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BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors

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Also in the colonies

Don't get your hopes up about leaving UK for Canada as similar things have been happening here as well.

The Canadian corporation I'm currently in decided to go for a bit of Indian off-shore developing at half the price of the local permies, which is also about 20% of what the local IT consultancies charge here but that's another story. We all naturally complained, pointed out this never works or produces the cost savings imagined, were ignored and off we went.

Almost a year later and the experiment's due to finish very shortly thanks to the incredibly awful code produced by this band of muppets on the other side of the planet not to mention the threat of resignation from the poor chap who was practically working 24/7 trying to manage them. We've had 19 year old co-op students who've produced better stuff that this lot (and they're even cheaper!).

My favourite was the brand-new-state-of-the-art system they rewrote that literally ran over 100 (yes a hundred!) times slower than the old supposedly crappy thing we had before.


NHS IT four years late and over budget

CSS Boyo

Public sector rubbish (again)

Having just had the 'joy' of helping my in-laws apply for a UK visitor's visa via the government's new online visa4uk.fco.gov.uk site, I'm really not in the least bit surprised the NHS IT project is years late, way over budget, only works in IE6 and overall a bit of a dog's dinner that's past its sell-by date.

Over my (many) years I've seen some utter crap as far as UI goes, but Visa4UK is in a class all on its own. I dread to think what the NHS one is like (if that is it ever fully sees the light of day)...



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