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Doomsday Clock ticks one minute closer to annihilation

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Correct me if I am wrong

Is there some major reason, other than financial gain, for which we cannot simply begin to implement a reduction in the number of people on the planet. I don't mean some mass destruction of populations, I mean simply a one child per household kind of policy.

There was a time where it was necassary to have 7 children in order to have some hope of surviving, today that issue no longer holds.

Isn't it also about time that the supposed "religous leaders" stood up and made a commitment to allowing for contraception. I can't really believe that the great Sky Fairy intended for us to destroy the earth through over-population.

Why are the governments doing nothing and don't give me that "but who will pay for the future generations" crap.

Think how many problems would be resolved simply by reducing the population. There would be more farmland/food to go around, the available natural energies would last longer, we would automatically reduce pollution and waste, the forests would begin to grow/increase.

I really hate these false claims that Nuclear is bad, Global Warming is destroying the earth, there are not enough resources etc These problems can be resolved by simply stopping the over population of the earth.

The capatalistic diatribe to which have become accustomed will not resolve anything other than filling the pockets of those that presume they will be dead and gone or protected before the real problems actually begin.

I wonder how far away from WW3 we really are.

( I hate Wednesdays)

Feds propose 50-state ban on mobile use while driving

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And what about the other cause

Remind us how many firearm deaths there were last year............

Demon Currys iPad showered kids with HARD-CORE smut

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Why would Pron make them cry

Porn is an adult concept which small children don't/cant understand yet , so why the fuck would they cry about it.

Teens on the other hand dont usually cry when they see porn., they intentionally search for it.

In any event how can he prove that her own children didnt do the searching.

Also if she is so prudish why the hell was she even in the Apple Shop buying a damed gadget for such "sensitive" children. How does she imagine she is going to stop them watching porn when they do own one anyway.

Not so fast: Italian boffins say neutrinos not faster than light

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Just out of interest

1st Question : How do you mesure 1/60 000 000 os a second ? Do Casio make such a watch..

2nd Question : How do you mesure that accuracy of your fine piece of horlogerie in question 1 ( No, not the Casio).

Bishop to bless road salt supplies for added winter safety

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I presume that someone from the "Bishes" entourage must be reading this article, I am a little amazed at the amount of thumbs down.

The subject is just a little too touchy for some people and apparently don't like to have a little fun from time to time.

PS : Don't forget to leave your "tithes" as you pass the door...... The Sky Fairy is very powerfull but unfortunately is very poor....

Khaptain Silver badge

Didn't we hang people for this kind of thing at one point in time.

Instead of praying for miraculous salt properties or for dry roads he should be praying that we don't take him away to an asylum.

Blessed are the ignorant ( this guy must be pretty well blessed then).

His is the one with the image of the great sky fairy on the back and little wings on the shoulders.

Asian countries dominate global spam deluge

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Makes Sense I Suppose

You only have to consider the level of corruption in each of the countries in order to see that it maps directly to the producuction of spam.

Good ol USA beats them everytime.

Ultrabook sales 'falling short of targets'

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Endless Budgets, not

I will never understand the politics behind this kind of thinking.

Techies love this stuff but when you start to add up the cost of a home PC, a Laptop, a Tablet and a Smartphone then after a little while you start to realise that it all costs a lot of hard earned cash and that there is a limit behind the justification of yet another gadget.

Maybe if we all earned top dollar as the Intel execs do then we might be able to stretch out for a nice skinny laptop.

And lets be honest if we all threw away our tech gear I dont think that any of us would die.

Mines the one with ( I just bought a PS3 in readiness for the coming winter nights) on the joypad.

UK wants our geeky army

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If the UK has to call on the Australian's then the UK really must be in dire straits.

Will they also bring their wonderfull AntiSmut/Porn laws too.....

Aren't there already too many Aussies living in London and scamming the tax system through the creation of "One man companies- that fail after one year just before they have to pay taxes".

Satirical twist really - The real "Pommies" will be returning to the mother land, lol.

[Pommie is a derivitave of POHM ( Prisoner of Her Majesty). The Australians like to call the Brits "pommies" due to the Australians very special brand of sarcasm - yes it is actually the other way round..]

No BBM app for PlayBook soon, admits RIM

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Did anyone actually buy this thing

If I had a user base of 3, I would probably delay the next release too.

Should your system offer Mr, Ms ... and Mx?

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When these Mx people arrive at the airport wiull they have to be searched by another Mx. Which bathroom will they use ? Mens, Ladies or MXs.

What does Mx mean : Mixture ?

How do you begin a letter: Dear Sir, Dear Madam or Dear Mixture.

C'mon this is just damned pathetic, these people must represent about 0.000001% of the population.

Whats next in the line up for titles : BeerDrinker, Gitface, Blueberry , SexMadRavingLunatic, AmanFromMarsWhoEatsGreenCheese.

Vogel's RingO iPad mounting system

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Why Hang it on the wall

It could be used to display the image of dartboard or Samantha Fox, then with some Magical iDarts you have a game that your friends can play after the pub on Friday nights. ( After 8 pints of the best)

Mines the one with "I'm getting the f*** outa here".

HP's fondle-slab dilemma: What to do when you're No 2

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Nope its not just a badge

I have owned quite a few cars in my time and also 2 BMWs. Sorry Chris buts it's not a case of just a badge, have you ever opened up the bonnet of a BMW, if you do you will understand immediately.

OK the badge does have a certain "stigma" attached to it but in general you get what you pay for.

I don't think I would say thew same thing about Apple though. They have the outside of the BMW and the inside of a Ford.

El Reg to unleash rocket-powered spaceplane

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Et voila, il suffit de demander

Low Orbit Half-assed Aeronautical Nightmare

Microsoft floats 'site-ready' IE10 preview

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It's actually not too bad

I have been trying IE10 preview for a couple of my own sites and honestly it doesn't appear to be too bad.

As for the Enterprise lock-in, the only people that care are the competition. Firefox, Opera et al. but just how would they be able to grab enterprise finance anyway ? If MS are capable of offering something my company wants and that the others cannot then I will stay with MS.

Companies don't really give a shit about who they buy their products from as long as the product helps to earn the company more money.

I like MS poducts except for one "Sharepoint" and thats probably how MS will keep companies locked in.

Tuppence, that was my tuppence

50 day lullaby of Lulzsec is over .. for now

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Careful Folks

Ok theyr'e getting out whilst remaining on top, good for them.

Now ask yourself the following, all of their knowledge, tools and expertise are not suddenly going to disappear. These guys are a little more than just script kiddies.

They were very public now they will become very private.

Which is the most dangerous, when you know publically whats going on or ...................The large institutions will no longer be obliged to publish the hacks now..

I am not convinced that the real damage has even begun.

Alice: The Madness Returns

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Thumb Up

Sniffing glue on tabs of acid.

Now that would be a wicked trip..... Judging by some of the screenshots I think that the Acid Tabs must have been handed out freely within the design department.

Imagine trying to play this game on Acid.......

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

[How unfortunate my Dr Leary coat has just gone and melted into a porcupine revelation]

Facebook value hits $100bn, to go public in Q1 2012

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There must be some kind of hidden intrinsic value in Facebook but for the life of me I just can't see it.

Teenagers and bored adults connected to a website in order to share utter nonsense between themselves can somehow be worth $100bn strikes me as being flawed.

I presume that the bankers/investors are preparing to make a killing just before they annonce that it was effectively "over" priced/estimated and that unfortunately Joe Public will loes everything they have just invested.

I don't care for Apple but at least they actually produce something, hence their market value.

But Zuckerberg is producing nothing even remotely useful, other than to keep the masses at bay. A user updating his Facebook account is must be less of a threat than a thinking man, therefore the govt and bankers love them .

I don't care about Zuckerbergs fame/fortune, good luck to him he's done well, but I am just sick and amazed at the level of human stupidity and just how low it is sinking

'Dodgy Android apps are breaking our phones' - Motorola

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Dear Mr Chaiman

Have you ever even used a smart phone.

Without publishing the number of Smart Phones returned , 70% doesn't actually mean anything. Are we talking a total of 20 Smart Phone or 200 000 Smart phones.

Did a qualified service department actually determine these figures or was it just some drone from marketing department who had failed to justify poor monthly sales.

I have had several Android smart phones and like many here have thrown a bunch of poorly written software at them, rooted them, rommed them, you name it they just keep working.

Now if Mr CEO of Motorola would like to present us with some details, we might be able to offer a working reply because otherwise it sounds like justification for bad sales.

IDC slashes PC sales forecast for 2011

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Seriously - Some Clever bods here then

>The market watcher reckons that next-gen chips, new operating systems

And just how exactly will Next-Gen Chips make any difference, what marvelous capacity will they behold..

>new operating systems

Which new operating systems, oh you mean youv'e heard a rumour that something new will be invented in the next 4 years. Thats some bloody crystal ball you own there buddy.

>and other features

And just what would these "Other Features" be exactly, sounds bit abstract really.

>coupled with heavy discounting from PC vendors

Heavy Discounting, can we have some figures or facts behind this statement or is thus just more bumfluff thrown into the pile of vomit that was previoulsy upheaved.

>IDC estimates growth of between 10 per cent to 11 per cent for 2012 to 2015.

Well I guess it will be a bad idea to invest in the PC market then as we can safely assume that IDC are talking utter bollocks.

If anyone wants a real analysis : here goes. ( Yes you can quote me on this).

In the next few years, 2012->2016, I predict that there will be some unexpected market changes, "followed" by some drivel from a market analysis company stating that they had forseen everything.


Market fluctuation in 2012->2016, will mirror the conflicting feedback generated by Marketing Analysis companies between lunch breaks and alcohol fuelled brainstorming.

Woe betide anyone that listens to these punks..

Steve Ballmer window-dresses Windows 8

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You trust a chair throwing tosser like that

"We've added touch, and ink, and speech"

Weren't they already "Added" in 2007 when they developed "Surface".

What is is about Ballmer that just makes you want to hate him, is it the pot belly, the smarmy look.

At least Bill looked like a nerd/geek, Ballmer just looks like a fat, extremley wealthy, untrustworthy, chair throwing piece of nothing.

If I owned my own company I am quite sure I would not be using that guy to present my products.

Now all those bad feeling have left my system I will get back to installing our new tape drive.

HP unveils stylin' new desktop line

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The first thing that HP need to do is to get rid of the "Pavillion" name.

Synonym : Pavillion = Extemely Fugly.

They have always been damned nasty looking beasts, HP must have cut costs a long time ago in the design department. Even these new machines look like they were designed by the same team that did those "Glassy" looking Icons that were all the rage for about 3 days.

Ubuntu seeks Android-packin' Windows deserters

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I don't understand this

Do you really mean to say that "several dozen" people in the SF area changed their operating system "just" because that couldn't get a driver for their telephone working ?.

What the hell are they doing with their telephones/pcs that merited such drastic measures.

I presume that they never play games, don't use MS Office and have almost no applications other than what the basic OS offers then. ( No music production applications, no Photoshopping stuff, no 3d Stuff etc etc ). Because moving from a Windows platform to a linux platform is not an overnight affair. Relearning all of your application on another platform is a PITA.

If these people were able to change so easilly, I presume that they would never need anything more than an Ipad.

Khaptain Silver badge

Still a long way too go - 10 years maybe

Why do so many articles seem to convey the idea that people are in some kind of urgency to leave the Windows platform/OS.

How many of the Sheeple even know what Linux is, and more to the point how many even care.

The various Linux distros are going to have do something that they haven't managed to do in the last 20 years since i've known Linux. STOP APPEALING TO THE GEEKS/NERDS.

Your typical home/office user really couldn't give a shit about which OS is being used as long as it works. They really dont care about which Kernel version is currently "A La Mode", nor do they care about being able to customize boot loading times, changing file system block sizes, or optimizing strange TCP/IP stack parameters.

They want to play games, look at porn, send silly messages to their friends and occasionally do some work. And guess what Windows, satisfies all of these criteria without having to have a degree in IT.

I very much doubt that Linux will end up on users desktops, why, because it's always talked about it as though it was some sort of Geeks Wet Dream.

For 20 years I've tried various "flavors" of Linux and I just keep coming back to windows, Linux never offered me the capacity to do things any more comfortably.

So who can explain to me, who are all these people just waiting to jump on the Linux/Alternative bandwagon. Personally I do not know any.

Can Bing ride IE and WinPho to Google triumph?

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Simple Really

Regardless of what hidden agendas our Chocolate Mountain friends may have, they offer a bloody good product

* It's free for the end user.

* It's fast.

* It's multi platform ( OK it's the web but you know what I mean).

* The results arent too bad, usually.

* There's not too much rubbish on each page ( you don't even see the advertising).

* Search filters work.

* It's customisable.

* Granny can use it without calling up the helpdesk cave dwellers.

* There's a load of extra goodies ( translation, maps, video etc).

* It doesn't tie us down to any one browser..

And the list goes on.

Google also have the advantage that this is their baby, for MS this is only one of a multitude of projects. MS just don't have the same drive.......

On top of that , where I am from ( Scotland) - Bing = a slag heap. Now why would I want to search through a slag heap ?

If someone wants to contend with Google they are going to have to develop a whole new paradigm in the way they we interact with the web. Not an easy task........

MS have ran out of ideas,

Google keep pumping them out, not all of them are good but they are always free.. ( Anyone remember Google Wave).

The next evolution : Tying our brain waves into the web, thinking about something and then having the results directly returned into our memories. We will become the cloud...... Scary bloody thought.

HTC Android tablet priced up for Blighty's shoppers

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What a letdown

I love HTC's smartphones and would love to get my hands on the Flyer.

But at 600 quid all it's going to do is Fly straight out of the window. Android 2.3 is suitable for phones but just wasn't intended for tablets.

The Asus Transformer is probably going to be my next "I want one of those" purchases.

Shame on you HTC.

Overpriced, inappropriate OS, late to market, the etch-a-sketch Stylus is not that cool. and lets not forget


Fail, fail , fail

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android smartphone

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Paris Hilton

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android smartphone

C'mon who came up with the name of that phone

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android smartphone


Icon : Couldn't be anything other than Paris.

Deleting 'innocent' DNA will cost £5m

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Jiggery pokey going on

Who did they hire to delete the data at that cost , the BOFH ?

Microsoft files monopoly complaint against Google

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MS and the panic button

MS ar now starting to hit the panic button

No new innovations,

Can't compete in the search engine market,

Can't compete in the mobile telephone market,

Everyone is fed up with their browser attempts,

Business doesn't care about Windows 7, XP keeps on working for the majority.

The new boss likes to throw chairs about.......

The old boss got out at the right time......

They are now moving into the final phase, flailing arms wildly complaining that other companies are now deploying tactics similar to what MS did for the last 10 years.

The world has moved on and MS just didn't see it.

Software dev turned rogue trader gets jail and €4.9bn fine

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Utter bollocks

Why does no one ever speak about just how much money Jerome Kerviel made for the SocGen. This was no rogue trader, he started and ended as all the other puppets do, dangling on the end of a string until the string gets cut.

If the last deal he made had made money, instead of losing money, for the SocGen, his name would never have been known.

The high flying wanker bosses above Kerviel have not been held responsable and yet they had, and always have had, the power to control everything that gets done on the trading desks.

Kerviel did not commit a crime, he made bets, OK rather large bets ( read 50Billion € bets) and unfortunately lost on the last one, big fucking deal. Do the SocGen really want to publicly admit that they allow their traders to play with such large sums, of course they dont, so instead they make up a 2 bit story and find a scapegoat.

If Kerviel had really been some crack, wizard, hotshot, rogue trader he would have set up offshore accounts and whittled away small sums of money that no one would ever have noticed. Fuck he had the capacity to play with 50Bn €, can you imagine that even 0.0001% = 50K. One ten thousandths of a percentage.

Today the upper echelons within the banking systems are firmly in the belief that they are way above and much stronger than the law and capable of redeeming themselves regardless of their crimes. ( No , I am not talking about people at Kerviel level).

Society today no longer punishes those in responsabilty, we fucking reward them with bigger bonuses.

I just hope that Kerviel managed to back up some gritty details pertaining to his ex-bosses and will one day publish them. ( But I doubt that he was that clever).

One day the IT industry grunts, thats you and me folks, will be blamed and responsable for all government / financial institution / [ enter large coprprate entity here] errors due the fact that we have access to the information and therefore probably manipulated it.

Run, hide , change your name/ identity, swap your wife for a Gorrilla named george and camp out in the depths of the deepest jungles. They know you did it, they have the proof, after all you were an IT guy ( read puppet).

I am out of breath now, mines the one with the oxygen tank

PS I feel sorry for Kerviel (Now if he would only pass me the Remote login access codes, what jail is he going to anyway )

Google Earth 'Liquid Galaxy' open sourced*

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Not a lot of whow factor after the first few minutes or so, too much information for the human brain to handle at once.

I did like that Joystick though, looks a bit like the joystick that we find on BMWs.

US.gov set IPv6 upgrade deadlines

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Jobs Horns

Call Steve Jobs immediately

Didn't his Lordness Jobs, invent , patent and then proliferate IPV6 for one of his "magical devices". He could probably send a few bumper kits for the switches and by "magic" everything will suddenly work.

Magic Steve - I can't imagine who else the US Gov could hire to resolve their IP problems.

[ Hang on a minute - you mean that IP doesn't stand for Intellectual Property ]

Feds want backdoors built into VoIP and email

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Black Helicopters

Time to stock up on the Tinfoil again.

Do they really want us to believe that they don't already have the means.......

How do you copy 60m files?

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SAN or NAS anyone

Wouldn't the obvious solution been to have used a NAS or SAN in the first place. 60 Million files on one server seems to be a little "light" in terms of security/backups/recovery etc.....

His the one with "I Luv TPB" embroidered on the lapel..

US military builds laser backpack for 3D indoor mapping

Khaptain Silver badge

Some doubts about this technique

One of two things spring to mind.

1 : Since this is probably a tool to be used for the NSA, FBI, CIA or whatever agency requires this kind of info. It would seem to me to be a little overly suspicous that a "janitor" walks around the entire building wearing ~20 kgs of industrial laser, and other high tech stuff, strapped to his back whilst emitting some kind of humming sound and knocking out Mobile phone reception within a 30m radius.

2 :Couldn't they do the same thing with a Webcam and some kind of remote controlled vehicule. OK the stairs might be a problem depending on the vehicule.

3 : Wouldn't it be easier to simply get a copy of the building plans. ( or shoot the Architect/Builder and steal the plans, they probably already exist in 3d anyway, CAD/CAM etc.. )

4 : What kind of muppet would accept to walk around with a laser strapped to their back anyway.

It's Friday and I'm already planning to make my escape from the office. Can you imagine how much extra work would get done if someone switched of the Internet on Friday afternoons..........

Retailers price up Samsung 7in Android tablet

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Welcome to the Slaughter House.

"Alas, it looks like it'll be a pricey offering. ".

No, that doesn't just look like a pricey offering, it's a bloody slaughtering.

In any event Expansys are always expensive - no operator subsidy = no bargain price.

I am just hoping that HTC bring out a 300 Euro tablet, 7 inch, 3G and HTC Sense. Samsung's interface just looks cheap in comparison.

Man jailed for sex with donkey and horse

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IT Angle

IT Angle

Angle = website, pics and videos, pay per view entry and the usual "pain in the arse" popups.

By the way there was also no mention if the donkey or the horse had access to psychiatric assistance following the incident ?

Mines the one with "Adblock" on the back.

Microsoft talks up Windows 7 SP1, shy on dates

Khaptain Silver badge

What does SP1 have to offer anyway.

We've not rolled out W7 yet and probably won't for another few years, but to be perfectly honest on all of the test machines everything just works. We have not encountered any major issues whatsoever.

Our largest issue is with legacy applications, "Oracle" client refuses to install for example. We are progressively moving to an MS solution in any event. The SP would/will not resolve the legacy problems anyway.

OK, there is some User training to be done, aging machines to be replaced but apart from that there is nothing really to stop us rolling it out.

Even without this SP, W7 seems to be extremely stable. So what exactly are people expecting from the SP1 anyway

Mines got "confused" on the back.

Patchy Windows patching leaves users insecure

Khaptain Silver badge

Patching is not the problem.....

Theres nothing wrong with Patching in itself. It's the need to have to reboot the servers. All they have to come up with a solution whereby patches are installed dynamically......

And a decent rollback system , just in case.........

Virgin offers cut-price data roaming in Europe

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Think yourselfs lucky.

I live in France and work in Switzerland, for this I have to travel no more than 5 kms to get to work. The connections continually flick between Swiss and French connections.

The French and the Swiss have antennaes on the same bloody mountain and you can capture either within a radius of several kms. Living on the border becomes a nightmare because of this.

Its not unusual for me to be at home ( France) but my telephone remains connected to a Swiss operator. ( Therefore roaming telephone and data charges). I have no other choice but to switch off the Internet Connection.

German medical team arms man, twice

Khaptain Silver badge

Bionic Man

This is pushing it a little too far just in order to become a member of the Steve Austin fan club.

Mine's the body warmer, with the additional arms.....

K Desktop Environment 4.1 lands

Khaptain Silver badge


Why can't Linux programmers name there bloody applications using standard dictionary works.

Who the fuck considers Konfabulator, Kontact shell, Korganizer etc ........ as anything other than script kiddy talk. I know that the programmers have spent hours, months and years of their lifes programming correctly and doing their best and then they go and top of it off with some idiot sounding, "graffitti style" nonsense title.

The whole Linux world kills me everytime they come up with yet another stupid application name. For fuck sake guys get it together and at least "try" and give your apps a "professional" title/name.

Can you imagine the scene in the head boss's office. Dont worry Sir, all you have to do is Konfabulate your Konfiguration and your Kontacts will be right in K"fucking" order.

This is not an alliteration contest.

Mines the one with "Pissed of with the *nix boys when they behave like Kunts".

Spaniards show off touchscreen moto-computer tech

Khaptain Silver badge

Couple of thoughts........

1 : Will there be an option of "Microsoft Bob' as a driving companion?

2 : Mum, can I play Tetris whilst you drive, pleeeeaaasse....... ' Slap'

3 : What does this button/option do? OH Fuck I'm sure that wasn't meant to happen.

4 : Pr0n whilst you drive anyone?

5 : What does accident mortality rate mean anyway??

6 : Will it swear at you you when you do something wrong, Can you imagine the thing screaming at you " Fucking tw@t you should have turned left".

Europe drafts law to disconnect suspected filesharers

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Black Helicopters

We know the answer to that one

I presume that it wont be long before we see the rise of one or all of the following

Various kinds of DarkWeb.

Private Internets.

Peer to Peer "Obligatory" Encryption.

Anonymized seeding ( Is this possible ).

Specially Encrypted Packets.

Specialied ISP's offering guaranteed NO DPI.

I hope that Tim Berners Lee can come up with a new Web Definition which would remove all the Black Helicopter possibilitys.

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

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Enjoy the overall [Vista] experience. WTF

Quote - want broader support for devices and applications in order to enjoy the overall [Vista] experience. EndQuote

WTF is all this shit about "experience", I dont believe that business or even home users want an "exerience". I think I speak for many when I say that all I want is a fucking system that works without bloatware, crapware, drmware or any other kind of fuckware that MS wants to throw in.

Aero, I could'nt give a shit about it [Bloatware]

File copying [ DRM Ware]

Security Popups [ Crap Ware]

10 Gb just to get the damned thing installed with a minimum of updates [Jokeware]

I can't see anything wonderfull about Vista for the moment. Advantage to the user = 0.

C'mon MS start learning to streamline your OS. Incorporating DRM might keep the RIAA happy but they don't pay for you software, WE DO......... AND NO EVERYONE IS NOT A FUCKING PIRATE....... Some of us actually pay for our software so why dont we have the right to REMOVE the DRM crap that makes copying files a fucking nightmare........

But then again the only way MS are going to move their asses and listen to people is when

1 : the *NIX crowd manage to bring out a better interface, (Gnome and KDE look like kiddie script material) The Linux interfaces "feel" like crap...

2 : Someone manages to create a MS Office clone ( Please do not mention Open Office, Star Office or any JAVA crap) bring back AmiPro all is forgiven.....

How come 1.2 Billion Chinese can't seem to create a new system anyway ????

Sixth British Columbia stray foot a hoax

Khaptain Silver badge

I suppose...

that these five people already have one foot in the grave, non

The IT angle, who cares, it's Friday....

Nokia opens doors to Download Store

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Nokia, where have I heard that name before

Nokia, Nokia, name rings a bell. Wait a minute wasn't that the company that used to make good mobile phones.

OK, I see, now they moved into the garage sales. Trying to sell everything and anything with the hope that the punters bite. Wasn't the N'Gage a sore enough lesson for the Nokia Veeps, just how much did Nokia lose on that particular venture ?

Mine's the one with "I don't belong to Nokia" on the back.

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

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God as we know it.

If I understand correctly, God in his current context only exists from the writing of the bible, or the Torah for those that want to go a little further back.

What this basically boils down to is that the common troglodyte has always had some belief in some form of Deity or other. These beliefs were almost certainly defined( read manipulated) by his more Intelligent counterparts, who knew wholeheartedly that they could achieve domination over the Troglodytes by using their "apparently" superior knowledge of the God/Deity character....

The intelligent people have always understood that the notion off God/Religion is a means of control. ( Strike the Fear Factor into the populace, Hell, Plagues, Miseries etc...... ).

Due to the fact the even the most basic Westerner has access to endless amounts of documentation their lack of knowledge must be slowly subsiding. Hence, less ignorance, hence less believers due to the increased awareness of Religion as a instrument of control.

Therefore the theory is probably correct, people are in general becoming less ignorant.. Although this is not often noticeable by their acts.

France gets closer to 'three strikes' downloader web ban

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Thumb Down

The real problem with Piracy

Should the ISP's ever shut down torrent,usenet's etc what will the real result be.

[/Rant On]

There will be a hell of a lot less exposure for many artists. I know that due to a direct result of filesharing, many of my colleagues actually go out and buy the damned CD AFTER listening to the downloaded MP3's etc....

The radio stations and television only play what the Music/Film industry dictates, which is not necessarily what Joe Public really wants.

Does the Music Industry really believe that by removing filesharing that their sales will increase, bolloxs. Due to the current economic situation, Joe Public simply does not have the means to buy 20 Euros CD every week, and certainly not when he knows in advance that 90% of the album is pure commercial crap.

FileSharing at least allows Joe Public to listen to the album and buy it at a later stage should he deem the contents worthwhile. If the record industry was honest they would allow us to return Crap/badly produced music to the shop and be refunded immediately. Why do they do not give us this right. Have you ever noticed that when you listen to an album in a shop, 9 times out of 10 you no longer

want to buy it, due to the fact that what they are selling is 90% commercialism.

I have bought ALL of the cd's/DVD that I have downloaded and enjoyed. I have also deleted probably 98% of everything that i have downloaded.

If someday they manage to completely remove filesharing, I know for sure that I will buy probably 90% less CD/DVD's.... Unless of course the Music Industry suddenly becomes capable of producing the same quality of artists that were available the 50/60/70 and 80, strangely enough the Crap music/Film industry came into being around the same time that commercialism/publicity exploded.

If they bring back quality into their products, Joe Public will have a lot less worry about spending on absolute crap....

Or why not reduce the price of CD/DVD's to a level where I can afford to take the risk..A CD/DVD that comes out just after release costs around 20€/60€. 1 Year later you can buy them in the bargain bin for 5/10 €. Cmon stop taking us for ignorant fools and start marketing material that is worth buying at reasonable prices.

[/Rant Off]

Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan

Khaptain Silver badge

Theres nothing new left to offer

I have tried Vista for a couple of months, it does have problems, so I went back to XP. I am certainly no less productive nor any less secure. So what are the real advantages of Vista, basically "None" for the enterprise. We can already script most tasks with 2003/XP and security lies more in the hands of the SysAdmin /Company polices rather than in the OS.

I would be happy to use Vista if they stripped out all of the crap/bloatware and made it run on basic systems. What is really going on the background that requires a minimum of 2Gb RAM, 3.0Ghz Core Duo. Do people actually realize what 3.0Ghz represents. 3 000 000 000 Cycles par second. Thats a hell of a lot of cycles. ( Just to open a damed text file, that seems a little overboard, no).

But in any event lets face it, what can ANY new OS possibly offer that will increase productivity, which is what companies want. Joe Consumer doesn't need more than

Notepad or Lotus 123 ( version DOS, circa 1982) for all he ever does.

A new productive OS might include the following :

1 : No Internet Browser.

2 : No Instant Messaging.

3 : No Torrents.

4 : No Music.

5 : No networked gaming.

6 : No Social networking.

7 : No 3D graphically amusing ( for 3 mins) interface requiring a 256Mo dedicated graphics card.

Remove all of these and watch productivity soar when the (L)users no longer have any "distractions". But in that case, I wouldn't have any reason for coming into the office either.

I can imagine that we will be heading back to Mainframes/Thin Clients ( Call it Cloud Computing) in the near future. Standalone OS's have nothing left to offer that can benefit the company, except for the (l)users who need there daily dose of Pron whilst commuting.

[Skull and xbones, because computings dead, MS has gone a killed it off- Long Live Pencil and Paper].

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