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Hackers break SSL encryption used by millions of sites

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Because very few web sites have implemented it yet. Did you not read page 2 of the article?!?!

Assange vows to drop 'insurance' files on Rupert Murdoch

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Why is Assange waiting until News Corp do something to him? He hasn't displayed any such scruples before, releasing anything and everything into the public domain even if it isn't in the public interest (i.e. sites of security significance).

So whatever you have on Murdoch, Julian, please get on and publish it at once - you'll be doing the planet a public service.

Cybercrims dump swag on open botnet server

The Fat Man

Another excuse to bash NPfIT

@Anonymous Coward

"For the same reason the government has been pushing through this NHS database system, is exactly the same reason that the NHS is now a target."

Here we go again, a dramatic leap of faith made off the back of a story concerning a system which contained medical data purloined from some place. Who says it came from the NHS? What exactly has this story got to do with NPfIT or 'the NHS database' as you put it?

Well, nothing at all as it happens. The data could have come from any medical system anywhere in the world potentially. It might even have come from a doctors home computer - somehow compromised - which they were using to update patient records. There you go, my own equally stupid 'leap of faith' with absolutely no basis in fact.

A bit like your comment really...

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