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Eggheads turn Motorola feature phone into CITYWIDE GSM jammer

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Re: Useful Targeted Attack?

Stopping drug dealers, snitches or lookouts from informing their colleagues as a bust goes down.

Stopping kids/students/adults from cheating during exams etc.

Stopping employees from spending their day talking to their kids, familly, friends or lovers during woking hours.

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Re: Shame its' not very portable

@ac 09:09

At first I thought you were joking but after a little searching I can see that they really do exist albeit for slightly more expensive, around the 70€ mark for the smaller ones..

Very, very tempting....

If I have understood correctly using a cell phone on public transport in Japan is very much frowned upon, I don't see why we can't have the same over here in Europe. If I play my music too loud my neighbours can call the cops on me for disturbing the peace. Why do the same rules not apply on a train or a bus when the idiot next to you is yammering away to his girlfriend about something that someone once wrote of Farcebook.......

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Shame its' not very portable

I would love to have one of these for my tram journey to and from work, it would be peace perfect peace.

Three axes data-roaming fees in SEVEN countries

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Re: Yeah, it's surprising...

"I realize that roaming is a bit profit source for them but I would have assumed one of them would have "broken ranks" years ago."

What is commonly known as "price fixing" an area in which the telecoms operators are kings of the jungle.... Three have taken the leap , let's pray the others are forced to follow.

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Blighty takes the lead - for once

I just pray that Orange, SFR or one of the other French operators starts to offer the same thing. I live and work on the French/Swiss border and I have to carry 2 phones because of the ridiculous roaming charges. ( I an pretty much garaunteed that Swiss Telecom or Orange.ch will definately not follow suit)

I can be in my apartment in France but my damned telephone connects to the Swiss network ( to the same damned operator - Orange). It can be a real pain the arse and costly when I forget to check which network I am on..

( Data roaming is switched off on both phones otherwise my salary would go directly to the operators - bastards)

Roaming for me is a simple as going for a jog round my neighbouhood and the phone switches several times between the French and the Swiss operators. So it's not usefull just for those that go on holiday.

Web showered in golden iPhone 5S vid glory - but is it all a DISTRACTION?

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What a title

iPhones and Golden Showers..............fitting really............

Microsoft: YES Windows 8.1 is finished, but NO you can't have it

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One question to rule them

There is only one question that most people want answered, I wont say it though because to many El Commentards get all upset.

Does it or does it not ...........................

Did Google's Waze gobble run rivals off the road? UK watchdog starts probe

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Alternatives exist - what's the problem

No one is forced to use Waze, there are alternatives, some are free and some are not.

Also 50 Million is actually quite a small segment of the market, waze has no monopoly and even the product itself is in a niche market.

I do not know about anyone else but I personally use Waze for the Radar information, for which I can no longer "legally" use any of the alternatives on the market. ( French law sucks on this point).

I am sure that if someone had a better product, for the same price, then I would use it but at the moment there isn't. I have also have paid for mapping/routing software but it does not supply the radar alerts so I use Waze.....

Besides the Radar part the rest of the program is a bit "childish" and I have difficulty seeing how they are creating any kind of monopoly.

United Nations to grill US over alleged NSA bugging of its HQ – report

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Re: Move out?

You obviously don't know read much in the news about Switzerland. There are probably more top level criminals, or at least their monies, here than anywhere else in the world.

Switzerland is absolutely amazing at "marketing" its own image, what goes on behind the scenes is a whole other ball game.

Facebook unwraps SHARING IS CARING photo album function

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Re: "El Zuck should calm down a little"

He is/was also excited about the idea of providing an internet coneciton to the worlds starving populations....

@Mitch I am sure that you meant "Dodgy" or was the doggy a little lapsus révélateur......

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I admit to trolling a little but at the same time El Zuck should calm down a little. Facebook is not a platform capable of doing everything and anything, which apparently he would like it to do.

I was morever making a jibe at the "in ways that we're not even thinking of" remark... It is one of the most egotistical and false remarks that can be made by anyone.

Obviously the CP remark was going rile up someone.... such is the way with the web these days.....

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"really excited for launch because we think people will use [shared albums] in ways that we're not even thinking of".

If someone post CP, will Zuckerberg be held reponsable ?

Why Teflon Ballmer had to go: He couldn't shift crud from Windows 8, Surface

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Bad bosses adn failures

A bad boss will always be remembered for his failures. Vista, W8, WP etc...

Most people will very likely forget though, that Windows 7, Server 2008 also falls under Ballmers reign. Both of these are excellent products.

Tesla tops $20bn as Elon Musk claims arm-wave design tech

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Re: Battery life

I can confirm as the OP my remark was for 5000 on a single charge.

Hell, we can send spacecraft to Mars and fly to Australia non-stop but a car always seems limited to approx 650 Miles ( 1000Kms) for a relatively modern low consumption model. ( I knowe that there are other constraints and factors but common I am sure that they know how to greatly improve consumption already, it's just that they haven't completed the financial model).)

I love the idea of electric cars, I hate the idea of them being very, very expensive although I know that this is not Musks' own fault... If I buy a car which keeps my tied down to the provider of Electric or Fossil fuel I will never attain the freedom that "transport" pretentiously offers.

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Battery life

I would be nice if he could invent a battery that lasted for 5000 miles and a car that cost no more than 5000 dollars ( without the options )..

Air mattress blast blows German man across room

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Re: Explanation for the explosion

The next Guy Fawkes night really could be one to remember then. ( 1/2 dozen butane filled aerosls and the night goes boom, literally)

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Explanation for the explosion

One single aerosol can was able to create this much damage !!!! Can anyone explain if this really is possible.

I remember as a kid throwing aersols onto bonfires ( don't try this at home folks) there were little explosions but certainly nothing that could blow a door off its hinges.

Chinese authorities say massive DDoS attack took down .cn domain

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Re: This is a different kind of war

Cyberwarfare is not only about being able to destroy networks, it is also about being able to use the networks to your advantage.

Twiiter and Facebook were/are extremely powerfull tools used during the ArabSpring.

Knocking out WallStreet, DNS servers, the Banking Networks ( backbones) all create minor but very rapid disurbances. We've seen quite a bit of these recently.

Hacking ; The capacity to feed false information or modify existing information can be an extremely powerfull tool. Knocking our or modifiying distribution chains or networks, modifiying transport lines.

If you deploy a few of these ideas from a yet unknown botnet you have the power to create minor havoc. One element on it's own is never a problem but the accumulation of several can really have an impact.

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This is a different kind of war

Until recently only countries, nations or religious leaders had the power to create wars. Today network experts are just as capable, it really does change a lot of about histroy will be written.

The enemy can now be thousands of kms away or even in your own back yard. He is unknown, even "Anonymous", he could be 17 years old, alone or in a team. He could be the government or a poor individual with a grudge.

And he doens't even own a gun, spear, catapult or even a stone.......but he sure does know how to use a keyboard.....

The times they are a changing......

Huawei Ascend P6: Skinny smartphone that's not just bare bones

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The Brand Name (vocalisation)

There is something about the name "Huawei" that just immediately puts me of buying their kit.

Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Bang and Olufsen, those names sound OK but "Huawei" just doesn't cut the cheese.

What Surface RT flop? Nokia said to be readying WinRT slab for September

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Bill Gates to his mother

Quick , ma, come quick. That nasty boy from microsoft is throwing stones and he's breaking all the Windows.......

Pulsars: the GPS beacons of the cosmos

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Re: Why is my prime meridian wobbling?

Effectively, after a quick Wikipedia search, these 2 articles state the approxiamate dates for believing that the earth was flat.Flat Earth and Myth of the Flat Earth, it was actually a very long time ago, pre 300 BC when "educated" men began to accept the spherical version.

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Re: Why is my prime meridian wobbling?

The problem with maps is that they exist, in a meaningfull / complete state, only "after" someone has been where you are going ( and then relates the information to a map maker - or does it himself).......

The world was flat until someone went over/round the edge. The maps before then had some "anomalies".......

I am sure that when/if we learn to travel great distances in space we will learn that it is different from what we imagined/assumed/guessed/calculated.

Holiday HELL: Pourquoi, monsieur, why is there no merdique Wi-Fi here?

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Re: A sad inditement on modern society

Isn't that exactly one of the reasons that TPB is so popular and I mean for the legit stuff. It is far easier to download a TPB copy than it is to rip legally owned material.

( Obviously without Wifi, TPB is difficult ).

PS : I wonder what "terms" the Germans use for the Brits....

Nasty BOFHses. It burns us! It burns...

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Re: Right-angle poo

If it was in Paris then I presume that "Tuyau de merde" would have been the common phrase although not the technicaly correct one.

Technically it might be "tuyau d'evacuation".

Tat bazaar eBay takes a rest for 'scheduled maintenance', goes offline

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Re: So Passe Darling

" fans of second-hand goods cannot presently bid for a pair of old smelly shoes on the popular online tat bazaar."

But isn't that a relatively correct description of what ebay is...

By the way "passe" has an accented e - Passé ( do people really still use that phrase) Nothing like a nice piece of pedantry on El Reg.....

Hacktivists boast of English Defence League KO after website downed

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To quote Alanis Morissette

Isn't it Ironic......

UK mulls ban on tiny mobiles to block prison smugglers

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Re: Simple solution ...

That already exists, but it is only valid for MPs, certain business people, some members of the police force and anyone on David Cameron's payroll.

Bank man: System's down, let's have coffee. Oh SNAP, where's all the CASH?

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Some questions

Can't the banks implement some kind of token/key/passphrase system which would prohibit movement without the "owner" first supplying his consent......

Is it really possible for someone, other than an exisitng bank employee, to have the know-how to actually perform these kind of transactions.

How is it possible to hide bank transactions when most banks have signed treaties against money laundering, theft, mafia etc which allows things to be traced, relatively simply.... ( The Swiss and various other minority thief countries are excused).....

If the banks are not secure what alternatives do we really have : Bitcoins ?

Oz sawbones extract fork from old boy's todger: Gents, start your wincing

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Re: OW!

The doctor considered the idea of extracting the fork without an anaesthetic but was worried that the patient would enjoy the procedure......

I just measured a fork, approx 28mm wide, 193mm long..... That's a painfully large object to have stuck inside your stomach never mind your penis.

What's next a piece of cactus...

Sony sets dates for US and Euro PS4 unleashment amid Xbox heckles

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Re: "Sony wasn't forgetting its older-platform customers"

Surprise , surprise, most transexuals are left-handed.

Makes me wonder if Google are capable of keeping track of who is "left-handed" because they probably already know who is transexual, live in in Tasmania and have already searched for "mod PS3 + Linux".

Bitcoin blitzkreig as Germans prepare to tax virtual currency

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Job Vacancy - Darknet Tax officer

"Apparently" there is quite a lot of bitcoin activity going on in the Darknet ......... and it doesn't appear as though there are too many Darknet Tax Officers making rounds....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Blitzkrieg

Something very ironic about this, lol...... And who says that the Germans don't have any humour...

LinkedIn lowers age of consent to 13

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Puberty problems

At 13 years old the majority of teenagers have a lot more problems with puberty than with deciding upon their final career.

This sounds more like a requirement to boost numbers rather than provide any reasonable service.

Amazon DISAPPEARS from internet

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Re: No, it is not Bruce Willis and Jeff Goldblum

Worse still, we might actually be experiencing the wrath off

..........drum roll ........

........wait for it........


New tool lets single server map entire internet in 45 minutes

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Devastation United

There is absolutey no doubt that a dark version of this tool will spring up as fast as an Interweb-Zuck-Meme.........

The daring virus, malware, spammer etc won't have to wait hours or days for meaningfull results, instead they will only be waiting minutes..... I hear a distant bell ringing "Moore's Law" doesn't only apply to IC, it also appears to apply to many different technologies/ideas.

Encoding the details in the returned packet, simple and very clever...... Kudos to the researchers.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak disses Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs

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Re: Anpther Steve Jobs Movie?

Then why can't they do the same thing with Tim Cook ?

PS : I have never owned an Apple product so no Fanboism coming from my part. I recognize Steve Jobs as an excellent engineer the marketing genius though.

Kiwi jetpack gets all-clear for manned tests

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You could nip down to the "not so local, say 30kms away - where that fine secretary drinks" pub, have a pint or three, get back , park the jetpack in the garage, quietly, and the missus would think you had only been out walking the dog....

Bug-finder chucked for posting to Zuck

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Re: Pay the guy!

"And re-instate his account, of course."

He is far better of without it.....

Fiendish fake Flash plugin squirts grumble-flick ads into kiddies' websites

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Easy solution

All that needs done is to do is ban "children"... It would be far easier than banning everthing else and the internet could go on as normal.

Just how does one get in contact with David in order to share this little miracle cure.

Facebook's request to the flash industry: 'Make the worst flash possible'

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Re: I'd buy that

"Hmmm anals and whopper eh? Maybe use annals and big next time...you got Paris all excited."

Lol, The spell checker was feeling horny....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: I'd buy that

"but I don't dare throw away, because I might need that data someday."

No need to worry, 1980's porn has evolved, today we have moving pictures........

PS : I have upgraded, replaced all of my drives, work and home, with SSDs. ( Well except for the the USB archive/backup attached to the NAS). I don't even remember the sound of the click, click, scratch, screech as data is being trawled from the anals of the highly defragged IDE 30 Mb "whopper" of a drive......

Obama appoints intelligence boss to run 'independent' review of NSA

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I think it is time that you asked for a refund, you were sold goods that were unfit for the purpose.

For the me the irony begins when we think about how the west likes to ridicule the like of Iran or NK....There really is no need to look further than ones own doorstep.

The results will run along the lines of "We took a long hard look, we studied the ins and outs and we have come to the decision that in the name of 'keeping the people safe from the terrorists" it is the only viable solution, now please STFU, go home and keep watching television"......

I wonder when Obama will start handing out Ass-Dildos to the US public....

100,000+ Earthlings star in 'reality TV contest' for ONE-WAY ticket to MARS

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Re: Reality show producers wet dream

Pioneer as in "We have already made a mess of the earth, why not export our shit elsewhere as well".....

Khaptain Silver badge

Reality show producers wet dream

I can't even begin to imagine how "exciting" this must be for the producers. There is a very strong chance that everyone will simply die..... Whether they eventually get their or not. The question lies in how long the whole affair will last. ( Yes, I know that everyone dies eventually anyway)

If they die during take off, the producers are f****ed, too quick, no profit.

If they die half way across, this would lead to a major anti-climax, several months of nothing , then death....boring.. This would make it difficult to get funds for EarthToMars2...

The best most exciting, largest audience, think sponsorships, would be death upon orbital entry.....This way no one would have to fund boring daily routines on Mars and everyone would have had their fill.

I don't possess a television so I guess that I will never become a sponsor to the madness.... Why would anyone even consider being sent to a barren planet.....

Oracle Team USA sailors admit breaking America's Cup rules

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Re: Any word on exactly what the illegal modifications were?

It seems a little bit incredible that none of the management were aware of anything.. I can't imagine for a moment that making changes to these boats is a trivial affair that can easilly be hidden.. Unless of course they have some miracle drugs that would make even Lance Armstrong jealous.....

Google Glass: Would you pay a mere $299 to plop one on your brow?

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Price not the problem

Personally I wouldn't pay for the Google Glass, not would I wear it. What is most worrying though, is that there will be some twats that will pay and I want to know how to avoid being "recorded" by them.

I never really cared about this thing called "privacy", but recently I feel that is becoming very important.

Google is becoming synonymous with everything that I hate about "commercialism"....

You're 30 years old and your PIN is '1983'. DAMMIT, biz mobe user

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Re: It's goes to 11, see?

I had a user in my office this week that had forgotten their PIN code even though it was their own anniversary.

Wall St 'Likes' Facebook again: Shares edge up to pre-IPOcalypse price

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Beware beware

Beware beware the ides of March July/August...

Pride before a fall Wall Street collapse.

[Mike Myers] "Cor! This coffee rebound smells like shit!"

And a multitude of other proverbs...........

I can understand speculation on the likes of coffee, sugar and tea, but Facebook is a whole other ballgame..... i will never understand the stock market...

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