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Nvidia paid the right amount for 3dfx, court affirms

3dfx IP guy

Seemed OK to me...

As the guy (as my friend Jeremy (Samba) Allison would point out -- was slagged off in Slashdot) who pulled the trigger on the 3dfx v. Nvidia lawsuit, my opinion is that when the damages approached the purchase price for 3dfx's corpse, Jen-Hsun, master of making money, bought the whole mess, leaving the investors festering for some extra cash due to a holding company for the disputed patents and performance criteria that could not be met, given the poor negotiating skills of the selling party.

My opinion (having negotiated with someone who seriously fudged SGI for their Odyssey graphics tech and personnel) was that the price was spot on. If you want a company like Micro$haft to do well, replace Ballmer with Jen-Hsun and stand back. The guy's an awesome businessman.

Adverse though I was (that's a legal term, boys & girls), I really respect this guy's reptilian focus on making money not just for him but his shareholders.

N.B.: I hold no shares in Nvidia or any graphocs competitor, including but not limited to AMD and Intel.



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