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Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20%

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Re: chemist


Pushing aside a severe lack of subtlety, it is quite obvious that you cannot be considered as being representative of anything but a tiny minortity of computer users.

The majority are what is important here, as it is their computer/application usage that determines the sway of what constitutes as Microsofts future income. There are far more secretaries, spread sheet users, accountants etc in this world than there are Chemists, Physicists etc....

If Microsoft starts to lose market share it will not be because of the people that do jobs such as yours, it will be because IT Managers and CFOs have decided to deploy other solutions to the masses for which they are responsable.

You have dedicated platforms using dedicated software that was probably not developed for the masses. Is that what you consider to be usefull information in relation to a article which concentrates on the majority not the minority.

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Re: chemist

A number cruncher...,

You have just excluded yourself from larger subset known as the majority.. your vote doesnt count. Sorry.

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Re: @Trevor

I am sitting at work with three screens (1280 * 3 Wide ) * 1024 High of applications, some of which, the following , of which have no viable Unix/Apple equivalants (Avaya ASA, Business Objects, Visio). I have several VMs open which are usually interfaces to the servers.

These are my standard tools + MS Office Suite, screen real estate still feels limited and users are always crying out for more.

And yet you guys want to say that you can manage to get your work done on Tablets and Non MS systems. What kind of work do you do ? What kind of "work" does anyone do from a tablet ?

It feels as though there a lot of Porkies being thrown about this forum...

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Re: @Vic

Which means that they are still being done my MS, the VM is simply an intermediary layer.

That VM requires a licence, a CAL and the usual other MS niceties.

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Re: @Trevor

Trevor, that was the worst attempt at a counter argument that I have seen from you for a long time.

Almost everything you wrote was purely anecdotale. Trevor you are falling into a trap, just because you work for yourself as an IT Consultant does not mean that you have any major insight whatsover into the Business World and certainly not the Corporate Business World, it is really beginning to show.

I understand that you have your personal methods of working, you have your own quirks that help you get through the day BUT you do not, and are not, representive of the world at large. Please understand this point, it is vital.

Your articles are becoming more and more about Trevor and less about the common subject , IT.. There is a severe lack of objectivity.

If I were to sum up your long winded post at the beginning of this article I would use the following two words. "Egomaniacal diatribe". That is not meant as an insult, it is merely a personal observation.

Do you actually preach this kind Methodology to your clients ?

Email is so last century

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Trick question

<Quote>Just how valuable is email to business operations? This is an important question that business and IT people rarely consider.<endquote>

Was this a trick question ?

Depending on the business, Email is the number 2 tool after the ERP. And on some occasions Email is directly linked into the ERP.

It's not a question of importance, it's more of a case that Email is the business.......

Obviously, by business I mean corporate entities, not business such as Cabinet Makers or Key Cutters. ( No offence to either).

I wouldn't even like to begin to estimate how many companies would simply be incapable of BAU if the email server went down... An hour is already a "huge" amount of time for some....never mind days or worse..

It is actually quite ridiculous to compare email to FB or Twitter, they are very different products designed for very different users. Email is an electronic messaging systems ( kind of replaces Ye Olde Worlde hand written personal letter), FB and Twitter are electronic "chatting" systems ( they replace more the Backyard Chatter over the Garden Fence).

Review: Apple iMac 21.5in late 2012

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Re: When are they going to stop?

@The DVD drive by virtue (or sin) of being mechanical is highly prone to failure

That really was a satirical remark wasn't it. Or are you one of those people that have had 26 DVD drivers fail on you.

Cmon on the last 10 years or so I have never had a DVD drive fail, hard disks on the other hand....and evenit it did fail there are so damned cheap that replacing one really wouldn't be a problem ( except on a 21" inch Mac that has been welded shut)

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This is why Alpha has a mac and not a PC,LinuxBox. He couldn't evben be trusted with inserting the power cable correctly so they had to provide him with soemthing that even granny could use.

I don't really understand the USB problem either, usually you have to apply a little effort to get them out , the USB pins are "spring loaded" which helps retain the connecter. ( I don't know if Spring Loaded is the correct.term).

Alpha you are not supposed to "suspend" usb device from a USB port !!!!! 300 grams or so of 2.5" disk hanging on the end of a cable is a bit too much.

You did RTFM didn't you..

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Re: What is it with number pads?


Should we presume that you neither use Spreadsheets, do any kind of programming, never enter network addresses, are never required to input numerical data of any kind or that you only type with 1 finger......

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Not very "Green"

Isn't there some kind of obligation to make things "Green Friendly" ? Most of the dull drab PC boxes can at updated or least be ripped apart quite easily at the end of their lifes.

Why does Apple feel that this is not a requirement ?

Linux kernel dumps 386 chip support

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C'mon own up

Who the fuck still wants to own and run Linux on a 386. I can't even imagine any reasonable nostalgique for doing so.

I learned assembler on a 386 but what would I accomplish by firing it up now, christ were talking 20ish years ago.

Linus is perfectly correct in abandoning old archaich code that does nothing positive for anyone, anymore.

How many of you keep your spare parts from your 20 year old Ford Escorts ? They are not really very uswefull today are they. ( Except for hoping to flog them to some antique Ford Escort nut)....

FFS, lets move on.

Dell wants to be more than your box provider

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Are you serious

Michael Dell is going to partner up with Bill Clinton's organ ? I thought that was what Monica was employed to do..

Sheryl Sandberg offloads $41.5m in Facebook shares in just 6 weeks

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Re: Jumping Ship

El Reg !!!!!!

What do you mean they don't have any shares, I "invested" 100 Beellion dollars in El Reg.......The first results were the badges, I am jsut waiting on them paying out the first dividend.

The first divided will be paid in FB shares........... meeehhhhhhh.

The second dividend will be paid in Ipads...........meeehhhhhhh.

Bye Bye Moto: Google pulls plug on Motorola Korea

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Re: Engineering company fires engineers


* Companies need to hire good Engineers in order to create good products.

* Good products make companies successfull

* Companies that employ Good Engineers will eventually fail

Moral of the story, don't be an Good Engineer, you wont have to change your jobs so often..

Apple's iOS 6 maps STILL muddle Mildura

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Re: Big intake of breath

On the other hand, maps are only as good as the information that was available at the time of creation. A 20 year old map will almost definately have some information missing , new roads, one way streets reversed, roads that have been decommisioned. etc...

Towns and road systems grow every year and "static" maps cannot keep up to date.

On saying that, GPS can fail, provide the wrong routing ( hello Apple), batteries run out, bad GPS signal etc....

The best idea is just to use common sense, don't venture out into the unknown without a minimum of preparation. Ask for local advice, drop by the local police station/tourist center/newsagent.

GhostShell hackers release 1.6 million NASA, FBI, ESA accounts

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Useless bunch

These kinds of fruitless attacks end up becoming fodder for politcal lobbying. It doesnt show strength or prowess, it shows more that the group don't understand the world that they live in....

RIM is really in trouble when even Windows Phone 8 looks great

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You sure about that

Would you kindly post some evidence other than anecdotes.

I find it kind of hard to believes that CFO's would sign of a command for Very Expensive Iphones just because "the employees wanted them".

And what do you replace your BES with when you turn on all those Iphones?

Can you really lock down an Iphone as secure as a BB ? How ?

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No helpdesk required

Once the BBs are setup up and the correct policies are implemented, there is almost no need for any kind of support whatsover.

In our company we seldon hear anyone complain about the BBs, they are sturdy, have a good battery life and are pretty damned good at Email.

Personally I am happy to remain with the BB as my main work device, my Galaxy Note is fine for my personal stuff. The best of both worlds....

One bad thing though, the data subscriptions are expensive compared to standard subscriptions.....

PS : Will the ElReg authors kindly stop punting BYOD unless they can present some facts. "A big increase in BYOD", please show some proof to this pudding, with numbers please, not percentages... 3 more extra BYOD users would almost double the existing park which is a big increase indeed, percentage wise.....

That square QR barcode on the poster? Check it's not a sticker

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BYOD Nightmare

See title

Iran draws veil over lolcats, launches local YouTube knock-off

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Media meddling again

I seem to remember that there are a lot of clever hackers/programmers in Iran. I presume it won't take them long to create the appropriate tunnels/routing etc which will allow then access whatever they want.

I have worked with many Iranians and I think many of you would be surprised at just how "Non Backward" that country can be, "sometimes".

The media present us with an image that is really "not very concise". I also lived in Israel and remember how bad foreign media presented that country too.

Be very carefull about what you are seeing/reading. The awakening can be very rude indeed.

I can't imagine for a moment that El Reg has many reporters there, so like everyone else they use "second/third/fourth hand reports" from which they add a little of their own sauce in order to make "interesting" articles.....

El Reg is flamebaiting here.....

US drops ‘net regulation bombshell, threatens WCIT exit

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Governing the internet, you must me joking, those in power today can't even govern their damned people.

Leave the internet alone, it's fine as it is.

Frenchmen's sperm plunges by a third in quality and quantity since '89

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Re: But I am an Englishman after all.

My colleagues couldn't agree if it was "du" or "de". We had presumed "du" as villages often take the masculin form. I agree that there are exceptions as in everything else within the French language.

Since the French never say "de le" I didn't bother explaining.

Ellipse = the Morpho-syntactique form.

Élision = the Phonique form.

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That's only the French

If it is because of dietary changes then the Brits should stop laughing immediately. Each time I visit Britain I am astounded at the number of overweight people that I see.

The Brits must be down to about 5 sperms per litre....

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Re: But I am an Englishman after all.

Let me correct that for you:

Jeanne d'Arc.

In French you would never write/say Jeanne du Arc. The last vowel of the preposition is replaced by an apostrophy and the two words are rolled into one. Commonly known in French as "Faire une ellipse" and I believe that it is for phonetic reasons.

The lower case "d", the shortened version of the word "du", is highly important as it signifies "from", "of" or "belonging to".

As in the English version "Joan of Arc."

She was actualy born in Domrémy in the Lorraine region but that is besides the point. Arc probably derives from "Arc-En-Barrois" which was possibly the village of Jeanne's fathers ancestors..

Apple shares take biggest one-day hammering in 4 years

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Re: Another possible reason.....

Why not bring back George W Bush, or Bill Clinton but would you really call them "leaders".

I can't remember the last time that the Good Ol Usa really had a leader...... Kennedy maybe but then again they shot him as soon as he bacame to much of a handfull.....

This little song comes into my head - "like a puppet on a string" .tra la la tra la la.......

UK climate expert warns of 3-5 degree warmer world by 2100

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Necessity is the Mother of all invention

The human being is capable of adapting to an extraordinary range of environments. There coukd possibly be some flooding and raising/lowering of the seas etc but knowing mankind we will simply become a little more creative and continue to survive as we have always done.

Will there be some losses, changes, destruction, of course there will but that just means we will have to get our fingers out and find new solutions......it's never stopped in the past...

Nature has a been evolving for quite a few years already and mankind evolving along with it. We are actually quite well versed in the rules of this game.

Its the usual syndrome of "PANIC, FEAR and DOOM". Capitilistic society can't allow for changes to be made, the few that have it all would risk losing some of their unusuable fortunes.......

IDC: Windows tablets won't hit 10% market share until 2016

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Unstables econimies

During the last 20 odd years or so whilst growth was relatively garaunteed all of these "Analysts" had an easy task, almost anything they said came true to some extent or another.

Now though, the markets are in a constant disarray and analysing market trends is amost impossible. These guys just keep geting it wrong time after time.

Alternatively, maybe they do know how to do their analysis and what they have seen is very negative and they do not want the client to know this as they fear they would no longer be kept in employement.

These analysts remind me of modern day "Seers", who were also full of shit.

<-- I propose to make a toast to the futile and the useless bastards of this world. There a lots of us...

Microsoft's anti-Android Twitter campaign draws ire, irony

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Bitter and dangerous people.

The problem with most of the major companies today, MS, Google, Apple is that they all want a "large" slice of all the pies but when they dont manage they become bitter.

MS : Smear campaigns because WinPho and W8 are not so popular.

Google : Doesn't want to be outdone with the patents so swallows whole companies up.

Apple : Small child attitude, if I can't have my toys then you can't have yours either.

Publically it is a PR nightmare but at the same time, behind the scenes they are all working together.

The public/consumers are simply being screwed on all sides.

When you add the wealth of MS, Apple and Google together they easily exceed the budgets of a large percentage of the worlds Countries/Governements. There is something very wrong about so few having so much.....

EU, US launch biggest ever global fight against online child sex abuse

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Re: Nude photographs of children are not illegal in the UK

And also on the walls of all major art museums in the world.

Khaptain Silver badge

Whats the actual target here ?

Do they want to stop Paedophilia on the web or Paedophilia in general.

From my understanding this "practice" has been going on since longer than anyone even cares to remember. I think the Romans were quite apt to picking on the younger generation.

We will never even begin to resolve these kinds of problems without digging much deeper down into the true cause.

I agree with the other poster that this has simply become a new Key Political Statement, the "war" on Paedophiles. Notice the usage of the word "war"...they want us to feel under attack, threatened, menaced by a hidden threat......and they will become our saviours.

I wonder how many peadophiles exist within the Governing bodies of our society..... Those in the upper echelons.. Those whose names will will never publically learn about.

I would also like to see a new and independant war on "Corruption within the system". Removing some of these so called Politicians , Lawyers and Lords of the House who have a responsability for the pervesity and depravity of contemporary society.

Fucking Nanny State where everything is dictated not by the choice of the population but by the "ignorance" of the population.

Educate the population instead of blinding them and then we will begin to see the nation rid itself of these problems....

Slash A THIRD off Surface RT price or it's toast, Microsoft told

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Market Research

Before slashing a third of off it's price they might want to revise their Market Research documentation. They might actually find that not many people were ever really interested. ( Techies don't count as they are only a minority).

Even cutting the price would be meaningless when the "majority" don't even understand what your product is/does and why it would be better purchase than a similiar Apple Product. You don't get brownie points for owning MS Products and the public knows this....

Google puts Nexus 4 back on sale, sells out pronto

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Re: No stock? Pity us third world residents!

Not just in the third world countries, here in Switzerland it's exactly the same

"Désolé ! Les appareils sur Google Play ne sont pas disponibles dans votre pays pour le moment.".

Secretive world banking and tax evasion is Ok but not the Nexus 4....

His Holiness Benedict XVI to tweet to his Catholic flock

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Re: Mine is a two-parter, your pope-i-ness

I might have been God himslef, he does these things you know. Strike down the minnions, plagues, floods, holocausts, all sorts of nasty things.

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1.2 billion followers

That puts the Pope on the about the same level as Zuckerberg and I wouldn't trust either of them.

Office 2013 now on sale for business customers

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Re: Another "fresh bottle of bubbly"

> a slave to a single vendor

The single vendor satisfies our needs and also those of a very large percentage of the market....

> to whom you keep giving

You will always have to pay a provider anytime that you expect a service. For example : Redhat Linux is commercial product with commercial support, Linux Admins have to be payed for. The OS and or Libre office are only a minor part of the costs.

>A smarter manager

A smarter manager does not take the risk of upsetting a company wide rollout just to "potentially" save a few pence.

>Munich has saved 11 million euros

The 11 million is theoretique, the real world scenarios are seldom so efficient, ask most project managers how easy the costs spiral. call me up in five years when a report is written up to explain that it didn't actually save anything.

They will be reusing existing servers - Now that really doesn't sound very smart at all. Neither Linux nor Windows appreciate hardware failures.

And to top it off at the end of your article it is mentioned that the City of Freiburg are "returning to MS Office" due to incompatibility - kinda goes against your theory then

>People are moving away from proprietary solutions towards open source, that is the trend

Really, care to share the facts and not just the anecdotes.

If there were truly a better solution then I personally would use it but as it stands there is none.

Open Source on a server, definately couldn't agree more.

Open Source on a corporate workstation couldn't agree less ( At least not for the moment - I couldn't even count the number of distros/office Suites I have tried).

Don't ever confuse Open Source with being Free - it's not, there is always a price to pay.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Another "fresh bottle of bubbly"

MS Office is a very cheap product for companies.

How much are you paying annualy for Print Cartridges, Paper, Office Supplies, Desktops Computers , Laptops, Employee sick days, Telephone calls, Mobiles etc etc etc etc . This is where real saving can be made

If I have to pay 30 Euros per year for an employee in order to provide with the industry standard in Documents and Spreadsheets then I wouldn't even blink at the idea.

As for the Germans , lets see who is talking FUD

Here is my source, where is your 11 Billion Euros Fud coming from


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Re: Another "fresh bottle of bubbly"

Enterprise licences give access to new versions of office without adding any cost. The latest versions sometimes add bug fixes or improvements and those are more than welcome in any company.

No one is forced to update but then again if you are still running Dos or Windows 3,1 or Linux from the command line then it is easy to understand your position.

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Re: @AC Eadon

No one forces office users to use office. I gave my users tbe possibility to use both. Out of thirty users only one of said he prefered Libre Office and he is the one that wants Linux to be brought into the office. Evetyone else just keeps using Ms Office.

Personally I also prefer it. It is stable Outlook is an excellent tool that has no true alternative. The interfaces and usabilty are extremely mature. They use a common enterprise format. Installations are simple. It costs us about 30 euros per position. Most problems can be resolved with Google. It doesnt feel like using technology from the 2nd world war. The macros and vba ensure endless possibilities. Etc etc etc etc.

As much as it peeves the Linux crowd Ms Office is an excellent product.

The Germans are returning to Ms Office or did you miss that point. They have saved money on their servers but not on their office suite.

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@AC Troll

And just what would you suggest is truly on par with office ? Please be carefull and avoid making a fool of yourself by answering the usual "Libre Office", Open Office solutions, they are really not on par.....

Ask yourself why the German Foregien Office made a u-turn ? In the end it would have cost them more money, not less to deploy the "free" solution. Go figure...

Halfbrick takes gaming to another level

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Re: It never ceases to amaze me

If you are asking yourself these kinds of questions, see it as a good thing, it means that you are temporarily returning to sanity.

Curiosity finds organics on Mars, but possibly not of Mars

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Re: One or two questions

Cheers Mongo, sounds quite plausable.

NASA really don't need to make the same mistakes as the moon photos this time. For their own credibility, it is very very important that everything remains above board.

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Black Helicopters

One or two questions

For such a dry, dusty planet it's a little surprising at how clean the Curiosity is, apart from the wheels.

Why would the dust stick to the wheels if the climate is dry anyway ?

This is obviously a very wide angle lens which must be sitting on a pole about 2m above ground level. ( Slightly lower than the height of Curiosity itself) Otherwise we would be able to see the top of the squarish box on top of the shaft on the left hand side.

Judging by the tire tracks on the bottom right hand side, it may have been Curiosity the planted the camera on a pole, drove back a little then did a little modeling for itself.

How was that camera fired, remote control ? What kind of camera was it ? How did they retrieve the images from the camera ? How do they manage to keep the camera batteries charged for so long ?

The whole thing seems to be pretty evenly lit up. Judging by the shadows of the wheels the Sun must be almost at 12:00. There is no lens flare, does the camera/lens have a hood. How do they manage to calibrate fstops and exposure on Mars ? Does the camera transmit all of that data in real time or is everything on fully automatic.

How did they manage to get the Curiosity bang in line with the Camera lens. Or is this a video camera instead of a stills camera....

Tech titans lose our loyalty: Are fanbois a dying breed?

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Re: Seems to me that the biggest fanboys run most of the media.

It's a catch 22 situation ::::

The fanbois loyalty initially creates momentum.

This in turn increases the user base.

A large enough user base allows the company to grow.

Company growth expands its R&D.

Company brings out new Fanboi products.

Fanbois happy but market reaches saturation.

Saturated market turns Fanbois elsewhere.

Company implodes due to unsustainable internal costs.

Moral of the story : The Fanbois will always exist but they are constantly evolving, changing growing like a cancer and they themselves will eventually destroy the source of their existance.

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Re: Several points

<quote>It is going to change from the bottom up, as Trevor suggests. The large companies will still move very slowly, but small does also give the opportunity to be agile.</quote>

I very much doubt that change will come from the bottom, corporate strategy is almost always determined from the Top -> Down. It is in this manner that the upper management and bean counters can ensure their own survival. Unfortunately this same idea is replicated within politics, finance and the various legal institutions.

If corporate leaders bought into the Freeware/Alternative ideas there would be no more kickbacks, pots de vin and junkets that they have been accustomed to.

Khaptain Silver badge

Several points

I can't really determine the point of the article. It sounds like what you are really trying to say is that Microsft has lost its monoploy. I am afraid that this is not quite true and probalby wont happen for a long time yet. You gave RIm and Novell as examples, I could return the example of looking at IBM or Apple.....

There is a large distinction between Professional and Personal requirements. In the personal world I agree that we can do almost anything from a multitude of devices. However in the professional world that quite simply is not the case. There are far too many OS or Device specific applications that quite simply cannot be performed on anything but the original platform.

How many CAD/CAM professionals can move instantly from Windows to Linux or Apple or vice versa?.

How many companies have thousands/millions of hours worth of development on thick clients from which there is very little escape ?

How many devices are in existance that simply dont have Linux or Apple drivers ?

Hypothetically we can move about between platforms but in the real world things are a lot less simple, especialy within the large corporations. Smaller SMEs might intially have that luxury but they too become quickly "captured" because they find that the principal application/device/most cost effective solutions only exists within one platform.

By remaining on one platform we retain a certain homogenity which is required in order to be efficient. I am not avocating any one given platform, I am advocating that a multi of platforms does not necassarily make as any more proficient, which at the end of the day is the purpose.

Also, the web is a multi platform environment, which is almost platform independant, but in general it is only one of the many tools that companies need/require. There are a multitude of other requirements that force a lock-in to a given environment.

You quoted an example of writing your articles and the various multi platform solutions that you used but at the end of the day the only important item/platform amongst them was your brain. All you really needed was a pencil and paper, everything else is just a bunch of gadgets that we are led to believe increase productivity. I am sure that there are days when even all those gadgets won't help create interesting articles.....

British biz gets one in five of its pounds from the INTERNET

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Even though 1 in 5 firms still don't have a website

Strange. I never really saw the need for my Butcher, Baker, Newspaper shop, Local Bar or the Cheese shop to have any need whatsoever for a Website. They seem to be doing pretty well, they provide good products, the villagers use them on a daily basis and you are always made to feel welcome.

"Even though 1 in 5 firms still don't have a website" .. maybe they simply don't need them, see them as an unneccasary expense. Not every one has the intention of becoming the next Branson, Walmart or SuperConglomerate......

I hate these kinds of articles, they sound more like "Why aren't all the sheep eating from the same trough"....

"How dare someone take another approach than the one that we have designed for them".

Groupon chief Mason keeps his job - despite rubbish share price

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Web Diarrhea Platform

Personally I see Groupon as belonging to the same group as social media platforms, Facebook, Google+ etc,

"full of promise but severely lacking substance."

Mason is laughing all the way to the bank whether Groupon succeeds or not, he has undoubtedly already received/pocketed a "large" sum of monies for his "undivided attention" and hard graft !!!!!

Mason himself being just another greedy bastard thriving on the ignorance of the population, his intention was never to provide good service and quality. It was to play the middle man for businesses whos profit margins were squeezed for Groupons benefit.

The middlemen really are the parasites of this earth, they do nothing substantial but manage to reap most of the profits.

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro gets laptop-level price

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Re: Strategists and Economists

Which would weigh in around at 2Kg and have a 17" screen........and don't you love lugging those things around.

The principal idea behind tablets etc is not about price or cost cuttiing, it's about portability and the more it is portable the more likely it will get "ported". Price comes down with volume and initially there is no volume, so everyone has to wait until the interest sparks or otherwise they remain at the top end of the price chain.

If you can't afford one, don't buy on, just move on and buy your £250 laptop.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Strategists and Economists

I agree, they were designed for Keyboard and Mouse but if I have understood correctly the Surface Pro can use both ( when needed)....

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