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Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro gets laptop-level price

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Strategists and Economists

It would be an interesting experience to sit in on a MS Strategists and Economists meeting in order to try and understand the reasoning behind the pricing structure but anyway....it seems to have some positive points

Yes, it can run full blown windows programs.

Yes, it is almost as good as Windows 7. ( W8 meh, yes I have tried it for several weeks and still dont like TIFKAM).

Yes, it is VERY expensive.

Yes, the Touch Surface is more of a gadget than a utility but the keyboard is damned usefull for anything mildly serious.

Yes, it is light and that means a few hundred less grams, even kilos for some, to lug about, always a good thing.

No, it will never have the Apple Shinyness but then again that really doesn't matter in the office.

It is a serious BYOD because it can get locked down as any other device running W7 / W8. This is a good thing...even though I don't care for BYOD. ( no need for Citrix sessions for example )

Will it be a success, I doubt it.. Competition is strong, its' not a tablet, its not an Ultrabook, its ok on portability. It probably wont appeal to the public at large but corporations will definately have a look at this seriously.

Lets wait and see what battery life it has in the real world.

Lets wait for some serious bashing about in the train, the car, the office floor and see how it stands up.... We will need to see an industrial/military version also ( toughbook style)..

An I interested in one , yes, but not at that price, if it were to drop to the 400 Euro mark, keyboard included, I would snap one up.

It will be interesting to follow this one. I hate W8 but I quite like the idea of the Surface Pro.....hhhmmmmm

Will it run W7 correctly......

Can supermodel Heidi Klum save Windows 8? Not so fast

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On second thoughts

What's the betting that a certain Mr Sinofsky won't be added to list of celebrities desired for marketing w8.......

Japan firm offers mums-to-be 3D printed unborn infants

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Whats next

There is something completely unwholesome here. A human foetus is something that nature hides from us until it is time to make its appearance into the world: nature usually does things for its own good reasons.

What possible relevance could having a plastic foetus have for anyone ? Will it get passed around at parties ? Imagine being handed one of these damned things and the mother saying "just look how cute Alison was when she was a foetus".

So what's next.

* Keeping little bottles of sperm in order to say , "one of these sperms made the rush forward with the one from which you were born".

* Meet George the "Inflatible feotus".

* Why not plastic gonadss ( oops the Yanks already have these - Truck Nuts I believe they call them).

Drop Box and Dropbox, begs new sync 'n' share start-up

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IT Angle

Egnyte - Who the f*** are they

Got to agree with the first post...... Pure marketing, maybe El Reg can share some of the funding receieved, like buying some beer for the unfortunate bastards that read the article hoping to learn something.

Smells as solid as the Facebook IPO.....

Nokia's imaging chief makes surprise exit

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Stabbing in the dark here

Possible answer might derive itself from "On your marks, Get Set, Go."

Spoken by a Cocaine snorting Scotsman might sound something like "Get-Go".

Sam Sung found in Apple Store SHOCKER

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Not what I would have imagined

If El Reg had reported that a Spanish "Arsh Ole" or a Finnish "Somec Unt" worked in a Apple store now that would have made my day.

Evildoers can now turn all sites on a Linux server into silent hell-pits

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Infallible does not exist

An infallible system is one which does not exist. Root Accounts can be obtained by many different means and none are as good as Human Error, be it logical or intellectual.

Anyone that believes that system A or Distro B is unhackable looks like a fool everytime a new hack is discovered.

Hackers have time on their hands and lots of it, and there are lots of them. Eventually they will and do find errors, backdoors or will even socially engineer a PFY.

Then you have to prevent "Inside Jobs", "industrial hacking", ex-employee that still hold hidden passwords, the list goes on and on......

It's laughable to see those that are "shocked" to learn that someone hacked Linux, it is definately secure but definately not un-hackable........


Ten... PC games you may have missed

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Why all the death and destruction

I could never understand and still don't understand the Zombie Shoot Em Up/ Kung Fu thing/kill everything in sight kind of games........... and yet they still prove to be very popular...

I'm getting old but I much prefer/prefered the adventure games, Simon the Sorceror, Monkey Island, Myst, Gabriel Knight.... Some if not all of them required a little thought, ( ok some pixel hunting was also required).

The shoot em ups never seem to hold any surprises and have very little story, you know in advance that the number of enemies will increase as you "progress" and that you will eventually arrive at the the Boss.. The action can get intense which means the scenery takes a very secondary role.....interest in general is extremely limited..

Just my point of view, although that Ninja thing looks like it might be worth a look.


Oprah Winfrey too late to save Microsoft's Windows 8

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Re: Windows 8 launch hasn't gone as expected for the world's largest software maker.


I understood your initial position but the minority in this case, the Nerds, can have a major impact on IT in general. They have a Tech Savvy* approach that is often communicated to friends, familly and work mates.

You are right in the case that most people don't have any expections, most people do not have any interest or expectations in IT at all.

But,in the context of this thread I think it is safe to assume that "everyone" can be assumed as being "those that have an interest in, for example, new OS's, ie : the Nerdy IT Crowd.

The general consensus of the Nerds has been very disfavourable for W8, up until now, and there appears to be many that expect, almost desire, W8 to fail....

*Tech Savvy, this is a bit of a vague term so YYMV. Basically they have more knowledge than the non IT crowd.

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Re: Not a catchy enough tune?

<quote>Still better than that "wub wub wub" noise they used to advertise IE (by using avengers, Aston Martin and that dinosaur eat the thing on the string game).</quoute>

I must admit to having never seen that publicity but your description in wonderfull. I can't help but try and imagine how they managed to fit Wub, Wub , Wub, an Aston Martin, an Avenger and a Dinosaur on a string into the same 30 second slot....... in order to publicise Internet Explorer.

Conjures up some strange images

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Windows 8 launch hasn't gone as expected for the world's largest software maker.

Tut tut , JDX, thats a little touchy for someone that also frequents the Nerd Minority, does your mum approve of that ?

Why IT chiefs are irrelevant to Microsoft's Windows 8 strategy

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Re: Hmmm

If I was to try and summarize your last point it might go along the lines that the BYOD devices are not actually replacements for our main working tools, the telephone and/or the laptop, but are in fact a "supplementary" means of increasing the range of tools at ones disposition..

In that case then, yes, I can see the point of BYODs.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Hmmm


I can understand your point of view and it may very well be that we work in completely different industries but I just can't see how people can be "profitable" using their own devices. I am making the presumption that their own devices will not be "laptops" as they are easy to come by in most compaines today..

Without a full keyboard and/or possibly a mouse/good pointing devcie I just can't imagine what "productive" effort can be made on a tablet or a smartphone.

I can understand a Sales/Marketing person using a tablet in order to present a PPT but apart from that I must be pretty short on ideas. I don't have an unlimited budget but if I wanted tablets or other toys I could easilly get them but personally I dont see how they could help me as an IT Manager/administrator.

Maybe if I hear/see some reasonable productive examples or use cases I might possibly change my point of view... i just haven't see anything usefull yet.

- Remote Desktop depends too much on carrier signal/strength.

- Editing anything other than basic text files is terrible on anything that doesn't possess a keyboard.

- Anything requires finesse in selection is a nightmare without a mouse or high precision poiting device.

- I don't need or use Social Media or Web 2.0 gadgets.

* I agree that tablets are usefull for Media Consumption but this is not really a business requirement.

* I can catch up on "El Reg" in the tram on my Galaxy Note.

* I have realtime access to my email with my BB.

* I have a laptop/VPN/3G Dongle for weekend work and travel.

All of the above supplied by the company. Except the Galaxy Note.

I am all ears in relation to understanding reasons for BYOD....

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IT Angle

Re: Really?

It also assumes that the user would actually have knowledge of the current/ future systems. Apart from the Tech Savvy very few people are capable of distinguishing between version of OS's.

I asked someone one day which Operating System they have on their work computer and they answered "MS Word I think"....... This came from someone with a degree and who was by no means an idiot.....just a little clueless on IT.

The questions in this survey were really twisted....

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Re: Hmmm


<quote>Some IT people (and business managers) take the view that staff will have to accept the company view or go elsewhere; guess what, they will move on.</quote>

Have you ever tried to understand why IT or Management might take that approach ?

And I think you might be surpised at how many people are in the position make the decision "to move on" just because they couldn't BYOD..... Would you really refuse a job because of that ???'

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Yet another hack at pushing BYOD.

<Quote from Forrester>"

"But we do expect that employees will force IT to have a formal support policy for Windows 8 for employee-owned devices. Windows 8 will accelerate BYOD demand. "

So we have now decided that the only way to make changes in a company is to use a back door/low level trick of getting the employees to "override" the upper management decisions - because the employees "want" to bring in their own devices !!!!!!!!.

Some problems here :

* The employees don't hold the purse strings.

* The employees don't generally understand the importance of budgets.

* Employees will look no futher than the end of their noses.

* The employees do not have to support Device X, Y, Z etccc...

* Companies buy devices in order to get jobs done, not to simply please their employees.

* An employeee bringing their own material probably won't bring it for the purposes of working.

and finally

* Employees are just that - Employees.

Side note : The term "employees" is used in the Non Management, Non Decision making kind of employee.

Who profits from BYOD, probably not the company and definately not the employee. Therefore, this push of BYOD is stemming from whom exactly, the manufacturers, Microsoft, Gartner et al ?

It would be more interesting to ask the employees:

* Would you like to bring you own devices to work : 90% would reply Yes.

* Would you like to bring you own devices to work for work purposes : 5% might reply Yes.

The <ul>majority</ul> of employees probably want to BYOD for their own purposes, Facebook, Twitter et al.. There probably are one or two that have a genuine requirement but it may be more advisable for them to simply change job if the correct material is not being supplied.

The Sinofsky Letters: Defenestrated Windows overlord corresponds

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Re: Smiling and shuddering...

Nostalgia Zombieman, pure nostalgia.

At that time I was learning how to do Hooks and Chains in Assembler in order to intercept the file read and write routines , Int 13h, AH=02 or Int 13h,AH=03 . I won't go into the details of why, lol.. Lets just say it was a very interesting period.

I seem to remeber that Softice was very popular during that period.....

It was back when IT was fun.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Windows Explorer, my excuse......

And you are probably running the a 386dx and understand the following lines





Seriously though, there are some nice keyboards today and the windows key is actually really damned usefull...

Shame that my Thinkpad never had one

or alternatively for the Linux Ladies

xev | gawk '/keycode/{if($0!=l)printf "0x%x\n",$4;l=$0;}'

( et voila you have thewindows key)

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Windows Explorer

Honestly there is no excuse for not learning the shortucts for basic system commands

Win = Start Menu

Win + E = Windows Explorer

Win + R = Run

Win + D = Show the Desktop

These are just the basic everday shortcuts using the Windows Key..... The start menu has its role but the shortcuts should not be forgotten,,,,, I try and teach them to all of our staff, they have a complete list though, especially the Ctrl+X,C,V,F,A,Z which are highlighted and in bold ( ctrl+b).......

World Bank says world likely to warm by four degrees

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Re: the World Bank's slogan

That all depends on whether you mean as a percentage of the current population or as a whole number and also how you define poverty ......

In 1980 there were approx 4.4 Billion people on the earth of which approx 850 Million hungry people.

In 2011 there were approx 7 Billion people on the earth of which approx 925 Million hungry people

The actual Percentage figure is dropping but the actual number of hungry people is still rising. Is that what you call doing pretty well.....

Percentages mean nothing when you don't know if you will be able to eat today.

* Figures : Worldhunger.org

Khaptain Silver badge

The World Fucking Bank

The World Bank has one goal - TO MAKE ITSELF RICHER.......

* A poor man will go to jail for stealing in order to feed himself.

* A banker will steal for "greed" and then we allow him to buy another Porsche/Yacht/Luxury item.

I am not advocating a communist society but it has become extremely vague where capitalism is heading.

Apple said to have let the name of the next OS X cat out of the bag

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Why don't they call it Pussy, everybody loves a good pussy.

Housewife iPhone mules on trial in China

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Re: Visions of a cavity search

That is maybe the real reason for them having rounded corners....

Author of '80s classic The Hobbit didn't know game was a hit

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Re: Typo in my post - Does anyone know the etimology of the word "Inglish"?

I presume you also meant "etymology"....

Ubuntu gaining ground in website deployments

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Re: It's a moot point, not a mute point.

Mute, moot : I didn't even give it a second thought, my English has gone way down hill......

Lol, when i see the number of mistakes that I have made in that last post, ouchhh.

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Re: Ubuntu is not a UI

With Linux it is often difficult to discern what the term OS really means - Linux itself is the Kernel. And most people confuse "Linux" as being an OS, it is not.

The Linux Kernel takes care of the various IO requests, disk read and write and memory management etc. Personally I find it difficult not to consider this as being the OS, after all it is doing all of the operating.

Obviously at the kernel does not provide a UI, nor a compiler, nor the miriad of other programs that we need to successfully make a machine usefull. This I believe is where the border lies as to what constitues an OS.

Ubuntu is a layer around the kernel, Ubuntu does not do memory management , disk write/reads or process IO commands. It merely provides a connection to the Kernel in order that these tasks can be performed. Can it therefore be considered an OS. Just as any other distros......

It is a mute point that could be argued forever but I want to at explain my reasoning behind "Ubuntu is an UI".

PS ( Yes, I agree that the kernel on its own would not be able to do very much)

Khaptain Silver badge

The article fails to mention WHY

The fact that one distro over another in secondary in relation to WHY.

What does Ubuntu Server improve on or offer that the others don't ?

Ubuntu is a UI, I don't understand why Apache, Mysql would really care about the front end of the OS.

Is it just because the newbies have been fed on Shuttleworth marketing or is there a real reason ....

Anonymous attacks Israeli websites over Gaza bombings

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Thumb Down

Nothing better to do

This war has been going on and of for many years; in its current form since 1948....

I get the feeling that Anonymous have very little idea about what is really going on in Israel/Palestine. If they did

1 : They would not be so stupid as to attack Israel who has some of the most technologically aware teams that exist today.

2 : The Palestinians can easilly live without the Internet, they are more worried about Food and Water than being able to Tweet. They are a hardy people with nothing left to lose, they are not a bunch off script kiddies sitting in front of computer screens with nothing better to do than pretend to be the International Internet Law Enforcement Group.

Anonymous is becoming synonymous with Kids with No Ideas or Purpose. What talent they have/once had is slowly disappearing into nothingness..... The original members of Anonymous must be embarrased about what the ideal has become..

Fart-buster underpants selling well among Japanese salarymen

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Re: Definately a Friday afternoon article

Sphincter control mastery is not a subject that we see to often on El Reg... I am not sure that it is a very common subject outside of the proctologists cabinet....

Ok those that practice their Kegels regulary might occasionaly give it a crossing thought but probably not for the same reason....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: @ symbol_soup

And that is only the Australian men, the women can be worse...

Khaptain Silver badge

Definately a Friday afternoon article

Are they also noise absorbant ?

Facebook stock plunge halts - despite insiders being freed to sell

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Artificial increase maybe

Have these shares been artifically increased by any chance, the brokers need the shares to be traded regardless of whether the price goes up or comes down ?

Just a supposition.

Pollster predicts mega UK smart TV sales

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Doesn't make much sense really

The interwebs are more often than not a personal affair. I generally don't spend "internet" time hunched around a screen with other prople. The fact of the matter is that is very difficult to agree on what site/theme/video that everyone wants to watch/google etc..... The web is "Interactive" and usually requires a fair bit of reading which involves being quite close to the screen. ( Close is a relative term and YMMV)

TV on the other hand is a lot less "interactive", it is a Couch Potato medium that can be enjoyed by several people at a time. It usually involves very little reading and in general is viewed from a distance of 1 - 4 metre or more.

From my personal point of view, ( I don't own a television but have done in the past) the two mediums are very different cups of tea and as such are not really "compatible" from a physical/group effort/ collective point of view.

Desktop boxes already provide a large selection of useless interfaces, will the web really bring anything anymore usefull...

All of this seems more like consumerism than requirement.

Disney plans three Lucasfilm flicks EVERY YEAR

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Can't imagine that success will be easy

Star wars IV, V and VI were relatively well scripted films which were at the technical forefront when they were released. We quickly identified with the actors, the humour and the desire to understand how the Universe could be saved from impending destruction.

Star wars I, II and III never seemed to hit of on any of the aformentioned points. They were simply "bland" in comparison , they felt contrived and wearying.

Disney now has to the challenge of trying to avoid falling into the same trap of Franchise Produced Efforts. The fact that they now own the rights will definately not garauntee them anything.

I truly hope that they spend more money on script writers than effects, that the actors know how to act and that the series will not become destined for the "younger" generations or try to cover up poor production/direction/storyline with the use of 3D effects .

Disney, if anyone , should have the talent available , let's hope they put it to good use .

Samsung readies bendy smarties for 2013

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Not such a bad idea

I "presume" it makes themn less breakable and possibly more wear resistant.

They will also adapt better when in your pocket, most notably the front jeans pocket... I know the idea is a gimmick but wait until we see what the bofins will eventually manage to integrate them into, could be interesting.

Apple retail stores most productive in US – by far

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Long term bet

And for how long does everyone expect this to continue for Apple? Steve Jobs was the figurehead of a very successful company. Tim Cook is most certainly not a figurehead. The driving force behind Apple is gone and I beleive that we will soon start to feel the change.

6000 today, 3000 tommorrow and then we close shop.

Sorority girls gone wild: '1 to 3' casual sex 'hookups' every month

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Porn Capital Recruitement

The United States is the largest producers of Porn in the world.

American College girls have lots of sex.

Can we conclude therefore that it is the colleges that are behind the Sex Industry......

No wonder everyone wants to go to college.....

Windows boss Steve Sinofsky exits Microsoft

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Hang on a moment

This is bad news, Sinofsky will be replaced by Larson-Green. Shit, this is the woman that was reponsable for Program Management, UI and Research. Well, we all know what her research into UI did, TIFKAM ring a bell anyone.

Now we are going to have the Monkey Balmer being seconded someone that probably appears to be a little bit "confused".

Share prices will take a hit, Balmer will blame Larson-Green. Larson -Green will follow Sinofsky and Ballmer replaces yet another chief bod..... There is a connecting element in the affair but the sweaty chair throwing monkey always remains in the same place..

Maybe it is time that the Shareholders stepped in a removed Ballmer once and for all. He must have some good qualities but once thing is for sure, we never get to see any of them.

Microsoft's touching Xmas gift for Brits: MORE licensing price hikes

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: No Price Rise For Linux


I can agree with some of what you are saying but reading this and some of the other comments I would like to know how and why you think

linux admins are free or cheap : wrong ( All staff cost money)

linux admins do not need training : wrong ( we all need training and it all costs money)

linux sytems need to be updated : correct ( Yes Linux systems need to be updated like all other systems in the world and systems updates cost money.).

Linux has no bugs : wrong ( The kernel might be relatively bug free but all software has bugs and bugs cost money to fix)

Linux has not security problems : wrong ( All systems have security problems and most of them come from the inside and yes, they also cost a lot of money.)

Linux desktops offer the same of more than MS for free: Wrong ( The users still need training and MS are an industry standard, Linux has no real standards, there are various flavors of the day but that can change real quick in the Linux world. Ubuntu is popular today, it might be Mint tommorrow. Libre office today, Star office tommorrow, Gnome today, KDE tommorrow- Companies can't afford to keep up to date with the bleeding edge. .

I am not saying that MS is any better than Linux or vice versa, both have their qualities, what I am saying is that both systems cost money. Redhat Enterprise support is not free, and we are beginning to see more and more Linux houses requiring funds, these funds have to be paid for by someone, and it almost always means that the corporates will be doing the paying.

Linux is an alternative system but it is not free......

I have been "playing " with various Linux distros for about 20 years or so now, my first distro was Yggdrasil. I know of the advantages and disadvatanges of linux but even after 20 years it still hasn't produced a decent desktop and thats where the real test lies. There are probably 30 or 40 end users for every server, if you want to make an impact you have got to grab the Desktop market not the server market......

( PS: I don't count Android as Linux because only Google can make any real changes which is a shame because it is the best Linux distro out there..........)

<End of Rant>

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: No Price Rise For Linux

We have in the region of 256 servers within the data centre and anywhere between 10 and 60 servers in the satellites offices spread throughout the world.

Take a guess which OS is not all of these servers, and no Linux is not one of them....

You belong to the poor crowd of IT that still believes that Microsoft is incapable of creating a decent server OS or DB, sorry to inform you but you are wrong.

On top of that I wont even bother to mention the number of desktops within our organisation and again Linux is on none of them. We are not a dedicated MS house it's just that they provide the tools and OS that get the job done in relation to our requirements.

Your belief in what can't be done will definately limit your capacity to what can be done......

I will repeat that the cost of the Software is nothing compared to all of the other elements that must be factored in ......

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: No Price Rise For Linux

Licencing costs are only part of the equation and can never be judged on their own.

Support, userbase, usability, industry standards, shelf life, customer requirements, in house training and knowledge, staff replacement, hosting, compatibility are to name a few other "thoughts" before using/moving to open source.

There is a hell of a lot of software within industry that simply has no Open Source alternative or viable solutions.

If Linux truly presented a solution to business, they would already be using it. Software costs are usually spread out over 3 - 5 year periods and as such are not a very large line in a budget. Staff costs, hardware and projects developement on the other hand can really blow a budget to pieces.

Coffee next on climate chopping-block

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Welcome to the future

As stock markets begin to lose their capacity to generate income, the investors will flock whole heartily to the last remaining garaunteed sourece of revenue, commodites.

I believe that in the very near future elements such as Sugar, Food Grains, Coffee, Rice etc will become the true gold. In order to increase their values a thousand excuses will suddenly become valid and all in order to make the resources "scarce".........

The "climate" boys will tell us about increasing droughts hence the lack of Grain.

The "climate" boys will tell us about increasing rough seas, lost cargos, hence the lack of Rice.

The "warmongers" will tell us about political problems in south Amercia and hence a lack of sugar..

ad infinitum.....

US condom rules 'will cause nasty RED RINGS on porn stars' todgers'

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Porn for the Yanks

"Esther Rantzens' bathroom"

I forgot to mention that the visit was whilst she was using it .

Khaptain Silver badge

Porn for the Yanks

I reckon that the real reason for the condoms is the fact that the film studios are simply shit scared of being sued by the actors.

In any event if you want good porn, there is no point in watching the Yankee stuff, European is the way to go, and if you want real hardcore or just plain disgusting its definately going to be German ( they can get real weird.)

Faffing about with Condoms is about as exciting as visting Esther Rantzens' bathroom.

Microsoft to biz: Just so you get off XP, we don't mind if you go Win 7

Khaptain Silver badge

Ruggedised Panasonic laptops

I believe that most enterprises and SMEs are NOT using "Ruggedised Panasonic laptops" within the workplace.

These Panasonic Laptops ( I presume that they are the C2 Versions) have something the most people at work don't have TOUCH SCREENS.

W8 was built for use with Touch Interfaces and people that like Social Networking.

It's a bit like showing off what the latest Military Amphibious Vehicule can do at a 4*4 conference. It looks great but no one is going to rush out and buy one, 1st they are not readilly available, they are costly and serve no real purpose on a daily basis..

Facebook warehousing 180 PETABYTES of data a year

Khaptain Silver badge

We know that they have lots of data but

Who are the people buying this shit.

On Tuesday morning at 08:00, George, a 20 year old student from London, stated that he liked eating lemons whilst watching morning television

On Tuesday morning at 08:02, Michael, one of Georges friends, a 23 year old unemployed bricklayer from Berkleyshire, clicked on a button named "Like" in reponse to Georges amazing revelation.

What kind of people buy this kind of information. George and Michael are probably representive of "Nothing".

Do FB just try and hope that their Data Mining techniques will eventually pull up statistiques that might eventually be usefull to a possible startup that is attempting to bring another useless product into the market. Are the major companies also buying into this shit ?

Honestly who is paying good money to analyse what facebook users are doing.

It is so f/****cking sad that FB even exists never mind people buying data from Zuck and Co.

It makes my skin crawl when I look at what society is becoming. The governments don't even need to try and herd the sheep into a corner they are doing it all their own.

Why is there no Angry icon.....

App designed for safe sending of naughty selfies is rife with risks

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Big Brother

Re: Anyone checked their servers?

I would be suprised to learn that the images were not being intercepted why else would they make such an app.

<--- Big brother probably is watching

So you want an office of Apple Macs - here's a survival guide

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I just dont get it

Who belongs to this demographic of people of wanting to bring their own very expensive Mac hardware into a corporate environment ?

I have worked in SMEs on and of for 15 years, I now work for a very large corporate structure and never have I heard anyone asking to bring in or use their own material. All of my companies have always supplied everything that is necassary for the employees.

Please enlighten us as to who all of the people are!

Everytime I hear a BYOD arguement I try to imagine who or what is behind the "sales pitch".......

Mmm, what's that smell: Coffee or sweat? How to avoid a crap IT job

Khaptain Silver badge

Walk round the office

After the usual "we are the greatest", "we take everything very seriously"," come work for us" drivel that the interviewee spouted at me, we went for a quick tour of the offices.

I asked if I could see the server room, wooooowwwwww.... There was carpet on the floor, no, not antistatic carpet or special office carpet, just the normal synthetic "static producing" carpet and the servers were held not in a rack, they just sat on the carpeted floor. I was afraid to move, I could just feel the static building up under my feet as we "shuffled" round the back of the machines.........

The interview didn't last long afterwards with this "Very Serious" company. Yes the walk round the office is definately important...

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