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New Japanese craze: Knickers for iPhones' nether regions

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Re: It's not that crazy you know...

Lol, 2 people in my office still do.......

Khaptain Silver badge

Why bother with tthe phone

Alternatively the people that buy these "revolutionary ideas " could simply walk around with a pair of underwear on their own heads.

Groupon CEO Mason sent packing as shares continue to plummet

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Sweet Success

Mason has definately succeeded. The article doesn't mention how much Mason walked away with but judging by his letter this is definately a happy camper.

He walks away with a large capital, a packet load of experience, an address book that probably couldn't be paid for and I can easilly imagine that he is already thinking about his next venture.

25% of Groupon share value WIPED OUT after rates slashed

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Soap bubble

Somewhere far away in never-never land another ephemeral bubble has just gone "pwoooooff".

If I didn't see Groupons' name being mentioned on El Reg from time to time I would never even know that they still exist.

Google builds web games using Chrome on mobes as controller

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Mea Culpa

I mistakenly read Chrome as being Chrome OS instead of Chrome Browser.

My bad

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Why Chrome

I presume that Chrome is being used simply because it is a Google Gadget and that they would like us to believe Chrome is the essential piece of equipment !!!

I can't see many reasons for not using Android to do the same thing.

These biased articles make me shudder.....

Strategic SIEGE ROBOTS defeated by 'heavily intoxicated' man, 62

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Alternative solution

Rather than spray these robots with bullets it might make more sense to spray them with "paint" or drape a towel overs their eyes ( webcam).....

Blinding a robot renders it ll but useless **.

**( Unless they are also equiped with volumetric, heat detection or vibration detection sensors, then you would have to push them over or short circuit them)

PayPal founder sets up mobile payment service verified by FACEBOOK

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A vetted security system - Facebook

Since when did Facebook authentication posses any weight ?.....

As far as I remember you only need an email address, active on that day, in order to create a FB account....

The scenarios are probably already in the creation :

1 : Purchase a multitude of cheap domain address......

2 : Create thousands of FB accounts using newly created email addresses which are managed on a "dodgy" server within an obscure country.

3 : Enter stolen credit card details into aformentioned FB accounts.

4 : Start buying a plenty or whenever required.

5 : Suppression of email server and email accounts.

6 : Goto step 1 or 2 according to stock.

Facebook is by no means a gauge of security or of existance....... it's just another middle man who will eventually want/require to be paid...

World+Dog don't care about climate change, never have done

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Re: That's USA, right?

There appears to be a lot of bad press concerning Fracking, most notably for the environment. Is it really an alternative solution ?

Microwaves thrash fibre on speed... if you like two-nines uptime

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Run for the hills

Our societes are based upon financial transactions which involve no human interaction. (B)(M)illions of transactions per second which have the possibility of creating disasterous results for many of use should one of the algorithms fail.

Traders require faster and faster connexions and an increasing amount of transactions in order to obtain micro-centime profits on illusonary sales. Tha'ts just so sad and also frightening.....

I very much doubt that even traders understand how things really work today. They are basically playing the largest MMORPG in existence and they are using our money to do it......

New social network is for DEAD PEOPLE

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What's new

I thought that the other social networking sites were also for the dead, the brain dead !

Xyratex thrusts a Lustre cluster knuckleduster at Intel's bluster

Khaptain Silver badge


Xyratex's expects to connect its objects and affect Intel's complex projects.

McAfee dumps signatures and proclaims an (almost) end to botnets

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Re: AV is a malicious Peril

If you have an FTP Server, shared network resources etc then you can potentially "surrogate" the virus within the files that you host.

Virus are generally OS specific and even though your system might not be targeted you would be helping everyone by not "sharing" the virus any further. In such a case the AV is not protecting your system but it is helping protect others, which in turn is good for you also.

It begins: Six-strikes copyright smackdown starts in US

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Deflating cash cow

Consumers have a limited budget.

High end telephones, laptops, tablets, internet subscriptions account for a reasonable part of disposable income.

Where does the RIAA et al imagine that their "lost" billions will be recovered from ? Consumers certainely don't have endless quantities of cash. So, either Apple and Samsung etc lose out or the record industry loses out....

The cash cow is not expandable and at the moment it's actually shrinking..... The RIAA are not employing a very clever strategy here.

You've made an app for Android, iOS, Windows - what about the user interface?

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And hopefully there would be excellent security built into said runtime.... Can you imagine how many unhappy users an insecure platform, such as this, would create...

It might also be worth consulting the Oracle before you get roasted for having spent too much time under the Sun.

Khaptain Silver badge

Silver Bullet syndrome

Trying to avoid coding for each independant OS is like believing that Silver Bullets truly exist.

Pah! Social, file-sharing apps are SAFE compared to biz apps

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Apples and Pears

This article is comparing front end applications to back end services, strange logic indeed.

Who the hell wants to hack streams of social networking chatter?

Obviously the SQL Servers and Server protocols are going to get attacked, this is after-all where the really interesting data lies.

<--- Fail, because this article did.

Adobe punts fix for Reader, Acrobat holes battered by PC, Mac hackers

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Re: Question for the *nix crowd

Since were being slightly pedantic:

Did you mean OS X rather than OSX ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Question for the *nix crowd

Is MacOS on the same level of security as the major Linux distros ?

Quit the 2D internet, flee your cave, and GET LAID, barks rock star

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Re: Business Plan

<---- I am having a bad day ( again)...

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Business Plan

Dear Pedentards,

There - Their ( Yes, I see it it now)

Khaptain Silver badge

Business Plan

Will Jack White please also provide us with the details of the business plan that will allow for the "comeback" of said wonderfull life.

Big Business couldn't give shit about where there money comes from. They would be happy that everyone sat in caves.

Jack has forgotten that it is big business that pays his salary.

Being a rock star ( ex Rock star) does not entitle one to becoming the next philosophical guru. ( Dear Bono ,please take note)

We've slashed account hijackings by 99.7% - Google

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Black Helicopters

Phone numbers

The idea of providing Google with your phone number is not very appealing.

Microsoft: Office 2013 license is for just one PC, FOREVER

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Re: Who actually buys office anyway ?

Judging by some of the above comments, it appears that some of you didn't actually bother readingor trying to understand what was written. I would hazard a guess that some of you didn't actually get past the comment title. Or alternateively you don't actually work in IT and therefore don't understand what Enterprise licences or MSDN are.

I will allow you the pleasure of looking up the difference between an Enterprise Licence ( EASL) and a retail licence. Microsoft have several different licencing options which, although not free, definately help reduce the cost of buying multiple licences.

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Paris Hilton

Who actually buys office anyway ?

Serious question :

Obviously most people on El Reg will have Enterprise, MSDN copies.( Ok, the Windows crowd will)

Employees machines use Enterprise licences.

Student get it "free" from their university ( or LO or alternative).

Linux folks use LO or alternatives.

Pirates download it in torrents.

Grannies and Grandpas dont really need it ( well not many of them).

Teenagers have got more interesting things to do.

The unemployed wont buy such an expensive piece of software when notepad is usually OK.

So who is actually left and what actual percentage of the userbase does this relate to ?

Small clubs and associations ?

A very minor percentage of the working population ?

Obviously someone outside of the above list is buying it but is is very difficult to imagine who exactly.

Anyone have any stats or actual figures ?

<--- Paris doesn't need it, she once tried to classify her nail polish collection with Excel but it left coloured marks on the screen.....

Tizen mobile OS releases v2.0 code

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Tizen are not alone

Samsung have become the heavyweight of the mobile market and as such can sway the balance.

If they backed a system with good hardware, cheaper phones, no spy ware or lock in, an App market that had few but serious apps then personally I would be happy to shift.

I only use a few common apps, standard telephony functions and Gps. I imagine that I am quite a typical user. My needs do not require a particular OS but they do require a stable OS.

If they would also include a 'garauntee' for updates then they might stand a chance of making some market penetration.

But like everything today this could end up being just another pipe dream.

I would like to see them suceed just for the sake of reducing the Google monopoly.

Baby-boulder bowling burglar breaks Boulder Apple Store's $100k glass door

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Re: Alternative title

Mea culpa, I admit that my alliterative skills exceed my grammatical skills.

Khaptain Silver badge

Alternative title

Apples appliance advertising area atrophied after astounding attack.

iPad? Pah. Behold the EYEPAD, patented by Sony for the 'PS4'

Khaptain Silver badge

Skull and crossbones

With a cleverly designed logo they could call it the "AyePad".

What say ye Captain..,.

Ex-pats take note: China IT salaries set to jump 40 per cent

Khaptain Silver badge

Salary increases in China ?

Would it not make more sense for the Chinese to outsource to India ?

Facebook turns billion-dollar profit into tax refund

Khaptain Silver badge

Billion dollar profit ?

A Billion dollars of profit equates to 20 Million per week.

Obiously there are the usual overheads : salaries, services, providers, equipment etc.

Lets say just for argument that FB are making a 50% profit, which is probably vastly exagerated.

That means that this company, that sells nothing but your information and personal details has a "weekly" revenue of 40 Mllions Dollars.

Why does this make me feel so ill ?

Facebook devs HACKED in 'sophisticated' Java zero-day attack

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Black Helicopters

Social Engineering, Company Laptops and Governments

I can imagine that attacking Facebook through its public interfaces is not a great idea.

However, targeting company laptops of specific employees is probably a far better idea, most notably for Governments and other Industrial Spies. It's just a matter of selecting the appropriate employees.

Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Toyotas


Sorry Geoff but this has definately happened before, this one only had to travel 40Km....

Cruise control problem Toyota

At the bottom of the article they mention that this has already happened before with at least one other Toyota. Following which Toyota did a recall, or at least in France they did.

The page is in French , you can do a Google Translate if required

Facebook in futile attempt to block perverts from Graph Searching for teens

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Ethical question

Can someone explain in clear terms why Children under 13 NEED to be on facebook ?

Pop's Chubby Checker condemns use of Palm to check pocket-chubby

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Proceed with caution

Apparetly there is also a womens versions, it display a ruler on the screen and a flashing band which reads "please insert"........

The accuracy of the app depends on the phone's form factor...

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro range

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Re: Please stop moaning about transat differences

Exactly, under the category of "recreation and leisure".

Manufacturers know just how high or low they can push the price limits without having too large an impact.

If the prices are too low, the manufacturer doesn't make a profit, too high and no-one will buy one. Therefore he will adjust accordingly and since countries have differing "costs of livings" then the price of goods will also differ.

Where things get all fucked up though is with the grey market but that's another story that belongs in another forum.

Khaptain Silver badge

Please stop moaning about transat differences

Why does the subject of cost difference enter into every subject similar to this one.

The cost of living in the States is not on par with Europe.

Items are sold by manufacturers in relation to many things, the cost of living is one of them and it has to be taken into account in order that the local Apple workforce can also survive , locally.....

I am only using Apple as an example the same applies to many other companies.

There are probably a hundred other forums far more suited to this than an IT forum.....

Kiwi Coroner says Coca-Cola helped kill woman

Khaptain Silver badge


How did she manage to avoid diabetes after consuming so much sugar ? ( I was under the presumption that large sugar intake and Diabetes (type 2) were related).

Also , as much as I don't like Coca Cola and the advertising world, I think it would be unfair to blame them for the stupidity of this woman.

This woman had serious psychological problems not Colca Cola problems.

Coca Cola should to some extent be responsable for the tooth decay problem though.... I agree with the other poster that said pictures of "severe tooth decay" should be displayed on the bottle.

Samsung laptops can be NUKED by ANY OS – even Windows: new claim

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Re: Why Linux could trigger a bug that Windows might not

Guys, calm down

I am not knocking anyone, neither Linux nor Windows developers. That is not my intention, I have obviously been misunderstood from the beginning or I have badly worded my comments.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Why Linux could trigger a bug that Windows might not


Please reread my second phrase

>Therefore as long as an OS can interact with a processor or interface of some kind ( RS232) etc then in theory any OS has the capacity to trigger firmware functions,.

I am quite sure than I am being explicit enough in detail in order to understand that that no one particular OS is any more capable than any other .....

Yes, I agree that the instruction will come from User Space, I did not state otherwise.

<quote>I'm not sure some strange theory about how and why certain organisations write the code they do is particularly useful in this instance

It is extremly relevant, Linux devs have the capacity, knowledge and depth of understanding that can take them further than other OS devs might need/want to go.

In case you didn't understand the undertow, Linux developers push things further than Windows developers normally need to.... and that is usually a good thing, although unfortunately not in this case because of badly written firmware..

Khaptain Silver badge

Why Linux could trigger a bug that Windows might not

Firmwares will present an API to an OS or will react through a multitude of electrical signals from various external sources.

Therefore as long as an OS can interact with a processor or interface of some kind ( RS232) etc then in theory any OS has the capacity to trigger firmware functions,.

Linux was written by inquisitive programmers that like to hack any and all given APIs, interfaces in the quest for knowledge or functionality. This allows Linux to be used for a myriad of different purposes .

Windows and MacOs, on the other, have a different purpose than that of Linux. They are intentionally created as single purpose "End User" OS's whereas Linux is a Swiss Army Knife. WinOS and MacOS do not need the same amount of functionality, I am generalising quite a bit but it's easy to understand what I am getting at.

This I believe could differentiate why one system would trigger bugs but another would not. Linux devs might write code and functionality that remain in the overall scope of the Linux way of thinking whereas MS Devs would simply ignore the existance of such and such an API because it does not fall into the scope of their requirements..


Twitter translated to LOLCATZ: Strangely this had not been done

Khaptain Silver badge

Internet memes !!!!!

Are their not already enough illiterate people without adding crap like this.

If nothing else I suppose that it will allow the Chavs to communicate on their own level.

Chrome OS code suggests Chromebook Pixel could be real

Khaptain Silver badge

LArge Screen TVs

I can imagine that they are actually preparing for the new 4K TVs and whatever other high definition home TV screens will be available in the near future.

Can BlackBerry survive? Well, the woods are still full of bear poo

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The competition

Apple have lost their panache, IOS doesn't cut it anymore, no more Shiny Shiny. Tim Cook botched things up seriously here (cough cough Siri, cough cough Maps).

MS are flailing about wildly and making very little progress. Market penetration - what penetration - 4 sales != penetration?

Android - Now this is Rim's most serious competitor and it's not even a company, it's a platform. RIM will have to pull a magical rabbit out of the mythical hat in order to entice Joe Public away from Android. They also have to add a magical "function" that will entice the corporate users - not an easy task...

They have a new OS ( Qnx) which might be able to encourage a few "bleeding edge users". They have an excellent messaging platform ( Email , BBM) etc which existing followers of the platform will probably continue to adhere to.

Their handsets tend to be like Thinkpads, ( or at least the expensive handsets are), which means solid and reliable but not very "beautiful or Shiny Shiny"...... This for me is a good thing, give the bling to the Chavs, I don't need it.

BUT, they need to provide us with something revolutionary..... They need to present a new "dish", we've been fed the same dish for the last last 3 years..... We need some "Haute Cuisine" in the mobile world..

We already know what Apps are, Maps are, Voice recognition is or does ( or does not), predictive text, etc etc etc etc .

Please Mr Blackberry, give us something that will make us say "wow", now that is a nice feature why did no one think of that before....

Otherwise it''s going to be a difficult road to walk

Michelin critics to football blogger: Salaud! Unhand that URL

Khaptain Silver badge

I expected something else.

I didn't see Michel IN any of those guides, he was definately close by, but that's about it.

Now if that site had been JimmyInGuides the images would definately not have been SFW.

Don't be shy, vendors: Let's see those gorgeous figures

Khaptain Silver badge

Planned maintenance

We have Avaya telephony platforms and I would say that they retain these figures. Outside of human error or telephony provider/operator problems I have never seen the systems go down. The systems do have problems but they can be taken care of without losing uptime.

It is important that the correct maintenance procedures are carried out and that "maintenance" downtime is not included in the 99.9%.

You must also remove "human error" for which the manufacturer cannot be held reponsable, unless of course it was one of their staff that made the error ( but that's another problem).

What I am trying to say is that in a few cases, albeit very few, these figures are actually achievable. Avaya's larger systems, just like larger IBM AS400s etc can have parts replaced in real-time ( hotplugging of almost anything) without having to shut the system down/reboot.. No downtime.....

Superbowl blackout was a stuff-up, not Anonymous

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Re: Variable Relays

I wonder which cost more in the end? The rehersal or the powercut ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Variable Relays

Are variable relays common ?

I used to work in white room for a company that made relays for the home but they were all single value, high sensitivity relays.

I can't imagine the Amperage required in a football stadium but it must be quite impressive..

What does seem strange this is why the power would have been pulling harder than expected. They obviously new what the lights, sounds etc would pull as I imagine that they had already been through a full rehersal.. ( Unless of course someone set the relay to cut out at only a couple of microclicks above the exprected draw.)

Microsoft needs to keep visible under waves of Blue

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Re: Subscription service?

Woudl this also make it difficult for Microsoft to radically change it OS. New version would remain simply incrementals in order that compatibility was ensured.

In other words you would not have to update any more often than every 2 or 3 years...

Unless of course your version "expires" beyong a given date ( now that would be a pain).

Big Windows updates may ship this summer – and every summer

Khaptain Silver badge

Licencing or Leasing

I get the impression from the article that they are actually gearing up for "annual fees". Rather than the usual pay once every 5 years they are now looking at "leasing" their software or maybe even the lowest of the low "Monthly" payments.....

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