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Street View ghost spooks Cardiff medium

Steven Jenkins

A Ghost?

Cor Blimey! It's Mary Poppins! No, really it is. Was it on in Cardiff at the time?

Plymouth nurse punted panties on eBay

Steven Jenkins

'Unresolved Health Issues'

On a more serious note ...

Can we assume from this that having been rumbled and suspended by her employer, for either non-work activities or disrepute, she is now pleading absence through sickness, which means that she has been off work on full pay since April 2007.

Once again the NHS lodges itself in a cleft stick. Having suspended her pending the NMC hearing, before starting the internal disciplinary procedure, they now find she is pleading illness to avoid the disciplinary action, which means that they can't sack her for absence, because she is suspended and they can't sack her without going through the disciplinary procedure which they can't do because she is sick.

Gordon Brown claims a Brit invented the iPod

Steven Jenkins

Product or Parts?

He may have been talking about some of the component chips in the Ipod which were invented and designed by Wolfson, a spin out from Edinburgh University.

That is the British way of doing business, we sell someone a part for 2p and then buy back a finished product for £199.

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