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When Irish data's leaking: Supermarket shoppers urged to check bank statements

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Re: Ouch

"TL;DR it doesn't have to be "data at rest" that was snaffled."

Effectively a Man In The Middle approach could have been used.... A slight modification to their Web code could have indeed slurped the CC Numbers on their way to be the Bank/Clearing House. If this was the case I would have presumed that they would have slurped also the Name and the CIV..

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"malicious software was discovered in a centralised IT system"..

Well and truly Pwned.... One wonders how long that Malicious Software had been there because there customers might want to check back through their accounts for a lot more than just last week...

Would also like to know why the Credit Card numbers are stored in complete form.... why have the 1st/last (n) numbers not been removed.... There is no need to "keep" the full number.

Shhh! There's a new BlackBerry and... no, we've said too much

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If it had been IOS then would it have been the BlackApple ? Not very appealing either..

Is that a bulge in your pocket or... do you have an iPhone 8+? Apple's batteries look swell

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Re: Pop, pop, pop, pop

The Samsungistas might have some sympathy.... I am willing to share my popcorn with everyone else..

Computers4Christians miraculously appears on Ubuntu wiki

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Re: @ WolfFan

Doesn't the "Red Cross" count, they are neither political not religious ?

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Re: Direct link to Deity

"Arguably it was a human who was driven to their course of action by their belief in a deity that shaped their moral values."

I could counter-argue by stating that anyone in search of self improvement has made a positive decision to improve oneself. The merit lies in their decision to self improve, not in the means by which it was done.

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Re: Direct link to Deity

"It was only the local priest who would take time and talk to me"

Then it was human not divine intervention that saved you, two very completely different things...

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Re: Direct link to Deity

"Look not at the religion itself but on the effect it has on those who believe in it".

Do you truly believe that religion has only positive effects ?

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Direct link to Deity

Why do "believers" need computers ? Doesn't their Deity already provide them with a direct link to all that they need to know ?

I am always amazed at just how much coercion/publicity etc that the "pushers of belief" require to spread their particular version of dogma.

From my point of understanding : If a Deity truly existed there would be no need for religion..

Australia approves national database of everyone's mugshots

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Public Theatre

Within a week, 98% of Australians began wearing their anonymity masks, although there were a little hesitant to wear the standard Guy Fawkes mask, instead they opted for the eponymous "Bruce the Sheep" mask..

3 weeks later the Australian Government, wondered why their facial recognition program was always returning 5 Million results regardless of the name that was searched.

Dropbox thinks outside the … we can't go there, not when a box becomes a 'collection of surfaces'

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Sickbags should be automatically made available to anyone reading these kinds of "justifications" to what amounts to not much more than a small, almost unnoticeable, update to a logo...

Man with 74 convictions refused permission to fling sueball at Google

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Self Made Publicity

The ironic side to this is that the fact that now that he has been denied the right to sue Google will automatically entitle him to receive all kinds of non-wanted publicity. This article being a perfect reference.

We went to Nadella's launch of Hit Refresh so you didn't have to

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Will it be viewed cynically as corporate propaganda

Just the fact that he poses the question, is enough to make me believe that that is exactly what it is intended to be ... isn't that part of the CEO's leitmotifs

He's probably also trying to achieve some personal credibility at the same time but for that first you need a character.....fail.....

BYOD might be a hipster honeypot but it's rarely worth the extra hassle

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If you don't own it

If you don't own it, you can't control it, if you can't control it, it will eventually control you....

EU tells Facebook and Twitter: Obey us or we'll start regulating

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On the right track but.....

The tech giants are making Billions of Euros and yet seem to be capable of bending laws as required... I agree that sometime things go too far, freedom of speech should not be the equivalent to freedom to say anything at anytime.. But where should the line be drawn..

I am probably as much, if not more against a multitude of what is happening in this "global" world but I usually know when to shut my mouth.. In the past I have paid dearly, and I have the physical scars to show what opening one's mouth to large can result in... In other words I am probably like many of you out there..

The difference lies in the fact that I am not profiting from the system as many of the tech giants are.. I don't throw my weight about as though I don't care and I certainly dont have the means to pay the lawyers who somehow manage to wangle the courts as required.

But, I digress, the internet has become a free for all, whereby is it Ok to be a keyboard warrior, where it is Ok to destroy the lives of others without sanction.. and this is where the Tech Giants definitely have a role to play.. Their billions should not be made from the sufferance of others, they have the means to avoid many situations and yet they react only when financial impact of laid upon them...

I am not for Stalinist totalitarianism or dictatorial procedures but at the same time I don't agree with the free for all approach that means profit for the giants at any means..

The giants do have a responsibility to take a positive attitude towards governance, without stifling the masses but at the same time retaining a modicum of level headedness.

Can the EU push their agenda forward correctly, maybe, maybe not, but I definitely recommend that something is done to avoid a total catastrophy and the eventual governance by some "governmental agency numpties".

The solutions are not obvious but that should stop us from trying...

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?

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The interface is terrible

There is something just terrible about the interface, it's difficult to pinpoint but it just feels uncomfortable...

It's almost as if it is too bare, or void of something... Personally, I prefer IE11/Chrome even though I know that Edge is more secure ( or at least that's what we're told)...

Flat is boring and it feels like it is being shoved down our throats....

Five ways Apple can fix the iPhone, but won't

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Re: A back button

"Top left of you iPhone will show you "<Mail" next to the Signal indicator. Tap that to return whence you came. Happens pretty much anywhere you are kicked from one app to another."

We obviously have different ideas about what constitutes a back button. That tiny little link is not available in all applications and is not constant among anything...

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A back button

The first and foremost reason I "hate" the iphone(IOS) is due to the lack of the back button.

I have an Iphone as my professional ( provided by the company) and an Android ( provided by myself). This has been the situation for the last 4 or 5 years, so my real world testing is real....

Why is there only one damned button on the Iphone, for me it has been it's poorest feature since the outset..... THe lack of the back button forces you to be in and out of applications without the means of returning to the original simply... It0s just so much easier with Android, or at least in my humble opinion...

Iphone, the telephone for those that don't need to get things done efficiently....

Crypto-busters reverse nearly 320 million hashed passwords

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Re: That's lovely, but

After your dead, identity theft is no longer your problem ;-)

Linus Torvalds passed a kidney stone and then squeezed out Linux 4.13

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Maladie cher maladie

Here I lie in my hospital bed

Tell me, sister Morphine, when are you coming round again?

Oh, I don't think I can wait that long

Oh, you see that I'm not that strong

( Rolling Stones, 1971)

Kidney Stones are extremely painful, I don't wish that on anyone and morphine truly is your only friend at that moment... it's just a shame that that know how to dose it enough to make the pain go away without allowing you to profit a little :-)

So much data, so little time: How to not flip your wig processing it

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Re: Extra software licences for reporting

That same cynic would probably also suggest that IT Budgets, Time frames, lack of staff/resources are common elements that MOST of us have to endure on a daily basis..

The perfect IT department is a myth otherwise we wouldn't need all these "miraculously expensive " products...

User thanked IT department for fast new server, but it had never left its box

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Re: Praise or accusations of work not done?

If you find the name for this syndrome let us know... It represents the majority of problems that I have with users..

I can't of any other scenario that frustrates the users more than that exact scenario.

I am 100% in agreement that it is nothing more than the fact they they slow down and think about what they are doing.....

I often cite it as a "problem between the keyboard and the chair"... which they don't really appreciate...

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Re: A couch?!

The kind that need you to keep your mouth closed whilst they themselves are being offered a new car .... for work that "no-one" did....

Huge Apple news confirmed. Software deal with Accenture is official

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Desk Drawer Fluff

We have several IPads in the office that spend most of their time in desk drawers. Obviously, the demand initiated from the marketing department but even they can't find a rational use for them...

After the "one time" usage for a Powerpoint slide that stunned absolutely nobody, they simply got fed into the desk drawer that is full of bottle openers/keychains/pens/500Mb USB keys etc....

Apple must be struggling to enter the true enterprise market....

Well, debugger me. Microsoft's BSOD fixer is getting a makeover

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Re: Know your market

Soft-Ice - Definitely the best debugger/hacking tool in it's time... :-)

Vaping ads flout EU rules, even if to promote healthier lifestyles

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Re: Today has been the 53rd day since my last Camel

Good on you 404... I use the same Alien with the Baby Beast. One difference though is that I mix the PG/VH ( 30/70) myself. It is much much cheaper and I only add a little bit of menthol.. I dropped down to 3mg and soon I will drop down to 0 and probably stop the vaping....

Anything that helps stops smoking is great in my mind....and lungs etc...

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Nicotine is not Tobacco

Why is there so much confusion when Vaping does not contain Tobacco...

It can and might include Nicotine but Vaping definitely is not Tobacco related.....

I stopped smoking thanks to the capacity to be allowed to vape, my lungs are thoroughly happy and the difference I can feel is amazing..

Let's ban cigarettes first, where there is absolutely no doubt about their negative effects.

Strip club selfie bloke's accidental discharge gets him 6 years in clink

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He's lucky it didn't go off in his pocket then.... then he really would have been pissed off.... Would have taken all the Pride out of Asian Pride...

You don't call, you don't text: SIM-flinger Gemalto warns of 9% sales drop

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I don't have shares in Gemalto so I am not afraid to say "Bring on the Simless"

AlphaBay and Hansa: About those dark web marketplaces takedowns

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Re: It's a no-brainer

I always presumed that the problem with Drug "Merchants" is that there are probably quite a few who are actually public figures or establishments who constantly line the pockets of the law makers...

Considered the sheer quantity of drugs, measuring in thousands of tons per month, that are distributed in the world, it is very difficult to believe that only the Underworld are involved.

Then there is the problem of money laundering the sheer amounts of cash that must be involved. How can this possibly only be "under the cover".... We are literally talking Billions of Euros/Dollars that are capable of becoming untraced.....

It's like illegal arms, there are almost always governments or government figures lurking on the sidelines.

Ten new tech terms I learnt this summer: Do you know them all?

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"DabbSmithing" : Verb

The art of publically criticising anything that appears worthy of a critic on a Friday. Often appreciated by technophiles, trolls and a variety of other non P-Book readerships.

US laptops-on-planes ban now applies to just one airport, ends soon

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Re: Guns

From the kind of guns used and their size, almost all appear to be concealable small firearms. Glocks 26s and small revolvers are not the kind of gun you would use in a mass shootout, far too few munitions. None of the magazines look to be of high capacity so I presume that they were just for self-defence.

What does surprise me though is why they have a round chambered when entering an aircraft. As mentioned above, the chances of a gun going off are approximately zero until you put it into the hands of an idiot, at which point the odds go drastically up.... and I can't really imagine just how small the odds of stepping into a shooting match at 10000 feet are, but they must be pretty damned small.

And even if there was a "situation" I am not sure that I would want to pull the trigger inside a pressurised aircraft... I have no idea but I imagine that a 9mm wouldn't actually go through an aircraft window but I wouldn't like to be the one that tries and then finds out that it can... Darwin's law would probably play a strong role here...

As much as I am Pro-Self Defense, I don't really agree with the idea of guns in the cabin.. I was absolutely amazed though at a number of firearms found per period...

Juicy fine for Bradford firm after it blurts one million spam texts

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A use for AI at last

Since we hear endless reports about how good AI is coming along, can't we start using it for the benefit of all and start applying all this intelligence to eliminate spam once and for all ?

Google unleashes 20m lab-created blood-thirsty freaks on a city. And this is a good thing, it says

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"Not all that much actually - it's a pretty clean fix. The released males all die off, the next generation is much reduced in size, and that's about it."

That's what the laboratory tests have shown.

Next weeks news ( Fake or not) When the mosquitos we released into the wild the interaction with "X" provided a completely unexpected result...and as such the human population of Fresno was suddenly rendered sterile....

Nature is complex and has a tendency to find it's own balance, when we start playing at mother nature there are always unexpected results. sometimes good, sometime not....

I am glad not to be on that side of the pond....

As a side note, Google have the capacity to keep it under the covers..... there is definitely a big advantage to being the worlds number one media outlet....

Conspiracy theorist, who me :-)

Microsoft reveals first Windows Server Insider Build

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Updates twice a year = Panic

When we see what they managed to do with Intérnet Explorer last week this makes my hair stand on end...

Just as a refresher

KB4022168 ( knocked out I.E. when viewing multiple pages with I frames

Kb4025252. ( re-released on the same daY) !!!!!

We have updated our serveurs since, fed up with the Guinea Pig antics

Ashley Madison throws $11.2m on the bed to mop up leak affair

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Hashing Madley

I can't imagine that this site has anything but failure as it's destiny.

The 12 million sounds like a desperate attempt for new publicity based on it's


99% of the clients were men, from the remaining 1% can we presume that they were actually women ? And not some Brazilian professionals...

Truck spills slimy load all over Oregon road – drivers slip in eel slick

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Re: Rules

Andouilletes I can handle , tete de veau however is another story...

I can't even look at...

Dell gives world its first wireless-charging laptop if you buy $580 extra kit

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Re: Pedantic ...

And yet the inductive phones don't weigh any extra.

This is still a project in its early stages ... I for one hope it can mes to light

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Re: I've never understood this

Tell me that same thing when you forget your wire... I have to travel once a week and every second or third I always manage to forget something, although usually, it is not the charger, it did happen to me recently and the Surface Pro, like many laptops, now has a damned dedicated charger.......

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Re: Regardless of the price, the idea is good

Most laptops when they are brand new might have 5 hours.....

I am using a Surface Pro which is about a year old, with an active wireless connection for the Wifi as I am permanently connected to the VPN ... believe me it certainly won't do 5 hours.... As I mentioned I can use the cable but it is annoying and the idea of wireless charging is definitely appealing...

And as for 5 hours it's not so long. If I do Geneva - Zurich, it's already a 2h45m journey, and I still have to do the return journey. and that doesn't include the time spent in the station or on the tram.... 5 hours can easily add up. Ok when I arrive at the office I can charge up again....

Khaptain Silver badge

Regardless of the price, the idea is good

What we need next are standards so that our desks can directly include the charging pad. One arrives at work or at a meeting and voila constant charging.

In fact, I don't really care if it adds charge, just as long as it is capable of retaining approximately the same charge for the whole day. Although adding charge would be nice too...

I am writing this the train and I would love to think that even on the train I would be able to work for a few hours without the need for cables, ( this train does have power outlets but they are above head height at the top of the window and it just isn't chic having the cables/charger hanging from above.

But knowing how standards are very seldom achieved, certainly not when there is a commercial gain to be had, I won't be keeping my hopes very high.

Trump to world: Forget moving to America to do a startup

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Close the door and turn of the light

It certainly appears that El Trump is closing the borders one by one...

Isn't this one the path to dictatorship ?

Tape lives! The tape archive bit bucket is becoming bottomless

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Long term problem

The problem with LTO is the capacity to ensure that you will have a drive capable of reading legacy tapes.

Our LTO-6 drive can't even read LTO-4 tapes and is often the case the archives are stored in a vault for years whilst IT refresh has gone through several upgrades/changes etc...

On top of that how does one ensure that the Software is also still capable....

Nothing could protect Durex peddler from NotPetya ransomware

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DRP might have been better than a flavored condom.

For a company with such a high revenue / profit, where was there DRP/BCP.

Outside of Exchange or Database applications it's hard to imagine what connexions were open between multi-sites that allowed for propagation of the virus!!!

As they saying goes : Protect yourself first then start taking care of others .....

Facebook's left hand is fighting for Americans' right to privacy

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Obama was a politician with the subtleness of a good politician. ( Zuckerberg is in the same boat)

"Never tell the truth, certainly not the whole truth or anything too similar to the whole truth."

Whereas Trump is a media troll.

"Only tell my version of the truth, how I determine the truth to be, and all other truth is just fake news."

In both cases, personal agendas are far more important than fact.

50th anniversary of the ATM opens debate about mobile payments

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Re: Extinct in ten years?

Depending upon the service provider, number of transactions etc it's usually between 3% - 6%, plus the cost of any setups and the actual machines....

Not a huge number but it definitely has an impact on profit..

On top of that all transactions are recorded, "cough, cough", which the tax man loves but the vendor might not ...

Hyperconverged leapfrog: Dell EMC borg overtakes Nutanix

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Re: Experience firsthand

Thanks, what were you running Nutanix on, a Dell XC platform or something else ?

We are already a VMWare house, HP Servers + Storage, did/do you get the feeling that moving to VXRails would become a complete lock-in and do you have to deal with Dell support. In the past we have had Gold Support and they were always pretty damned good ( unlike like their standard support which is a nightmare).

HP don't have anything to offer that we can afford and for the moment we do not have any in-house hyperconvergeance expertise.... We will get some but it's not easy determining the correct platform for our needs up front.

Khaptain Silver badge

Experience firsthand

We are a small outfit getting ready for a refresh and Dell/Emc are in our list.

Would love to know if anyone has any first hand experience most notably the negative points.


Google plans to scrub 'inflammatory' and terror vids from youTube

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Re: Advice please.

Bill Hickock, the Yankee Marshall, Internet Veteran etc I presume.

Infosec guru Schneier: Govts will intervene to regulate Internet of Sh!t

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Others problems first

When people happily give their lives details on a daily basis what's the urgency to secure anything.

IOT will simply provide further adjectives to an already quite complete biography.

Gouvernements don't seem to care that people's lives are being recorded to a level that is damned frightening. Security is not being applied to individuals it is being reinforced only where their is a threat to the government itself.

What the internet needs is a true campaign about what is really going on behind the scenes with all the data. The data slurping monsters, Facebook, Google are the true security risks. By providing so called services whilst at the same time ensuring that the snare is being tightened further around the necks.

IOT security is definitely a major upcoming problem but I see it as only a small part of a he he problem. I do agree that something needs to be done but not by the governments , it needs to be done by the people themselves, they need educated by professionals not by marketeers.

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