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When neural nets do carols: 'Santa baby bore sweet Jesus Christ. Fa la la la la la, la la la la'

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Re: 12 Days of Regmas

And also misinterpreted Bitcoins, which are currently falling, to no-ones surprise...

Weed wish you a merry Christmas: Pot-toting OAPs tell cops 30kg stash is for pressies

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Should we presume that their version of Santa Claus has dreadlocks... ?

Ubuntu 17.10 pulled: Linux OS knackers laptop BIOSes, Intel kernel driver fingered

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Re: The Intel Driver bug is possibly a bit more present than Intel lets on.

" I'm pretty sure the same buggy drivers were present in Windows 10, but got removed quickly and without any public mention"

Considering the size of the Windows user-base and the act that ElReg would have jumped all over it, I doubt that very much.

Intel Drivers for Linux are just that, they are dedicated...

Sex robot forum venue 'encrypted in a poem'

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Re: Is this poem ?

Re: Is this poem ?

More precisely I would state that it is limerick,

And I hope that my reply doesn't come to quick ,

As the subject of sex in only five lines

Is all that it takes to make the monks start to pine.

When the image of Mary start bloating their dicks

France gives WhatsApp a month to get slurps in order or face fine

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Re: So what if they don't ?

"It's not going to block WhatsApp as its citizens would throw a wobbly".

Why not, everyone would just fire up Telegram or an alternative and it would be business as usual, except for Zuckerbeg..

I, for one, am all for this, with a little bit of luck it might start the ball rolling and start to put an end to all the hidden and unwanted Dataslurping. Hopefully Google and Microsoft will be next.

If I have to pays a couple of bucks thereafter for Whatsapp that's ok with me.

Vive la CNIL...

Kent woman to season festive dinner with her mother's ashes

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Guests beware

Imagine learning about this idea AFTER having been invited to the party.

Here in France there are quite a few cheeses that are covered in ash, I might just check the ingredient list a little closer next time.

They're baaaack: Avaya outlasts Chapter 11

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Re: Was glad when we ditched Avaya kit here

As much as I understand that their alternative system, on our case we have a Call Center and this is where Avaya are extremely strong.. For basic office telephones, I would agree that Avaya is not a cost effective solution.

Windows 10 bundles a briefly vulnerable password manager

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Which version of Windows 10

I read that is a MSDN version but which one exactly, is it a developers preview or an existing version ?

It's not in 1703 or 1709 or at least not in any of the versions that I currently run.

Never heard of "Keeper" before this post... Seems strange that MS would include a 3rd part app like this.

Brit film board proposed as overlord of online pr0nz age checks

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Suitable alternatives

The first question that should be asked is "Why" the under 18s want to look at porn or other illicit content.. Answer that question first and then proceed to determine if any action should be taken...

Quite possibly the under 18s need their minds nourished with something other than what is currently on offer but do we truly have better suitable alternatives for them ? If we don't offer them something better then I can easily understand why they are doing what they are doing.. Porn and illicit content are a means of escaping the trials tribulations of contemporary society, just like drugs and alcohol, which when taken in moderation are perfectly fine, it's the over-indulgence that creates problems.

And what about the other powerful elements that are in play; subliminal advertising, junk TV, junk food, the dream of instantly becoming rich without making any effort all being pushed endlessly 24 hours a day etc,etc. Shouldn't we also consider the negative impacts that they undoubtedly bring ?

Society in general has a role to play we cant just blame the governments. It really does appear as though we are sliding down towards a very dark place...

Auto auto fleets to dodge British potholes in future

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Meatbag option

"A Highways Agency report suggests that cars of the future could report road potholes automatically,"

Are Human Beings no longer capable of producing the same effort ? At no cost other the development of a simple GPS location tracking and Pothole Detected button !!

And will it actually make the repairs of said Potholes any quicker....

When everything becomes automatic will there been any need to actually leave your bed ? Maybe in the near "Matrix" style future, we will have plugs in our arses which will deliver the power to all these some much needed automates....

Call me anything but please don't call me sarcastic... It makes me upset, tightens up my sphincter and I can no longer provide the power to my El Reg auto-reply bot..

Hey, we've toned down the 'destroying society' shtick, Facebook insists

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Re: facebook eventually imploding.

"The emergence of something like Facebook which makes most of humanity into a shallow, simple-feedback driven mob has long been predicted."

I am afraid to say that humanity has been like that for far longer than just the period relating to the emergence of Facebook. Facebook and social media et definitely hold responsibly in its continual increase though.

Social media has some positive points but I often feel that they do not outweigh the negatives. Hence I have no social media accounts.

PS : I have no social media accounts unless El Reg is considered as Social Media ??

US authorities issue strongly worded warnings about crypto-investments

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Hidden meaning

"Financial market professionals were warned to make sure they stay on the right side of securities laws"

Should we understand from this phrase that they have already detected something unsavoury is going on behind the scenes ?

YouTuber cements head inside microwave oven

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Speaking to the BBC, Watch Commander Shaun Dakin of the West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) said: "All of the group involved were very apologetic, but this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need."

It was definitely genuine and I am quite sure it was accidental in the fact that this was not the intended outcome.. I see no reason that the Fire Brigade would consider this as anything else.. Kids climbing then falling out of trees, cooks forgetting to turn of the stove etc are all genuine and accidental. No one intentionally expects their life to be put in danger.

Even though this was a prank stunt, the need for calling the services, and consequently saving the guys life remain the same...

Viagra's Irish plant STILL giving local men and dogs stiffies (not really)

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I had too look that up, effectively that it is one hell of a name for a diving club... made by day

Khaptain Silver badge

And this is a problem ?

See title

Boffins foresee most software written by machines in 2040

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Silver Bullet Syndrome

Never forget that clients are comes meatbags that are never truly sure nor fully understand their own requirements which change constantly during development phases...

It's not AI that is required, you would need to be at least Deity Level to get coding done correctly without human intervention..

Huawei Mate 10 Pro: The unfashionable estate car wants to go to town

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Re: Instant Fail

Ok I see, you mean it's just the wall plug that is different ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Instant Fail

"The M10P uses Huawei's proprietary charger"

I have a 9 and I love it, the Standard USB C 2 amp charger gets it charged up pretty damned .

But anything that mentions "proprietary" quickly becomes a PITA... It usually involves having to buy at least 2..... One for home you get that included, but then another for work and another for travel.. AAaaagggghhhh.

If it is not standard, forget it. I already have bags full of old proprietary chargers and I refuse to return to anything non standard.....( Shame that laptop manufacturer never understood that either)

Google to crack down on apps that snoop

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Re: Standards?

It actually takes effort to include the modules, which means it is definitely intentional in behalf of the Devs.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Stop Snooping - That's our job - [Google]

In relation to GDPR :

I want to know what the devs/companies are doing with the data that they hold and exactly which data they have collected and which third parties also gain access . Only then can you decide if you are prepared to continue or not.

In any event if you don't accept the access the apps often don't work correctly and if they do they they should not be requesting access.

Google should also be far clearer about what they themselves slurp and how they use it and to who they give access...

Creepy Cayla doll violates liberté publique, screams French data protection agency

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Re: Oh FFS

There's already a long queue, it might take some time... and no pushing to the front please..

French activists storm Paris Apple Store over EU tax dispute

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Re: Theft or not

Thanks Phil, effectively I have been confusing the two... That clears that up for me :-)

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Theft or not

If they are escaping paying local taxes by paying less elsewhere should this not be considered as actually stealing from the customer?

I'm not quite sure what you mean. If they are escaping paying local taxes by paying less elsewhere should this not be considered as actually stealing from the customer?

I'm not quite sure what you mean.

I imagine the following:

The product has a value of 800 €.

Apple add the local French Tax of 20% ( they price in accordance with local taxes)

The product is sold at 960 € to the end customer.

Apple pay 3% tax or whatever in Ireland.

What happens to that 17% of tax that does NOT belong to Apple ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Theft or not

I presume that Apple products are priced locally with local taxes in mind ?

If they are escaping paying local taxes by paying less elsewhere should this not be considered as actually stealing from the customer?

I agree that they do actually pay tax , just not to the right government, so we can't fault them for not paying taxes.

But the delta should surely be returned to the customer, after all it did actually come out of pocket. Or else France in this example should request the tax from Ireland or wherever Apple plays it's tax avoidance trickery.

Apple are Alos not alone, Google et Al are in the same evil bag.

It's a question not a statement , would like to hear a sensible answer.

Royal Bank of Scotland culls 1 in 4 branches, blames the interwebz

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Mortgage negotiation

Will the online banking platform allow for Mortgage Negotiation whereby you can pressure the Website Admin into removing the hidden fees, transaction costs, lowering the insurance, interest rates etc ?

Stop us if you've heard this one: Russian hacker thrown in US slammer for $59m bank fraud

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Re: Stop me if you've heard this one: Casual racism is rife on the Internet


Were you confusing El Reg and Reddit by some chance ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Should have spent more on a good lawyer.

"And since when does the "CEO" of anything ever go to jail in America"

When he disturbs the "dark side" of other CEOs'...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the failest mobe of all?

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Apps not platform

Touchwiz and Facebook are applications( read programs) and not platforms I dont understand the relation to the Devices.

I would consider that badly written programs are developments problems not hardware problems.

I moved away from Samsung recently because of Touchwiz for exactly this reason.. I prefer Huawei's implementation due to the fact that is very close to pure android and I have not noticed the slightest problem since... Touchwiz is a hog, it is closer to the walled garden approach and hence not to my liking, especially the impossibility to delete Samsungs apps..

Win 10 creators update offers new reality opportunity

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If only I could install it

Even though the version 1907 is proposed natively through Windows Update, the install sequence goes like this:

reboot computer,

Install process begins

3 automatic reboots followed by an automatic restoration of the previous, 1703, version.

Gone through the sequence at least 5 times, and no amount of cache clearing, update resetting, registry magic will allow for my "Microsoft" Surface Pro to succeed.

VR is obviously not coming my way any time soon.

Surprise: Android apps are riddled with trackers

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"Call the GDPR experts now. No win, no fee."

Agreed, the Ambulance Chasers are probably in the process of Project Analysis and are getting ready to outsource to India..

Khaptain Silver badge


GDPR will "proposedly" allow you to request who/what information is held about you by whoever has it.

It would be interesting for someone to develop an app that provides this information and to provide direct links to the third parties whereby one can contact them directly and request that they stop...

Surveillance Capitalism thinks it won, but there's still time to unplug it

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Re: 'Surveillance capitalism, that’s on us'

"The issue is that "99.999999% don't care"

People do not want to think, they want to buy or be seen as having worth, the mechanics behind social media hold zero interest for them.... They just want to be to be popular, to be "liked", to imagine that they have their 15 minutes of fame.. Nothing new here really, it's been that way since homo sapiens got together as tribes...

But the true culprit is the advertising business, they are the ones pushing for more data, metrics.. Google/Facebook etc would have no business if advertising did not bring in revenue...

Pokémon GO caused hundreds of deaths, increased crashes

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Old News

Niantic have put measures in place, since quite some time, that stop actions being performed when they detect that your speed is above a certain limit 7 mph ( or 7 kph).. They don't even want to allow you to play whilst riding a bike hence the 7 mph/kph limit...

So I can only suggest that this is old news and reports that are only surfacing now have little relevance other than making someones job seem worthwhile...

nbn™ pauses hybrid fibre-coax build and will fix current connections

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Re: New Clean Coal and other technological marvels of the age

Privacy and freedom of speech on the internet.

Flying cars.

Clean energy.

Domestic robots.

Safer streets.

More employment.

Cheaper housing.

etc, etc, etc

China plots new Great Leap Forward: to IPv6

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Re: RFC 2460..

If the Chinese push IPv6 they will make a huge advance in relation to where we are today. We almost pretend as though it's Ok and we have time, we don't...

I get the impression that we will soon be trailing behind the Chinese in many areas... If we trail behind then in relation to the internet then will soon become relegated to second rate states.

As was stated many years ago "he who controls the information, controls the world"...

Munich council finds €49.3m for Windows 10 embrace

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Re: €49.3m for Windows 10

49M for 35000 users means a very expensive version of Windows 10... 1400 Euros per head...

Just what does this 1400 cover exactly.. Ok there will be servers and licences etc but that seems damned expensive especially when we consider that this will be a EASL/Open licence....

Baaa-d moooo-ve: Debian Linux depicts intimate cow-sheep action in ASCII artwork

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"In 2013 it was loaned to the British Museum who put an "under14" bar on unaccompanied children."

Correction : The article states that the museum will display it to everyone. It's only Naples that put the under 14 ban into place.

The Times reports that the museum "is determined to display" the object in plain sight, "rather than hidden" behind a curtain or in a "museum secretum" – a restricted area for those aged over 14 in the Naples Museum.

National Cyber Security Centre boss: For the love of $DEITY, use 2FA on your emails, peeps

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"Some cybercriminals would pass a Harvard MBA test, if it wasn't for the rampant criminality,".

Why bother with a Harvard MBA degree which guarantees "nothing", except for an increase in Harvard's own bank account, whereas a successful hacker can earn good money, pay no taxes and live anywhere he pleases without having to climb the corporate ladder...

The idea that a hacker is just some numpty in his basement has long been passed. Cyber-Criminality can bring in masses of wealth and as such has itself become a business.

I honestly get the feeling that parliament lives in a previous century, they really do need to wake up and realise that the "Old Boys Clubs" are a relic of the past, as is their thinking.

DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database

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Re: IoT?

The large majority here in France no longer allow any modifications to the (supplied) routers either.. It's annoying because the routers here are actually quite complete and offer a lot of other options as standard, NAT/PAT,DDNS, reasonable Firewall rules etc.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: IoT?

"I assume the home user would have to reconfigure the home router to use as first in the list."

A lot of the home routeurs, or at least those supplied by the ISPs have removed the possibility of changing the routers DNS, they force you to point to their own DNS servers. But, luckily it doesn't stop you from specifying your the DNS on your PC/devices..

Why Boston Dynamics' backflipping borg shouldn't scare you

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Incredible but scary

That first videos simply amazed me... and scared the shit it out of me at the same time.

If this kind of technology finds a "positive" usage than count me in ... However someone, somewhere is undoubtedly imagining Terminator style usage... and I for one wouldn't like to face this thing in a standoff.

How about that time Russian military used a video game pic as proof of US aiding ISIS?

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Jesus Toast

And what about all these Jesus pictures, images and toast ? Are they Fake News too ?

I hope my local priest doesnt find out that they are fake....

Black Horse Down, we repeat... yes, Lloyds Bank, again

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This Internet-Banking Totally Stresses Users Patience

US Homeland Security says hardly any Kaspersky software left on federal networks

Khaptain Silver badge

And the alternative is ?

It would be interesting to know what they are using as a replacement and especially in which country the software was written.

Openreach fibre plan for 10m premises coming 'before Christmas'

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Re: Isn't Wifi/5G a viable and cheaper option


Thanks, like you I don't really understand the down-votes, I too thought my question was valid. Fortunately some people did take the time to answer the question.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Isn't Wifi/5G a viable and cheaper option

As many of you realise my knowledge of 5G/Wireless is limited, hence my questions.

So how do they manage to get Wireless solutions working so well in the likes of train stations etc where there is a very heavy concentration of people, watching videos/tv/facebook etc.. Is it simply the fact that there are many/many antennae nearby ?

Why did I ask my initial question : I have just recently moved and had to use a 4G Router during the period that my new broadband line was being connected and I was able to surface/download at respectable speeds, around the 20Mb mark which was fine except for the fact that it ate up my 40Gb limit in only a few days.. ( had to buy another 60Gb)

Khaptain Silver badge

Isn't Wifi/5G a viable and cheaper option

With the increase in Wifi/5G speed wouldn't it be a better option to concentrate on Wireless solutions rather than digging up roads and pulling expensive cables/fibres..

I am sure that even a 100Mb wireless solution would be preferable to a 20Mb existing broadband connexion.

I have very little knowledge of the constraints behind Wifi/5G but it appears as though a physical cable/fibre would result in a higher TCO although I could be completely wrong on all points..

( By Wireless I mean any solution that doesn't involve cables/wires/fibres)

Softbank gets Uber A-OK for $9bn investment cash splurge

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Re: Fools and their money

"I won't harass women, the return on investment will be better than Uber (from hereon)"

I read that as "better than Uber (from heroin)". Indeed if you managed to invest 64Bn in heroin there would probably be a better return than that from Uber.

I must be old gen but Uber just doesn't appeal to me..

Teensy weensy space shuttle flies and lands

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Re: How teensie weensie exactly?

The El Reg article states 9m long, Wikipedia states 6.9m...

Maybe there are several variations... It could be a small Shuttle or a large Playmobil.

But in any event it is smaller than anything that I would feel comfortable re-entering the atmosphere in...

please fasten your seat belts we are about to enter some turbulence...

Samsung shows off Linux desktops on Galaxy smartmobes

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Re: Agile

Toilets are a shared facility. You've just got to try and make sure that you are a morning kind of guy. Late afternoons tend to be "difficult" moments and not conducive to good coding...

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