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Son of 419 victim contacts El Reg



"Just a small point, the Darwin Award is given to someone who removes themselves from the gene pool without having procreated, so the kid's father wouldn't be eligible, however, he may be eligible for an honorable mention."

Can you not be made eligible again if you kill yourself, and all your children do the same, as appears to be the threat here.

Google trials Street View face-blurring tech


Can't have people seeing us walking down the street

I have a right to privacy! If i'm walking down the street in a busy city I insist that everybody close their eyes and respect my RIGHT to walk down the street without being looked at.

Debian fixes serious crypto bug


Accidental hacking!

The keys are not only breakable by experienced crypto-analyst types. This bug has caused identical private SSH keys to be generated on totally unconnected hosts. As a result, logging into a remote server with my key a few days ago, I was logged in as somebody entirely different, who happened to have an identical private key, giving me access to their source code repo.

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