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Apple Maps to the rescue in China/Japan conflict

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Re: @Sabroni I thing that the low IQ stereotype has several foundations.

It could be seen as bad by the "geeks and nerds" who want hardcore CLI's, SSH interfaces, task bards multitasking, notification bars, process managers, right-click menus, etc.....

My wife loves the idea that it is simple to use, personally I hate it, .

YMMV and obviously it does.

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@Sabroni Re: I thing that the low IQ stereotype has several foundations.

Rather than calling someone a pompous buffoon can you please explain what part of

<quote>"this could be seen as good or as bad" </quote>

you didn't understand.

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Low IQ interface

I thing that the low IQ stereotype has several foundations.

* The iPhones are expensive in relation to their feature sets.

* The interfaces are dumbed down to a level that even a cat could use one. - Ie You dont have to be a genie to use one, this could be seen as good or as bad.

* Walled in gardens don't disuade the users....

* Apple lock in on everything.

* Very expensive accessories.

* Anyone that attaches social status to a telephone that sells in the 10s of millions obviously has a few cells missing.. They are not exactly unique items.

* They believe in the hype that Apples spews out each year. Why else move from the 4s to the 5 when there are no major advantages.

I suppose with a bit more than 5 minutes thought the list could easily be extended.

Polish Samsung Galaxy S IIIs first to scoff Jelly Bean update

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Re: Fandroids?

Because this is El Reg and I don't think it should/could be any other way.







All and any of these wonderfull nouns/adjectives can and do get employed on a daily basis.

It's la raison d'etre, the Zeitgesit of the Register

Microsoft Research man: It all starts with touch

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It's not really touch

Touch interfaces don't really exist, what we have at the moment are merely flat "pointing" devices.

For example, if a surface had the possibility of changing its characteristics such as being warm or cold, jagged or smooth, undulating or flat, soft or hard then that would start to become interesting. The surfaces could then be considered as being touch surfaces. Our fingers are extremely sensitive sensors, so there is a lot of room for improvement still to be made

Haptic surfaces only produce small vibrations for the moment, maybe they will develop. Maybe they could develop surfaces that react differently in relation to the part of your body that is currently in contact with it........

The Register lands in Australia

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Welcome to the Underlords

Welcome and respect to those capable of spending so much time down under.

I was a bit surprised to see that the future editorial staff weren't named Bruce, Kevin and Sheila...

'People will give you their data if you don't do nobbish things with it!'

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This is a joke right

Whether it be the company or one of its scrupulous sales staff there is money to be made, legal or illegally, with up-to-date data. Temptation is simply too strong for the weak.

Data is rarely held in encrypted format on company databases and the IT departement at the very least have access to everything. Quite often there are many departements who have access, at least read only, to customer information. Finance dept for a payments, Directors, Marketing and sales are usually capable of producing all kinds of reports, unsupervised of course. the list goes on and on.

In this day and age it is impossible to put your faith in anything other than the fact the your information will eventually be used against you. You have to know it and live with it.

Chase joins Bank of America in possible Islamic attack outage

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Re: Every orchestra requires a conductor

<quote>Dollars to donuts they're from the Anglosphere. Israelis wouldnt be so sloppy.</endquote>

Keyword = Anglosphere.

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Re: Every orchestra requires a conductor

Nope, Dan Browns' teacher.

Your prize for today shall be to read the Greek version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Black Helicopters

Every orchestra requires a conductor

It seems like everyday we hear another story about some radical group performing some radical operation. It seems hard to believe that there is no conductor governing things.

The big question lies in the fact that we do not know who the conductor is and we do not know how many orchestras are being conducted.

Nothing feels sporadic, it's being orchestrated but not by the people that they want us to believe are orchestrating it, there is an underlying element but it's difficult to pinpoint.

I spy: Drug drops and foxy couples

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Royal Approval

I was considering sending William and Kate a present, do you think this would be suitable........ I will be in France tonight so I must remember and pick up a copy of Closer......

Ding dong, the Ping is dead! Apple brings in Facebook for iTunes

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Re: The Facebook crowd

If you need to ask the question, then you probably shouldn't be here.

Khaptain Silver badge

The Facebook crowd

I think it is quite fitting that Apple added Facebook.

They are simply highlighting the intellectual capacity of their users.

They really are entering into the entrails of the earth in order to entice new end users.

Smartphone sales to new users 'have peaked'

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* Smartphones have been dominating the shelves about ~2 years now.

* The average user willl change his phone every 2 - 3 years .

* Therefore anyone that bought a phone in the last 2 years probably already has a smartphone.

And since this represents the majority we can reach the conclusion that sales have peaked.

What is that these analysts are really paid for, is it just wonderfull Powerpoint presentations or aesthetically pleasing brochures ?

Why do we never see these analysts producing anything unexpected every once in a while. ( Or is it that ElReg only reports on the "stating the obvious" analyses).

Or are these "facts" only brought out in order to influence market shares held by the Analysts.

Nikon launches D600 lightweight full-frame DSLR

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Re: Full Frame

Steve, I am sorry about being pedantic but when you put your 200-400 on the D7000 you only get 200-400mm. No camera in the world, as far as I know, is capable of changing the focal length of a lens. The focal length is a physical fixed attribute.

What you really mean is that your D7000 captures a "cropped" image of what would have been captured on a FF. ( You basically get a percentage of the center of a FF image). This in turn makes people falsely believe that Cropped Frame cameras have a longer focal length.

Think about it, the glass within any given lens, as long as the zoom is not changed during the exposure , are only capable of producing one single image. A FF captures a large part of the image, a Crop captures only part of the image.

Khaptain Silver badge

Full Frame

I still do not understand why Full Frame has not become the defacto standard for DSLRs.

I sold my 5D MkII in order to finance another project hoping that in the mean time the price of Full Frames would drop when I was ready to return. Wrong , the MKIII was released even more expensive than the MKII.

I can understand that Nikon and Canon kill us with the price of good glass but as for the Electronic side of things it's pushing things just a little too far.

Nikon are making an attempt here but what I would like to see is a Full Frame around the 1200 Euros mark in the 15Mb to 20Mp pixel range. It doesn't need video capability either but a little bit of waterproofing would be a plus.

C'mon guys, Full Frame is nice but it needs to come down to a price range that doesn't require professional usage for justifying the price tag.

Ten iPhone 5 challengers

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Re: No Galaxy Note II?

It is a very hybrid device, phone, tablet and stylus capabilities, so Phablet is not such a bad idea.

It's no worse than Netbook or UltraBook.

I have never used a Telephone/tablet as much since I bought the Note.

Hate the Windows 8 touch UI? Try Kinect-like finger shaking instead

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Question for Gideon

<quote>My gut feeling is most [desktop] Windows 8 users after a while will go with the classic Windows user interface,” chief executive Gideon Shmuel <unquote>

Dear M Shmuel,

And just how does one go about activating/using the classic interface in Windows 8 without third party software ?

Cordially Yours

Somebody that would like a native Classic interface

Apple: Thanks for the iPhone 5s, China, now get to the BACK of the queue

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Re: Eight?

<<<<<------ "I Love Skippy" embroidered on the back.

Australia is not really a country, so it doesn't count. It's basically a a large open cast mine operated by ex-cons that like to complain about their being too many sharks in the ocean.......

New iPod nano and touch: Lightning strikes again

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Re: It's obviously coral

Agree with Coral and I'll make an attempt at Aluminium Yellow or Golden Aluminum.

( Dear Pedants : The two spellings for AL is intentional, one for each side of the pond)

Intel to turn Ultrabooks, all-in-one desktops into giant tablets

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Sheep, all I see is Sheep

It seems like the major tech companies, just like people, are becoming more sheeplike everyday, one of them spawns an idea and everyone else follows suit.

I loved the tech industry 20 years ago because the innovation was phenomenal. Today I feel as though innovation has died and all that remains is a little bit of fluff being blown about in the wind.

Or is it that shareholders greed has taken such a hold that the industry has been brought down to the level of a slaughterhouse, except here it is either kill or be killed.

HP preps designer desktops for Windows 8

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Logo should be an Orange with a bite taken out.

An all-in-one screen/PC, an aluminium lookalike chassis, a puny keyboard that does not have a numeric keypad, a trackpad. I wonder where there design department "created" their ideas from.

I am surprised that it doesn't have a thunderbolt port and a magnetic power supply thingy.....


Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 12 voice recognition software review

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Has it ever improved on the broad Scots accents ?

I usually make less mistakes typing than DNS does translating even though I generally speak clearly and try to enunciate / articulate correctly. ( I have tried giveing a little tiny pause between words as well).

DNS for me is one of those Silver Bullet products that never managed to make the grade, although I understand that for some people it can/might work as annonced.

Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation

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How to verify ?

How will the ISPs differentiate between websites that promote commiting Suicide and those that promote avoiding suicide ?

It's two opposite sides of a coin but you can be sure that they both contain almost all of the same words, themes.

Apple to launch streaming online radio service?

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Radio is by definition free, Ok some of you have to pay a Television Licence or Tax which allows you to listen 24h per day.

Apple I presume will probably sell advertising space. I can't see how they will turn a profit otherwise..

To be followed.

PS : I would like to see them kick the RIAAs ass and find a method by which the poorer artists can collect a little more...

CIOs urged to take BYOD pleas with pinch of salt

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Re: Infrastructure cost, development cost and security risk

<quote>secure VPN with security remediation, and application virtualisation</quote>

After a little thought I agree that this does seem a relatively secure solution.

The downdside is obviously the cost Secure VPN hardware ( probably Cisco), Cisco + RSA keys are expensive solutions to buy and maintain.

(Application Virtualisation) Terminal Services are again high end and expensive solutions.

I agree that all of the above can be done with FOSS, but that this out of reach to most small business ( they cant afford the guy with the beard) and large coporates already have enough difficulties keeping things in shape.

Wifi, OK this is affordable by most companies depending on whether or not Cisco Vlans and/or Switches are involved.

I would presume that the use of Virtualisation Application os TS requires devices that are closer to Laptops than Iphones in size.

So in the end who is actually using BYOD is your company, I can't imagine who would want to bring their own laptop and iPads/Tablets are kinda crap for TS ( Unless used in confunction with a mouse and keyboard).

I would be interested in understanding if your BYOD solution is really worthwhile ? Its an honest question.

Khaptain Silver badge

Infrastructure cost, development cost and security risk

BYOD has to be tailor made for each company and as such will inherit costs which will be extremely difficult to justify against the security risks. It basically means opening multiple interfaces/ports that will get attacked on an almost permanent basis. In general these interfaces will be the front end to your network/data/file servers. Security risks will have a huge impact and personally I would not like to be responsible for the results.

I cannot think of many examples where the benefits outweigh the risks. Is there really that much "good " business that can be done using the "instant success" approach ?

Ex-pat IT pros have oversized packages

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My package is just fine thank you

It doesn't matter where I have worked in the world, my large package has never been a disadvantage. Sometime good things come in larger packages.

Mines the one with "modesty is not my strong point" as the moto on the blazer badge.....

Home Sec to decide Gary McKinnon's fate by 16 October

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Re: probably not a very fashionable thing to say, but...

I have to agree with a few of the above statements. this has nothing to do with compassion. I have the feeling that his Aspergers Syndrome was greatly exagerated for the sole reason of avoiding extradition.

After watching some of the videos in which he is interviewed I got the feeling that this chap does not really suffer too much from anything. I almost got the impression that he was proud of his achievements.

McKinnon was very aware of what he was doing, hell he even communicated with a staff member that was on site. The computers were on American soil and it would only seem fair that he was tried in an American court.

Obvioulsy the Americanas have greatly exagerated the damage claims and are trying to keep face but at the end of the day he was caught for breaking in to their systems.

This whole case has been a farce from the beginning but I still believe that McKinnon should not go unpunished for his acts. He should be given a punishment that corresponds to the crime though, that of accessing a computer unlawfully. he should also pay back the costs of reseting the default passwords......

In other words he should get a slap on the wrist and be ordered to do some community service.

Windows 7 passes XP, Mac OS X passes Vista

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The reading of the comments !!!!

<------- Sherlock, whispered to me that there is as much information, or lack of, behind the comments as there is within the figures.

Thanks ever so much Java, for that biz-wide rootkit infection

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Re: I don't blame Oracle

I digress, after a quick Wikipedia etc, that the plural form of Virus is actually Viruses ( at least in the English language written form, apparently there is not plural of Virus in Latin ).

( We say Cactus / Cacti - Radius / Radii apparently Virus and Platypus are exceptions to the general rule )

I still wont blame Oracle though as there are too many other factors that come into play, most notably would be MS Windows Security and Defence. If Java has complete access to the MBR then the problem stems more from the OS that it does the application. ( You might also be able to throw Intel or the BIOS writers into the bunch here - although it's debatable)

Khaptain Silver badge

My first virus for many years

I battled for 2 days to remove this crap, in the end I gave up and reinstalled W7. I can't prove it was Java that let the bastard in but I can't prove that it wasnt java either.

Since I have reinstalled I have decided that there will be no more Java or Adobe Flash/Silverlight etc. If any applications needs either of the aforementioned well tough luck I will use something else.

I don't blame Oracle or Sun or MS, it's the virus writers that are to blame but I have had enough of the endless updates, incompatibilites and now the virii that can use these plugins as vectors of introduction.

Hopefully by limiting the attack surface I will stay uninfected for the next couple of years.

TripAdvisor didn't defame hotel by putting it on 'top 10 dirtiest' list

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No one is forced to use TripAdvisor.

There are other means to reviewing your future hotel/destination.

For example you can head down to your local Travel Agent who will supply you with a brochure full of wonderfull photos and remarks.

Alternatively you could phone up the hotel who will also supply you with a wonderfull conversation about how good the hotel is.

</sarcasm off>

The big problem here lies in the fact that is is "impossible" to obtain an objective opinion on anything that you "personally" have never done.

TripAdvisor has shills, well thats not news, they are after all relying on publicity dollars in order to survive. They are no different from any other ecommerce service that has reviews, Amazon, Dixons, Darty, Computer Stores, etc etc etc .

Like everything else on the web you have to sift through the shit in order to find some gold. If some people are too dumb to realise that then they are the kind of peple that would have been fooled by the Door to Door Insurance salesman and other con artists anyway.

I agree with the judge on this one.

Would love to see a "lusers" icon.

North Korea and Iran sign 'Axis of Tech Evil' deal

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Iran must be having problems covering up its nuclear "projects". They have therefore struck a deal that the Uranium will be enriched in N.Korea instead of Iran in return for food.

N.Korea has the advantage of not even needing to hide its nucleur program.

Icon = Obvious

BYOD turns sysadmins into heroes

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The real reason

In my opinion BYOD only really exists because certain top level managers want to continually be able to show of their latest gadgets, that they can afford but you can't. ( ensuring that the unwashed masses are reminded of just how unwashed they really are)

Unfortunately the aformentioned managers don't know how to setup their devices, therefore they had to find a solution whereby the IT department would be forced to set the devices for them using the companies time. This new paradigmv was named BYOD.

The IT Guys have been using their own devices for as long as IT existed, so it's nothing new for them anyway.

Now even China's PC market is shrinking

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One very bright analyst

"Gartner principal analyst, Eileen He, told The Reg that not even the next wave of Ultrabooks or the launch of Windows 8 is likely to dispel the short term gloom in the region, with macro-economic factors having the biggest impact on buying habits going forward."

I sincerely hope that she doesn't get paid for stating the bleeding obvious. Statements like these merit a severe slap around the ears. And this was from their "senior analyst" makes you shudder about what the juniors are capable of.

UK: 'We're legally bound to arrest Mr Assange'

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Once again a government fails it's people.

Will the British government also accept that foreign countries perform the same act on British embassies?

The more I read about current British politics, the more I wonder why anyone would ever want to do business with the brits.

I hope the Brits remember what serfdom means; they are returning to it !!!!!!

'iPhone 5' released by Chinese Apple copycat

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China, lol

China are now one step ahead of the rest of the world, they can even bring out fakes before the

originals are released.

Apple must be amused........

IDC: Trying to flog PCs? It's not going to happen

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These guys live in another world

<quote from article>

Consumer sentiment could be revived with UltraBook or Ultrathin systems provided the right price is reached. More price-cutting in the Android tablet landscape could free up some budget for PC purchases, but could also focus consumers on tablets rather than PCs. Ultimately, we expect modest PC growth this year as the industry works through the transition to Win8 and related devices."


We have been waiting for quite some time for the price of UltraBooks/Thins to drop in price : It's just not happening and I do not believe that W8 is going to change that situation. Keyword = Recession.

Cheaper Android tablets will not free up money for PCs although it might free up money for Food and Petrol.

The industry has not yet "felt" what W8 truly has to offer, if anything at all. Industry does not buy PCs because of operating systems....... It buys PCs because of the software that runs on them, there is a major difference between the two.

Ten movies inspired by video games

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Silent Metal Hitman covers Uncharted territory

Hitman was the only one of the bunch that i enjoyed, it was kinda like Jason Bourne with a shaved head........

The game Silent hill gave me the fucking creeps so I didn't bother with the film.

Surprised they haven't made Metal Gear Solid into a film series. ( I would love to see someone replace The Terminator)

I wonder if they will consider doing Uncharted as this is definately a candidate to replace Indiana Jones.

Official: Google's brazen domination of Earth nearly complete

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Is it NIC or NOC

I must admit to being a member of the group that has never heard of nic.tld before.

I have always understaood NOC as being Network Operations Center but NIC is new to me. I don't ever remember reading anything about it in DNS and Bind or any other book for that matter. ( Although I may have overlooked it)

Today could be known as Trivial Tuesday.

Police beg for e-forensics team to probe crims' iPads, mobiles

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Catch 22 situation

Step 1 : The police are under-equiped to deal with high tech, meanwhile the crims use the latest High Tech.

Step 2 : Studies are done, tenders are sent out and the police get equiped. a very small group of crims are caught.

Step 3 : Someone develops new High tech that the police can't decifer/decode etc.....

Step 4 : Goto stage 1.

Meanwhile lots of money has changed hands, we remove coppers from the beat to put them into offices to deal with the high tech crimes, budgets are reduced where they are really neeeded and the whole shebang just keeps repeating itself.

Criminals exist for a multitude of reasons but I believe that unemployement and unfair wealth distribution are major factors concerning their existance.

Providing the Police with more High tech goodies will not eliminate the fundamental problems, it will merely provide a new means of justifying their presence.

I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating life must be for the cops......

UK kids' charity lobbies hard for 'opt-in' web smut access

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Why is Porn bad for you ?

Has any study ever really proven that porn is bad for you?

Sex was and probably still is the most saught after item on the web. Children might "accidently" see some naked bodies and some people copulating energetically.

Now outside of Animal Porn, which is illegal, and some goatse and 2 cups vids what exactly is it that kids should not see ?

Vaginas, Penis, Breasts : each of has at least one of the aformentioned, some with hair , some without. Should we be scared of our own bodies as well. Should we call the police in case of an accidental hardon.

So many question, so few answers........ We love you Esther, you are just so damned helpfull, I don't know what the Internet would have done without you. [/sarcasm]

Khaptain Silver badge

If those children think Pr0n is disturbing

Then don't ever leave them alone in front of a television when the news is on. Death, catastrophy, illness, recession, unemployement figures rising.

Now that is really disturbing.

Twitter joins Linux foundation

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I don't understand the complaint here, 3rd parties can write their own clients. It's not like Linux lacks existing clients. Hell, there are even CLI clients.

Is is not prefereable that Twitter spends it's time/money developing a rock solid server and a good set of API's which would then allow the 3rd parties to write good clients ?

or maybe there is something that I have not quite understand.

Microsoft denies Windows 8 app spying via SmartScreen

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And why can't this trafic be stopped using Windows or a third party Firewall? Firewall work in outbound as well as inbound traffic.

REVEALED: Everything Everywhere new 4G logo ... a SNAIL?

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openSuse Chameleon

it looks like they cut of the tail and threw away the body.

Hunt vows: 'UK will have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015'

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What about upload speeds

No one ever seems to mention Upload Speeds. For the community at large SDSL is what is required not ADSL. The cloud and P2P users benefit enormously from symetric connections.

Don't bother with Big Data – listen to customers instead

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Re: Anecdote doesn't beat evidence

Data alone will never be able to tell you many things for example

* That within the next three months that the company policies will be changed because of cutbacks.

* That the war in Syriana has changed buying strategy.

* That the new CIO has a completely different approach to life and plays golf at the same golf course as you do.

* That the companies head engineer is leaving because of unforseen circumstances. ( he was humping the bosses wife)

* [Add one of a milion reasons here]

* Black Swans exist - read Talebs' book and you will understand that Data does not provide all the relevant answers.

Many factors cannot become known by any other means than "listening" to your client. The impact of any or all of the above can make a huge difference to how "future" relations will work between your companies.

Boffins zapped '2,000 bugs' from Curiosity's 2 MILLION lines of code

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Re: But....

I suggest COBOL.

Computer Operated Bigwheel Overland Legobot.

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