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‘That’s not art’ says Apple as it pulls nudes from AppStore

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Choice for the adult user please

Can't Apple simply inform the user that the App may contain nudity and that the final decision be put upon the buyer as to whether or her/she wants to install it.

Ballmer now flings out work rivals, rather than chairs, claims ex-Microsoftie

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Re: Balmer the Dr Evil villain


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Re: Balmer the Dr Evil villain

E.A.D.O.N. - Now what could that be an acronym for

Eadon's Anecdotes Display Outright Nonsense....

RIM's Heins beams: BB10 must walk the walk before we talk the talk

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Battery Life

As long as RIM can keep up the "very impressive" battery life of its phones I will happily continue to purchase them. Its one thing that no one ever seems to complain about.

I don't really care for "extra options" or "apps", this thing has only one purpose for me, corporate, email and it works flawlessly....

Foxit outfoxes fiendish flaw to fix foxed-up Firefox PDF plugin

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Do you just love alliteration

Fiesty Foxit Finally Fixes a Few Fleeting Foibles. Phew.....

China turns to no-name handsets: Android - without the Google-iness

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Black Helicopters

2 Questions

>Does not phone home to google.

But does it phone home directly to the communist party intelligence headquarters ?

>extremely expensive operation for Google

Do you mean that the AppStore doesn't generate larger sums of money for Google? In Sept 2012 they annonced the 25 Billionth download ( I know downloads dont equal revenue but even if only one dollar was earned for 5% of total downloads) .

Engineers are cold and dead inside, research shows

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It's logical really

Engineers and Doctors share the same principal task - finding solutions to problems . BUT there is a difference....

A patient comes into a Doctor's office with an ailment, the doctor studies the problem, prescribes a suitable treatment , the ailment is cured. The Doctor is happy he found a solution.

A user phones up the IT department complaining about a problem. The Engineer analyses the problem and begins to look up the big book for the answer to the question "How to cure stupidity ?", unfortunately there is no answer. Engineer becomes upset and unhappy at not finding solution.

Google pulls 'racist' Make Me Asian app

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Pastor Peter China

This guys name was just thrown in for the sake of it shirley..

Google sinks millions into plush new £1bn London HQ

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CERN is neither France nor Switzerland

Since the CERN is a multi nation budgeted project, credit should go to ALL of the nations regardless of where TBL had his arse seated at the time.

The CERN pays TBL and our taxes help pay the CERN, therefore we are all reponsable for the creation of the Web.

There I feel better now in the knowledge that I actually helped get the whole thing up and running.


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Larry is just so damned modest, makes me want to weep?

I agree that Googles "market strategy" is excellent but it would be difficult to say that all of thier products were excellent.

Search Engine, Google Earth, Android : Top of the class.

Youtube, Maps : Good.

Google +, Docs : meeehhh

Google Wave : What happended to that anyway.

Record numbers of you are reading this headline right now

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Commentards Unite

What the article failed to mention is that the success is all due to the "Commentards", the articles themselves are just a pretext.......

The Spherical Cow lands, spits out Anaconda

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No worries, I don't take tio the wrong way and I actually agree on most of the points that you make or at least I understand your point of view.

I am a Windows person ( with Linux on the side - currently Debian ) and I doubt that I will ever change unless Microsoft decides to add a new Distro, lol. Now that would be interesting....

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It is extremely difficult to be very precise about what I mean by professional because is can very quickly become a very subjective "sentiment".

Some of the aspects that I would consider as being "professional":

Simplicity - Only presenting that which is absolutely essential. Example: Keeping the number of buttons to a minimum. - I have seen interfaces where there are 4 buttons in the top left hand corner of a window - the 4th being a luxury not a necessity.

Consistency - When a window/application/dialog box is opened I the OK button should always be in the same place. The default button should always be designated. Tab order should always be defined in the same manner. The user shouldn’t have to constantly scan the interface to find/or do common tasks.

Organization: Elements of a similar nature should be grouped within containers of some kind.. For example - Any and all tools that might control the Network details or material are held within the same folder/tab/toolbox.

Comprehension: The user should be capable of finding his way about the system without having to scratch their head finding hidden menus or interfaces (W8 is a nightmare for this). The user should not be required to having completed an IT Degree in order to understand where he is or what he is doing....

Assistance: A "useable " and "understandable" help system must be user friendly. The UX must provide easy access to the help system. Mouse Over Balloons can be extremely helpful in some cases...

Reactivity: The UX should be "extremely" reactive. If Skins are capable slowing it down then it needs rewritten....

Harmony: Does it look harmonious, does dragging a window feel correct. Do the little handles in the bottom left hand corner of the window convey the correct message......

The list could go on forever but I am not a good writer, nor very good at expressing my feeling in written word.

There is a final element which I feel to be the most important, "The Feeling - The Feedback". For me it is the mixture of all of the above elements, it is the harmony in which all of the elements work together.

I don't want to struggle with a UX, I should be at ease, it should feel as though the UX is a help not a hindrance. Do the icons and the Fonts convey a desire to continue or do they make the UX feel like a child’s toy.. Does the UX feel like it was thrown together from a jumble of disparate ideas or does it feel as though it was carefully thought out........

Personally I feel that MS have succeeded in these tasks and unfortunately I feel that Linux has not. I have tried a multitude of Linux Windows Manager and seldom do I find the "harmony" between "all" of the elements that I cited. As I mentioned before I would love to see the MS Interface on a Linux kernel, it really would be the best of both worlds.

I read an article once that stated that MS have spent literally Billions studying interface concept and design, I can easily believe this. Windows 8 I consider an exception as it has been developed for platforms other than the good ol PC screen/keyboard/mouse.

Much of what I have mentioned is the responsibility of application programmers and not kernel developers or UX developers but Linux does not possess the restraints or conditions which would entice them to remain homogenous with other devs. It’s a free system where people are free to choose from themselves, unfortunately this does not equal a positive outcome.

I don't skin my interfaces or modify them in any other way than selecting a non-distracting colour scheme. I usually try and get the Linux interfaces to match where possible the Linux interfaces.

On a daily basis I run XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 running on 2 desktop machines and 1 VM. At home I run Windows 7, a Debian VM and my NAS which requires more CLI skills than mouse skills. in the past I have had the opportunity to work with many different UXs, Windows, a multitude of Linux UXs, Solaris, OS2, Mac OS, QNX, Android...... and if I had to remain on only one of these UXs it would be W7, which I feel adheres the most to what I imagine a UX should be.

I am not pro Microsoft but I definitely rate their UX as being far more "professional" than any of the others. I hate MACs but I would put their UX in 2nd place.

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Andy, I didn't contribute to any of those interfaces, I am an end user not a Linux Interface Developer. I also didn't contribute to MS Windows or Mac OS interfaces both which I find extremely professiona, Android to a lesser extent, I honestly don't get the point of your question.

I have been running various Linux distros on and off for the last 15 years, I like Linux for some of what it can do but not all that it can do. My personal pet peeve is the user interface and I reserve the right to express my opinion.

Linux has made huge advances over the years, certainly in terms of hardware integration, but I "personally" feel that it has not managed to develop equally well in regards to the user interface.

If I can't rant on a forum, then what's the point of the forum if it's not to communicate ones thoughts and/

or ideas. There might be a developer somewhere that will take up the challenge to prove me wrong and eventually everyone will benefit.

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@ac 11:34

You hit the nail on the head, I couldn't agree more.

I ran the Live CD and what did I find YAVOL. Yet Another Version Of Linux.

If some of the Linux Distros developers could get together for once and design an "Outsanding User Interface" then I beleive that Linux would get adopted by the masses. Choice is good but not when it splits apart all of the talent.

I have never in 20 years seen a Linux interface that was "professional", and I don't mean the ability to apply DevArt skins.

The windows inteface might be boring, I don't have to re-learn it every three weeks (W8 not included folks), and all of the applications behave in the same manner ( almost). It's something called homegenity which Linux severly lacks and I believe that it is the one of the major hurdles in breaking through to the masses.

Microsoft have published an "Interface Design Guide" in MSDN for many years, it has helped to ensure that everything feels integrated.

Linux devs have simply done as they see fit which in the end means that there has been endless versions of the same damned thing but none of which ever seem completed or coherent......

The interface should "disappear" when we working, it is there to help us get things done, not to detract our attention...

Rather than make anymmore "bleeding edge" developments it would be nice if some of the big distros got together and developed guidelines which would improve the overall interfaces....

I have come to hate Gnome and KDE, they would rather add function X than improve that which truly needs improvement.

For me the best of all worlds would be to have the MS Windows Interface and a Linux Kernel.

FAA grounds Boeing's 787 after battery fires on plastic planes

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Re: Aircraft + fire just about the worst

Anything I am currently inside + Fire = Worst

[Everything / Everyone else is just a news story]

Spanish city renames square in Clash frontman's honour

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Re: Punk?

I probably agree in fact, I'm probably confusing a little with Punk and New Wave, there are in fact very few real Punk bands.

On a less serious side:

Public Image and the Sex Pistols in the NME


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Re: IT Angle ?

It was "roughly" the period that IT took off....

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Re: Punk?

I would define the Clash as definately punk , they were appearing in the NME the same time as the Sex Pistols, Public Image, Sham 69, Siouxsie and the banshees, Joy Divison and a year os so later Dead Kennedys, Virgin Prunes etc....

Post punk I would rate as New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Psychedelic furs.

Not really easy to define exact genres for all of the bands though. ( the Virgin Prunes and the Clash didn't have much in common except for the period)

The Clash retained a cult status for a long time after the late 70s. many of their songs were very well written and perfectly described the scene at that time...

Even after 20years or so I can still remember many of the lyrics to their songs, most notably from the London Calling album ( which is no surpise).

Nice to see they are still being honoured.

Viruses infect vital control systems at TWO US power stations

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What they really need

Poor ol yanks, their nasty virus came back to kick em up the arse, if only they had had guns to protect themselves from these kinds of attacks, oh wait....

Look out, fanbois: One in two nicked mobes is an iPhone - cops

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Status symbol for Chavs

Judging by the image that El Reg posted in the article, it is certainly not the Upper Crust that are buying iPhones ?

Privacy winds blow through Clouds towards Switzerland

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Re: This article is not really very detailed or factuelle

I agree with your reply, it is a very difficult subject.

<quote>you *can* do this if you have a 100% Swiss company </quote>

Again I agree but all of the servers would have to be held within "100 % Swiss" data centers which are not so easy to find and that same provider would also have to have several locations and not "rent" space/servers from the larger providers..

Personally I do not know of any 100% Swiss solutions, although they probably do exist. In the Geneva region I only know of IBM and Interoute neither of which are Swiss.. I don't know if Equinix is Swiss or not ?

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Re: This article is not really very detailed or factuelle

I work for an international company and we have an office in Geneva , we asked our "Swiss" lawyer to verify data security in Switzerland compared with several others European countries most notably , France, UK and Poland. ( most of you can probably guess who the Cloud provider was.......).

For obvious reasons I cannot publish her response but basically it came down to the fact that our data was no safer or more insecure in any of those countries than it was in Switzerland

In the end we chose a company based in Switzerland but solely based on the fact that they we managed to strike a cheaper deal with them than one of the major players. We heavilly discussed the security side of things and we accepted the fact that even though the data was held in Switzerland it held no advantage whatsoever other than the fact that I could easily visit the data centre.

One of the other problems with the "Cloud" providers is that their terms and conditions often include clauses whereby other succursals in other countries also have access to the servers. The hell desks/service desks can actually be found in some strange places outside of the hosting country. It's not easy for Data centers to pay onsite 24 hour staff....

It's simple: nothing that requires true security should ever go into the cloud.

after due process, This does not present a major issue for large corporation or governments - in Switzerland, as in many other places, money talks...

Can you please reason arguments as to why Switzerland is truly any safer...

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This article is not really very detailed or factuelle

Please read the following link ; most notably articles D and E.

The link is direct to the Swiss Governmental website


Here is a translation for the non French speakers ( Its a Google translation because I am tooo lazy ) the sub article 2 and then 2.d

There are definately excpetions which will allow data to be comunicated to other countries outside of Switzerland

Title : Transborder communication of data

1 No personal data can be communicated abroad if the data subject should be seriously threatened, especially because of the absence of legislation providing adequate protection.

2 Despite the absence of legislation providing adequate protection abroad, personal data may be communicated abroad, the following conditions only:

a.des sufficient safeguards, including contractual, can ensure adequate protection abroad;

b.la person concerned, in this case, given his consent;

C.The treatment is in direct relation with the conclusion or performance of a contract and the processed data concerning the other party;

d.la communication is, in this case, is essential to the preservation of an overriding public interest or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims;

e.la communication is, in this case, necessary to protect the life or physical integrity of the person concerned;

f.la subject has made the data accessible to everyone and she has not formally opposed to treatment;

g.la communication takes place within a legal person or company or between legal entities or companies united under a single direction, to the extent the parties are subject to data protection rules which guarantee a level of protection adequate.

The Swiss will not protect your information in all circumstances.......They will definately open up the links when required...

NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game

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The NRA has nothing to do with amendments or rights, it is the lobbying engine for some "extremely" successfull enterprises. That gun law is the equivalant of a Captilistic Orgasm, it is a money printing machine.....

There's no need to "Think about the Children" all you have to do is "Think about the PROFIT"..

Wanna really insult someone? Log off and yell it in the street - gov

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Re: Investment opportunity....

Alternative and in remaining perfectly Politically Correctly.

"If you can read this you must be from scunthorpe"

Social networks give Australia a throat to choke

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Two sided sword

Imagine that someone published information related to your wifes extra curicular activities, whilst you were out of town, which were completely false. I am sure that you would be happy that you could contact someone at Twitter, FB etc in order that the article be removed quickly before it caused you major harm, offense, embarasement etc....

I agree that the Social Media site owners are not reponsable for the content but they do have some responsibility in providing the means or assistance, when required, in order to ensure that a 3rd party does not endure prejudice. The Social Media Sites are after all in control of the publication of said information.

Latest Java patch is not enough, warns US gov: Axe plugins NOW

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Alternative and secure option

CLI and SSH.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: "Internet Explorer isn't that bad nowadays" - Yes it is.

Is Barry Shitpeas your brother by any chance ?

Mysterious Facebook product plumps up shares on Wall Street

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Fickle marketing

The stock market is crazy for Facebook, cmon this is a bloody social networking site which prays on the weak and the feeble.

It's sad, and maddening, to think that there are pension funds that can be influenced based on the actions of Zuck and his FragileBook.

Capitilism really does have a nasty side.

Microsoft ends Mac users' Windows Phone 8 misery

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It's actually quite difficult to imagine that anyone would own a Mac and a Windows Moble Phone...

I don't own an iPhone so I can't answer the following question.

Is there something that can be done on a WM8 or WM9 that can't be done on an iPhone ? I am thinking along the lines of MS Exchange/Outlook or MS Office ?

[ It's a serious question ]

You know flash is king when disk giant Seagate grows its SSD line

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Re: Question to all and sundry

<quote>No warning - really - try using SMART</quote>

I have been led to believe that when SSDs fail, they simply do just that they Fail. In this case SMART would not be on any advantage as the SSD would be dead.

I do not use them, hence the reason I asked.. it was an honest question

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Question to all and sundry

just out of personal interest : Is anyone using SSDs on enterprise applications... If so can I presume that they are only within RAID 5 bays ?

After reading a couple of articles on the manner in which SSDs die, no warning, messages, nothing, nada, I am much to scared to deploy them on anything other than non vital servers, which don't amount to being very much in my workplace.

YOUR Cisco VoIP phone is easily TAPPED, warns CompSci prof

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It's an inside job, guv.....

It would require knowing the specific IP address of the telephone of the "to be overheard person" , which is by no means an easy task unlesss of course you are already in the building or if you are the Telephony Admin.

Most IP Phones are / should be in seperate VLANs which would make it difficult toactually communicate with the phone ....unless the IT/Switch Admin was the hacker of course.

I hope that this remains just proof of concept, I would hate to find out that it was an actuality.

Cisco sued by East Carolina University

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Re: Cliche me this

I bow down to you kind sir, I have learned something new today.

The book appears to be short and amusing, I'll give it a read.

it's available here Gutenburg project - the Real Thing by Henry James

So obviously Coca Cola didn't invent the phrase...It has just become so synonymous with them.

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Re: Cliche me this


Yes I agree they are trademarks and not patents but are they really allowed to trademark common phrases ?.

Why would one company be allowed more than any other to trademark every speech.

I get the feeling that Coca Cola's "It's the real thing" was invented by Coca Cola ( although I could be completely wrong here) so I can easilly understand them tradmarking that phrase.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Cliche me this

+1 .

It's a bit like trademarking "Tommorrow never comes" or "The grass is always greener on the other side". Do they really have the right to trademark everyday phrases or idioms ?

White House rejects Death Star petition: '$850qn too pricey'

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Re: This

Are you sure that it wasn't the "right to bare arms", it was around the time that the t-shirt was invented.

Europe's cybercrime fighters get new digs... complete with Faraday room

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The Interpol of the Internet

I wonder how long it will take before they get hacked.....

A pre-ticked box in web forms should NOT mean consent - EU report

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Re: [ ] Don't tick this box...

Please be advised that by ticking this box we will own your Soul, for all of eternity and beyond.

Sincerely yours E Schmidt.

5,000 UK pubs get free Wi-Fi... and they're not even all in London

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Black Helicopters

Be carefull of the Google monster

Is there by any chance a hidden agenda whereby Google will attempt to determine how many pints you have consumed in relation to the amount of time spent connected to the pub Wifi....

I suppose it would be interesting to learn what people surf for after 6 or 7 pints/vodkas .....

Apple may debut low-cost iPhone for emerging markets in 2013

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Re: "consumers" or "customers"?

Oh, you mean the unemployed. ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: "consumers" or "customers"?

I cant answer for the OP but I think that the poor and opressed have many other more important things to think about than possesing the latest smartphone.. Eating and remaining clothed might be a little further up the list....

Smartphones are non essential luxury items that are nice to have but they can just as easilly be forgotten. I remember when I used to actually speak to ther people when I needed i formation.......

Written on my Galaxy Note on the tram into work... I have already had a hot shower, coffee and breakfast.

Big Brother is prosecuting you: More cops to use court vid chats

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Come back Max

Can you imagine a court full of Max Headrooms.

Maybe we should just leave the Guilty Criminals at home, in front of TV screens displaying images of Prison Cells ,handcuff them to their sofas so that they can't escape et voila "Bobs your Auntie." Now that really would save a fortune

Nuisance calls DOUBLE, Ofcom vows to hunt down offenders

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A good stiff letter

I am sure that a stiff letter will deter even the most harded criminal, not...

FFS get serious, these guys are a PITA for everyone, the only reason the Telcos do nothing is because they also make money from these damned schemes.

The Telcos have the capacity to trace anything/everything, the technology requires it. Number obfuscation is done at the telco side so they can easilly determine the orginator of the calls.

Someone went to jail the other day for 5 years for copying films, in that case, these bastards should go down for 10 years. No-one appreciates those damned calls and these guys are basically predators preying on the innocent and the ignorant.

Microsoft pats self on back over Windows 8 sales

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Sales figures are not very relevant

What they need to publish ss the number of "activations" and also to split those activatiosn into Upgrades and New Installs in order that we can determine the trend.

In relation to large corporate deployment strategies, we don't even have one. XP will be around for quite some time yet, it's not because of the OS though, it's because of ActiveX and IE....... ( I'm not the Architect, don't blame me).....

Hey Lenovo, want to kill Apple? Look to Samsung hitman for tips

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Why blame Android

Scattered throughout the article is the mention that Android is to blame, try telling that to Samsung....

What Lenovo et al must do is to learn to "Stop living on their laurels". it's no longer a manufacturers market, it's a consumer market.

Samsung are providing what their customers want, all mod cons inclused, priced correctly, reasonably well designed, very little bloatware, lots of choice.

Apple are also very successfull but with the opposite strategy. Expensive, slow feature release, excellent design, no choice.

Lenovo, Dell, HP don't seem to understand this market, they should just forget about it unless they are willing to bring something revolutionary to the marketplace.

Nokia chief Elop: 'Android? Hey, anything's possible!'

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Android , dear Android

Nokia were N°1 until the advent of HTC + Android. They didn't take this small company/OS very seriously, they were in the dominant market position and failed to believe that that would ever change.

Big F***ing Mistake.

Google realised very early that there is no money to be made from the OS itself and as such gave it away for free. They also provided free developement tools and the possbility for developers to gain some pennies. Very F***ing Clever.

Meanwhile Nokia held on to their beliefs about being un-de-throne-able... ( That last word is a bastardisation from the French - indétrônable).

Nokia got bit in the arse by the competition, MS needed the patents and bought them out. All that's left is excuses and prayer.

Elop is a drowning man who's head is being kept under the water by Microsoft. Nokia have no one to blame but themselves.

Forget the internet: Americans still glued to TV sets in 2012

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How to keep a nation subservient, on a very large scale............

Bendy screens are the future, screams maker of bendy screens

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Multi Bendy Page Animations

If someone glued several of these bendy pages into some kind of Hardback/softback binder we could flip the pages over and make some clever little animations......

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