrics are appalling. This is not helped at all by the dealerships being totally inept. Last year my car went in to the dealers AT LEAST 25 times which was less than 1000 miles before problems. Failures on my car include

Tyre pressure sensors (valves made of softest metal that corrodes away to nothing).

Parking sensor ECU replaced.

Parking sensor x2 (me and my son had to diagnose those as dealer couldn't)

Locking wheel nut sheared off (garage had to get wheel off)

Central locking failed twice no fault or reason found!

A brand new key from Peugeot was faulty (took 3 trips to get the key programmed to the car)

Windscreen washer jets knackered.

Wacky wiper fault that destroys the blades (needs 2 new wiper motors as transient suppression diodes buggered). Open the door and the wipers activate smashing into each other.

Then you have the centreless wheels that take forever to fit new tyres. NEVER AGAIN haing a French car.


Opera betas 10.5 for Linux and FreeBSD

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About flipping time!

I have used Opera 10.50 on Windoze ages ago and was most annoyed that the Linux version has been so long in catching up. Using Linux as my main OS it was annoying to have to put up with 10.10 which is crap in comparison.


Brits still getting bull from broadband providers


Fair useage policies

I also hate these fair useage policies attached to "unlimited" services. I hate them so much that there is a petition on the governments website. Of course by doing this it means that nothing will be done about it and I will get the standard wishy washy we don't want to upset anybody labour reply.



Facebook gives you the clap: Official


Someone had to say it......

This article adds weight to the argument that Facebook is "clap trap".


Microsoft finally debuts Euro-choose-a-browser screen


Important Update

Hopefully this will then stop Microsoft flagging IE8 as an important upgrade to my Vista install. I have never fired up IE as Opera was installed as soon as I could.

I agree with another poster that all PCs should come OS free. It took me ages to get rid of all the crap installed on my lappy from the manufaturer. Its bad enough having Vista on but bastardised versions from each manufacturer means no STANDARD MS install. And yet people moan about the different types of Linux.


Sky taken to task for online promo cock-up


Sky and the ASA

The reason that only 4 people complained will be the fact that complaining to the ASA about Sky is a waste of valuable time. I complained a couple of years ago because Sky stated order now and be up and running before Christmas. They were sort of correct but it was Christmas +1. Complained to the ASA, complaint upheld, punishment - ZIP!

The ASA are totally useless I agree and seeing as you get nothing for complaining and no action is taken against Sky - whats the point?


Ofcom pulls plug on wholesale broadband regulation


Sky routers


You can use any router with Sky BB you just need to get the username and password out of your sky router. Luckily the sky router is a netgear one that runs Linux and so it will tell you the info that you need.

All you need to is log into your Sky

router by typing into your browser and then entering in

the username admin and password sky.

The next step is to enter the following url into your browser

Once you have done that enter in and

save the file to your pc. Open the file with a text editor such as

Wordpad and you will see your Sky Username and Password listed.

With this you will be able to use a different router other than the

Sky provided Netgear one.

If you want to use your Sky router on another providers broadband then

you would have to flash the software as mentioned earlier to get

access to the Username and password fields you would need to enter

your existing details in.

I have done this with Netgear DG834G routers for myself, bro and parents.

Sky also say that their broadband doesn't work with Linux - Why sky are so full of excrementum is beyond me



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