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Greens: Abandon economic growth to beat CO2 offshoring

Stevie Nichts

Greens against the carbon scrubber too

There was recently an article about a prototype carbon scrubber (Guardian) - if successful, it could "economically capture a tonne of CO2 a day from the air." Naturally, Greenpeace et.al are dead-set against it -- they argue that quitting fossil fuels should be our goal. They're saying, literally, that unless we adopt punitive measures (as per the twits in this article) they oppose it. As the gent above put it: what planet are these people from? And how do we get them to go back there?

Neighbours from hell will be sent to boot camp

Stevie Nichts

I wonder about you Brits

So, does the Big Brother Squad just haul you off in the middle of the night? Who decides who gets taken away -- the neighbor you pissed off? And who decides when you're right-thinking enought to be let out?

And why isn't there some -- what's the word -- outrage?

Here, perhaps this will spark some: How about those Muslim "youth" who show such antisocial tendences as rioting, torching cars and houses, and injuring and killing infidels? If anyone's a candidate for these "Family Intervention Projects" it's them. Of course that would require, you know, stones. And the desire to face up to the fact that they're going to take over your country within a couple of generations.


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