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BlackBerry: Aaah, Microsoft, we meet again.. for another deathmatch

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Re: The Mother

Lol, that description is so vague that they could be reponsable for making the next Lunar Space Rocket and also for providing the cleaning service that goes with it....

[Must admit, reading MS quarterly reports is not one of my pasttimes.......]

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Re: The Mother


I agree that MS and Apple's eco system are capable of succeeding where most cannot.

Blackberry do already have an established userbase though and they also have the backing of business, government and institutions that require a minimum of security.

Blackberry are not a newcomer, although they have lost out to the public at large, and I believe that they should enforce their existing strong points before branching out into shaky territory. Neither Apple, MS or Google have "secure" services, this if anything is definately a BB stronghold, If they can re-succeed within the business market they will continue to survive.

If they can't hold on to the business market though, they will sign their own deaths. This would be unfortunate because it keeps the others on their toes, which is good for us the consumer.

I would like to see them open up BES in order that other platforms can easilly connect...

It is definately not going to be a smooth ride for them though.

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The Mother

Microsoft is first and foremost a software company, with a very large bank account and have no absolute requirement to succeed.

Rim Blackberry is a Phone manufactuer, with a comparitively minor bank account, who will end up closing its doors if it doesn't succeed.

I put my money on Blackberry as "Necessity is the mother of invention".

Schmidt slams China as world's most prolific hacker

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Ex title holders ?

Does this mean that the Mericans have been knocked of the top spot?

Linux boot doesn't smash Samsung laptops any more

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Re: playing idiot

Well done Billium, you really helped us to understand your "level" of understanding.

Would you kindly like to explain to everyone your perceived difference between Firmware and Software....

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Re: Sorry, wrong.

Why is it important.

To me personally it is not important. I have a life outside of El Reg, lol,

What is important however is the general consesus, many people vote without thinking beforehand. In the world of IT, pre-thought is vital in everything that we do. Our decision as IT Admins, Programmers or Managers, really does make a difference, we provide the tools that help or hinder our companies.

As professionals we shouold remove ourselves our Golden thrones, jump back down to earth, and consider that we are "paid hansomely" to provide solutions... When we "pretend" to know it all or pretend that one sytem is far superior to another , we are merely fooling ourselves.

Neither Windows, Apple IOS, Linux or any oher sytem holds the "complete" solution. As IT professionals we hold the solution by providing the best that we can with what we have available.

I very seldom agree with some of the "Gold Badged hacks" sense of "journalism", I won't name anyone in particular, but most of what they have to say is valid, albeit a bit theoretical and too much SMB based but it remains honest.. This is contrary to what I understand from the downvotes of the"pretend" Linux crowd, most of these downvotes probably come from neophytes hoping to make their place within the industry.. They still have a "lot" to learn".

Do down votes really mean much, of course they don't, but it does give a certain insight into the readership and their level of experience.

IT is a much as philosophy as it is a science...... We deal with people more than we deal with systems.

When we learn to become honest about what we reallly know; then we start to become usefull.

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Re: Sorry, wrong.

I gained about 50 downvotes for suggesting that Linux was partly to blame..

Thanks for posting........I run both Windows and Linux and as a programmer I will never consider any OS or application as being perfect.

Shit happens in IT because code is written by humans and none of us are perfect.......

We learn from our mistakes not from our success.

Google's Glasses: The tech with specs appeal?

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Re: Has your mother never told you...


I get where your coming from, it must be the age......Next time I am in GB, I should pay you a visit and buy you a pint....

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Re: Has your mother never told you...


As the prosecutor said to the Judge.

"Your honour I am rather embarresed to inform you but the Plaintiff is actually guilty of the same crime as the Defendant"

Oracle loses appeal in HP row over Itanium

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Oracle and Apple the perfect couple

It is difficult to explain why but I have always considered Oracle and Apple as belonging to the same basket.

Ellison and Jobs share(d) a common denominator, complete disrepect for everything that stands (stood) in their way....

I have a little more respect for Ellison simply because of his sponsorshop for fantastic racing yachts. Jobs on the otherhand with his "stark" nightmare......

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

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Some people wonder

Some people wonder why Apple is not popular with everyone !!!!

Facebook finds new way to wring hundreds from users

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Less social than worms

I hope I never recieve a "virtual" greeting card, I find it completely impersonal, thoughtless,tasteless and downright cheap.

People really need to start developing their people skills again. I get the feeling that worms live a more social life than half of the FB/ Socila Media crowd.

Isn't it ironic that the "Social" media crowd spend so much time in Virtual LaLa land where there are no people.

WORLD temporarily FREED from BURDEN of TWITTER!

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Rhyming slang guv

"He was full of Twit"

"Holding the Twitty end of the stick"

"Eat Twit and die"

"I think I'll go and Twit allover the internet.".

Surface left on shelves as world+dog slurps up small slates

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Re: Original mistake to build lap-tabs was Apple's

I've got to ask, what is an "Ipad Training Class" ?

What level of intellect is required in order to attend such a class ?

Nokia tries its luck with a sub-£150 Win Phone 8: The Lumia 620

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Re: Annonces

Ooopps, my daily language is French and unfortunately "annonce" is correct in "french*.......

Must remember to "write" in English.....

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Next week in the headlines

Headline : Nokia are now "paying" people to take "any" of their Win8 phones.

Headline : Microsoft annonces an "unbelievable " amount of Win8 have now shifted ( Obviously exact figures will not be provided).

Headline : Dell annonces that in collaboration with Microsoft and Nokia, 3 free Win8 phones will be included in the purchase of any Dell computer.

Headline : Microsoft annonces yet another increase in amount of Win8 that have now shifted ( Obviously exact figures will not be provided).

Headline : Elop publically flogged by unknown chair wielding, ape like figure with alopecia.

New York Times probes China's Premier, gets hacked by Chinese

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[Insert country name here ] laws clearly forbid hacking attacks

Isn't this pretty much the same for all countries except for the one that uses the CIA and the NSA ?

How to destroy a brand-new Samsung laptop: Boot Linux on it

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Re: Licence agreements


You are adding to the machine.

You are adding a set of instructions, from teh Linux Kernel, that only come into existance under certain circumstances.. These instructions do not exist without the USB key - as I mentioned before it is the equivalant of modding your machine.

Without the USB key no problem.

With the USB key problem.

Please note the need for the "additional" USB key before the problems are generated.

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Re: Licence agreements


Well if the tyres you fitted modfied that behavoir of the brakes then this would be justifiable, that's why certain items are certified and others are not.

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Licence agreements

Isn't this a shining example of why those damned Eulas/Licence agreements exist.

--->>>> Install your own software at your own risk..... <<<<--------

I am not critisizing Linux or Samsung, I am merely pointing out that installing your own ROMS, OSes etc is normally something which is done at your own risk.

it's the equivalant of me chipping the engine of my car, BMW refuse to garauntee the engine if I make mods...

By the way the article does not mention if the problem also exists when reinstalling windows or any other OSes....It wold be more interesting to know if this was a generic problem or a UbuntuLinux problem.

If it is a generic problem then the Ubuntu installers have just cause, if not well ........that's life.

Reg Hardware Awards 2012: The Winners...

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Re: The Apple what?

I don't believe it is the products that they don't like, it is the company......

Facebook reports revenues up 40% but Wall Street says 'meh'

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Re: 618 billion daily users?

That's probably what Zuck told the investors....

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Beware, beware the Ides of March

If Zuck publishes a 40% increase and the Stock Market decides to drop the share value then it appears that somebody knows something that we don't


BlackBerry bets fans are willing to upgrade skills

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Re: May I suggest 'TCFKARIM'

No, it doesn't really roll of the tongue does it.... TIFKAM is fine because it sounds like a word.

Anything that begins with TCFK is not likely to go very far unless you are capable of pronouncing new dipthongs.

Snooping on movement can reveal smartphone PINs

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No swiping for unlocking please

On the tram in the morning I can easilly follow the swipe codes of someone a few metres away. The image that it creates is easy to visualise and remember. For some strange reason many people tend not to hide their screen from prying eyes at that moment.

The viewing angle on sopme phones is also quite large which doesn't help in hiding whats being typed/swiped on those LARGE dots/numbers.

Forget cupcakes: What you find on Facebook and Twitter is TARTS

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The Future of FB

I can easilly imagine that in the very near future FB will contain almost entirely this kind of content. FB has become the Daily Mail of the web...

( It will also include pages for Losing Weight, Clothes which help you look slim, Viagra and sex toys)

US retail kingpins swoon: Nobody bonks like Google does

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Confused - Security

If someone steals a credit card they must also obtain the PIN number... 2 Factor security.

If someone steals a phone with NFC they have everything they need... 1 Factor security. Or is there another level which I haven't yet read about........

I have only ever seen people swipe/bonk these telephones on Youtube and I never see anyone using a password or alternative security factor .... Or are the PIN numbers on the SIM cards part of the package.

I am being lazy and should read up on the matter but since the El Regtards love to flex their keyboards....

So: 6,500 Win 8 laptops later, how are BT's field engineers coping?

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Re: surprised at the use of iPhones.


If your intial post was sarcastic or ironic, your right I didn't get it. Strange I usually pick up on that side of things...

Oh well , back to the grind.

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Re: surprised at the use of iPhones.

Dear JDX,

Are you actually inferring that the usage of IPhones is somehow related to being highly profitable.

How exactly would that relate to the Chavs then ? They certainly don't appear to be very profitable,although I agree that they are Non-Sensible.

Having a hard day in the office Dear.

Apple, Google tumble off top 20 trusted companies list

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Re: Somewhat disturbing

Then think yourself fortunate that you were not a client of one of the banks that recently went bust. When a bank goes bust you are left with nothing but the possibility to give your Minister a call or prayer........

Trusting banks with your money is like asking a dealer to keep your stash. As long as your dealer has some stock no problem but when his runs out ....

The unfortunate side of things is that there are no viable alternatives, at least not that I am aware of...

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Re: Somewhat disturbing

Because these legal criminal institutions have developed their entire existance around creating a unbreakable requirements for the products and services.

The banking institutions must be the most corrupt entities that have ever existed and no governament would ever dare change this..

They are the anti-thesis of honesty.

Truly these are the GOLDEN YEARS of Storage

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Black Helicopters

The 1st and Primary question

Do we "really" need so much data ?

Some mildly interesting facts on this page about storage requriements in relation to how much space is required for all of the books in "the Library of Congress"


The first figure is the most astounding:

•“Every Six Hours, the NSA Gathers as Much Data as Is Stored in the Entire Library of Congress.”

The Death of Voice: Mobile phone calls now 50 per cent shorter

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I have observed the same thing with one of my colleagues., a 30 year old.

I will be working with her and suddenly she will answer her cellphone and reply with something like "Ask the carpenter for a new quotation" and then immediately end the call.

This can happen multiple times within a period of 10 minutes or so.

There is no greetings or farewell just the answer to a question that was asked by whoever was on the other end.

To me it appears extremely rude, but for her it is obviously just part of normal communication. It unnerves me....

Always wanted a robot: why not DIY?

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IT Angle

3D Printers

This is actually the first project that I have seen that makes me want to have a 3d printer "now".....

Obviously the Electronics and the "Power Source " are the main setback here but this looks like a lot of fun.

Robots printing Robots - Scary stuff....

I hope that all of the electronics have Asimov's 3 laws hard coded into a non replaceable and indespensabel ROM.....

<<< This is what IT is all about .....

UPnP scan shows 50 million network devices open to packet attack

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There are other solutions

Teamviewer, Logmein, VNC et al can do exactly what you need and outside of the corporate enviornment they are free, so no excuses there.

UPnp creates a risk for your home network, the risk is up to you, can you afford to lose what you have or to become the next zombie host for [insert illegal activity here] .....

It has its good points but they are outweighed by its negative points.

Open up an FTP or Telnet server on one of your home machines, you will be very surprised to see how long it takes before that script kiddies come a knocking. Upnp is no differnet, its another surface to get attacked.

Zuck on it, Google: 'Public' Facebook events are dead to you

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Remove all links to Facebook from all engines please

I would be fine and happy if Google, Bing, et al, removed all and any links to Facebook from their engines.

I despise clicking on a link only to be asked "Please sign up for a Facebook account to see this page).....

If FB doesn't want to share what's on it members pages then I am fine with that, but in that case please do not allow the pages to be listed on search engines.

( Dear Pedantards - am I allowed to use the word "but" after the comma ? )

Hackers squeeze through DVR hole, break into CCTV cameras

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Crime video streams for sale

So now the hackers can sell real time video streams to criminals who can they survey if they are being surveyed.


the Hacker could sell live streams of Policemen not doing their duties......

You have to love the ingenuity of it all...

Researchers break records with MILLION-CORE calculation

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IT Angle

The future of home computing

Modern smartphones today have more computing power today than the Cray-1 had 30 years ago.

Can we therefore conlcude that in about 15 years time this will be the kind of power we will have in home computers.

Shit, will we even have "home" computers in 15 years or will we all be directly connected to the Cloud/Web via Matrix like cervical cords.

<<<---- There is no IT Angle becaue this moves into the realm of the unimaginable.

Microsoft teases possible Jan. 29 launch for Office 2013

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Marketing without foundation

I read a study once that even reasonably knowledgeable users, use only about 7% of Excels capabilites. I presume that with word it is not much different.

Now unless MS are going to pull out a version of "Tifkam" just for office then I truly have a hard time imagining what miracle they are going to produce. ( I sincerely hope that it is not Tifkam.).

Marketing speak and even the most clever publicity company will never manage to resolve the major problem with Office suites today : that of the "End User".

Regardless of Word, Excel, or the Libre Office equivalants the thing that takes me most time with any documents is the "thinking" part. Will an endless strew of magical icons, widgets, drop down boxes or wizards ever be able to replace or improve my main problem, I doubt it.......

I don't pay for office, my company does that, and as long as I work there I will always have access to the latest versions BUT what advantage does that truly offer me over and above that which I had 10 years ago : almost nothing. I still struggle to create original content, to please my clients and to find the happy medium between too much and not enough and I doubt that any office suite in the world will ever be able to aleviate these problems, which is probably a good thing.....

I wish MS would bring out a "light" version rather than more complete or cloudy versions. I would like something quick and rapid that I can put on a USB key rather than 1.5Gb of DLLS that I will never use. I don't need endless directories or clipart of database connectivity on a daily basis.

MS Office is probably worth more to MS that Windows is and I understand that they need to keep pumping out "new" versions but honestly nothing new has came out for many years. As much as I appreciate the MS Office suite, it is after all an excellent tool, it has become a blind whale lost at sea.

<--- It's OK Microsoft, we are fine with the versions that we have, try bringing something new to the market. Repacking of the old does not make your campers any happier.

Chinese upstart smears Android's Ice Cream Sandwich over PCs

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Re: Hmmm....

I admit that my dev usually evolves around text based apps or sliding bitmaps, none of which require more than a few frames per second.

I upvoted you for having the courage to write anything else using the emulator. I did compile the 3d samples once and they were actually OK. I lost interest quickly though as I found the graphics threads a little confusing.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Port

Or Wine if you look at it from the other viewpoint.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Hmmm....

The emulator actually runs OK but ONLY after you have waited "unpatiently" for it to boot up.

The big error is closing the Emulator between compilations...

Naked intruder cracks one off in Florida rampage drama

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Re: The guy went a bit overboard


Sorry by wording on my behalf. I intended to make a "recursive" case whereby.

1 : Shoot all the crazy people.

2 : You have to be crazy to shoot people

3 : Therefore all the shooters have to be shot too.

Thereby reducing the population to a few Amish and some stoners....

( I have made the presumption that the Amish and the stoners don't own guns, are crazy or like to shoot people.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Uh, JaitcH (was: Americans use such self-explanetory language ... once you learn the vocabulary)

Missing the guy 3 times meant that she was potentially putting 3 other peoples lifes at risk with stray bullets.

The kid next door, the postman and the local telephone engineer......or even Mr Land....

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Re: "drink the contents from a wet-dry vacuum cleaner"

She shot one off so he decided to do the same...

Khaptain Silver badge
IT Angle

The guy went a bit overboard

This was like reading the script from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".... It really couldn't get much more abstract.

Imagine for a moment that the Amercians decided to shoot all of the crazy people in their country. There would be so few people left that it would actually become "civilised" again. "People that own guns can't really be classified as being civil".

<-- IT Angle, anyone - Unless getting fueled up on Acid and cracking one off in the office is somehow IT related?

Patch often: Cyber-crim toolkits love stinky old gaping holes

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The first thing to do is to switch of the computer, unplug the phone line, disconnect the electricity, board up your doors then head down into the cellar.

Remove the shotgun from the cabinet, insert new catridge(s), put end of barrel into mouth and pull trigger.

There, no more problems ..... That's how to fool them damned ruskies............

Now isn't that a nice thought for a Monday morning...

( Statistically. I would think that you would be safer with the latest Java. even with its holes, than you would be with a 2 year old unpatched IE 6)....

Apple loses 'Most Valuable Company' honor to ExxonMobil

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Some sense at last

The fact that any tech such as Apple, Google, Microsoft etc are capable of arriving in this position is actually a very disheartening state of affairs.

Our lives are completely based around that which we do not require. I admit to being part of this situation but I have just not found an alternative which I am willing to pursue.

Consumerism, really is a plague..

Backdoor root login found in Barracuda gear - and Barracuda is OK with this

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Re: Service Entrance

If your data is so sensitive then why is it on a public network......

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