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'Pavement power' - The bad idea that never seems to die

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Don't forget the Calories

Let's not forget that these boots would probably be heavier than normal boots and that would require the consumption of more calories..

These calories would also require energy to be used for them to be produced. a Hamburger for example would require lot's of energy before it went into said Pedestrian-Energy-Makers mouth.

If we reduce the amount of energy created by the amount of energy required to make these calories we would probably achieve a negative creation rate..

Self Defeating goal...

Google and Facebook pledge to stop their ads reaching fake news websites

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Hasn't politics and religion always relied on this condition, whereas most people will not take the time, nor have the desire to educate themselves.

Yeah, that '50bn IoT devices by 2020' claim is a load of dog toffee

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Re: May I just say...

All that I manged to retain from this article were exactly those two words.

They held my interest for far longer than the "surprise shock horror " that someone made a prediction that IT continues to evolve ....

Dog Toffee , I wonder how much the market for it will be in 2027 ?

Fleeing Aussie burglar shot in arse with bow and arrow

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Re: It will be a shame if the Archer gets charged

"He was merely defending his property."

As much as I don't care for Trump I can only hope that our Merican friends don't vote for Hilary as she will make sure that no-one will defend their home ever again, at least not with anything more lethal than a loud voice...... ( and a quick email from your secret server )

Arch Linux: In a world of polish, DIY never felt so good

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What's the real advantage

Ok less bloat, but that can be achieved on many distros.

Breaking ones balls just to install the system makes no sense, what the point ? Being able to master the install does not make you a Jedi, it just means that you are spending your time doing something not very productive, oh and when things break you are left feeling very much alone.....

There are far too many distros available that are lean, easy to install and get you up and running without the ball breaking attitude of the purists....

Ransomware victims screwed

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extortion demands.

"The Russian security software firm urges users not to give in to extortion demands."

Once your files have been encrypted, and since most folks probably don't have a backup, what would the security firm actually suggest ?

There are very few solutions available , except for the few passwords that have been made available, but the again a lot of folks would still not be capable of understanding what is going on.

Encryption is a mysterious and scary word for many people..

Fujitsu seeks PC exit, finds willing buyer in Lenovo

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Do people really buy them

I always wondered who actually buys Fujitsu PC,s . Im my various travels I have never actually been in a company, nor have known any friends who actually posses one..

Amongst the El Reg crowd I can only presume that some of you know who actually buys Fujitsu, hands up anyone ...

Every LTE call, text, can be intercepted, blacked out, hacker finds

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Re: If you want security, don't use cellular standards

The big problem is not knowing which encryption keys are being used...

If there are only two keys being used and they are both created dynamically for the session, then we have a fighting chance, if however there is a third unknown key involved then the encryption becomes null and void...

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Re: There is an upside!

The GCHQ has already pwned the UK network so it won't really change anything for them !!

Microsoft keeps schtum as more battery woes hit Surface sufferers

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Re: I have a feeling this all stems from Panos Panay's approach.

I have a Surface Pro 4 and I love this thing, it's what i am currently writing on and like of the other El-Reggers above i must admit to this being a great piece of kit...

Should we knock down Samsung for producing shit material just because the Note 7 was bad ( What about all their other stuff)

Should we knock down Apple for producing shit material just because you were holding it wrong.

Should we knock down Dell for producing anything ( almost ;-).

Should we knock down Skoda because their first véhicules were shit....

Ans as to the comment about not buying stuff which you can't replace the battery in, ... Non replaceable batteries have become the defacto standard for many of the "top tier" manufactures, whether we like it or not, that's called consumerism and we all play a part...

Khaptain Silver badge

Can you name someone hardware that is faultless ?

It certainly wont be Apple, Samsung, Dell, Asus, Acer, HP ( Were talking user consumable items here, not servers or networking hardware)

Ubuntu 16.10: Yakkety Yak... Unity 8's not wack

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Re: RYuckity yuk

"The Microsoft UI guidelines were very good when I read them, back around Windows NT 4 time. Windows 8 and 10, and Server 2014 (especially Server, who on earth wanted a touch screen UI on a server on a different continent?) are obviously a bit weird."

I am in the same boat, I read them many years ago and they were very well written and very logicial.. MS states that they have spent a fortune studying UIs and I agree that they know their stuff...

UIs are very important for the end user, and this is one point which I have never liked in Linux, the default user UIs are/can be different between distros and this can become extremely frustrating. Which results in returning so often to the cli.

Windows on the other hand provides a great UI, and what with the CLI getting a bit better, it's becoming a very useful and powerful UI...


Pair programming – you'll never guess what happens next!

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Re: Why don't you

Now you know where the notion of a "fork" came from :-)

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The Perfect Pair

Well, as much as I can understand the theory, I have a hard time imagining working as a pair.

Why, because I am not compatible ( notice how I didn't say that they weren't, I assume my statement).

As much as I don't want to work with someone I else I do appreciate being able to discuss/talk with someone else when the occasion arises.. which I find very useful.

As programmers we are often in "our own little world" and to be perfectly honest, that's where I like to be, in my own personal bubble, as it helps me concentrate and improves my conception of the problem at hand..

On top of the that, I talk too much.. which would simply disturb the "other" one...

Horses for courses, if some people produce better code that way, then why not, but I do not believe that is the best solution for all.

Google DeepMind 'learns' the London Underground map to find best route

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Re: I don't know how I managed without it

Never forget that Google is the MAN..... Even deities are scuttling around trying to determine how this beat this beast....

Wonder what would happen if DeepMind was asked the following questions :

What is the purpose of life ( No replies from THGTTG allowed) ?

When will mankind disappear from the planet ?

If God exists why did he bother with mankind ?

Kodak teases smartphone

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Re: Why?

Since most reviews concerning SmartPhones, in the last 3 years or so seem to concentrate more on the Camera than they do on Voice Quality etc, then I can only presume that they are aiming at the Snapchat, Instagram, TripAdvisor "quick take a pic of the meal before we eat " crowd since they seem to have become the marketeers top choice when attempting to flog another meh device.

Shit, I couldn't find anywhere to put a pause in the above phrase....

Smell burning? Samsung’s 'Death Note 7' could still cause a contagion

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Re: Seriously, is reality changing ?

"WTF is going on in reality ? Is the matrix crashing ?"

No, it's just becoming more visible......

There are some really crap budget phones out there. Vodafone's Smart Ultra 7 isn't

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Re: Don't knock White Elephants

Careful Steve, they might actually fall in love with a their Nokia's endless battery life, one handed usage and practically indestructible case/screen..

Nuke plant has been hacked, says Atomic Energy Agency director

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Not a surprise

Stuxnet was the first "publicly known" successful attack on facilities installations and we still do not know how successful is actually was. How many installation have already been pwned which we are completely unaware of ?

The media is hellbent on displaying how Yahoo, Ashley Madison etc have been hacked but they truly hold no interest above and beyond personal embarrassment.

When Nuclear Facilities, Hospitals, Electrical Stations are hacked we are then in a whole new game, a very serious one... One can also only presume that the hacks are "government backed", as the information about these facilities is not public knowledge and would require insider assistance..

So the question that really needs to be asked is "What are they preparing for ?"..

Since I watched "Angels and Demons" yesterday evening I can only surmise that the "Illuminati" are not some fictive underground secret society but far more likely to be those that we ourselves put into power.

I love the ring of the word "Illuminati", it truly portrays the notion of the "Intelligencia" waving their greedy wands somewhere, and ironically, in the "shadows". I do wonder sometimes though if their ideas are not just vague remnants of spy novels that they once read and that then enticed them into making fantasy into fiction, just because they can.

See that full length body hat with "conspiracy theorist" written in dreadlocks, well that's mine.....

BSODs from around the world, from the wrist-job to public art

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Re: Two images missing

You might want to check your browser/proxy/etc, the images appear as they should and I don't see any low res images anywhere.

Didn't you get your Cornflakes this morning ?.

Oops: Carphone burps up new Google phone details

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Re: Wonderful news @Khaptain

"I have no idea why fraud doesn't happen more often there."

It probably does but the details will be used in some Eastern Block or Far Eastern country..... and VISA/MASTERCARD don't like making the quantity of fraudulent transfers publicly available.

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Re: Wonderful news

Word of advice,

"never" give the waiter your credit card.... He should present you with the machine, you insert the card and punch your number, and he returns a receipt, that's it....

It only needs to be out of sight for a couple of seconds and your Pwned..

Apple moving to scrubbed up London's Battersea Power Station

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Apple Tax

Does this mean that they have now successfully wrangled a deal with some local Govt Official who will help "take" care of the tax avoidance subtleties that Apple are so well acquainted with ?

Can we now generally use "Apple Tax" as a synonym for Tax Avoidance, Wily Wrangling of Govt Lays/Officials, Evil Levies...etc

Days are numbered for the Czech Republic

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Re: "officials note crossly that CR has already been snapped up by Costa Rica."

I would like to see it pronounced as CZ ( See Zed) after the fantastic pistols that they produce.

As a happy CZ Shadow SP01 owner, I couldn't be more pleased with CZ, as for many like me, it glistens with quality.

Lethal 4-hour-erection-causing spiders spill out of bunch of ASDA bananas

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Re: "So how long will those spiders be able to live outside their natural habitat?"

Do these spiders also have 4 hour erections ? I'll leave it you each and all to verify for themselves.

Khaptain Silver badge

4 Hour erection

I know plenty of women that would intentionally buy these bananas for their husbands/spouse/friend if they were guaranteed that the erection lasted that long.

You just don't want to be on your own for 4 hours...... and definitely not at work, especially if you are a teacher

Microsoft cuts ribbon on Euro cloud bit barn for Office 365, Azure

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Re: Segregation

"Also, Deutsche Telekom is supervising access to the infrastructure that houses customer data at these high-security data centers in Germany which will be operated according to the global security and operational standards for all Microsoft datacenters."

This line of text disturbing, Microsoft are the ones dictating "the global security and operational standards". If they are applying MS standards, then isn't that as good as giving them the front door key ?

Khaptain Silver badge


Will those "Cloud" servers be physically separated from the Internet, not very likely, otherwise they wouldn't be "cloud" in nature. If they are not separated then how are they guaranteeing data privacy from snooping 3 letter agencies on the other side of the pond.

Will their be offsite replicas, if so where. The articles mentions 2 data centres without mentioning their location.

Who is the "data trustee"...

I would like to see if they can manage to get the Swiss to validate everything... The Germans didn't even manage to secure their Chancellors phone....

And because this is Microsoft, whose laws applies when the SHTF, American or European.

Will the Brits be allowed to use the new EuroCloud, if so, and because of their very friendly nature with the Americans, this could lead to some serious doubts....

She cannae take it, Captain Kirk! USS Zumwalt breaks down

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Re: Oooh!

This is exactly the reason for choosing a good quality Shaft Lube....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: iPhone Case?

Sex toys with sharp edges..........ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

Will US border officials demand social network handles from visitors?

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Re: Bound to get deported?

Then be prepared for them to whip that damned password out of you, ball gag or not, you will obey.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: So what if I do not have one?

"I do not have a f***book account, I do not have a Tw*tter account either."*


"I am considering deleting the LinkedIn account as well, though for now I am just keeping it dormant."

I am currently in the same process of deciding whether or not to delete the LinkedIn account as well..

I am slowly becoming extremely paranoid about any online presence whatsoever, and I consider that I have nothing to hide, but it would annoy me to also have to delete El Reg :

quote Miranda.

"Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. "

Victoria Police warn of malware-laden USB sticks in letterboxes

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Re: Or maybe it was targeted

"Would seem to me there must be more value at stake than just hijacking a bunch of random computers."

Since the proliferation of online banking, even a simple keystroke logger would be all that is required to offset the initial costs of purchase and distribution. ( If it is indeed a random attack)..

Apple iPhone 7 launch hysteria? Not in Viking land

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Once maybe

I can imagine the excitement of some people to stand in line and receive their new shiny shiny, the first time that they ever bought a smart phone

What I really can't understand is that some of those poor sods return and do it again and again.

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

Georges Carlin

Latest F-35 bang seat* mods will stop them breaking pilots' necks, beams US

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Re: Handling the G's

"Actually smaller people and women particularly handle excess G better and less likely to black-out."

Which is more important, the fact that they are women or the fact that they are shorter ?

I can't find any serious article which states clearly that women are actually more capable, a reference anyone ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Handling the G's

I am surprised that anyone approaching the lower weight limit would be capable of handling the

G-force's that pilots sometime have to endure.

This is based on my personal assumption that the heaver and stronger that you are, the more G's you can handle.. Although I could be completely wrong on this point.

Apple's tax bill: Big in Japan. Like, $120m big

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Re: Scapegoats

"If that doesn't make your blood boil from either a moral or an ethical standpoint, then you've totally lost me."

Apple et al are doing what they are doing because people in very high places put these practices in place to hide their own damn dirty work. I believe that Apple are being used as a scapegoat in order that attention is drawn away from the real dirty doers.

The sums of money that you mention are probably insignificant compared to what the banks, fro example, are capable of hiding.

If you want to start talking big money, let's have a look at Rothchilds, VISA; Mastercard, Defence contracts, Space contracts, the Oil business, Pharmaceutical companies, Cocaine and drugs at the international level etc , all of whom we never seem to mention. Undoubtedly they are being protected, but by whom, the damned governments/ministers/bankers ?

What makes my blood boil is that the focus of these affairs only remains wherever the "media" point their fingers and that is all that people seem to be able to focus their attention on. I really don't believe that Apple are the worst of the bunch, they are only playing the same game as a hundred other un-mediatised and protected companies/organisations/governments.

As I stated, Apple are being used as a Scapegoat, they are probably only the tip of a very, vary large iceberg.

The governments and co control the media to a level whereby the populations are drip feed enough material to keep their hunger at bay.

Khaptain Silver badge


Obviously Apple have become the medias and governments Scapegoats for the moment, it helps keep the prolétariats attention fixed on non essential matters.

Now, let's get down to the real busines of bringing the bankers, chartered accountants and ministers out into the open... Then the fun will really start.

Jérôme Cahuzac is only a start, let's see how much more dirt is truly hiding under the carpet...

Lauri Love extradition A-OK

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Re: Cue gloating-

I am not sure that Stephen Baldwin,Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Spacey, Benicio del Toro etc will really care

iPhone 7 first fondle

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Re: Who is buying this?

I had never heard of Veblen before and it is very intersting that his major work "Theory_of_the_leisure_class" was published around 1925. ( according to the Wikipedia ref)

The link to the first chapter as follows



Just goes to show that society never really changes...

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Re: Who is buying this?

The truth of the matter lies in the fact that many will buy these items simply "because" they are expensive.

Great British Great Bake Off gets new judge

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Re: From a week or so ago

If Godwin's still around he needs a new law, to cover the fact that any comment thread on any "internet forum" Reg will deteriorate really, really quickly until some moron irrelevantly invokes the Daily Mail as the fount of all evil.


Hacker and chums jailed over gold bullion hack, track 'n' grab scam

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Ca fait mal

It seems as though they went through a lot of trouble for very little .

If the street price was 88000, I can only imagine that they would have been lucky to collect anymore than 15000 from a Jeweler - minus the cost already incurred with logistics etc and the division of the sum between "the chumps" etc they would not have actually made very much..

5 Years at her Majesties pleasure for such a small sum, ouch.

Inside our three-month effort to attend Apple's iPhone 7 launch party

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Consumerism is based upon the stupidity of it's audience.

Apple understand's the need for it consumers to never know any true facts, all it requires is that the "payed for" media publishing articles continue tp promote the ideal that buying an Apple Product will provide a seat at the table of the Gods..

Apple do have some good products, although not all, but that is not their even their core business, regardless of their initial goals they have simply become a marketing and distribution outlet and hey are very, very good at it.

Hence, El Reg will never get an invite because they are likely to make an honest review, which is far too much of a risk in relation to "Steve Jobs'" marketing strategy procedural guidelines..

I can easily imagine that their actual strategy goes along the lines of "If you can fool most of the people most of the time, you've won".

98.1 million CLEARTEXT passwords pasted as Rambler.ru rumbled

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Re: Really?

Russia has some excellent engineers which I strongly doubt don't know about strong encryption/salting/hashes etc..

Who knows the real reason, KGB, Kremlin, Mafia, NSA, all sorts of pressure might have been applied in order that the passwords were stored in cleartext...

Russia is not exactly known for being a "user friendly" state...

And how do we know what our own governments and three letter agencies also have access to.. How many of you truly believe that Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM , Oracle don't also have the same arrangements. Each of them have "public" policies but I can only presume that they all have hidden policies which probably result in the same scenario. (They just havent been publicly exposed, yet).

Mines the ones with "conspiracy" on a small lapel badge..

Hollywood offers Daniel Craig $150m to (slash wrists) play James Bond

Khaptain Silver badge

Not easy to follow on from.

Daniel Craig brought James Bond into the contemporary world, would love to see him continue BUT only if the scripts are worthwhile and not some Rinse and Repeat money maker as per the latest Jason Bourne "episode".

The writers really made a worthwhile continuation by bringing Bond back to a cold , heartless, character, I hope it continues... Daniel Craig personified the role perfectly

Microsoft to overhaul Windows 10 UI – with a 3D Holographic Shell

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Re: They have to be joking

<Quote>Add to your complaints that some people will get sick from using these devices.

Have to agree, everyone that tries the 3D Goggles at work feels a lttle queasy after a certain time, 15 mins is usually quite enough.

Spatial awareness is fundamental to our perception of where we are in the real 3d world, or should I say multi-dimensional world, and I believe that "virtual" reality or AR , regardless of it's usage ,disturbs this fundamental requirement, unless of course we are completely stationary and bored, and as such will never be taken on. Ok a few minutes here and there but certainly not for hours at a time. Even a transparent headset will disturb what your brain can percieve and eventually digest..

Many of us already have mutiple screens and it can be diifficult to keep track of what's where, and all this by using even small eye movements, I can't imagine spending my day continually turning my whole head to keep track or the untrackable...

As much as many people would like to have us believe we are definately not that very efficient at MultiTasking, so adding another dimension wouldn't appear to add any real advantage.. At least not to the average day in front of the screen.

And lastly, "tangible" is good.. Virtuelle women, no thanks, tangible one on the other hands are so much more delicious. [Swap woman for man, dog or whatever turns you on]

Power cut crashes Delta's worldwide flight update systems

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Re: Single point of failure

This is what Nicolas Taleb described as the Black Swan Theory, he has his way of seeing things, which is usually quite rational.

Private moonshot gets the green light from US authorities

Khaptain Silver badge

Which moon

I wonder if it will be Spielberg that replaces on Stanley Kubrick for the video production ?

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