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Chinese to burn iPads in upcoming celebrations

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Re: Voodoo its all voodoo

Yes, I agree the the geography is a little askew but the basic principal remains the same.

Voodoo, Sky Fairies, miracles, devine interventions, devil magic, religious ceremonies, they are all based on one thing "Faith".

Depending on whos point of view you consider "Faith" can be defined as the opposite of "Reason". Hence the "ignorance of mankind knows no limits", pertaining to the burning of "paper ipads"...............

To be perfectly honest I have no idea what the Chinese version of Voodoo is called. ( One of our wiser commentards may be able to enlighten us).

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Voodoo its all voodoo

Will they also burn little effigies of Steve ?

The ignorance of mankind knows no limits, sigh.....

Sality botnet takedown plans posted online

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Oh the Irony

At the bottom of the article is an offer as follows

"WIN - A free one year, 25 user licence of Microsoft Office 365!"

Would that be the version with or without the Sality Botnet included ?

China passes the US in free iPad app downloads

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Mind your language

Just out of pure interest, does the Chinese App Store contain the same apps as the US app store ?

I ask the question because most apps are probably written in English and I "presume" that they have not been translated into Chinese, ( I could definately be wrong here). If they have not been translated then how are the Chinese managing to use them ?

Are there really that many Chinese that can read English ?

These are all serious questions, please don't try and read them any other way.. ( I do profess to my complete ignorance with almost everything related to China)

Acer set to unleash 15in fibreglass MONSTER

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15 Inch != Ultra

Personally I would put the limit at 14" for anything to be called Ultra. 15 inch starts to become difficult to put into a certains bags/briefcases, which already have papers/notepads/books in them. 15" is a large piece of equipement, 14" just passes the mark.

Even if the thickness were reduced down to 1cm for a 17" its sheer area stops it from looking portable, 17" remains in the transportable range.

15" is the same it doesn't belong in the Ultra range, it will always belong in the portable range due to its surface area

[I wont bother moving into the Ultra/Ultra range or the Ultra Netbook as I am sure that you have already caught the drift ]

Sarkozy hails 'success' of Hadopi's pirate cops

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Up for election

As mentioned above, Sarko is running for president again and is currently in the "bring out anything that might possibly catch an elector or two" mode. He is desperately trying to prove that he actually managed to do something positive during the last five years and that is by no means an easy task.

Hadopi like all the other legislations are basically futile in respect to the fact that they would have to monitor the internet to such an extent that it would no longer be financially viable.

Has anyone ever seen a serious study that proves unequivicollay that stopping illegal downloading would actually increase "real" sales anyway ?

If the governments or media moguls ever managed to control illegal activity on the web I am convinced that people would simply take up other hobbies. The web would lose a lot of its interest and would eventually be relegated to same level of couch potatoeness ™ as the television. Who would gain from this, no-one except for Google, Amazon and Facebook. Now that’s a sad thought.

F1 team wins CAD copyright war, wakes up to £700k hangover

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Re: Those "severe penalties" the FIA hands out

I seem to remember that a certain "not to be named" associate of the FIA had an entirely different method of dishing out punishment ( or was it receiving, I never actualy saw the videos)...

Apple Oz offers refunds for confused 4G iPad owners

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[The ACCC sought an order that stickers saying “"not compatible with current Australia 4G networks” be placed upon New iPad boxes]

Correct me if I am wrong, but don't you see the box only after making the purchase. Surely the idea should be to inform the user beforehand.

Egypt ponders smut suppression

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First the smut sites

Here gos for the knee jerk reaction.

After they have removed access to smut sites, will they also ask all women to wear head-scarves and/or long robes ? Will they then segregate women and men followed by a strict implementation of sharia law ?

They can then ban tourism and foreign trade and when they have successfully walled of the country just how they will feed the population ?

I think the Egyptians have already had their fair share of "difficulty" in the last few years without having to impose even further draconian measures on an already weakened society.

What is it about religious ardor that always seemed to generate such infuriating results.

Force Google to black out searches in new privacy law - MPs

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Language Barrier

It would be interesting to see how they would deal with articles written in other languages. There are a lot of people in Britain that speak a lot more than just English.

Can you imagine trying to develop an algorithm that must block out given keywords, within a given context, that could be written in a multitude of languages, that arrive endlessly from a multitude of dynamically changing websites, blogs, news-feeds, social media chatter etc....... .

The Internet is a living, breathing, invisible, metamorphic animal that does not want to be caught. It knows about stealth, it knows how to replicate, it speaks all languages, cutting of one its legs does not affect its running speed, it is kept fed on an infinite basis and the list goes on.........Even the governments can't contain that beast.

Friends Reunited rebrands as memory bank for oldsters

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Account now deleted.

FR was the only "social media" website that I have ever used, well I created an account if that can be considered as used..

At the time the Social Media sites were not too popular and I think that there was no real "tracking" or selling of information behind the users back, at least not to the scale that it is nowadays.

A couple of people contacted me and I realized very quickly how boring the conversations become. Everything seemed to be based around work and family, kinda makes you writhe.

The problem was that you couldn't "delete" your account, all you could do was block the emails and requests.

Today because El Reg reminded of the FR, I connected and successfully "deleted" the account, the option now exists( it may have done for several years but I didn't connect because the damned thing published your last connection date which meant your "friends knew that you were still alive).

I am quite happy that I did not get sucked up into the void of the Facebooks et al. Anyone that has written there life story on one of those sites must be bearing a "regretfull" grin today.

I can't really put my finger on it but I just don't see the justification and need for Social Media sites. To me it's something to do with people not wanting to feel "left out", "being unworthy" or "hoping for some kind of instant recognition".

Twitter a poor predictor of movie success

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Re: @Khaptain

Mea Culpa, I bow down before my puntuation overlords.

A couple of things that I truly wish for :

- A spell check option on ElRegs comment box.

- The ability to edit posts ( Dear El Reg, please , pretty please, give us this option ).

- More time to write comments - Quite often I write them whilst answering the telephone or performing some other mundane task. I know, I know that I should stop and take the time but then El Reg would be a lot less of a fun place to hang out.

I know that this is not a real excuse but I actually speak French all day and my English is taking a severe hit. I am far more likely to be writing a powerpoint, full of bullet points and very little punctation that I am to be writing any serious piece of grammar.

On top of all that I was a very poor English student, which is obvious really....

Please accept my humblest, most subservient apologies. All hail the El Reg commentards, without them pedantry would lose its attraction.

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Fundamental flaw

* Twitter is full of "social media" users.

* Cinema are usually full of Cinema goers. ( Is "goers" a real word ?)....

How do they truly expect to correlate between the two.

Or are they correlating the fact that the cinema often has a dozen or so twats using their "very bright" smart phones in the audience.

I seem to remember that being called a "Twit" was akin to being called an idiot, on a minor scale...... I suppose therefore that being a Twitter user is therefore akin to Collective Idiotism

Sitting down all day is killing you

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Sitting down is for a reason

* We only sit down all day because it is easier than typing when lying down.......

* Coffee/tea mugs remain upright for longer on a desk..

* The boss doesn't feel comfortable in delegating to someone wearing nothing but underwear.

* Clients generally dont accept invitations in bedrooms.

There is a also a statistic somewhere that proves that the more we breath the closer we are to death......

CD: The indestructible music format that REFUSES TO DIE

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Thumb Up

The tangible object

A physical CD-Rom, like vinyl, is a tangible thing that can proudly sit on a shelf and which can be perused by the owner or his guests.

It has a case, a sleeve, sometimes lyrics or a note from the composer. The cover is often a small piece of artwork in itself.

It can be shared, swapped, sold, reused on a multitude of different peoples CD Players. It is which you can be proud of.

It is a quality item that is governed by the owners wishes, it can be passed on as a gift without fear of reprisal from a multi-conglomerate.

It can stimulate a plethora of senses and its yours.

Paedophiles ‘disguise’ child abuse pages as legit websites

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Re: I have never understood how peadophillia can exist.

I think, or at least from my understanding, that what you are trying to say is that it is a matter of ethics.

Depending on the period in history and the country, homosexuality is/was considered as ethically unacceptable. Today it has changed and is now acceptable ( well at least in some countries).

Peadophillia, is considered as unacceptable almost everywhere and therefore we treat these people as criminals. If peadophillia were ever to become acceptable, just as homosexuality did, then they would no longer be treated as criminals because "ethically" the consensus has changed.

I could have used the right for women to vote, smoking, free speech. polygamy and a multitude of other values that have changed "ethically" throughout history.

Peadophiles are only as digusting, dangerous, ( add your own adjectives here) as society has defined them to <ul>currently<ul> be. When Society changes its mind then the adjectives no longer have any validity.

Ethically society evolves, whether it be in the right or wrong direction, although I can't really see the ethics of peadophilia being changed.

( Please do not mis-read the line about treating homosexuals as criminals, this is/was a fact not my personal thoughts).

Australia Post launches inbox and cloud storage for all

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One good idea, one bad

Bad Idea:

Since these Email boxes are run by the postal service does that mean that the Government have access when they please ? Yeah , yeah tell me that there is no backdoor built into the system...

Good Idea:

Since most adult people in a household are obliged to work and the fact that the postman always rings when you are out working, I think that this is a good idea to allow people to choose the time and place. It saves times for all involved.... Where I live we have almost the same choice of having your parcels dropped of at local newsagents, small supermarkets etc which are usually open until at least 20:00.

Chrome beats IE market share for one day

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Double Usage

Chrome is the only application that users are currently allowed to instal on their desktops. They are using IE for our companies principal application, due to required ActiveX components, and they are using Chrome in unison as the "Search Browser" for Web information.

Microsoft: No next-gen Xbox in 2012

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Re: Come on! New console please!

PC gaming, or any other platform, is not being held back by consoles.

It is being held back for at least a few different reasons

1 : Difficulty in creating something truly original.( there are a few exceptions but they are very rare, Limbo anyone).

2 : The sheer expense required for game creation . Programmers have to eat while they program and if the game takes a few months months or more to build.......

3 : "Corporate Greed". Electronic Arts etc have become the Hollywood of the gaming industry, it's all about pleasing shareholders rather than the customer. franchise, franchise, franchise......

4 : Any combination of all/any of the above.


Hackers jailbreak new iPad hours after it hits the shelves

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Same ol

Couple of choices here

1 : The hackers are damned good

2 : Apple didn't really make any significant changes to security at this level.

It appears to have become the defacto routine for all the big boys. Apple, MS, Adobe, Symantec don't seem to want to put any serious safeguards into their routines .. ( Adobe is a pain but not serious)

It kinda makes you wonder why they even bother, is it just for the form...

Microsoft accused of leaking RDP attack code

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Re: RDP in the open

Hi Paul

A couple of points

We currently use Cisco VPN with RSA Keys which I would consider a "lot" harder to break than RDP.

The fact that RDP is encypted changes nothing because the initial authentication method is nothing more than a Name / Password ( 2 step method). Cisco requires Name/Password + RSA Key ( 3 step method) which greatly increases the difficulty.

>Twelve years for this vulnerability to be discovered

The same could be said for any and all protocols, HTML, IMAP, POP, SMTP , PowerShell etc.

>Doing so is no more unreasonable than exposing a web server

I must disagree, RDP can be turned of when it is not an essential application.

Is Root usage possible on your public RDP port ????.

>Am I supposed to keep my IIS sites with Outlook Web Access behind a VPN.

That depends on company policy, our OWA is behind a VPN.

If I remember correctly ActiveSync requires OWA to be present on the Exchange server but does not require OWA to be on a public interface, OWA could be restricted to or internal LAN access ( Unless of course OWA is made available outside of the company LAN - again thats another set of problems.).

>There's a difference between best-practices and practical-for-this-application

If pratical = huge decrease in defense/security then it might be time to rethink policy.. If you get hacked, "practical" suddenly becomes a lot less "practical". The IT Guy should be explaining to the company manager that "exposure" = risk for mangers company..... Let the Manager decide and change company before you get the blame for his decisions........ .-)

I agree that Small companies can't afford complexity but at the same time they can't afford to get hacked either. I know the difficulty of this subject and this is where I believe Open Source can be a very viable solution ( cost is no longer a problem but knowledge is - always a dilema , I agree).

RDP on internal lans should be reduced to a minumum but again I agree that that is a pain. Educating user to use their laptops correctly/securely helps a long way to helping avoid all kinds of problems ( although that are not completely avoidable).

All in good faith

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RDP in the open

What does not make sense to me is that anyone would allow RDP to run directly on a public link.

I presume that if you are clever enough to do NAT/PAT then you should also be clever enough to realise that to create/provide a VPN as the first layer of protection and that RDP should NEVER be available publically.

Unless of course we are talking about internal LANS being hacked, thats another ball game..

Busty blogger bursts Bulgarian airbag in mud-wrestle blunder

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Think about the testicles......!!!!!!!!!

I am just glad that "Testicle Jobs" are not "a la mode".

A kick in the nads is already painful enough, imagine that it is then followed up by a small explosion as the false testicle(s) bursts , nasty, nasty thought.

Oz anti-gang law hits email, maybe torrents too

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Re: Banning the bikes is not the solution

Fuck I got a thumbs down for a comment like that.- ( Ok a professional comedian I am not but shit I can't see how it would offend or upset any reasonably minded person. )

Would the owner of the negative feedback at least have the courage to explain his actions.

Khaptain Silver badge

Banning the bikes is not the solution

Why, because the bikers would have to move over to the Furry Dice + Pimp Mobile brigade. [Should that be the Pimp Yute brigade...]

The bikes look better than pimped up Yutes.

Why Windows 8 server is a game-changer

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Re: Hmm.....

The advantage here is that the OS itself can be better managed from the command line/PS which will please a lot of admins.

Applications are a completely different ballgame, they are the responsability of the developer, not Microsoft..

Khaptain Silver badge


Something I don't understand here.

I would like to see the business case for Apple Desktops. Are they being used in conjunction with Parallels in order to run XP/W7, if so then whats the point of paying "way over the top" for hardware, what is the added value for the company.

Windows 8 is not even in an RTM stage, so what exactly are they evaluating, a beta version within an enterprise environment , you must be joking right. It will be quite some time before any serious company rolls out W8 Server into production. if anything you might just have some techies checking out W8 for their personal pleasure, which is completely understandable..

What does impressed by mint mean exactly, thats a very vague statement. If anything a company would be impressed by an application not by an OS. Or is this just a case of trying to win a contract on the false basis of the OS being "cheaper in the short term".

On top of that the possibilty to use Linux in the work place has existed for many years, so what exactly is a-changing.

There is a vague smell of "matière fècale" in the air.

SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD

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Re: Capacities

2 points to make:

1 : Yes, this has been a marketing ploy for a very long time. Base 2 and Base 10 being interchanged as required in order to "appear" to provide disks bigger than they really are.

2 : If the percentage that is not available is so important, then you really should be looking for larger disks.

New iPads to hit Apple stores on Friday

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Stats Please

Does anyone know if Apple has ever released stats showing the percentages of return users in comparison to new users.

New iPad 4G data connection will only work in America

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Paris Hilton

Obvious really

The USA has a larger PrOn consumption/industry than any other country, therefore they require the LTE before everyone else in order to retain their leadership within this particular field....

Suitably-endowed punters lured into bonking for Vaseline loving

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Passive not active

I have always been of the understanding that the majority of publicity was of a passive nature. Surely the idea has been that we subconciously register the images and that this eventually affects our thoughts when we are shopping: ie we will buy the article that we have seen rather the article that we need. Obviously the publicity has to have been well thought out in the first place.

Are people really ready to move from passive to active ? I can't see many situations where someone would intentionally go up to a publicity and "bonk" it with a smart phone in order to obtain further information.. Ok for bus timetables and other informative billboards, but perfume and Macdonalds, I fail to see the attraction.

I see this more as trying desperately to use technology to fill a role that does not need filled.

Tingle factor aimed at game controllers

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Sack Boy Game Pad

Is it just me or does this game pad look like it was made by the same team as LBP.

Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4

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Metric would be welcomed.

Dear El Reg,

Not everone speaks "Imperial", how about providing the rather more "metric" values of Litres per 100Km. ( There are other people in the world who live outside of the GB and the US )......

I understand that Kamel Hooves per Valley (KH/V) or Mule Paces per Field (MP/F) might also be interesting values but they are a lot less common when speaking about vehicule consumption....


Microsoft: Cloud will fluff 14 million jobs by 2015

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Slightly optimistic

Over a period of fours years that relates to about 9600 being created "every single day". I am sure that even the governments have difficulty arriving at the level of optimism.

Cloud computing is good for some companies but not all, any business critical cannot rely on the cloud. Fully redundnant Internet links are too expensie for most companies, secondary backup locations are out of the question. So outside of the larger corporations, who already use data centres, who is the intended audience ?

14 Million jobs is a large figure without some very concrete facts..

Was this by any chance released just in time for an upcoming shareholders meeting ?

Aussie soldiers let rip on Facebook

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Re: How is this any different to the rest of Australian society?

Are you for real ?

The soldiers commited a "sin" ansd how are you any different with that last statement ?.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Re: For the PC Brigade

This is exactly the attitude that I was referring to above..

If these soldiers express themselves in this way rather than telling them they should not do it, it would be far more productive to understand the underlying reasons for this kind of behaviour.

Maybe they are just behaving in a manner in which they were unknowingly taught by their peers/families or even the "media" in one of its many forms.

In fact their "problems" lie not within themselves but within contemporary Society itself. We are all to blame.

** I will call them vague names in a lame attempt to make myself feel better about it all.

School must have been a difficult place you then .........

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Re: For the PC Brigade.

This was done in a "Private" space within Facebook.

You guys must hunt these kind of things down. If ElReg hadn't anounced this no-one would have been the worse for wear.

Khaptain Silver badge

** These guys made the brave decision to join the defence force but now they have let down themselves, **

What kind of twisted soul is capable of allowing another man to die for him and then complaining when that same main utters some childish remarks.

Khaptain Silver badge

For the PC Brigade - Continuation

It is becoming impossible to express ones opinions without harming the sensebility of someone somewhere on the planet. For fuck sake people grow up, the PC Brigade will never provide anything but superficial support.

Am I unhappy about the situation,of course I am , conversation is becoming stifled, communication is becoming impossible. It appears as though the masses are adopting the PC mode of thinking without realising whether or not the impact they are having is positive or negative.

If you are a meat eater and I am a vegetarian, I cannot agree or accept that you eat dead animals. That does not mean that I would not sit down at the same tabel and eat with you it just simply means that I do not agree with one aspect of your life.

Because of my non acceptance of one of your choices in life The PC Brigade would be happy to brandish me a zealot of some kind or other when this is simply not the case. It is impossible to agree or accept everything and everyone, this then makes it impossible to be Politically Correct.

The PC crowd need to sit down, think for "theselves for a while" and let people get on with their own lifes.

As for the Aussie Soldiers, they have done nothing more than everyone single one of us has done at some point in our lifes, the subjects and the conditions are irrelevant.

Khaptain Silver badge

For the PC Brigade.

Ok for anyone that either does not understand or appreciate intiail comment, lets get some facts straight.

I have lived, worked, ate, cried and loved with Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, Arabs, Brits, French, Israelis, Amercians, South Africans, whites, blacks , indians and a multitude of other nations, creeds and colours. I have joked and laughed with all of them, sometimes I have been the butt of their jokes and sometimes they have been the subject of mine. But never have I ever seen the need to remain PC. You do not learn about other people by remaining PC, if such were the case I would never have discussed in any meaningfull manner politics, religion , sex, culture etc with the people that I have met.

It's not the words, its about "Attitude".........

Never have I met anyone so hypocritical or closeminded as the PC Brigade, one only needs to look behind the scenes in order to realise that they are not quite a clean as they would allow us to believe.

The PC Brigade "dictates" what can and should be said and done, they alone create more pain and misunderstanding than they resolve...Life, love and everything that represents the good in men cannot be dictated.

I challenge anyone to come and meet me, have a meal, a beer, go for a walk and discuss life for a while and then make a decision as to whether I deserve to be "downthumbed" or whether or not I am not PC.

To many of the PC Brigade are jumping on a bandwagon which they do not fully understand and are happy to simply hang whilst they are in the limelight. Similar to the Victorians.......

The PC Brigade are slowly and successfully managing to cover up the real issues that lie underneath many of todays problems. They are always happy to tell you what you cannot do but they never seem to supply any solutions to the true underlying problems.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Re: Cannon Fodder and Politics

To late Goat Jam, they have already begun.

Khaptain Silver badge

The Bastards

It is just a saying which is kind of similar in thought to "Keep a stiff upper lip, old chap". It's about remaining proud through difficult times.

Khaptain Silver badge

Cannon Fodder and Politics

Expected to give their lifes for their country but scolded like little boys for behaving like one of the lads.

Heres a beer to the Aussie soldiers - Dont let the Bastards get you down....

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