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Brit neural net pioneer just revolutionised speech recognition all over again

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Absolutely not! It's the same in the north of Scotland too with signs printed in English and Gaelic.

We could just leave the English (mis-)translations off the signs. Tough luck for the English-speakers who want to move here but can't even be bothered to learn to speak the language.


Installing disks is basically LEGO, right? This admin failed LEGO

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Re: "...making firewall changes that cut off all their traffic..."

root@bloodymilesaway:~# ifconfig eth0 down<RETURN>



"F....... I'm going to pop over to Edinburgh, anyone want anything while I'm at the datacentre?"

Gordon JC Pearce

Back when I was a skint youth I supplemented my meagre pocket money with doing a few repairs for the local TV shop, which was next door to where my dad worked and meant I could hang about until he finished and get a lift home instead of going to all the extravagance of bus fares.

One rather nice VCR came across my bench, a front-loading one which would accept a tape, start to drop the carriage, make a clicking sound and eject again. Pretty easy, foreign object in the deck, rolled under the tape carriage, unjammed it, cleaned it up, retimed the mechanism which had skipped a couple of teeth causing it to shut down with a cryptic error code instead of the equally cryptic flashing "12:00 12:00 12:00". Pop tape in, whirr click kachunk whirrr, off it goes, press eject, whirr clunk whirr click, out comes the tape. Great. Pop it on the shelf for Mrs Smallchild to pick up the next day.

The next afternoon, in came Mrs Smallchild with her eponymous small child, who promptly began stress-testing all the buttons on any TV within his reach. "There you go, Mrs Smallchild", I breezed, "but you might want to consider putting it in a cabinet or up out of the reach of little hands."

"How very dare you", exclaimed Mrs Smallchild, "Henry knows he's not allowed to touch the telly or the video, and he's as good as gold, he never goes near it when he's watching his videos."

"Well, okay then, but that only leaves the possibility that it is one of the grown-ups in the house that is responsible for feeding the poor tormented machine a piece of toast, half a Milky Way and three or four very chewed Duplo men..."


Go nuts, brother: Ubuntu 16.04 beta – no more auto data-spaffing

Gordon JC Pearce

Re: Out to Launch

I'm lefthanded too, and use the mouse with my left hand with the left and right buttons the normal way round. Why does the side the launcher bar is on make a difference?

FWIW I play the guitar and cello strung the normal way round too. I must admit a left-handed piano would be hilarious and easy to do in software these days.


Tesla recalls every single Model S car in seatbelt safety probe

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"If you are taking it purely for repairs then it needs to go on a recovery truck."

No, you are allowed to drive it from the MOT station to a garage for repairs.



BY JUPITER: The science behind Friday's Solar System light show

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Re: The Matrix

There is only one Matrix movie, and its story is a ripoff of the plot of 1980s electronic prog rock masterpiece Tenants Of The Latticework, by sampling pioneers Mainframe.


Finally! Some actual, novel tech: Apple patent to revive geriatric gear

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Prior art

ZF 4HP20 and 4HP22 as fitted to (among others) Range Rover P38s store various detected parameters in the gearbox ECU and use this to control how hard to drive the shift solenoids, compensating for wear in the clutches and brake bands and loss of pump pressure.


WiMAX gets EU harmonisation at 2.6GHz

Gordon JC Pearce

"Problems" indeed

RF from wireless networking gear *cannot* under any circumstances harm you.

Q. How can a young child or baby tell you if they have a headache when near wi-fi or a mobile mast?

A. They can't, they just live with the constant pain and become moody or quiet.

Uhm, no. they don't get a headache from being near wifi. The reason they're probably moody or quiet is because they've got gas from the mungbean and soy juice drink you've given them in place of milk.

If you shine a fairly bright torch at your hand, more electromagnetic energy is hitting you than from a wireless network card. Do you get headaches from having a torch shone at you?

Anyone who says that wifi equipment or mobile phone masts make them ill is insane. Actually properly delusional insane requiring prompt psychiatric intervention kind of insane.



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