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Japanese firm lifts lid on Android-controlled toilet

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Re: Argh..

That might actually prove to be very popular with the S/M crowd.....

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Bring on Candid Camera when they have a secondary controller.

Worldwide LCD price-fixing conspiracy: Another exec guilty

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Consumer payback

When found guilty of price fixing what does the law provide in order to ensure that the consumer can recover his losses ?

Rude web trolls should NOT be jailed, warns prosecution chief

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Very thin line

I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of a court case where the definition of "Satire" or "Sarcasm" was what held the decision between Guilty and Innocent.

What I perceive as Satire or Sarcasm might be perceived as others as a downright attack. We don't all share a common base in respects to abstract ideas.

Ok, the obvious solution is not to write anything Satirical or Sarcastic but then that would remove a lot of the interest. Can you imagine El Reg without either.....

McDonalds fried for serving spam

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Re: Bad Parenting and Corporate Greed

The coffee is the one element that they don't produce themselves.

In France and in Switzerland, the coffee is usually supplied/provided/sponsored by one the larger brands, Jacques Favres etc....... So it at least should remain "potable".

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Bad Parenting and Corporate Greed

Why is MacDonalds advertising legal in the first place. Cigarettes and Alcohol are already banned why is MacDo not in the same categorie.

Obesity is already high up on the "Die young through heart disease", " Diabetes nightmare", "*Colestoral croaking" list .

The trap : Macdonalds is eaten as a snack but it contains as many, or more , calories than a full meal. It doesn't satisfy the appettite for more than an hour and the quantities of sugar create a buzz / withdrawal

symptom ( addiction).

Bad Parenting - some parents are lazy and employ the MacDo method. It avoids them from having to face the responsability of being a parent. Parenting is as much about "teaching" as it is about anything else.

Corporate Greed - MacDonalds have always geared their corporate strategy towards the easilly manipulated - the children.. ( same principals as religion)

PS : Most fast foods can fit into the same category - although not all.

Ten... tech stocking stuffers

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I thought it was going to be serious

Ha ha ha ,

Bob Dormon picked 10 completely random tech items, which probably have a decent kickback, threw them onto a webpage and gave the page a title.

A Spyder4 screen calibration tool for photographers........had me rolling about the office floor

A Dlink routeur .................... had the rest of the office rolling about the floor

An Aston Martin mouse ......... we had people coming in from the street to see why everyone had tears in their eyes whilst flailing about wildly on the office floor and they too joined in....

It's wednesday and Bob must have some serious problems coming up with anything original, so we got this............

ha ha ha.

I'm still wiping away the tears as I write

AFACT wants ushers to confront pirates

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Corporate greed

Why is there no law against "Corporate Greed" which is probably 99% of the real problem.

Instagram back-pedals in face of user outrage

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Re: can somebody please explain to me what is worth a billion dollars about this

Because someone told the sheep that the grass was sweet in the adjoining field.

So, you want to get closer to the workers with social media?

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The hidden agenda

Datamining works on employees as much as on anything else.

New Year's resolution: Don't use Instagram, it'll sell YOUR photos

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Re: Entrusting your photos to Instagram

No it's worse than that.

It's like GIVING the familly jewels to someone you hardly know, that lives somewhere else and considers that the jewels now belong to them.

Morgan Stanley cops $5m fine over Facebook IPOcalypse

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IT Angle

Impunity - Complete Impunity

We are supposed to live in a democratic and freeworld, well I say bollocks.

These bastards move about their business with almost complete impunity. This is a company that deals in Billions of dollars ( Yes I know that this is not their benefit), $5 Million won't make a ripple in what they are capable of earning.

They manipulate people, figures, business in order to ensure their gains and the money they play with is not theirs to begin with so they can't even lose.

And yet the continue to steal, contrive and cheat whomever they please with complete impunity.. Is this the freeworld that we are supposed to enjoy. No, it's not capitilism either, making money is different from stealing money.

Shh! Proxima Centauri can hear us!

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Re: @Ledswinger

Shit , I though you were talking about "Woody"....

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Re: Take me to your ... Pope.

Apparently they broadcast an hourly annoncement looking for "lost orphans" that would like to become choirboys ( complete discretion required ).

There is also an annoncement for any extra stellar beings named as "Jesus" or "Mary". It is important that they contact the Vatican immediately as their presence is requested for future fund raising galas. ( The existing ones are running a little low on appeal).

Forget about fondling that slab... within 2 years, it'll fondle YOU

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Re: Context please

Here is a quite interesting, in context, article from the NY Times


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Re: Leading the way

That all depends on who you have been/are sleeping with.

There is also another thing known as "soap", you would be surprised how efficient it is....

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Re: Leading the way

The Iphone's farting apps would definately be replaced by "boobie" apps for the Men or "Truck Nuts" if thats your thing.

Web devs gasp: HTML5 takes big step toward standardization

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Re: I'm not an early adopter...

Is that the release that allows for Rounded Corners in dialog boxes and controls ?

Review: Eurocom Monster W110ER gaming netbook

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Re: Alternative uses

Except that most development requries a lot more Screen Real Estate than this.

it's Ok for Notepad++ but not for any of the major dev suites...

Pentagon hacker McKinnon will NOT be prosecuted in the UK

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Re: And the moral of this story?

@AC 13:21

That's the first time I have heard an honest comment from someone with experience of Aspergers.

I just wish that more people had the same courage. Well done, Sir, well done.

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Re: And the moral of this story?

Why the fuck did anyone downvote EDFX, all he did was tell the truth.

If the books were turned round the other way and it was any of your PCs that got hacked, whats the betting you would all be really pissed of. Then just to really piss you off, the police turn up and say sorry we can't do anything the hacker has a difficult to determine syndrome.

I have never been able to believe his bloody story, something feels to damned contrived and fortunate......He was fully aware of what he was doing, how do I know, well he repeated the act on many occasions...That is not just a random chance. The guy loved it or he would never have gone back.......

Whether he was looking for Aliens or not is not the problem. He was hacking, that is a determined act from a determined mind, so what if he was just kiddyscripting, it worked..

If Garry McKininnons suspected Aspergers syndrome is such a problem then why does he have access to a PC and the internet ? What stops him becoming a menace again.

If there is one thing I hate on El Reg it is the bloody PC Brigade.

As Marlon Brando almost once said "The hypocrits......the hypocrits"........

iPad mini to outsell iPad, get Retina Display? iPad to slenderize?

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Re: Synonymous

If you read the rest of the comments you will quickly realise that "no-one" actually gives a toss about 1 Led or 2. It really isn't that interesting except to the "exceptional" geek.

Even the author didn't manage to write one sentence with having a cheap stab at themselves.

I notice that you yourself haven't added anything to the comments other than to complain about someone else, and you call me a troll......pot, kettle, black

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Either that was that written by his grandfather or George did a historical period novel that was not very popular, lol?

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Re: Synonymous

Let's see:

From the text I doubt you would understand my age. ( There is one clue but I doubt your intelligence would stretch that far)

You are posting as AC, that stands for itself.

I don't really see too much "anger" in what was written, it was more of a cheap "stab".

I don't think that "Everyone else" owns an Apple product and if they would have been addresed correspondingly.

And I guess that you do care, otherwise you would not have taken the time to respond.

You must be one of them little tiny trolls, the insignificant kind, that's an oxymoron really, the ones that haven't learned how to troll on their own yet.... Let me guess you've just learned to hit the keys on your keyboard and amazingly you managed to spawn some drivel....... Well done I felicitate your prowess...

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This article really does sum up the Apple attitude.( remove the sarcastic subtetly of the article first)....

The Nancy Boys just can't bear it, they haven't had a rumour for almost a week.

How twee.......

PS: Before the PC Brigade get all upset, the expression "Nancy Boys" was first coined by George Orwells' Down and out in London and Paris......

Grinchy Google to shut down another batch of services

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WTF, do you really believe that Google have a problem paying their staff ?

I actually do pay the labour, indirectly through my usage of Google, multiple Android devices and also through Google Adwords.....

<--Tux because you probably don't agree with Linux being free either.....

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Google obviously don't make money from Calendar Sync, they have not found a method to "inject "the usual publicity..

This will piss me off as I have never found an alternative. There must be a busload full of people that use this, it's the only way to sync the calendar between Outlook and Android.....for free......

Google Apps has to be paid for......thumbs down to google for behaving like twunts....

Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20%

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Re: chemist


Pushing aside a severe lack of subtlety, it is quite obvious that you cannot be considered as being representative of anything but a tiny minortity of computer users.

The majority are what is important here, as it is their computer/application usage that determines the sway of what constitutes as Microsofts future income. There are far more secretaries, spread sheet users, accountants etc in this world than there are Chemists, Physicists etc....

If Microsoft starts to lose market share it will not be because of the people that do jobs such as yours, it will be because IT Managers and CFOs have decided to deploy other solutions to the masses for which they are responsable.

You have dedicated platforms using dedicated software that was probably not developed for the masses. Is that what you consider to be usefull information in relation to a article which concentrates on the majority not the minority.

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Re: chemist

A number cruncher...,

You have just excluded yourself from larger subset known as the majority.. your vote doesnt count. Sorry.

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Re: @Trevor

I am sitting at work with three screens (1280 * 3 Wide ) * 1024 High of applications, some of which, the following , of which have no viable Unix/Apple equivalants (Avaya ASA, Business Objects, Visio). I have several VMs open which are usually interfaces to the servers.

These are my standard tools + MS Office Suite, screen real estate still feels limited and users are always crying out for more.

And yet you guys want to say that you can manage to get your work done on Tablets and Non MS systems. What kind of work do you do ? What kind of "work" does anyone do from a tablet ?

It feels as though there a lot of Porkies being thrown about this forum...

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Re: @Vic

Which means that they are still being done my MS, the VM is simply an intermediary layer.

That VM requires a licence, a CAL and the usual other MS niceties.

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Re: @Trevor

Trevor, that was the worst attempt at a counter argument that I have seen from you for a long time.

Almost everything you wrote was purely anecdotale. Trevor you are falling into a trap, just because you work for yourself as an IT Consultant does not mean that you have any major insight whatsover into the Business World and certainly not the Corporate Business World, it is really beginning to show.

I understand that you have your personal methods of working, you have your own quirks that help you get through the day BUT you do not, and are not, representive of the world at large. Please understand this point, it is vital.

Your articles are becoming more and more about Trevor and less about the common subject , IT.. There is a severe lack of objectivity.

If I were to sum up your long winded post at the beginning of this article I would use the following two words. "Egomaniacal diatribe". That is not meant as an insult, it is merely a personal observation.

Do you actually preach this kind Methodology to your clients ?

Email is so last century

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Trick question

<Quote>Just how valuable is email to business operations? This is an important question that business and IT people rarely consider.<endquote>

Was this a trick question ?

Depending on the business, Email is the number 2 tool after the ERP. And on some occasions Email is directly linked into the ERP.

It's not a question of importance, it's more of a case that Email is the business.......

Obviously, by business I mean corporate entities, not business such as Cabinet Makers or Key Cutters. ( No offence to either).

I wouldn't even like to begin to estimate how many companies would simply be incapable of BAU if the email server went down... An hour is already a "huge" amount of time for some....never mind days or worse..

It is actually quite ridiculous to compare email to FB or Twitter, they are very different products designed for very different users. Email is an electronic messaging systems ( kind of replaces Ye Olde Worlde hand written personal letter), FB and Twitter are electronic "chatting" systems ( they replace more the Backyard Chatter over the Garden Fence).

Review: Apple iMac 21.5in late 2012

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Re: When are they going to stop?

@The DVD drive by virtue (or sin) of being mechanical is highly prone to failure

That really was a satirical remark wasn't it. Or are you one of those people that have had 26 DVD drivers fail on you.

Cmon on the last 10 years or so I have never had a DVD drive fail, hard disks on the other hand....and evenit it did fail there are so damned cheap that replacing one really wouldn't be a problem ( except on a 21" inch Mac that has been welded shut)

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This is why Alpha has a mac and not a PC,LinuxBox. He couldn't evben be trusted with inserting the power cable correctly so they had to provide him with soemthing that even granny could use.

I don't really understand the USB problem either, usually you have to apply a little effort to get them out , the USB pins are "spring loaded" which helps retain the connecter. ( I don't know if Spring Loaded is the correct.term).

Alpha you are not supposed to "suspend" usb device from a USB port !!!!! 300 grams or so of 2.5" disk hanging on the end of a cable is a bit too much.

You did RTFM didn't you..

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Re: What is it with number pads?


Should we presume that you neither use Spreadsheets, do any kind of programming, never enter network addresses, are never required to input numerical data of any kind or that you only type with 1 finger......

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Not very "Green"

Isn't there some kind of obligation to make things "Green Friendly" ? Most of the dull drab PC boxes can at updated or least be ripped apart quite easily at the end of their lifes.

Why does Apple feel that this is not a requirement ?

Linux kernel dumps 386 chip support

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C'mon own up

Who the fuck still wants to own and run Linux on a 386. I can't even imagine any reasonable nostalgique for doing so.

I learned assembler on a 386 but what would I accomplish by firing it up now, christ were talking 20ish years ago.

Linus is perfectly correct in abandoning old archaich code that does nothing positive for anyone, anymore.

How many of you keep your spare parts from your 20 year old Ford Escorts ? They are not really very uswefull today are they. ( Except for hoping to flog them to some antique Ford Escort nut)....

FFS, lets move on.

Dell wants to be more than your box provider

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Are you serious

Michael Dell is going to partner up with Bill Clinton's organ ? I thought that was what Monica was employed to do..

Sheryl Sandberg offloads $41.5m in Facebook shares in just 6 weeks

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Re: Jumping Ship

El Reg !!!!!!

What do you mean they don't have any shares, I "invested" 100 Beellion dollars in El Reg.......The first results were the badges, I am jsut waiting on them paying out the first dividend.

The first divided will be paid in FB shares........... meeehhhhhhh.

The second dividend will be paid in Ipads...........meeehhhhhhh.

Bye Bye Moto: Google pulls plug on Motorola Korea

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Re: Engineering company fires engineers


* Companies need to hire good Engineers in order to create good products.

* Good products make companies successfull

* Companies that employ Good Engineers will eventually fail

Moral of the story, don't be an Good Engineer, you wont have to change your jobs so often..

Apple's iOS 6 maps STILL muddle Mildura

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Re: Big intake of breath

On the other hand, maps are only as good as the information that was available at the time of creation. A 20 year old map will almost definately have some information missing , new roads, one way streets reversed, roads that have been decommisioned. etc...

Towns and road systems grow every year and "static" maps cannot keep up to date.

On saying that, GPS can fail, provide the wrong routing ( hello Apple), batteries run out, bad GPS signal etc....

The best idea is just to use common sense, don't venture out into the unknown without a minimum of preparation. Ask for local advice, drop by the local police station/tourist center/newsagent.

GhostShell hackers release 1.6 million NASA, FBI, ESA accounts

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Useless bunch

These kinds of fruitless attacks end up becoming fodder for politcal lobbying. It doesnt show strength or prowess, it shows more that the group don't understand the world that they live in....

RIM is really in trouble when even Windows Phone 8 looks great

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You sure about that

Would you kindly post some evidence other than anecdotes.

I find it kind of hard to believes that CFO's would sign of a command for Very Expensive Iphones just because "the employees wanted them".

And what do you replace your BES with when you turn on all those Iphones?

Can you really lock down an Iphone as secure as a BB ? How ?

Khaptain Silver badge

No helpdesk required

Once the BBs are setup up and the correct policies are implemented, there is almost no need for any kind of support whatsover.

In our company we seldon hear anyone complain about the BBs, they are sturdy, have a good battery life and are pretty damned good at Email.

Personally I am happy to remain with the BB as my main work device, my Galaxy Note is fine for my personal stuff. The best of both worlds....

One bad thing though, the data subscriptions are expensive compared to standard subscriptions.....

PS : Will the ElReg authors kindly stop punting BYOD unless they can present some facts. "A big increase in BYOD", please show some proof to this pudding, with numbers please, not percentages... 3 more extra BYOD users would almost double the existing park which is a big increase indeed, percentage wise.....

That square QR barcode on the poster? Check it's not a sticker

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BYOD Nightmare

See title

Iran draws veil over lolcats, launches local YouTube knock-off

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Media meddling again

I seem to remember that there are a lot of clever hackers/programmers in Iran. I presume it won't take them long to create the appropriate tunnels/routing etc which will allow then access whatever they want.

I have worked with many Iranians and I think many of you would be surprised at just how "Non Backward" that country can be, "sometimes".

The media present us with an image that is really "not very concise". I also lived in Israel and remember how bad foreign media presented that country too.

Be very carefull about what you are seeing/reading. The awakening can be very rude indeed.

I can't imagine for a moment that El Reg has many reporters there, so like everyone else they use "second/third/fourth hand reports" from which they add a little of their own sauce in order to make "interesting" articles.....

El Reg is flamebaiting here.....

US drops ‘net regulation bombshell, threatens WCIT exit

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Governing the internet, you must me joking, those in power today can't even govern their damned people.

Leave the internet alone, it's fine as it is.

Frenchmen's sperm plunges by a third in quality and quantity since '89

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Re: But I am an Englishman after all.

My colleagues couldn't agree if it was "du" or "de". We had presumed "du" as villages often take the masculin form. I agree that there are exceptions as in everything else within the French language.

Since the French never say "de le" I didn't bother explaining.

Ellipse = the Morpho-syntactique form.

Élision = the Phonique form.

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