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You know flash is king when disk giant Seagate grows its SSD line

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Question to all and sundry

just out of personal interest : Is anyone using SSDs on enterprise applications... If so can I presume that they are only within RAID 5 bays ?

After reading a couple of articles on the manner in which SSDs die, no warning, messages, nothing, nada, I am much to scared to deploy them on anything other than non vital servers, which don't amount to being very much in my workplace.

Cisco sued by East Carolina University

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Re: Cliche me this

I bow down to you kind sir, I have learned something new today.

The book appears to be short and amusing, I'll give it a read.

it's available here Gutenburg project - the Real Thing by Henry James

So obviously Coca Cola didn't invent the phrase...It has just become so synonymous with them.

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Re: Cliche me this


Yes I agree they are trademarks and not patents but are they really allowed to trademark common phrases ?.

Why would one company be allowed more than any other to trademark every speech.

I get the feeling that Coca Cola's "It's the real thing" was invented by Coca Cola ( although I could be completely wrong here) so I can easilly understand them tradmarking that phrase.

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Re: Cliche me this

+1 .

It's a bit like trademarking "Tommorrow never comes" or "The grass is always greener on the other side". Do they really have the right to trademark everyday phrases or idioms ?

White House rejects Death Star petition: '$850qn too pricey'

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Re: This

Are you sure that it wasn't the "right to bare arms", it was around the time that the t-shirt was invented.

Europe's cybercrime fighters get new digs... complete with Faraday room

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The Interpol of the Internet

I wonder how long it will take before they get hacked.....

A pre-ticked box in web forms should NOT mean consent - EU report

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Re: [ ] Don't tick this box...

Please be advised that by ticking this box we will own your Soul, for all of eternity and beyond.

Sincerely yours E Schmidt.

5,000 UK pubs get free Wi-Fi... and they're not even all in London

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Black Helicopters

Be carefull of the Google monster

Is there by any chance a hidden agenda whereby Google will attempt to determine how many pints you have consumed in relation to the amount of time spent connected to the pub Wifi....

I suppose it would be interesting to learn what people surf for after 6 or 7 pints/vodkas .....

Apple may debut low-cost iPhone for emerging markets in 2013

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Re: "consumers" or "customers"?

Oh, you mean the unemployed. ?

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Re: "consumers" or "customers"?

I cant answer for the OP but I think that the poor and opressed have many other more important things to think about than possesing the latest smartphone.. Eating and remaining clothed might be a little further up the list....

Smartphones are non essential luxury items that are nice to have but they can just as easilly be forgotten. I remember when I used to actually speak to ther people when I needed i formation.......

Written on my Galaxy Note on the tram into work... I have already had a hot shower, coffee and breakfast.

Big Brother is prosecuting you: More cops to use court vid chats

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Come back Max

Can you imagine a court full of Max Headrooms.

Maybe we should just leave the Guilty Criminals at home, in front of TV screens displaying images of Prison Cells ,handcuff them to their sofas so that they can't escape et voila "Bobs your Auntie." Now that really would save a fortune

Nuisance calls DOUBLE, Ofcom vows to hunt down offenders

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A good stiff letter

I am sure that a stiff letter will deter even the most harded criminal, not...

FFS get serious, these guys are a PITA for everyone, the only reason the Telcos do nothing is because they also make money from these damned schemes.

The Telcos have the capacity to trace anything/everything, the technology requires it. Number obfuscation is done at the telco side so they can easilly determine the orginator of the calls.

Someone went to jail the other day for 5 years for copying films, in that case, these bastards should go down for 10 years. No-one appreciates those damned calls and these guys are basically predators preying on the innocent and the ignorant.

Microsoft pats self on back over Windows 8 sales

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Sales figures are not very relevant

What they need to publish ss the number of "activations" and also to split those activatiosn into Upgrades and New Installs in order that we can determine the trend.

In relation to large corporate deployment strategies, we don't even have one. XP will be around for quite some time yet, it's not because of the OS though, it's because of ActiveX and IE....... ( I'm not the Architect, don't blame me).....

Hey Lenovo, want to kill Apple? Look to Samsung hitman for tips

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Why blame Android

Scattered throughout the article is the mention that Android is to blame, try telling that to Samsung....

What Lenovo et al must do is to learn to "Stop living on their laurels". it's no longer a manufacturers market, it's a consumer market.

Samsung are providing what their customers want, all mod cons inclused, priced correctly, reasonably well designed, very little bloatware, lots of choice.

Apple are also very successfull but with the opposite strategy. Expensive, slow feature release, excellent design, no choice.

Lenovo, Dell, HP don't seem to understand this market, they should just forget about it unless they are willing to bring something revolutionary to the marketplace.

Nokia chief Elop: 'Android? Hey, anything's possible!'

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Android , dear Android

Nokia were N°1 until the advent of HTC + Android. They didn't take this small company/OS very seriously, they were in the dominant market position and failed to believe that that would ever change.

Big F***ing Mistake.

Google realised very early that there is no money to be made from the OS itself and as such gave it away for free. They also provided free developement tools and the possbility for developers to gain some pennies. Very F***ing Clever.

Meanwhile Nokia held on to their beliefs about being un-de-throne-able... ( That last word is a bastardisation from the French - indétrônable).

Nokia got bit in the arse by the competition, MS needed the patents and bought them out. All that's left is excuses and prayer.

Elop is a drowning man who's head is being kept under the water by Microsoft. Nokia have no one to blame but themselves.

Forget the internet: Americans still glued to TV sets in 2012

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How to keep a nation subservient, on a very large scale............

Bendy screens are the future, screams maker of bendy screens

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Multi Bendy Page Animations

If someone glued several of these bendy pages into some kind of Hardback/softback binder we could flip the pages over and make some clever little animations......

Sculpted 66-pound jubs survive lightning blast, 26ft drop

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Forget the mammaries

Why is there a "big" lizard at the statue base ?

Google turns off Chinese censorship alert service

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Baidu for the expats

Since Google is heavily restricted what do the expats use when in China? I tried Baidu this morning but it does not appear to have any non Chinese languages available.

Can the Chinese use proxies to bypass the Great Firewall?

USB 3.0 speed to DOUBLE in 2013

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I presume that this means that all existing Firmwares will require updating.

At least with a cable it is a simple matter or replacing the cable, with Firmware there's always a lot of "crossed fingers" involved..

Dad hires online assassins to slay game-obsessed son

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Lucky it was only war games

I can't imagine what would have happened if he had been addicted to porn ................ He might not have been able to sit down for weeks.

Minicam movie pirate gets record-breaking five years in prison

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And what about the bankers

The current financial crisis has ensured that thousands of people have lost their homes, their jobs have been taken any hope that they had of living a reasonably comfortable life has been completely destroyed. In this day and age it is almost the equivalant of having your death warrant signed.

Those that created and profited from this situation have lined their pockets, bankers, wall street traders, insurance companies etc and strangely enough none of them go to jail. Ok one or two puppet figures got slapped.

And yet for some strange reason the powers that be decide to put someone into jail for 5 years for a crime for which no one will ever suffer. Although it might actually mean that one of the film studios bosses next yacht might only be 28m instead of 30m long.

Justice seems to have lost all meaning.

Society is pushing itself towards the edge of a very nasty situation. I just hope that I can avoid getting caught up in the backlash...

Victory on mobile belongs to Google in 2013

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Re: Doesn't the winner in business makes the most money?

That all depends on the duration. Lots of money one week, nothing the next, does not a winner make.

Browser makers rush to block fake Google.com security cert

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How to verify the trustworthy.

Mistakenly issued ?

How does a Cert Issuer "mistakenly" issue wrong certificates ? The process is usually a pain and it would be surprising that they managed to make this kind of mistake unless it was intentional ( thinking extra dollars here)... Not what we can consider as being a very "trustworthy" organization.

But then again how do we know that Verisign ( cough Symantec) et al haven't made the same "mistakes" too.

Traffic app Waze 'turned down Apple's $400m, wants $750m' - report

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Wouldn't it make more sense for Apple just to buy TomTom ? I am sure that the patents cover a lot more than just the IP.

Google WON'T ink consent decree with FTC on search - reports

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Badboy question

Is it technically possible to prohibit "Google + Services" from the Interwebs ? and I don't just mean at the local Firewall level.

Google have an emormous monopoly, the money to do as they please and far too much power.... Are any of the goverments really capable of "banning" them in order to punish them for their Badboy attitudes ?

It's actually becoming difficult to imagine the web without Google.

Tiny Brit island stranded after £10m undersea fibre plea sunk

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Re: That .sh domain should be good for something

Wow, is that an anagram of Rib.Shit

Aw grandad, I asked for an iPad and you got me an iPod

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This christmas I got sweet f*** all

Guess what I survived ¨¨¨¨

I didn't give or receive presents, instead I went on holiday. Best Christmas I have ever had.

Tibetan monks lose their TVs as China's censors raid monasteries

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Re: My karma just ran over my dogma

<quote>What is your problem, have you been forced to believe in every word in the (will not use that word) Bible by some bully. If so, welcome into the world of those who are cured and not deeply injured.</quote>

Lol, quite the opposite actually, I have been fortunate enough to having lived and worked in several different countries with several different religious groups.

I have no religious beliefs other than that of beleiving in oneself.( not a religion more of a survival thing really - could be a little akin to Budhism though). In each of the countries in which I lived I was the "outsider", and as such I have no more sympathy for those of the Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Orthodox or Mormon faiths. ( I havent had the opportunity to visit India, China or Japan yet so I cant comment on Hindus,Taoist or Maoist) .

I discovered quite quickly the patterns and arguements that each of these faiths shared and hold and realised that none of them held any more truth, reason or validity than any of the others. It always felt as though the people were simply regurgitating someone elses words, there was always a common element though, they did believe in the need to believe that God exists.

The reasons for needing a God ( or religion) always appear to be for the wrong reasons, I have yet to hear a valid argument other than the usual "apologies". I speak/read several languages, English, French, Hebrew and a few words or Arabic, and can therefore eliminate interpretation as a problem in my understanding.

If I appear, to you, to have a problem then I will put that down as a lack of understanding on your behalf.

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Re: My karma just ran over my dogma

@AC 19:41

What pisses me of are the lies and deceipt that are employed in order that those in power can remain in power.

Any man that truly needs to believe in something will find no less truth in a single grain of sand than he will in a Bible, he just hasn't been taught to think that way.

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Re: My karma just ran over my dogma

Transitioning from Religion to Communism would be extraneous as they share some common points

* It requires faith to beleive that either holds any true advantage.

* Both require the adherence to dogma which have been predesignated by others.

* Personal thought or critiscm is usually punishable.

* You give up your rights for those that are "required" in order that the regime succeed....

* Only the governing bodies can determine the path forward.

I woud rather advocate "critical thinking" where each man is taught how to think for himself rather than be spoonfed the "common ideas".

Ayn Rand was probably closer to the ideal than Lenin or Mao.

To quote one of the worlds grand masters Mr Frank zappa

"Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff"

And another I like about religion ( George Bernard Shaw)

The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

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Re: My karma just ran over my dogma

<quote>Faith does not have to be taught nor does it need to be indoctrinated.</quote>

If such were the case, the the Bible ( Catholic and protestant), Torah, Mormon book thing and other religious writing would never need to have existed. Churches and church leaders would also have no point in existing.

I do agree with the comment "hijacked, raped and pillaged by individuals and organisations " but I also believe that it was they who created religion in the first place. They are, afterall, the same indivuduals that operate using any means of control.

Modern day religions only date back a few thousand years. ( were the older religions wrong) Before them there were other religions and beliefs and no doubt tommorrow new ones will come to light. Religion is progressive in it's nature because controlling "La Peuple" required constat effort and new ideas upon which they can be "gathered" up and herded.

Can "Faith" exist without indoctrination ( I don't think so - )

Oxford Dictionary - Faith:

1 : Complete trust or confidence in someone or something: this restores one’s faith in politicians

2 : strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof:

Oxford Dictionary - Dogma:

1 : A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true:

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: My karma just ran over my dogma

@ac 12:15

No, not create another religion but simply to educate people to think for themselves.. We will never completely remove "ignorance" but we can reduce it.

Religion requires people to have "faith". Faith could easilly be considerd as being the opposite of knowledge, it is the blind belief in what the holy "men" teach - "The concept of God " requires that man remains ignorant.

Men that are educated do not need "faith" because they have something much more powerfull, they have knowledge.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: My karma just ran over my dogma

The problem with eliminating religion:

What do you replace it with ? Religion is inherently all about mind and behavior "control".

Because of "fear" of the unknown man will accept to believe in anything that "promises" to eliminate this fear, hence the rise of religion. BUT religion was what put most of that fear there in the first place.........Thou shall go to hell etc.....

Catch 22 all round , man in general refuses rational thought and prefers the premashed religious offering... pathetic really

Craptastic analysis turns 2.8 zettabytes of Big Data into 2.8 ZB of FAIL

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Re: Madra

A little bit of Google would have saved a bit of embarrasement.

The Delta between what you think you know and what you actually know is probably much larger than what you might care to believe .

Chill out, biz barons... your new IT system might not look like the old one

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IT Angle

IT is not the solution.

Unless we are are talking about digital business I cant for the life of me see how IT will ever bring solutions. Business itself has to bring the solution to the table, IT should only be one of the technical parts of the solution.

Too many business believe that IT is the silver bullet when in fact it is nothing more than one part of a very large puzzle.

It must be the end of the world... El Reg man thanks commentards

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Re: @x

Je suis toujours decu par les gens intelligents qui ne reconaisse plus leur propre ignorance.

Khaptain signing off.

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Re: Khaptain

I am not too sure if I understand the question correctly.

But yes I agree tech writers should write about what they know, usually Trevor does exactlly that but it the style in which it is done that I cannot agree with. As an example

Example 1:

I do not offer my clients the same standard white paper solutions that the other consultants offer. My solutions are tailored to the clients needs, I talk to my clients, this is how my company works. I show the clients that my solution is what they need.

Example 2:

One possible solution could entail discussing with the client their particular budget requirements and or conditions that might require the usage of non standard solutions. Where this is necassary solutions exist which although non standard would actually meet the clients needs without overburdening their budget. One such case would bas follows....

Obviously I have exagerated the first example but it is typical of Trevors style, it is all about Trevor and Trevors company and Trevors solution and why Trevor is so much more clever than the other consultants. The second example, again exagerated, would provide the same information but from a neutral view point.

If you run through Trevors longer articles you will understand what I mean. He obviously has a lot of knowledge and experience in his field but always presents it in a very self orientated manner. There is far too much usage of "I", "mine", "me" ..

Good technical writing, in my personal opinion, should not include so much me, me, me. A little is OK but it should never go overboard.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: I just cant agree

I do not doubt your capacity nor your competence, I honestly believe that you do find solutions for your clients.

What I do not adhere to though is your style of presentation, it is the opposite of modest.

Each of us can blow our own trumpets about solutions that we have implemented that stray a little from the standard but we are simply doing our job.

I really don't understand your arguements about whitepaper solutions, quite often they are all that the client wants or needs.

By offering your client more "exotic" solutions you are actually putting the into a difficult situation because you then become the SPOF. If you are not available then the client would have difficulty in finding someone else that knows, understands and masters the solution. This in itself presents a large risk most notably for small companies.

When I read your articles they sound as much as a sales pitch as anything else, as I have mentioned they do not sound objective. Try going back and reading some of your longer articles you will understand what I mean. This is objective critiscm not personal insult.

Obviously you will only see what you want to see in your own words but try giving a copy of your articles, name removed, and listen to the feedback.

By critising your own work you can only improve. No one cares how good Trevor is but everyone does enjoy reading interesting articles. If you remove the self glory from your writing it would come across much more professionally and would be become much more palatable.

These are my personal thoughts and critisicms, if you prefer not to be critisized just say the word and I will remove all and any of my posts.

Cheer up Trevor, its only El Reg.

Sorry for the spelling, I only have my Galaxy Note today and navigation on longer articles is a pain.

Khaptain Silver badge

I just cant agree

Trevor is one of those El Reg writers with whom I personally can seldom concur. As a consultant he is seldomly objective and usually full of himself.

But I still continue to read his articles, go figure.

Merry Christmas to all commentards and also to Trevor ... ...... ......

Dead Steve Jobs' mega yacht seized by testy Philippe Starck

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Dead Steve Jobs

Is there also an "Alive" Steve Jobs.

Do users have enough power?

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What users dont realise

Giving users more power is like Mercedes or BMW supplying you with a spanner, no user guide and telling you to service the car yourself.

Most users wouldn't even be able to get the engine covers open. For those that did they would then say, shit this not quite as easy as it looks. Those that did bravely use the spanner would quickly destroy the engine.

Those same users would then turn round and complain that Mercedes, BMW produce shit cars.

I wonder if those same users also want to manage the accounting themselves, or the security, or to go out and get new contracts whilst explaining to the client that the IT department is in tatters since they are now managing it for themselves.

Users wanting more power is nothing but ignorance on their own behalf. Many users appear to be in the belief that running an IT department/servcie is the equivalant of installing their own home computer. How f****ing wrong they are..

Take a number, says new social network

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What's most surprising

Where do these users pop up from.. Is there really an endless number of park benches under which hide these people until such times as "another" social media website opens up ?

Why is there such a large percentage of people with this same requirement. What the fuck went wrong with society....????

Is this the beginning of new Religion ? It's even scarier than the old ones.......

10,000 Indian government and military emails hacked

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10,000 Indian government and military emails hacked .

10,000 Indian government and military emails were not HACKED. This is just shitty journalism.

There was probably ONE server hacked and that server contains "maybe" the possibilty to change the passwords or read email accounts.

Hacking ONE server really is not the same thing as hacking 10000 email accounts.

Ans no this is not a question of symantics.......

End of days: Possessed POWERPOINT predicts Mayan Apocalypse

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Big Bang

The world in fact did end and we went through the equivalant of a Big Bang this morning at 07:00 ( GMT +1).

It was a rather non exciting event and the Univeral Counsel has advised us to continue as normal. Apparently he also sent out a PPT which list intructions on how to behave during the next Big Bang.

The Phrase "The End of the World is Nigh" was actually a misconception. What the origianl auther really meant to say was "The End of the World is a NightClub in Thornsbury" but apparetly he had had one too many Mai Tais and didn't actually manage to finish his phrase.

Boffins cook raw numbers, hope to bake PERFECT kilogram

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Existential question

Is anything every truly constant ?

Little spider makes big-spider-puppet CLONE of itself out of dirt

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Nature has an infinite number of these spectaular creations that never fail to amaze.

Astronomy and deep space research are difficult to grasp or to understand because they are a little "abstract" but here we have something tangible, in your very own back yard if you like,which can be marvelled upon for a lifetime...

The quantity of information held within atoms/molecules/proteins/genes is just unbelievable.

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