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Irish data protection chief in leaked report 'hack'


Internet laws In Ireland

Internet laws In Ireland.are you kidding! These are almost non existant, with a few loop holes (Yes, i have read the so called cyber laws).....oddly these will not be changed yet

I was reading an artical earlier today and one part has some what stuck in my head "Ireland is the Technology hub of Europe" ......that can't be right!! our cyber law's are full of more holes than swiss cheese....I recenty took a trip to a meeting hot spot for some of Irelands "hottest" hackers (i have never heard the term "hot" in the same context as script kiddies or hackers) anyway... these people gave me their opinions on Irish cyber law ... and in their own respective words " it dosnt exist... planning cyber attacks in ireland is to easy " ...... still I wouldn't be worried they're knowledge is somewhat not based on malicious attacks ... but more on security for their own systems ....


Facebook agrees to child-safety measures

Gates Horns


lets see, does or has anyone ever read the terms and agreements for anything (credit cards, email a/c's etc)? why wud sum kid even bother. they have the attention span of a goldfish, so reading some shpeal of total and outter "this protects us incase of shit" conditions is a total waste of time....

Just make it simple for them to read "if they say they are Blond with blue eye's, they're really 50, overweight, and thinking of you in their fantasy's". Although even previous might be a little to hard for them to understand....Rewrite in juve txt form...its a disgrace to the english language...but least they might understand it



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