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Review: Nokia Lumia 720

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Really !!!

Quote : It's a strong platform that's far more friendly and usable than Android or iOS. It gets better the longer you use it.

Would you care to extrapolate on that ......

DDOS strikes BitCoin exchange Mt.Gox

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Soon to be known as

The Madoff DDOS.

I suppose it's one method of ensuring that price fluctuation continues thereby continuing to create interest for new "candidates".....

Report: Apple returned 8M shoddy iPhones to Foxconn

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Re: Shows

Quote : Apple take product quality seriously, other manufacturers could learn something here about not sending out a substandard product.

Of course they do, it's just that you are holding it wrong....

Linux in 2013: 'Freakishly awesome' – and who needs a fork?

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Re: And yet, and yet ...

Quote : "veer to what's on the desktop"

Because the desktop is where business gets done !!!!

Half of US smartphone owners have no idea which mobe to buy next

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Re: Whatever.

I am slowly moving back to that same general idea.. Being always connected doesn't bring as many benefits as what some would like us to believe.

Being completely unreachable is actually becoming more and more enjoyable..

My next phone, will probably be "No Phone".

Want to know if that hottie has HIV? Put their blood in the DVD player

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Re: Home Use ??

Direct from PDF:


We show here that a DVD drive can, with certain modifications, be turned into an improved DVD-based Laser

Scanning Microscope (DVD-LSM) (Fig.1). The DVD-LSM operates in a similar fashion to a standard DVD drive, with the addition of a second photo detector module positioned above the DVD surface. In this way, cells or other absorbance-based reactions on the DVD surface can be detected via the decreased absorbance or scattered light reaching the two photodetectors from the DVD laser light source. Using this principle, we have manufactured a DVD-LSM prototype that incorporates a standard DVD reader with photo detector (detection), rotational control (sample handling), temperature control (optimized bioassay), and software (signal processing).

A simple U-channel design was used to test the surface treatment procedure and verify cell attachment and counting using the integrated software of the prototype instrument (Fig.2-3). The top polycarbonate layer containing the fluidic features is UV-bonded to the bottom multilayer disc that is pre-functionalized with epoxy-silane. To incorporate a capture-based biological assay onto the DVD platform, the surface of DVD discs were first functionalized to enable the deposition of neutravidin. Briefly, DVD disc were first incubated with a neutravidin solution for 30 minutes, followed by washing with washing buffers. Afterwards, streptavidin-coated beads were used to test the fuctionalization and to evaluate the imaging capabilities of the system. Furthermore, for cell-based experiments, neutravidin was covalently attached to the epoxy-silanized DVD discs by a standard bio-conjugation protocol followed by deposition of antibodies

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Listen to Mozart whilst testing for HIV.

Does the music change according to the outcome ?

<-- One of these coming soon, it's Friday

... time machine. Iranian Dr Who claims he invented a ...

Khaptain Silver badge

Looking into the past

Has anyone considerd that looking into the past would be just as exciting.... think about it .

Hey Intel, Microsoft: Share those profits with your PC pals, eh? - analyst

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Re: The problem is simple


An OEM licence over a 4 year period would cost the buyer about 25€ per year, that's not a very substantial amount of money.

Dell have tried a few times to sell PCs with Linux and the unwashed masses simply didn't care. I don't believe for a moment that it is the cost that is a problem, Apple are proof of that fact.

Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone

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Re: Special equipment?

Radio signals apparently

Inuit all along: Pirate Bay flees Sweden for Greenland

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Re: If TPB dies

I am not sure which stats you are refering to JDX but there was an El Reg article recently, Google Takedown, where one of the head Honchos at HBO stated that piracy had no direct impact on sales. In fact he was actually quite proud because it reflected on the quality of his programs.

Khaptain Silver badge

If TPB dies

It would be interesting to see how many new "real money sales" would actually occur following the death of TPB. What's the betting it would be next to Zero ?

Whether copying Pirated software is right or wrong is another debate but I am convinced that TPB don't take sales away from anyone.

Who wants a smart meter to track'n'tax your car? Hello, Israel

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Re: Not such a bad idea

The major difference for me is that my fuel is not spent in traffic jams or only doing 3 mile journeys where the fuel combustion is extremely inefficient. For some people their damned engine doesn't even get the chance to heat up before they arrive at the office.

The price of a gallon is only one factor in the equation, think Chelsea Tractors.....

Khaptain Silver badge

Not such a bad idea

I only ever use my vehicule to drive home on the weekends, during the week I use public transport. I would be more than pleased to learn that I would gain the advantage of not paying for what I don't use.

I definately agree that the more you use the roads, the more you should pay. I don't drive in and around town during rush hours and try to avoid driving at all where possible

( PS : I consider driving a very boring obligation that I would happily avoid completely if the public infrastructure permited it - although there are occasions when the car is the only possible means of transport -

vacation, sport etc.)

Vinyl sales reach 15 year high, Blighty becomes No. 3 music buyer

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Re: Vinyl

I wonder if some of the covers weren't actually more covetted than the vinyl itself ......Some of them were quite literally works of art.

Seoul plans anti-GPS jamming system to thwart NORKS

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Norks - Serious or not

Does anyone on El Reg have any "valid" knowledge of whether or not the Norks are really serious or if this is just a world media stunt.

Do they really possess firepower or are they just throwing their dummies out of the pram in order to gain attention ?

Star Trek phaser sells for a STUNNING $231,000

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Yes, but normally you don't "pay" to act, you should actually get "paid" for acting...

On second thoughts, William Shatner should have paid....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: re. Kirk, left, and McCoy

Lol, I doubt it and I can quite easilly imagine that someone will be capable of telling us which episode the image came from.

Khaptain Silver badge

No, it doesn't work but for only $231,000 you can pretend that it does......

Android FOUND ON TABLETS inscribed with WORD OF GOD

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Re: RE: @Vlad

If one accepts Spinozas idea of God and Nature being one in the same substance then theology/religion has no reason for being. The word God is reduced to a synonym.

On another philosophical note :

Quote : Bertrand Russell

"No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe in God"

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: RE: @Vlad


Do you honestly believe that your faith would exist if you had never been handed a bible, torah, koran. Do you not find it strange that you have to be taught about all these mystery characters, doctrines and beliefs and that all of that teaching requires huge amounts of "faith" in order for it to become believable.

God is unfortunately just another means of control. Almost all Gods and their beliefs are based about one element "Fear". Fear is used in order to manipulate, the fear of God, the Fear of dying, the Fear of going to Hell etc etc etc ...... Whole nations can be moved by using fear, we have seen enough of this all throughout history. It really is a very powerfull "motivator", look at the the media usage today.

God is a concept, that is held merely within your imagination. Your imagination is fuelled by mere words from a book. Without that book your imagination would have gone elsewhere and Gods existance would never have crossed your mind. Your mind would simply have dwelled on other more fundamental things.

God exists only because you want him to and because others want you to think that way. ( it really is vey sad).

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Technology and Faith

If God really existed there would be no need for religion.

Technology will not change that fact.

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Hacking Hymns

I can easily imagine the fun that could be had by changing a few words :

The Lord's my pusher, I'll not want.

He gets me stoned so high

With weed so green, he leadeth me

The quiets sofas by.

( This was my attempt at an ecological hymn )

'1337 hacker' scrawls all over careless coders' SourceForge sites

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Re: Snooping not Hacking

I would argue that this is not hacking, there were no locks picked and no doors were forced.

Giving the world "read" permission is not the same as denying the world permission.

Technically I would call it an open invitation to snooping and they got "snooped".

Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance

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Re: connection comes with a 99 per cent contract guarantee

That is, unfortunately, the exact scenario for which I signed my last two contracts. Everything is on a ProRata basis in relation to the cost of the Data Line and nothing to do with the "actual" cost of what you may have lost due to the downtime.

German ransomware threatens with sick kiddie smut

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How do they manage to hide the financial transactions ?

If Credit Cards are involved then at least one Credit Card transaction provider is required ( Ogone, Worldpay) etc PLUS one of the banking intermediaries such as Sixpay PLUS the bank who is actually receiving the final monies.

It's not possible to hide "these" kinds of transactions without a lot of people knowing....... So there appears to be more than just these bad guys being dishonest.

(I just gave examples of the companies involved in CC transactions , there are probably a hundred more to choose from)

Movie bosses demand Google take down takedown notices

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"I probably shouldn't be saying this, but it is a compliment of sorts," he said. "The demand is there. And it certainly didn't negatively impact DVD sales. [Piracy is] something that comes along with having a wildly successful show on a subscription network." ®

Glad to see that at least one of them has the balls to admit the truth for once.

Amazon joins Dropbox clones, hints at cloud storage margins

Khaptain Silver badge

Look at all them clouds.......

I love the idea of the cloud : always available, multi platform etc...

BUT why can't I trust any of them ........ ( even by encrypting my data I am still not reassured).

So now Amazon have jumped on board, are they any more trustworthy ?

Rocket boffinry in pictures: Gulp the Devil's venom and light a match

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Space Junk

It's one thing to put all that technology up into space but who is ultimately responsable for bringing it back down again ( who gets the role as the cleaning lady) ?

Also how do they manage to keep track of eveything up there , don't they ever "lose" bits and pieces ?

Facebook prepares to dominate Android

Khaptain Silver badge

Ads on the home screen or April Fool

I wonder which is more likely ?

Review: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

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Re: At £700 a pop...

I agree that the type of usage is the most important factor. Nowadays I fit more in to the "light usage" category, I prefer my desktop for any thing which requires remaining in front of the screen for any length of time.( docs, dev, etc). Therefore I believe that the TPT2 could actually become a replacement.

Here in France/Switzerland it is almost impossible to lay your hands physically on anything "Thinkpad" related. There a no retail outlets which is a pain... I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Thinkpad in the TxxP or the Xxx series without first trying it out but this tablet begs to be "touched" before laying down cash..


Khaptain Silver badge

Re: At £700 a pop...

£700 is a lot for a tablet, but this is not a tablet in the "Ipad" sense: (ie for media consumption), it appears more to be a "BusinessTablet" ie : for Work rather than for fun.

If it could truly replace a laptop then the price is OK-ish ( it is steep but not unreasonably so).

Would I buy one at the price, yes, if I was convinced that it could replace a Thinkpad. I would need to use one on a real world scenario for at least a month in order to make a serious decision.....

Refusal to swallow scuppers woman's tadpole-smuggling plan

Khaptain Silver badge

Face full of tadpoles

I suppose that arriving at the check-out desk, after having facially received a wad of wet wobblers, wouldn't have been a very subtle idea either.

Corporate IT bod? Show 'em what it costs and management WILL pay

Khaptain Silver badge

The real costs

What is so often forgotten in most major companies is that IT provides the services that OTHER departments require.

It is not the IT department that is expensive , it is the other departments that use IT services.

To run the IT Dept I need very little equipment. ( My Computer and a small web connection)

To run the Call Center I need several databases, web servers, dedicated links, messaging systems, SMS systems, printers, large LCD screens etc etc etc etc ..

To run the Finance Dept, I need several databases, dedicated financial software, payroll systems, banking connections etc etc etc etc ..

To run the marketing and sales dept I need web servers, credit card transaction providers, fast DSL links for "Facebook" and "LinkedIn" etc etc etc etc ..

My lists are actually quite short and non exhaustive but I am sure that everyone gets the point..


Costs should be attributed to the department that require them not to the department that runs them.

I have the least amount of manpower but the largest budget, go figure. ( Not including the salary budget ).

Bottomless, unsatisfied Xbox widow cuffed after boyf flees nookie

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Hint, kids (of any gender) ...

There is too much information missing in order to make any judgement.

Was she/he a top model or a fugly ball of meat ?

When was the last time they had sex ?

Was he/she any good in bed ?

Did she want sex or just to receive some attention ?


And most importantly

What game was he playing ?

Apple tears itself away from iThings to squash Mac OS X bugs

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Drunk driving: No more dangerous than talking on handsfree mobe

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Tested a drivers skill... Accumulated risk

I agree with most of what you mention but what has not been mentioned is the fact on its own "handsfree mobe" conversations might not be very dangerous.

BUT if the driver is already bored, tired, irratated, had a disagreeable discussion with wife, or already had a couple of pints down the pub then any or all of these factors accumulated with the handsfree mobe chat will definately increase the risk of serious accident.

Most people only have a very limited attention span, speed seriously reduces our peripheral vision, alcohol is a known killer, fatique is terribly difficult to fight of - so by further adding a subsequent task that reduces ones attention even further is definately not a great idea...

It's not really the "handsfree mobe" that is is the problem, it is pushing oneself beyond the limits of reasonable concentration that it is the problem. The article could easily have replaced "handsfree mobe" with "solving mental puzzles" or "thinking about the new scene in your next shakesperean style play".

And for BlackBerry's next trick: Sawing Android, iOS IN HALF

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BB's IT Policy

I hope people are sufficiently forewarned about the lockdowns that BB IT Policies are capable of.

Obviously I can't speak for "Secure Work Spaces" on IOS, Android yet but on their own platforms their IT Policies can be a PITA. Our company uses a 2 minute timeout before the phone locks, after which a minumum 7 character password has to be typed in. Once a day is OK but after you have typed in your password for the 30th time that day it starts to get really boring...... There are far more restrictions but that's the one that kills me.

Now can you imagine that on your OWN phone in the case of a BYOD situation.......

IT chiefs choose Choose-YOD over full fat BYOD for now

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Marketing Bods and Spin Doctors apply here

From the very beginning this has been a Marketing ploy. BYOD is yet another Silver Bullet syndrome that doesn't really benefit anyone.

A few geeks might love the idea but that's about it. As much as I love my gadgets I will certainly not spend 600 Euros of my own money in order to use it for "work".

I already spend 50 odd hours per week in my office or hanging on the end of VPN connection from home without adding yet another noose around my neck.

<-- I will be glad when the idea of BYOD is relegated to pub talk about ideas that never quite made it...

Infinite loop: the Sinclair ZX Microdrive story

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Re: there is no such thing as a novel idea / invention ,!

That's not realy true, someone , somewhere definately had an orignal thought/idea that ran through his brain. Whether or not the idea was made publically available or patented is another problem.

For example : I was considering the idea of capturing some pheasants ( Syrmaticus reevesii), attaching electrodes to their legs and trying to power up a smartphone for which an application has been written which helps the user to find new pheasants. A kind of reciprocal animal hunting application.

"Similar" ideas might exist but the chances of someone having the exact same idea are probably far smaller that 1 in 7 Billion...... there might be some attaching of electrodes to "fruit" alternatives but that is not my intended goal or idea.

I would definately consider this as being a novel idea and I am happy to take the credit for being the first person on this planet to think about it.....

Unlesss of course your ideas are very generic . ie - "I want to invent a computing device" which today would not be an original idea.

Devs tease early screenshots of Ubuntu Touch Core Apps

Khaptain Silver badge

A little bit to early

We have become very accustomed to very "visually rich" applications, especially those weather widgets ( I don't use them but they do look quite good).

By bringing out images of these core applications before they are "ready for the public" doesn't make much sense to me. It leaves a bad impression before things have even begun. I understand that the developer is proud to have arrived at this point in the process but it is still far too early to be releasing screenshots like these.

I looked through the blog and was very "unsurprised" to see what I would consider as late Alpha, early beta versions of what will consitute the core of the new system.

I am not knocking the devs work, it is excellent that they have arrived so far, but they must be aware that they can also cause damage by releasing unfinished work this early on. The first thing that many people will see are those images and they will probably not be very impressed, those images will remain engrained for quite some time. ( Most people do not think objectively).....

Curiosity succeeds – Mars was wet enough for life!

Khaptain Silver badge


Many theories are based around what "humans" need in order to survive therefore we assume that others need the same...

But we do not truthfully know the exact composition of the environments that other lifeforms need to survive, we can only surmise and it wouldn't be the first time that we got things wrong.....

A million nasty, acid spitting aliens might only need a little water and a dusty red planet. ....H.R. Giger was in the know......

New UK cyber-champ: Chemist's winning formula cracks 'F1 race hack'

Khaptain Silver badge

Publicity stunt or serious competition

Either Stephen Milller is a part time cracker/hacker or this competition was just for hype.

The article doesn't really mention the level or knowledge that the canditates have. Monitoring switch, router, firewall logs or any other multitude of defense systems is not really a task for the uninitiated, I would have expected a neck beard to have won such a competition.

Gone in 30 minutes: Chinese tweets purged by army of censors

Khaptain Silver badge


Isn't this one of the main reasons for which Crytography was invented ?

Farewell, Reg: This hack is hanging up her Apple jacket

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Thumb Up

Good Luck

and thanks for all the fish

White House comes out in favor of legal mobe unlocking

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Re: Doesn't go far enough

The French are reasonable, the operator "must" give you the unlock code after only 6 months... Which I would agree is about fair. Orange and SFR usually have some kind of bloatware but nothing too bad depending on phone type.

In Switzerland there is no such thing as a locked phone, which is even better, although Swisscom sometimes add some bloatware. Orange however give you an unlocked and unbloatwared phone..

Samsung's next smartphone to scroll by watching your eyes

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Ideas bases on Pr0n

One hand holds the phone, the other hand is busy elsewhere. All it takes is a flick of the eyes and the next little pr0n video magically appears before beholder...

Report: Danish government hits Microsoft with $1bn tax bill

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Re: As a Swedish colleague said

When you see the Scottish women you understand immediately why it was only pillage.

New Japanese craze: Knickers for iPhones' nether regions

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Re: It's not that crazy you know...

Lol, 2 people in my office still do.......

Khaptain Silver badge

Why bother with tthe phone

Alternatively the people that buy these "revolutionary ideas " could simply walk around with a pair of underwear on their own heads.

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