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Royal Society: Schools should show creationism 'respect'

Luis E G O

Teaching how to debunk superstition is GOOD

I see an excellent reason to teach creationism in science classes...

To teach children on how to debunk superstitious theories.

Creative settles MP3 player capacity clash

Luis E G O

IBM used to sell 1 000 000 bytes Mbytes... and they never got sued for that

Oddly enough IBM used to sell 1e6 byte Mbytes for years and years (their dictionary's definition of Kb and Mb for storage is metric (power of 10, not power of 2)) and AFAIK no-one ever sued them for that.

Datacom's K and M are metric by definition that is a DS0's 64kbps, are 64000 bps and not 65536bps.

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