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Eww! What have you done to the layout?

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Come back Eadon all is forgiven.

Should we presume that a TIFKAM, tiles interface is just around the corner.

Have to agree with some of the others, the interface is not quite as readable.

* Icons on the Right - just feels all wrong - As mentioned above - we read from Left to Right. The icons are a visual clue as to what to begin reading and what to ignore.

* Icons -- have to click on a tab to select an icon - As Eadon would say - FAIL. The old system was far more ergonomic.

* Icons -- Once wou have selected an icon and return to the text you can no longer see whiohc icon you have selected before clicking preview or submit.

* The title "Sort Comments by " - looks like a "Tab" but it is not..

* "Sort Comments by " - can we have "Most Commented" option in the list please.

* Upvote / Downvote arrows should be on the right. - This is where we naturally terminate reading.

* Grey and White colour scheme is "bland" - I am being polite here.

* Strange I just began replying to a recent post and the icon selection was at the bottom as per normal - Is El Reg doing a bit of live editing by any chance ?

I dont mind if the interface changes just as long as it doesn't replicate TIFKAM or that horrible flat windows look.

In 2017, a pack of hybrid mutants stuffed with NAND flash will descend

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If Gartner are so well versed in the arts of prediction, I wonder if they are capable of predicting their own demise ?

'The Apprentice' is a load of old codswallop, says biz prof

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Re: This ain't academia.

I still work in a MegaCrop, the backstabbing and mistrust are part of daily business, certainly among those that wish to climb the corporate ladder, most of them are absolute losers though.

BUT, the same "backstabbing and mistrust " I have also seen in smaller companies, certainely in the ones where there was money to be earned.....

Human beings are far from perfect. It is not for nothing that greed is one of the 7 sins.

I have only seen clips of that program on YT but from what I have seen it has nothing to do with creating your own business and more to do with getting yourself a little exposure ( exposure is good for business though).

Idaho patriots tool up to battle Jihad with pork bullets

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IT Angle

Solution for Afghanistan

So I guess that the Americans only need to fill up their drones with Pigshit in order to bring the war to an end.

Play the Snowden flights boardgame: Avoid going directly to Jail

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Private , he going to have to go private

If someone else is providing the funds then a nice Gulfstream 650 or a Falcon 7x could have him whisked off to anywhere that he pleases in no time at all.

A quick stop in the Azores, Marocco, Canaries etc...

Google NOT REQUIRED to wipe 'sensitive' search results after all

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Re: Seems pretty sensible

I agree with the gist of what you saying but there is a very large difference, Google makes the information publically available on a global scale "forever".

It is not quite so easy to dig up information from old newspapers unless you are willing to trudge down to the library and even then there are no search facilities, such as those proposed by google.

Example :A young man that has commited a minor crime will get punished for his crime and more than likely his name will appear in the local rag. That same young man realises that he has done wrong, he is smote by regret and decides to turn a new page in his life and work for the good of the community for the next ten years ( which no-one informs the newspaper about) .

That same young man goes to get a job, his future would-be employer has never heard of the man before and gives him a job because he looks like a good lad. All things remain hunky dory.

Given the same situation when the very small crime is written into the anals of Google. That same employer will then do a quick google search and find only the "bad" side of what the young man has done. No one ever wrote about the good work he performed for 10 years and will therefore have a very negative image which could be considered as unfair ( in effect he would get punished several times for the same crime).

Newspaper news is basically fogotten about after only a few weeks, unless of course it was a major crisis. Google information is eternal and Google potentially makes money from evey search.

I am not defending the wrongs of anyones crimes but everyone can change and become good citizens. Most of us need a second chance at least once in our lives..

Another situation : A young girl gets raped. 10 years from now a quick search on her name and the first thing that we see is that she got raped 10 years ago. I can imagine that there are a lot of people that really don't want that information so readilly available.

My examples are kind of crap but I am sure that everyone catches the drift.

I am also glad that all my idiot years were long before google was even a spark of an idea.

That enough, folks? Starbucks tosses £5m into UK taxman's coffers

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Re: I never pay at Starbucks

What, you pee in your coffee everytime you go into Starbucks ?

That's not coffee steam coming out of your goblet is it ......

Snowden: 'Hey, Assange, any more room on Ecuador's sofa?'

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Re: And in other news...

I am not so sure that tourism to Brazil is on the up at the moment. There appears to be a little bit of unrest....due to the bus fares.

Steelie Neelie: One cloud contract model to rule them all

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"That" is no longer an argument, it has now become a mandatory condition ( by the NSA for the NSA and sometime to be shared with GCHQ).

Home Office launches £4m cyber security awareness scheme

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Re: @JAke

Sorry about that Jake, i had presumed that the idiots that you mentioned were the ones that hold Governement seats rather than the couch potatoe ones sitting at home...

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Re: @Martijn Otto

I would argue that the greatest threat is actually the gullibility of a very large percentage of internet user. Unfortunately it is not so easy to repair that problem.

The first major hurdle lies in the "education" of said Gullible Crowd. If they were to be educated correctly then they would then start to think critically about what the governement are actually doing and we don't really want them to start doing that.

4 Million, sound more like a cheap marketing campaign than a serious attempt to make a difference.

Apple's $17bn bond sale not such a good deal for investors

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Re: "that are getting sc***ed"

Strange I didn't read it like that,

I read it the first time as "Fucked over thouroughly", I then read it again but this time read it as "Shit upon"..

That's why I personally thought the asterisks were necessary

Pirate Bay founder Warg jailed for two years for hacking and fraud

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Re: As ye sow...

Is it because he is a rich a$$hole ?

Washout 2012 summer, melty Greenland 'nothing to do with Arctic ice or warm oceans'

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Re: Overpopulation

Steve, I agree from an academic point of view that developement has a role to play. Developement has a political basis which is governed by the bamking industry, an industry that is not very often associated with humanitarian efforts.

People need to be educated in order to understand the effects of having 1, 2 or 3 children, they need to understand why religion should not be taken into consideration with relation to contraception. They need to understand that the worlsd has limited resources and that those resources are very precious. They need to be taught that they genuinely have a role to play in their future.

But the wealthy and those that profit from the situation do not want to educate the people, in fact they need to keep the people dumb......and no amount of financial developement qwill change that fact.

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Re: Overpopulation

Quick thumbs down for John for not understanding that we are on El Reg.

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Big Brother


Other research states that the world is overpopulated, how will the politicians deal with that problem.

If mankind ever fully understands how nature works he will probably break it. ( Quote : Me)

Google erases G8 venue from Earth: Microsoft doesn't

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Oops - They forgot to remove the Streetview Images

The main overhead images date from 2013, look at the bottom of the screen for the date. They have obviously been replaced by older images.

BUT, oh dear they forgot to remove the streetview images which are more than detailed enough ( event though they date back to 2009)

First look: iOS 7 for iPad

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Re: Lacking in everything

Minimalist - I agree with,

Lacklustre - Makes for a non enticing appareil ( The idea, after all, is to capture a new audience or at least retain the existant).

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Lacking in everything

Has the "make an original and unique interface" team been fired from Apple recently.

If these screenshots are anything to go by, it really is a lot of "lackingness", c'mon who could seriously be excited about what's shown here. Even the hardcore Fanbois must be cringing with the complete lack of anything even remotely original.

Tim Cook has nothing to be proud of here.

Shy? Socially inadequate? Fiddling with your phone could help

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Re: Sorry...

Yes, and that requires coaching on a human <-> human level not on a smartphone <-> human level.

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Re: Sorry...

Steve, you definately got out of the wrong side of bed this morning.... it's Monday you are excused.

Anyway I agree with what you are saying, in order to improve social skills there is only one true technique, you have to be SOCIAL, hiding behind a Pseudo will not create anything other than becoming good at online "<strke>anti>/strike>social media" which does absolutley nothing for the "real world people skills".

Telephones and social media don't connect people that weren't already "connectable".

There is nothing more efficient than a good pub and a cold pint for helping break down "social / people related shyness".

By the way Shy People, it takes effort to be social and you will always have to supply that yourself. Don't believe for a moment that it is a Deity given gift, everyone at some point meets their challenge, you just have to affront it.

<-- It's already 25° degrees at 10:00, one of these would go down a treat. ( not at 10:00 in the morning though)

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Re: Life coach

But will it help Eadon come out of the Microsoft Closet ?

Boffins find evidence Atlantic Ocean has started closing

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Re: ephemeral


My vision was obscured by clouds, it took me a while to recognize the genius behind those words.

Defiantely Thumbs Up material.

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Paris Hilton

Re: ephemeral

El Reg exists to allow the depressed and the frustated a means by which they can vent their spleen. ( Maybe the French could invent a version with some kind of theme revolving around Baudelaire - Les Fleurs du Mal for the IT community).

It was once suggested that Marvin, the paranoid android, actually thought up the El Reg website as an attempt to rid himself of Existential Nihilistic thoughts, he failed and we got left with the result.....

<-- Paris, cause she looks like she is shedding a tear.

Anon posts Filipino president's phone numbers

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Re: Pathetic

Agreed but once you have given away the Top Number you have nothing left to bargain with.

Khaptain Silver badge


And WTF was the point in that. That's not sending out a message or a political statement, it's just pathetic.

Proving that stolen public funds were moved to and from private Swiss accounts to account in the Cayman islands would/might make some sense but simply handing out a telephone number that can be changed in an instance,, pathetic.

Panda-peddlers cuffed for chess gambling gambit

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Re: "Steam is on Linux now isn't it?"

I just had a quick look to see what is avalaible on steam for Linux, one or two interesting titles and then I saw this

"Sim Surgeon", it looks like a mixture between SAW ( the movie) and "Operation" ( the board game for kids).


Confidence in US Congress sinks to lowest level ever recorded

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Not just the yanks

I was listening to a French radio debate this evening and it is the same for France, people are losing ( have lost) confidence in what politicians are capable of doing for their country.

My personal impression :

1st : Capitlistic greed has reached a level whereby it is no longer sustainable. Corporations and greedy Politicians, Business Men and the Banks have gobbled up the wealth and are hording it for themselves whilst the people struggle.

2nd : Over population of the world and none of the politicians care, so problems are just going to get worse.

3rd: It will take a third world war to calm things down if someone doesn't stand up and put an end to the greed. Why are there no rational politicians.

The first signs of this can be seen in the mid east. I can only imagine that it will arrive also in the west, the form might be slightly different but the fundamentals will be the same. People are sick of watching how the wealthy live in luxury at their expense.

I don't believe that Communism is the solution either but something other than the dog eat dog capitilism is required.

Proverb for the day : Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it. ( William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham ).

Microsoft botnet smackdown 'caused collateral damage, failed to kill target'

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Re: Not so sure

A little walk down memory lane, just for the lolz


Khaptain Silver badge

'apt-get' is not recognized as an interal or external command, operable program or batch file......

MySpace zaps millions of teens' tearful rants, causes wave of angst

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Re: What you post can vanish at any time...

We could probably add CompServe to the list.

Silicon Valley digiterati to brainstorm at 30,000 ft

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Why this crowd

SI don't really understand the correlation between the Internet Twatterati and the project of getting more women into STEM projects.

Shirley there are people on this planet far more qualifed than this marketing group.

Young blokes blinded by video-game addiction: THE FACTS

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Re: Actually ...


The solution is easy, hand them a real gun, teach and assist them in how to shoot safely, let them fire a few shots, et voila, they are cured. It's surprisingly easy to rid yourself of these prejudged ideas and you would probably be surprised to learn how good some of them actually are.

I have never met any gamers that don't make a difference between the game and real-life. It's really just the same as any kid playing with a wooden castle, or toy soldiers or a wooden firetruck.

Jailed LulzSec hacker Cleary coughs to child porn images, will be freed soon

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The Asperger's Syndrome sufferer

Are there any hackers that don't suffer from this problem ? Kind of strange how often we see this come up in relation to hackers, or at least the ones that got caught.

Are the lawyers allowed to use it in Buzzword Bingo ?

Whoever recently showed us the secret documents: Do get in touch

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Maybe its not really and AeroSpace and Defense contractor

This could actually be a vey cunning and subtle plan by El Reg to finally overthrow Governements, Despots, Non Payers of Tax, Chinese hackers or even the NSA.

There are indeed some very cunning people at El Reg.......definately not the usual bunch of pigistes de l'informatique.

Microsoft in sexism strife again over XBOX rape joke

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Re: Madness

I always like to imagine what really goes in "behind the scenes" in these PC peoples lifes.

it reminds me of Isabelle Hubert in the piano teacher. Up front everything was perfect but behind the scenes she was ever so slightly "naughty"..... ( PS : Yes I know that the character role was played as someone mentally disturbed but that is exactly my point).

Chinese software pirate gets 12 years in US slammer

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Re: Expensive software

The governments of China, France, Russia, Japan and the USA are probably the first 5 on the list, followed by Elon Musk and maybe Richard Branson. After that my list runs dry.... North Korea and Iran might be on the "maybe" list.

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Re: Expensive software

Update : I just learned frorm radio BBC Worldwide that it was Space Exploration software.

Khaptain Silver badge

Expensive software

* Sold 500 works worth $100 Million: therefore $200 000 per work.

On average each person paid $200 for software which was worth a total of $300 000. ( That's quite a margin)

Which software is worth $200 000 that holds interest for 300 people ?

Google gobbles map app Waze

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Thumb Down

Shame - Waze was OK

I presume that this will now become yet another method of tracking that Google(Prism, NSA, FBI etc) can use. It's unfortunate because Waze was pretty good for providing live radar position information ( which is not legal in France).

Sometimes I wish that Google would simply collapse in order that the internet and the associated companies return to a "familly" size. These MegaCorporation bring advances, that they choose to bring, but at the same time seem to stifle everything else.

Linus Torvalds threatens verbal assault on developers' pets

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Re: Torvalds would turn air BLUE at MS's Devs! @Eadon


Are you staying that because Torvolds (sic) won't shout at his fellow developers that that is a good thing. It sounds exactly like something that Mr Bolmer Balmer does.

Singing astronaut Chris Hadfield resigns from Canadian Space Agency

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Life on Earth

I suppose that Chris Hadfield is one of the few men that truly know what it means to live the "burden of life on earth".

Waving an Eye-of-Sauron pulsating mock cock? Stop immediately

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Re: As soon as I saw the picture .....

It's not easy on the mind thinking that one of the above 2 will be "walking into their bedroom tonight with a pink marigold glove" or worse "walking into the pub toilet with a pink marigold glove".


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Dear El Reg - Create a jobs section

But please don't add these posts to the main board. I don't think that there are many commentards that come to El Reg to find a job, there are other sites far more suited for the purpose.

The toy of tech: The Mattel Aquarius 30 years on

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Re: Who are we kidding?

Thumbs up for the video,the nostalgia is far more exciting that the reality..

Now you can use your phone instead of your wallet at the ATM, too

Khaptain Silver badge

Are these PRISM activated Atms ?

I presume that to get some cash we will soon have to make a formal request to the NSA / CIA / FBI etc..... by using our telphones we are doing that anyway......

New Android plan: Gurn at your phone to unlock it

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Re: Speech Recognition

I notice that some of our darling El Reg audience have a very poor understanding of iconography........

Khaptain Silver badge

Speech Recognition

Can't we just "speak" the password to the phone in a loud and clear voice.......

Sneaky new Android Trojan is WORST yet discovered

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Couple of questions

There is no mention of how the malware gets into the system, from the article it appears that the virus must be "installed".

The article also doesn't mention how the virus gains "Device Administrator privilèges":

How did Kaspersky manage to find this well hidden, disguised virus.

How do they know it can connect to URLs, ping etc and yet not know the addresses that it pings, connects to.


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