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LibreOffice 4.0 ships with new features, better looks

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If they have improved the interface - that's definately a good thing

I went to to their website this morning to have a look at the new interface but unfortunately the images don't show !!!!!


The other pages seem to work fine, it's only the discover page one that is playing up.

Facebook glitch briefly crashes several sites

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Why is that a problem ?

Facebook could go down for 3 months and honestly I think it would be a good thing. People might actually interact on a normal level.

Define Normal: The capacity to talk and dialogue usings ones mental and vocal capacities whilst standing fae to face with someone else. The removal of the requirement to dictate to world et al every living moment of the day. The termination of the publicaiton of ones biography in real time to an audience that simply doesn't really care......

The Register Android App

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the update doesnt do anything better

I just recieved an update from Google play. Installed it and prayed, same problems....

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Samsung Note

As soon as I start the applicaiton, I get a nice

"An application restart is required".

I can get to the main screen, click on the articles and get to the comments section on "some" articles. On the others, this one for example, I get network errors ( which I think in truth means timeouts of some kind or other"...) and Yes I have a good network connection I can browse to this site without problem.

Oh well, everyone has to start someone, I know a coder who is profusely sweating at this moment in time...

A new Mac Pro coming this spring? 'Mais oui!'

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Re: Nah.

Strange, Apple have based a very large part of their marketing strategy on that premise and they have done quite well.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Nah.

No, I didn't say that the Thinkpad was good looking, just that is was easily recognisable.

I mentioned the ugliness of the iMac in order to help make the distinction between it and the Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is usually a good looking piece of kit.

I agree that the publicity around the iMac would help them get recognised but the publicity only lasted for a short period of time and that was a few years ago. In comparison the Thinkpad has been around for what seems like an eternity and they are still seen on trains, planes and in offices every single day.

Would I call a Thinkpad a workstation, definitely, I have coded and compiled thousand of lines of code on a T43p. At the time it was my principal machine, I never felt the need to use the desktop. For me it was a workstation but then again I didn't do Audio or Video editing..

The term workstation has no real intrinsic value as the meaning will depend entirely on who you are speaking to and also in relation to the job for which it is being used.

For me a workstation is a basically a desktop machine speced out with top of the range everything. It might also be in a nice case but that doesn't change much except for its looks. Since processor power and hard disk speed increase at such a high velocity, today's workstation will quickly become redundant.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Nah.

I would beg to differ that more people would recognize an IBM Thinkpad and I would put that pot ugly iMac in second place.

Mac Pros are high end workstations that are stuck under desks like most other workstations. There really aren't many reasons that people would have seen one outside of the Apple Shops.

Khaptain Silver badge

More extended translation + Question

I would like add to your translation a little, it does make a difference :

"Apple have informed us that a new range of Mac Pros will be brought out in the spring of 2013."

The difference being that we are told a "Gamme" which translates a "range" or a "series". In other words there will probably be more than one version..

Info found here

But you won't find any reference to the new Macs.

On the MacG website there is a reference mentionning that France Systems have removed the last paragraph from the announcement they made, it doesn't mention why..

"[MàJ@20h15, 1re éd. à 13h45] France Systèmes a retiré le dernier paragraphe de sa lettre."

MAJ = Mise A Jour = Update.

China is world's most malware-ridden nation

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Re: 100% of Chinese are infected by this same malware

@AC 12:38

I think you may find that the CPC was in fact founded, in 1921, upon Marxist ideas. They have also included a few of their own ideals but the gist of things remain the same.

or would you prefer that I had called it a totalitarian ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: 100% of Chinese are infected by this same malware

@ Ole

>Lots of people trying to make lots of money, and lots of competition

That could also refer to Russia.

>doesn't sound like the spirit of communism to me

See above

>in this case it is malware called Americanism which is causing users to use a virus prone operating system

No, people always have the choice, Linux is free after all. I imagine that no-one forces them to use windows. If people aren't willing to change their OS for themselves then the large commercial compaines will definately try their best to sell their wares... Again that's not the fault of the Americans.

The last I looked the Chinese Government were definately communist. The fact that corruption appears to be rife is another problem.

Khaptain Silver badge

100% of Chinese are infected by this same malware

It's called communism......and apparently it's extremely difficult to remove.

Space station 'naut supplies Reg with overhead snap of Vulture Central

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>Chip on your shoulder much

I doubt it, I lived for there for a few years.

Lets have a quick look at the word history.

"The study of past events, particularly in human affairs".

The "People" are what create history. London is what it is because of the "People" that live there, the City itself is just another city. it's the same for all of the cities in the world.

Khaptain Silver badge

So much of history came from the "people" that lived in the country whose capital is this brightly-lit city. Although those same people were not necessarily citizens of that same country or from that same city - fixed that.

South Koreans pawn shiny tech for stress-free loans

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No need to pawn things

Shirley these people have livers, kidneys, unnecassary bones, sperm that they could sell, it wouldn't be the first time.

How the hell did they manage to buy their Shiny Shiny in the first place ?

( On second thoughts, not the sperm as this would mean that their genes are employed in the procreation process - bad idea).

Google Doodle honors British bone-finder Mary Leakey

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Re: I haz a sad...

The French one is still showing it, although since its probably based on IP location, ymmv

https://www.google.fr/ and also the Uk version http://www.google.co.uk/

otherwise search google for the following image


Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Honors? Honored!

I think the usage of "byline" was refering to the author and most notably his location......

Apple serves up 25 BEEELLIONTH iTunes download

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Re: You've been sexting again haven't you.....

I just had to go a look up who Diana Abbot was, ouch. The beads tears are still rolling down my face.....

<----- Have one of these, made by day..

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Was it really "Monkey Drums"???


You've been sexting again haven't you.....

Microsoft to open 11 new retail stores by summer

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Buy a computer in a store

In my 20 years or so of owning a PC I have never considered buying the complete thing in a store. Various peripherals and a few odds and ends but that's about it.

However, stores are useful for confirming whether or not the evaluatiions that we commonly read are valid or not.

Also, whether or not someone buys a MS tablet in a store or from Amazon still means a sale for Ballmer.... He doesn't care how the material is shifted just so long as it moves.

US military advisor calls for McKinnon pardon, recruitment of "master hackers"

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Master Hacker ?

>"attract the kind of “master hackers”

Regardless of being innocent or guilty, Gary McKinnon was not a master hacker. At best he could be known as a script kiddie.

Master Hackers are definitely not the kind of people that spend their time looking for applications that are still using default passwords.

Also please refrain from using "Hacker" only in the negative sense.....

These two "Master Hackers" have identified a weakness in TLS encryption by studying reponse times. They are definitely not in the same category as GM.

BIS, bash, bosh: El Reg solves BlackBerry 10 email bafflement

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Re: Great name

How about simply :

Company Once Curiously Know as RIM

Cisco joins $8m gang, shovels cash into ex-NASA OpenStack cloud upstart

Khaptain Silver badge

Is it Billions or Millions

>and Piston Cloud has said the money would be used to “enhance” products, grow the customer base and establish new partnerships

With 8 Billion they can do a lot more than that:

Buy a couple of Islands, a luxury yacht or two, a football team and "El Reg"..........

BANG and the server's gone: Man gets 8 months for destroying work computers

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Re: Where I work -

We also have a large pair of "damp electrical clamps" hanging from the ceiling for those that don't have testicles ( I believe that all genders have nipples). Works on the much the same principal as a taser, but with 240 volts and 13 amps, I have never seen anyone try twice.

As Obi once said "I think the power of dissuasion is strong here Luke".

Khaptain Silver badge

Where I work -

We have a testicle weighing machine, which means that you would have to know the weight of my testicles on a given day.

If you place your jewels on the scale and they are the wrong weight, a heavy hammer will inflict a reminder that you do not have access to the server room.

Never had any incidents or breakins - go figure.

HP jumps on Chromebook bandwagon with 14-incher

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No Windows tax but they come pre-loaded with a subtle Google Tax.

To quote Blackadder.

"Baldrick you wouldn't recognize a subtle plan if it painted itself purple and danced naked on a harpsicord singing 'subtle plans are here again'"

<------ ET phones home....

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Laptops with no OS.

Which if any of the big name manufacturers actually provide portable without any OS ?

If HP can make it this cheap with Chrome OS, then why not just bring out a laptop with no OS and absolutely minimal cost.

Why not let us choose for ourselves. ( Removing a pre-loaded OS does not count)..

BlackBerry: Aaah, Microsoft, we meet again.. for another deathmatch

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: The Mother

Cher Dogged,

Mea culpa, je vous présente mes sincères excuses.

( PS : I am not actually a Francophone, it's just that French is the language I use at work - El Reg is about the only thing that I actually read in English nowadays - Except for the usual admin stuff - I have now reinstalled ieSpell - Hangs head down a walks away slowly)

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: The Mother

Lol, that description is so vague that they could be reponsable for making the next Lunar Space Rocket and also for providing the cleaning service that goes with it....

[Must admit, reading MS quarterly reports is not one of my pasttimes.......]

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: The Mother


I agree that MS and Apple's eco system are capable of succeeding where most cannot.

Blackberry do already have an established userbase though and they also have the backing of business, government and institutions that require a minimum of security.

Blackberry are not a newcomer, although they have lost out to the public at large, and I believe that they should enforce their existing strong points before branching out into shaky territory. Neither Apple, MS or Google have "secure" services, this if anything is definately a BB stronghold, If they can re-succeed within the business market they will continue to survive.

If they can't hold on to the business market though, they will sign their own deaths. This would be unfortunate because it keeps the others on their toes, which is good for us the consumer.

I would like to see them open up BES in order that other platforms can easilly connect...

It is definately not going to be a smooth ride for them though.

Khaptain Silver badge

The Mother

Microsoft is first and foremost a software company, with a very large bank account and have no absolute requirement to succeed.

Rim Blackberry is a Phone manufactuer, with a comparitively minor bank account, who will end up closing its doors if it doesn't succeed.

I put my money on Blackberry as "Necessity is the mother of invention".

Schmidt slams China as world's most prolific hacker

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Re: He who pays the piper, calls the tune ......

I think it would be safe to assume that Eric Schmidt must be no1 provider for the NSA/CIA/FBI today.

As well as being extremely efficient in Search Engine technology I can easily imagine that their are some very clever Oompa Loompas in Google's labs capable of doing a lot more that simply returning search results.....

Khaptain Silver badge

Ex title holders ?

Does this mean that the Mericans have been knocked of the top spot?

UK minister: 'There must be a limit to what the gov knows about its people'

Khaptain Silver badge

Misread title

Did anyone else misrtead that as

"'There must be a limit to what the god knows about the people."

Dear Dog, don't worry there's a lot of people down here that don't have a clue either.

Linux boot doesn't smash Samsung laptops any more

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: playing idiot

Well done Billium, you really helped us to understand your "level" of understanding.

Would you kindly like to explain to everyone your perceived difference between Firmware and Software....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Sorry, wrong.

Why is it important.

To me personally it is not important. I have a life outside of El Reg, lol,

What is important however is the general consesus, many people vote without thinking beforehand. In the world of IT, pre-thought is vital in everything that we do. Our decision as IT Admins, Programmers or Managers, really does make a difference, we provide the tools that help or hinder our companies.

As professionals we shouold remove ourselves our Golden thrones, jump back down to earth, and consider that we are "paid hansomely" to provide solutions... When we "pretend" to know it all or pretend that one sytem is far superior to another , we are merely fooling ourselves.

Neither Windows, Apple IOS, Linux or any oher sytem holds the "complete" solution. As IT professionals we hold the solution by providing the best that we can with what we have available.

I very seldom agree with some of the "Gold Badged hacks" sense of "journalism", I won't name anyone in particular, but most of what they have to say is valid, albeit a bit theoretical and too much SMB based but it remains honest.. This is contrary to what I understand from the downvotes of the"pretend" Linux crowd, most of these downvotes probably come from neophytes hoping to make their place within the industry.. They still have a "lot" to learn".

Do down votes really mean much, of course they don't, but it does give a certain insight into the readership and their level of experience.

IT is a much as philosophy as it is a science...... We deal with people more than we deal with systems.

When we learn to become honest about what we reallly know; then we start to become usefull.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Sorry, wrong.

I gained about 50 downvotes for suggesting that Linux was partly to blame..

Thanks for posting........I run both Windows and Linux and as a programmer I will never consider any OS or application as being perfect.

Shit happens in IT because code is written by humans and none of us are perfect.......

We learn from our mistakes not from our success.

Google's Glasses: The tech with specs appeal?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Has your mother never told you...


I get where your coming from, it must be the age......Next time I am in GB, I should pay you a visit and buy you a pint....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Has your mother never told you...


As the prosecutor said to the Judge.

"Your honour I am rather embarresed to inform you but the Plaintiff is actually guilty of the same crime as the Defendant"

Oracle loses appeal in HP row over Itanium

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Oracle and Apple the perfect couple

It is difficult to explain why but I have always considered Oracle and Apple as belonging to the same basket.

Ellison and Jobs share(d) a common denominator, complete disrepect for everything that stands (stood) in their way....

I have a little more respect for Ellison simply because of his sponsorshop for fantastic racing yachts. Jobs on the otherhand with his "stark" nightmare......

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

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Some people wonder

Some people wonder why Apple is not popular with everyone !!!!

Facebook finds new way to wring hundreds from users

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Less social than worms

I hope I never recieve a "virtual" greeting card, I find it completely impersonal, thoughtless,tasteless and downright cheap.

People really need to start developing their people skills again. I get the feeling that worms live a more social life than half of the FB/ Socila Media crowd.

Isn't it ironic that the "Social" media crowd spend so much time in Virtual LaLa land where there are no people.

WORLD temporarily FREED from BURDEN of TWITTER!

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Rhyming slang guv

"He was full of Twit"

"Holding the Twitty end of the stick"

"Eat Twit and die"

"I think I'll go and Twit allover the internet.".

Surface left on shelves as world+dog slurps up small slates

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Re: Original mistake to build lap-tabs was Apple's

I've got to ask, what is an "Ipad Training Class" ?

What level of intellect is required in order to attend such a class ?

Nokia tries its luck with a sub-£150 Win Phone 8: The Lumia 620

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Re: Annonces

Ooopps, my daily language is French and unfortunately "annonce" is correct in "french*.......

Must remember to "write" in English.....

Khaptain Silver badge

Next week in the headlines

Headline : Nokia are now "paying" people to take "any" of their Win8 phones.

Headline : Microsoft annonces an "unbelievable " amount of Win8 have now shifted ( Obviously exact figures will not be provided).

Headline : Dell annonces that in collaboration with Microsoft and Nokia, 3 free Win8 phones will be included in the purchase of any Dell computer.

Headline : Microsoft annonces yet another increase in amount of Win8 that have now shifted ( Obviously exact figures will not be provided).

Headline : Elop publically flogged by unknown chair wielding, ape like figure with alopecia.

New York Times probes China's Premier, gets hacked by Chinese

Khaptain Silver badge

[Insert country name here ] laws clearly forbid hacking attacks

Isn't this pretty much the same for all countries except for the one that uses the CIA and the NSA ?

How to destroy a brand-new Samsung laptop: Boot Linux on it

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Licence agreements


You are adding to the machine.

You are adding a set of instructions, from teh Linux Kernel, that only come into existance under certain circumstances.. These instructions do not exist without the USB key - as I mentioned before it is the equivalant of modding your machine.

Without the USB key no problem.

With the USB key problem.

Please note the need for the "additional" USB key before the problems are generated.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Licence agreements


Well if the tyres you fitted modfied that behavoir of the brakes then this would be justifiable, that's why certain items are certified and others are not.

Khaptain Silver badge

Licence agreements

Isn't this a shining example of why those damned Eulas/Licence agreements exist.

--->>>> Install your own software at your own risk..... <<<<--------

I am not critisizing Linux or Samsung, I am merely pointing out that installing your own ROMS, OSes etc is normally something which is done at your own risk.

it's the equivalant of me chipping the engine of my car, BMW refuse to garauntee the engine if I make mods...

By the way the article does not mention if the problem also exists when reinstalling windows or any other OSes....It wold be more interesting to know if this was a generic problem or a UbuntuLinux problem.

If it is a generic problem then the Ubuntu installers have just cause, if not well ........that's life.

Reg Hardware Awards 2012: The Winners...

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: The Apple what?

I don't believe it is the products that they don't like, it is the company......

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