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Sony Alpha 200 digital SLR

Daniel Pocock

rebranded A100

The alpha 200 is basically the same as the alpha 100 which was well ahead of the entry level cannon at the time. The main changes are the display and the ISO can go a bit higher.

There are plenty of lenses around for the Sony especially it you check on eBay, admittedly the lenses for the canon are generally slightly cheaper. But the base lens that you get with it is upto 70mm the canon is only 55mm. so you don't need to buy a new lens as soon as you get this camera. What was failed to mention is that the Sony has anti shake built into the body so you can use it with any lens, whereas the canons are built into the lens. so cheaper lenses don't have antishake.

Mines the one with 'I Love Sony' on the back

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

Daniel Pocock

Only limited during those hours?

Am I reading it wrong or do you have top those download limits during those hours? eg over 900mb between 10-3 and 1600mb between 4-9? Then if you go over these limits you'll be throttled to 5 hours?

Phones 4u accused of misleading customers

Daniel Pocock

12 month contract turns out to be 18

The one and only time we used Phones 4 U, we were outright lied to. We simply asked for a 12 month contract, with a particular phone and under £35 a month. They said 'Yes, we can do that' offered us a contact for £36.50 but can reduce it to £33 per month.

All looking good so far!!!

But then we signup.. they then pull £60ish out the till and send us off.Firstly cash back on signing up is not the same as £3.5 off per month.Secondly we specifically asked for 12 month and found we had a 18 month.

That was the first and last time I am ever going anywhere near a Phones 4 U store. (PS I'm not dumb, just lied to)

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