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Battery boss says laptop power tech to drive most electric cars

Jens C. Hansen

Safe, but not long-lasting

@#2 (Anon. Coward):

Yes, they are safe.

However, I don't think they'll last much longer than laptop batteries.

Samsung fires up 128GB SSD massive attack

Jens C. Hansen

Seek time?

So what's the latency / seek time? - how long before it starts delivering data when asked to?

That's supposed to be the real advantage; that SSD's make the PC feel a lot snappier because of the low seek time..

Creative settles MP3 player capacity clash

Jens C. Hansen

Consistency, please.

I think I nailed this back in 2000 when I wrote a comment on the subject in my country's main computing newsgroup.

We have to be _consistent_ about the use of kilo, mega, giga, etc.

kilo means 1000 (one thousand), whether we're talking bytes, hertz, grams, bits, metres, or Pascals(pressure).

Otherwise, we wind up in lala-land, where you don't know if someone means 1024 or 1000 when they say kilo-[some unit].

If you want to specify 1024 and powers thereof, use the kibi-prefix and relatives.

Let's say your internet connection speed is 1 megabit/s.

Is that 1000000 bits/s, or 1048576 bits/s?

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