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Samsung Tocco Lite budget touchscreen phone

patrick flavin
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70% is fair

I've recently bought this phone to ride out the final 7 months an 18 month contract after i knackered my nokia and didn't have insurance (lesson learnt with expensive smart phones!)

I'm really happy with this little touchphone, it is not a smartphone and shouldn't be assumed to be anywhere near that class of phone.

I have to write a lot of text messages each week (100+) to herd the hypothetical sheep who form the hockey team i captain and find it a very easy to type on in both horizontal qwerty and vertical numberpad styles... once you get past the quirks as there are some areas that aren't intuitive, especially using the T9 function. You can really rattle out tex when you get the hang of it

Other points:

Web browser: never used it, why would I? the phone doesn't even have EDGE let alone 3G

Camera: PoS

Build quality: it's plastic and shiny so it feels very light and has scratched up something chronic. The back panel is lightly dimpeled though so is very easy to grip and type one handed.

Alarms: easy to set up and a nice little intuitive swiping motion to turn off the alarm or put it in sleep mode (no one ever reviews alarms but everyone uses them!)

Battery: Awesome, i've never had less than five days and i'm never off the bloomin' thing

the phoneis not perfect, but if you want something that does google maps and all that other gumpf get an iphone or android phone. If you want a perfectly useable everyday phone for naff all money it's cracker


Creative to free Audigy Windows Vista compatibility app

patrick flavin

lets see how dell handles this one...

i've got a dell box with an audigy card in it and had to pay a bit extra to get the ALchemy software, lets see if i get a little refund on the cost of my box now....

sorry got distracted by the pig flying past my office block



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