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iPhone 7 first fondle

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Re: Who is buying this?

The truth of the matter lies in the fact that many will buy these items simply "because" they are expensive.

Great British Great Bake Off gets new judge

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Re: From a week or so ago

If Godwin's still around he needs a new law, to cover the fact that any comment thread on any "internet forum" Reg will deteriorate really, really quickly until some moron irrelevantly invokes the Daily Mail as the fount of all evil.


Hacker and chums jailed over gold bullion hack, track 'n' grab scam

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Ca fait mal

It seems as though they went through a lot of trouble for very little .

If the street price was 88000, I can only imagine that they would have been lucky to collect anymore than 15000 from a Jeweler - minus the cost already incurred with logistics etc and the division of the sum between "the chumps" etc they would not have actually made very much..

5 Years at her Majesties pleasure for such a small sum, ouch.

Inside our three-month effort to attend Apple's iPhone 7 launch party

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Consumerism is based upon the stupidity of it's audience.

Apple understand's the need for it consumers to never know any true facts, all it requires is that the "payed for" media publishing articles continue tp promote the ideal that buying an Apple Product will provide a seat at the table of the Gods..

Apple do have some good products, although not all, but that is not their even their core business, regardless of their initial goals they have simply become a marketing and distribution outlet and hey are very, very good at it.

Hence, El Reg will never get an invite because they are likely to make an honest review, which is far too much of a risk in relation to "Steve Jobs'" marketing strategy procedural guidelines..

I can easily imagine that their actual strategy goes along the lines of "If you can fool most of the people most of the time, you've won".

98.1 million CLEARTEXT passwords pasted as Rambler.ru rumbled

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Re: Really?

Russia has some excellent engineers which I strongly doubt don't know about strong encryption/salting/hashes etc..

Who knows the real reason, KGB, Kremlin, Mafia, NSA, all sorts of pressure might have been applied in order that the passwords were stored in cleartext...

Russia is not exactly known for being a "user friendly" state...

And how do we know what our own governments and three letter agencies also have access to.. How many of you truly believe that Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM , Oracle don't also have the same arrangements. Each of them have "public" policies but I can only presume that they all have hidden policies which probably result in the same scenario. (They just havent been publicly exposed, yet).

Mines the ones with "conspiracy" on a small lapel badge..

Hollywood offers Daniel Craig $150m to (slash wrists) play James Bond

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Not easy to follow on from.

Daniel Craig brought James Bond into the contemporary world, would love to see him continue BUT only if the scripts are worthwhile and not some Rinse and Repeat money maker as per the latest Jason Bourne "episode".

The writers really made a worthwhile continuation by bringing Bond back to a cold , heartless, character, I hope it continues... Daniel Craig personified the role perfectly

Microsoft to overhaul Windows 10 UI – with a 3D Holographic Shell

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Re: They have to be joking

<Quote>Add to your complaints that some people will get sick from using these devices.

Have to agree, everyone that tries the 3D Goggles at work feels a lttle queasy after a certain time, 15 mins is usually quite enough.

Spatial awareness is fundamental to our perception of where we are in the real 3d world, or should I say multi-dimensional world, and I believe that "virtual" reality or AR , regardless of it's usage ,disturbs this fundamental requirement, unless of course we are completely stationary and bored, and as such will never be taken on. Ok a few minutes here and there but certainly not for hours at a time. Even a transparent headset will disturb what your brain can percieve and eventually digest..

Many of us already have mutiple screens and it can be diifficult to keep track of what's where, and all this by using even small eye movements, I can't imagine spending my day continually turning my whole head to keep track or the untrackable...

As much as many people would like to have us believe we are definately not that very efficient at MultiTasking, so adding another dimension wouldn't appear to add any real advantage.. At least not to the average day in front of the screen.

And lastly, "tangible" is good.. Virtuelle women, no thanks, tangible one on the other hands are so much more delicious. [Swap woman for man, dog or whatever turns you on]

Power cut crashes Delta's worldwide flight update systems

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Re: Single point of failure

This is what Nicolas Taleb described as the Black Swan Theory, he has his way of seeing things, which is usually quite rational.

Private moonshot gets the green light from US authorities

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Which moon

I wonder if it will be Spielberg that replaces on Stanley Kubrick for the video production ?

Mad-tech labcoat-sporters DARPA pit infosec AI against itself

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Re: When the robot uprising arrives...

Replace the following words to achieve the contemporary équivalant.

Robot uprising = Any 1st world Government

Primitive AIs = Soldiers

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Re: How long before...

Isn't that already the case in the Banking world ( Bitcoin World)

15 million tech-fried Brits have tried giving themselves a 'digital detox'

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"which if extrapolated across the population amounts to 15 million people."

Extrapolation in the wrong hands is a very useless tool...

Contemporary lives in 1st world countries have very little choice but to have an online presence. Banking, purchasing, communications ( Email, FB, info), information retrieval etc Many of these tasks are becoming increasingly difficult, nigh impossible without an online connection.

It's neither a good thing, nor a bad thing,it's just the way that things are run today..

Privacy is no more an issue than you allow it to be, each of us has a choice about how much personal data we make available, alternatives are available which allow us to become relatively discreet..

Just to repeat : Extrapolation in the wrong hands is a very useless tool...

Samsung Note 7: Probably the best phone in the world. Yeah – you heard right

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Could be great

If they also remove the Samsung Nagware and "Samsung Automatically Downloaded Apps",,, ggggrrrrrr.

I still don't know why I am "forced" to have MS Office on my phone, I have a laptop, tablet for that.

$67M in bitcoin stolen as hacking typhoon lashes Hong Kong's Bitfinex

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Re: Virtuality

"Gold is not real money. Seriously."

According to various sources Krugerands are legal tender , and yes, they are made from Gold..


Khaptain Silver badge


Virtual money stolen from virtual database and virtually no chance of getting anything back....

It's not easy to transport tonnes of gold (thinking Fort Knox here), but a couple of bytes of data is easily within the means of the scrawniest hacker.

As much as I don't trust the banks with real money, which is what actually comes out of the distributor, I have a hard time in trusting anyone with Bitcoins and especially their ability to suddenly become vapor...

Outside of the Black Market Rascals I have a hard time understanding how anyone can trust the world of the Bitcoin Magiciens. ( Yeah, I know I am just being cynical but .....)

US Air Force declares F-35 'combat-ready'

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Re: Perhaps

When you outsource your development to Iran, be prepared..

Stuxnet bit back...

Tesla's Model S autonomous mode may have saved a life

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Re: A human not a car

"It's only when the conscious mind takes over a few seconds later you assess the threat and realise you are in danger and would then do the best to avoid this new threat."

Exactly, and what would you do in that case, hit the pedal, run the gunman down or least try to escape whereas the logic of the car would not allow you to move as it still detects an obstacle.

But I digress most people would simply panic and probably get shot and that damned robotic car won't give a damn either way..

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Re: PR stunt

"That only serves to further prove the point that the autonomous system saved someone in conditions where the human wasn't able to."

In that case it won't be long before none of us are allowed to drive by ourselves because statistically we can't do any better than the autonomous systems ?

* Autonomous system are excellent at dealing with known situations and prepared scenarios. Hence quick braking when imminent impact is true

* Human Beings are for more capable at dealing with the unknown and unprepared situations which are far more prevalent on our roads today.. Example : It is less dangerous to simply hit a roe deer and keep control of the vehicle that it is too suddenly brake hard and lose control of the vehicle. These are dynamic decision making moments which require a lot more than a few I2C components.

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A human not a car

I do not like this article because it makes it attempts to make an allusion that cars(mechanical devices) can "think"..

1 : Cars dont think, they are mechanical devices .

2 : That car was designed , built and programmed by a "human", therefore a "human" if anything saved a life..

3 : The captors in that car detected an obstacle, I very much doubt that the obstacle was recognized cognitively as being a "human being"* so the notion of saving a life is void..

4 : If that obstacle had been a madman shooting at the car, the car would have applied the same logic, see below, and the madman would have had even more time to continue to shoot....therefore potentially assisting in a death... The logic works both ways !

Therefore that statement should have read "Car detectors detected an object, applied further logic from it's algorithm, ie , "obstacle detection + distance + car speed = impact imminent" and applied the appropriate logic to induce deceleration".

We are definitely moving forward in the AI world but we are definitely not at the point that the article would like to make allusion..

Someone at El Reg must have just finished their copy of the Daily Mail before writing this article..

I much preferred the recent article about how a university managed to create an algorithm that was capable of determining of whether two previously unknown objects were the same or not. ( I'm damned if if I can find that article - it's only about a month old)

Torrent is a word, and you can't ban words, rules French court

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De plus en plus ridicule

I would also like to make a request to the SNP and ask that they remove "Kendji Girac, Shy’m, and Christophe Willem" from public view as I would consider them a safety risk to public health. Hearing any of them gives headaches and severe amounts of nausea.

What these people truly fail to realize is that the internet is merely a vector, it is not the cause. The internet is a very dynamic vector, today it's torrents, tomorrow it will be Dark Web Treasure Chests or FTTH hidden VPNs..

For once I am satisfied that the French judicial system has made a correct decision.

Meet Riffle, the next-gen anonymity network that hopes to trounce Tor

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Re: Munitions

>Second paragraph, first line: :)

>Dubbed Riffle, the system was developed by MIT and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in "Switzerland."

The problem here is the "MIT" part of the equation. The EPFL are obviously in Switzerland but Swiss laws don't have any holding the USA.

MIT are not a Swiss based university and I am pretty much sure that the Feds are capable of requesting whatever they want on the grounds of "Anti-Terrorism" laws, or one of those George Bush "Weapons of mass destruction" declarations..

Bomb-disposal robot violently disposes of Dallas cop-killer gunman

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Police State or anarchy

I can understand that they sent a robot in to avoid other deaths but why an explosive, why not some kind of sleeping gas or other non lethal method..

This is more than likely going to give bad guys stupid ideas about sending their own robots and bombs.... Raspberry PIs and /or Arduinos easily have the capacity of driving robots with all the appropriate attached goodies especially when the SparkFun robots can be bought for a handle of dollars, especially when and a kid has the knowledge/capacity to build one.

Personally, I don't agree with their choice of lethal "execution"... It all boils down to Kangaroo courts and I believe that this will simply to an escalation in violence from both parties.. When 1st world countries begin these kind of tactics then we should forfeit the right to condone what other countries are doing..

It's called terrorism when the bad guys do this, what do you call it when the "good" guys do it.. BAton Rouge was wring, Dallas was wrong and it looks like we are heading down a very dirty path.

When the state starts using these kinds of powers then don't expect anything other than chaos to follow.

I also blame the media for a lot of this kind of escalation and often wonder who is truly driving them and what their true objectives really are...

Scots denied Saltire emoji

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Re: @ Khaptain our national animal, the unicorn

"Look on your passport."

Just did a quick Wikipedia, the Unicorn on the passport is actually part of the Royal Arms and therefore represents the Queen. Scotland is represented in the second quarter of the sheld, by a "Rampant Lion".

I did see that the Unicorn changes sides when using the Scottish variant, but again this is still part of the "Royal Arms"..

Very confusing to those of us who have not studied Heraldry...

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: our national animal, the unicorn

I suppose we learn something new everyday, as a Scotsman this is the first I have heard of us having a "unicorn" as our national beastie....

The Ramant Lion , OK

The Haggis : Why Not

A drunken Glaswegian: Definately a wild animal

But a Unicorn : I think that someone had a little but too much Buckie the day they chose the Unicorn..

The only reason I can imagine is that it shares one common element, a large appendice :-)

Microsoft showers Office 365 sellers with gold in Google snub

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: "Microsoft showers Office 365 sellers with gold"

Strange, it's usually the clients that MS piss all over

Apple anoints the new new Steve Jobs

Khaptain Silver badge

"They all got complacent, because revenue was rolling in, then someone else makes a new gadget, or develops a better way to do what they do, and the wall(street) comes crashing down."

I could possibly see that happening to Apple but who or what is going to knock down Google ?

White hats, FBI and cops team up for Dorkbot botnet takedown

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Re: Win32/Dorkbot gets installed on the machine

"How exactly does Win32/Dorkbot get installed on the machine?"

By surfing the comments section of El Reg.

Top Android app devs found exfiltrating mystery stealth packets

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Feeding the hungry

Might be the NSA, ISIS, Swedish Spy Affiliation Servcies, Rowandian Technology Expert Group, Anonymous or Hilary Badass Clinton requiring their daily dose of luser data....

Aircraft laser strikes hit new record with 20 incidents in one night

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Re: "We don't know if the pilots were looking at our wimmin"


Yes, and I think that the word is commonly known as "retribution"... and we can probably thank Mr Bush and Mr Blair.....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: "We don't know if the pilots were looking at our wimmin"

I believe that he is making some reference to some of the recent articles about drones and prvacy

here is one of them


It appers that the KneeJerk crowd are strong in the force today Luke....

Drug-smuggling granny's vagina holds Kinder surprise

Khaptain Silver badge

Think yourself lucky that it wasn't the GrandFather...

Khaptain Silver badge

Was it, by any chance, your GrandMother that gave you those eggs ?

Identifying terrorists: Let's find a value for needle in haystack

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Re: Needle in an database stack

"In an environment where no one ever records what they do, how will you ever know that something was accessed inappropriately."

As soon as a computer is used, then it is usually very well known who is doing what. Giving the information out is another matter.

Flying drug mule crashes in Manchester prison

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Re: Easy

All that it would take would be to point the cannon "towards the exercise yard/cell blocks" and explain that the next drone that comes over-head will automatically initiate the Phalanx..

Victorian government teacher-laptop scheme illegal, says judge

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I am not amused

I didn't realise that they had computers in Victorian times....

Is the world ready for a bare-metal OS/2 rebirth?

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IBM are not known for being cheap

It would probably be the dogs bollocks, but expensive.

In this day and age where everyone expects "free", it would be a difficult market to capture.

Important point : OS/2 is just an OS, what is far more important are the programs and their availability...

KeePass looter: Password plunderer rinses pwned sysadmins

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Re: Arrows go in quivers, bows have extra strings

Yes, becuse it is a DLL exploit and the fact that you run keepass.exe is all that is required on your behalf ( it also requires that the program/hack be in memory)... The physical support has not bearing in the hack.

In fact that very hack/virus/proof of concept could actually be hiding on your USBKey....just waiting for delivery......

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Extremely Dangerous

Mes excuses pour cette petite faux pas, yes I meant to write Router...

French is my daily language et c'est vraiment facile to confndre the words qui sont very similar... Malgre the fact que je suis an English speaker, beaucoup de ce que j'ai learned en IT was appris en French..

And oui, je trouve that it is parfois easier to parler Franglais.

Khaptain Silver badge

Extremely Dangerous

This is far more dangerous than just gaining access to a server. Any Admins on here will undoubetdly have passwords stored for much or all of their other equipement .

Domain Admins passwords



RDP Sessions to other sites.

(S)FTP servers.

SSH login with possibly the keys.

Building access codes.


Web Serveurs

and the list goes on.

What advice does anyone have to offer ?

Linus Torvalds fires off angry 'compiler-masturbation' rant

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Re: It's the Viking thing

"Why would the "Sarah Sharp sympathisers" (it ain't just Sarah Sharp, come on) be "up in arms" about this."

Because they like to take this at face value, do not care about the rest of the details.

Personally I do not believe that a softly, softly approach is a good solution when faced with difficult situations. Linus takes his job seriously and expects those around him to be the same, this is a well known fact "before" you take on the job....If you don't want to be in that situaiton then you don't take on the job. Up until now I would say that Linus has done far better than anyone else that I can imagine regardless of his attitude or usage of big bad swear words....

A softly softly approach would more than likely lead to disastrous results as that shitty code would have eventually been accepted in order to keep the peace...

Khaptain Silver badge

It's the Viking thing

I love Linus' no-nonsense way of thinking.

I presume that the Sarah Sharp sympathisers will be once again up in arms over this latest episode..

Personally I prefer a boss that lets you know where you stand instead of the namby pamby approach where nothing gets resolved and just lingers on and on creating nothing more than frustration for all involved...

Anyone with excellent vocabulary skills can be twice as damaging as someone who just uses "profanity.." Actual swear words have no importance, what is important is the reasoning behind them.

Anonymous hack group plans to out anonymous hate group

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: @ Your alien overlord - fear me

Hang on a moment there guys before hanging the Alien Overlord, are you all sure that he was being serious, I read the post as an attempt at sarcasm not as a fact... ( I could be wrong but this is El Reg after all)

Aussies' distinctive Strine down to drunk forefathers

Khaptain Silver badge

"but it makes you sound wilderness smart. :)"

Only if you consider Crocodile Dundee to be "wilderness smart"...

Khaptain Silver badge

Move Along

"Our forefathers regularly got drunk together and through their frequent interactions unknowingly added an alcoholic slur to our national speech patterns."

And what exactly has changed since those days ? When I lived with the Aussies, and let's not forget the Kiwis ( although their accent is much cleaner), pub night was 5 times a week on the quiet weeks.. And this was no joke...

Flickering screens turn Microsoft Surface Books into Microsoft Surface paperweights

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Re: Wooo!

And of course the EULA contains a clause where Microsoft decline all responsibility for damage caused by the strobe effects.

Behold bad knight and kneel before me before I smite thee down and blind with my mighty silverlight flash.

Work from home when the next big Windows 10 installation arrives

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Re: Even happier I chose a PS4

@Michael Habel

It's all about stats and habits.

* They know your age, location and language.

* They know what you play.

* How long you play.

* They know from where you play. Wifi, Cabled , therefore probably also know your ISP.

* They know how many games you possess and what genres you prefer.

* They can see the evolution of what you are buying, playing, winning losing.

* They can see what music, films, media you like to watch, buy, download.

* etc etc etc

Sony can learn a lot about you even through a simple games console. And that's only the stats that I can imagine, they might have much more sophisticated algorithms... "Shaky wrist" detection for example..

Ubuntu 15.10: Wily Werewolf – not too hairy, not too scary

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Re: Not an upgrade

Obviously we have different opinions of the definition of upgrade. Moving between minor versions, especially with such few changes is not what I would classify as an "upgrade"... This was more of a 15.9 to 15.92 move....

If you moved from 14 to 15, then yes there is not doubt about that classifying itself as an upgrade..

But honestly, new scrollbars and a couple of application updates.... in my book that's just a patch release.

Khaptain Silver badge

Not an upgrade

"minor updates, bug fixes, speed improvements and application updates "

This appears to be, at most, just a couple of patches thrown out to the penguinistas under the guise of an update...

Unless of course someone was actually waiting with baited breath for the new scrollbars...

Scott did you draw the short straw by any chance when it came to who was to do the write up on Unbuntu 15.10...

Elderly? Disabled? You clearly need a .38" Palm Pistol

Khaptain Silver badge

Optional extras

It also has an optional "Picatinny rail".. all that's missing is the ACOG TA01 4*32 and the world will learn to fear these senior "OAPerators"...

Scotland Yard pulls eyeballs off WikiLeaker-in-Chief Assange

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: what's a man to do.

"It's actually "on the lam", but I suspect Assange's bleating may have contributed here :). It's a normal, if somewhat lesser used English expression meaning "on the run"."

I wonder if it is actually a twist of the French expression sur la lame du rasoir", on the edge of a razor. ie "On a knifes edge"... ie In a very difficult position.

He is antipodean so it might therefore be possible that he will hide in a food truck as a piece of New Zealand Lamb...

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