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Now swallow: Microsoft hands out cure for Surface RT tabs killed by Win 8.1

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Re: Serves you right

Thank your deity that they do actually exist because if not there would be no testing of anything in the real world situations..

If everyone behaved as you do then we would ALL be in a sorry state....

Snap-happy blogger babe posts catcalling blokes' mugshots online

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Re: It must get really, really boring

>Timid people suffer from timidity

Ok then in your book timid people suffer from what exactlly if it is not timidity?

>Timid people are a minority

They are certainely not a majority, or at least not in the world that I live in and because of the work and activity then I am involved in I meet many varying people from many varying backgrounds everyday.

>No, I'm sure the people in your circle only catcall and whistle at people they

1st I do not belong to the group of people that Catcall or Whistle at others.

>that's the most respectful way to communicate and get a woman's attention

If thats the only way in which some people can gain attention from others then so be it.

>Then again, perhaps they don't have a pair big enough to walk over and introduce themselves in a civilized manner that isn't threatening.

Not all men were born Casanovas

Todays PC brigade have become experts at knee jerk reactions whereby the commonest of actions is to be condoned. As the saying goes people that live in glass houses.........

I have never met anyone that is perfect and that has nothing to hide. On relative scales everyone is a wrong-doer to someone else. Listending to some of the comments and reactions aI am surprised that many of you have not requested for capital punishment to be reintroduced.

The fragility of many people today is becoming frightening. For some strange reason they seem to expect to ive in some kind if utopia witht eh angels.... Unfortunately man is an animal, he is a hunter and gatherer that must struggle inorder to survive. His instincts will always resurface no matter how hard you try and push them down.

I do not particulary condone the behaviour of the CatCallers but I certainely do not condone the behaviour of the PC brigade that would rather stifle anything that remotely resembles some harmelss fun..

Of course the typical knee jerk reaction is to find the most extreme and rare case possible and exemplify it in order to make ones case. Fortunately for the rest of mankind those extreme cases are just that extreme and rare.

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Re: It must get really, really boring

>As a guy who doesn't suffer it, that's not a call you get to make for the opposite gender.

I can't think of any reason for which men can't be on the receiving end. You personally might not but this is definately not a gender specific issue.

>"Should we stop all forms of compliments to unknown women ?"

By including "in private - on a dark street." This completely changes the context which has no bearing to my intial question/remark.

>You are comparing an apple and an orange. Shouting "Nice tits!" across a road is rather different to smiling to someone who serves you, or holding a door open.

As I previously mentioned Cat-Calling where I am from is usually guys whistling at women, you have pushed the barrier much further and moved into another context.

>We can't cater to that without causing offence to the majority of others. So their fragile little ego is going to have to learn to cope without morons publicly objectifying them.

Ah, so you pick and choose what you cater too according to what ? I honestly don't imagine that it is the "majority" of women that suffer from CatCalling either, so we probably shouldn't cater to them either. You are delibarately picking and choosing your victims, it's either one law for everone or for no-one.

>Some women might quite like being groped in public.

And now you have really upped thte game and we are suddently talking about groping women.. That is a far cry from a guy whistling across the street and completely out of context.

>Street harassment is a problem. Not for me or you, but to a lot of quite timid women who just happen to look pretty, it is a revolting and unpleasant experience.

Please define the word "harrassement" it is a vague term which I am sure you would be unable to define in a manner in which everyone would eventually be capable of stating that they suffer from it.

Timid people suffer from timidity, any public exposure will create a problem for them ,I think it would be extremely rare that a timid person was cat called after, they usually do not portray the kind of characters that interest CatCallers. Again timid people are a minority, according to your remarks we should not cater for the minority.

>It is NOT cool to shout compliments at strangers.

No one is saying it is cool, those are your words.

>So what your saying is that because some women quite like being treated like trash and pieces of meat it should be ok to publicly treat all women like that?

Again you are using your own words to describe what you "think" is in the mind of someone else, major mistake.

I have never seen anyone pay a compliment to or whistle after someone that they consider as a piece of trash or a piece of meat. This is pure conjecture on your behalf.

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Re: It must get really, really boring


Again I agree in principal with some of your arguments, but

>It is not a game if there is no choice whether to participate. Ignoring a comment aimed at you that you obviously heard is recognised as a response, so the target has no choice about participation.

As soon as we walk within any public place we are subjected to such actions. It might be kids making fun of the colour of your coat, a passerby smiles at you in order to convey his happiness, a group of skinheads who scowl because you walk to quickly ...... There are a million occasions in which you have no choice about participation. It's part of living in society, we have no control over these events. The world would be a very boring place if we did.

>We are not only animals, we are the story-telling chimpanzee, that changes the world through our stories. We have more effective responses to exciting situations than screaming, jumping up and down and throwing shit.

Agree, we are highly evolved animals but our evolution did not change our primal instincts, they have always remained. The survival of our species depends on only one vital instinct, procreation. There needs to be an attraction between the opposite sexes. There will always be mating calls and rituals of one kind or another, they are part of the pro-creation rituals.

The mating rituals may differ in relation to social upbringing and what is acceptable for one might not be acceptable for the other.

Where do you define the line between what is accetable and what is not. ( I do agree that there has to be limits but it is an extremely difficult task to define them)

CatCalling = non-acceptable

? = acceptable


I presume that you are simply speaking for yourself... I am not convinced that the whole of woman-kind would agree. Some women loath the idea of being completely ignored... There's plenty of bimbos/starlets/wanabees that can testify to that...

I think that what is worrying is contemporary societies, western, ironic refusal of anything like Sharia law but at the same time it's acceptance/revival of Victorian values.

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Re: It must get really, really boring

For the moment the only thing discussed is women/men who do not accept Call Calling.

What about the people that actually do find it acceptable, the women that feel flattered, the men that accept the attention, who then in turn respond favorably to the attention ..

I agree that Coca Cola, like most advertising, are being manipulative but they are suing techniques for which they know that the masses will respond. That doesn't mean to say they are correct but it is hard to deny that the fact that they do know their audience. They are appealing to some very basic instincts and they are usually very successful with it..

>It does alert other members of the group, and seeks to increase status within the group ("look what I've found", "see, she recognises my power")

I agree in principal with your argument but you mention it as though it is a bad thing.......We are only animals after all.

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Re: It must get really, really boring

>I would interpret cat-calls as a combination of territorial claim, group bonding, and intimidation/threat to outsiders.

Maybe we have a different understanding of Cat Calling. Where I am from Cat Calling is stereotypically what would be expected rom a building worker who sees a good looking woman on the other side of the street and whistles, in a particular manner, to attract her attention. He is hoping that she will react positively even though he knows he doesn't have a chance of picking her up, its a harmless game really... He is being masculine, she is being feminine etc etc One of the Coca Cola ( coke light I think) ads uses the opposite scenario in one of their ads. ( I think it is office women and men window washers, there are several different ads)

I don't recognize any "territorial claim, group bonding, and intimidation/threat " in that. Unless of course we are talking about two completey different scenarios...

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Re: It must get really, really boring

Judging by some of what goes on in our world I certainely would not say that some people have moved past the Caveman stage.. ( Or should that be CavePerson).

One of the difficulties in this situation lies in the fact that the cat calling is actually a compliment. .

>right to judge and comment on your external biological arrangement

This is actually one of our more primal instincts and nothing will ever change that fact, personally I hope I never stop being attracted to women because of their "external biological arrangement". Nature is full of beautiful things, women are part of nature.....

Cat calling, or wolf whistling, might be a little stupid but I would definately not call it demeaning.

Should we stop all forms of compliments to unknown women ?. Should we also stop smiling, holding the door open etc... For me this is another case of being unnecassarily PC. It is a minor act performed by a very small minority.

This woman is likely to do far more damage then those men.

Microsoft pulls Win 8.1 RT code which upgraded Surface 'slabs into BRICKS

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Re: Bricked or somewhat confused. @Khaptain


Then in that case I would happily, for free, accept that "bricked" device that some people don't know how to un-brick, or doesn't know a friend or a techie to take care of it for them..

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Re: Bricked or somewhat confused. @Khaptain

I would hazard to say that :

If the only person that can get your device working again is the manufacturer then it should be classified as bricked.

Otherwise it is just temporarily "confused". I really can't think of a suitable adjective to replace confused - incapacitated, out of order ....

If you, a techie friend can get it back up running without the manufacturers help then it is not bricked. The original bloggers post will probably recieve a lot of traffic from NonTechnically minded people looking for a solution. No one wants to suffer the pain of sending back tot the manufacturer if they can avoid it.

I initially used the word confused because during the boot routine the boot loader can't find a particular file and cannot proceed as expected, thereby leaving it in a "confused" state.... It had no viable alternative solution other than to panic or remain in an endless loop.

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Re: Bricked or somewhat confused.

>As the original blogger, I'd be more inclined to call it "stuffed" than bricked. For the "ordinary" user though I'd say there isn't a whole lot of difference,

I would disagree, on the XDA forums there were many newbies, neophytes, non techies looking for solutions to their problems. They eventually learned that "bricked" meant irrefutably damaged....

It is extremely important for the users to know/learn that their expensive toy is only slightly "confused" ( there I used by own technical term).

Bricked has become/is becoming synonymous with "f***ed" and we know this is not the case. Using the correct terminlogy/analogy is highly important for all involved.

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Re: Bricked or somewhat confused.

>Create a recovery disk....

>Well most non tech savvy people wont have done that when they got the machine and once its "bricked" they won't be able to create one

One of two things here.

1 : TLDR

The problem is nothing more than a missing/corrupt file - not exactly the end of life for the tablet that now is it.

2 : You don't actually understand what is required in order to "create a recovery disk". It can be done from almost any version of windows above XP.

Quote from original blog.

NOTE: You can create a USB recovery drive using ANY Windows computer running XP or above. You could probably even do it on a Linux machine. You just need to be able to format the USB drive as FAT32 and extract .zip files!

As I mentioned above anyone with a "modicum" of tech savvy can repair this... It does not equate to a bricked device..

Also I note that the original blogger did not call it a bricked device , only the "ITNews" website did that, followed by a poor El Reg hack that decided to copy the article and add a "sensational title"........

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Re: Bricked or somewhat confused.

>For someone with enough (WIndows-specific) technical skills, recovering from something like this might be reasonably easy. But for the average person (ie someone un-technical enough to have been daft enough to buy one of these) it amounts to the same thing.

It is not really very important who eventually recovers the device, be it the owner, a friend or a technicien . What is important is that the device can be recovered. A truly bricked device can't, it literaly becomes a brick, whilst this is not the case.

There won't be many people stupid enough to simply throw away such an expensive device without doing at least a bit of research on how to get it repaired, which fortunately for them they will be able to do or at least have done for them..

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Bricked or somewhat confused.

If it can be recovered it is definitely not bricked....

Bricked = Irrecoverable = some of the ROMs avaialable on XDA were "bricking" galaxy notes for a short time, due to the ROM triggering memory problems that had been incorrectly addressed by Samsung. The devices were rendered completely useless and impossible to recover ( fully).....

There is a HUGE difference between bricked and confused.

America: Land of the free, still home of the BIGGEST spammers on the planet

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Proud to be amexican

The US prides itself on being the best at dodgy drugs, genital enhancements, and get-rich-quick schemes, as well as spreading malware.


Japanese pussies slurp 'meow meow' sex wine

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El Reg promoting Pussy Juice........ even though the bottle/label looks was made by Slapper and Co.

------------>>>> Tux is happy at the idea

Terminator-style robot busts leg in martial arts demo mishap

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Are there any practical reasons for robot builders to build robots in the syle of Homo Sapiens ? Apart from the obvious narcissistic reasons.

Personally I think that the Boston Dynamics Big Dog is a far more practical.

Snowden: 'I have data on EVERY NSA operation against China'

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"This guy is an attention seeking shitbag."

I think that Sigmund Freud classified this kind of remark as "Psychological Projection"

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Re: @CHarles 9


Somehere between 50 and 100 million in one fell swoop..

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China is not a problem

The tactics of the American govt on foreign soil don't really matter to most people, we are well aware that this has been going since at least the Cold War. Snowden is not really brining much to light here.

The only things truly interesting in Snowdens adventure are the proof and scale by which the Yanks and the Brits are spying on their own people.

Some might say protecting us from within but it's already too late.. Once you have the flu, no amount of pills or medecine will cure it. The best cure for the flu is to avoid catching it, ie. avoid others that already have it. In other words, it's about time that we stopped poking our noses into other people business.

ITU to Europe: One charger for all mobes good. One to rule them ALL? Better

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Re: great news

Friday's appearance of the "Ubiquitous" Grammar Nazi.... ------------>>>>>>>>>>>

Mea culpa, I can't think of many other commentards that make as many spelling mistakes as I do, but ubiquos just looked weird...

'Microsoft Word is a tyrant of the imagination'

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Re: Mircosoft makes 'Productivity Software' sound like an xymoron

Or a very confused male.

Beyond: Two Souls - the game that thinks it's a Hollywood blockbuster

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Too much realism is not a good thing

I bought heavy rain because I had presumed it would be an immersive game with a good story line.....I hated it, it was like being handheld and walked, very slowly, through a very long winded and boring movie studio.

They added too many "human realistic" elements, which added the unfortunate side effect of removing the "fantasy / imagination" from the game.. By doing this they also removed the playability and the fun that gaming requires.

I don't mind the overall ambience, dark, shady, sombre but for the love of gaming it has to remain a game.


A $17.3bn fine, you say? Samsung begs for five-year patent war truce

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Re: Sad Situation

@You need to either read the book "Atlas Shrugged" or watch the movies to get a clue.

I read Atlas Shrugged many years ago and Ayn Rand made a fine job of describing various philiosophical conditions although I really don't see how they relate to my post. As someone mentioned above, Atlas Shrugged is a fantasy novel which has nothing to do with factories or workers. Ayn Rand is a philospopher, she writes about the human condition. The characters and situations are purely allegorical....

>No one invests in companies that lose money. If you have a retirement account....your money IS invested in companies that are profitable. If you're relying on the government to support you in your old age...well then your just a fool IMO.

I think you will find that in the present/near future investing in companies will turn out to be far more dangerous than simply learning how to live for oneself.. Recwent event have shown us that your retirement account is no longer safe nor garaunteed.

>Nothing of value is ever free in life. Anyone who is willing to work hard, should reap the rewards of their labor. Not the lazy POS watching from the side and giving opinions on how to do things.

Most people that work in companies actually work very well. There will always be one ot two that are difficult but that can't be avoided. It's called being human, unless of course you know about a factory that is 100% lazy people.... Care to cite some examples...

And pray tell me how do you know what I have or have not done in my life. I think you would be very surprised but let's leave that for another day...

>Nothing of value is ever free in life. Anyone who is willing to work hard, should reap the rewards of their labor. Not the lazy POS watching from the side and giving opinions on how to do things.

I completely agree and I do not believe that I said anything to the contrary.

>Best wishes keeping what YOU earned

What I have earned as an Employer or as an Employee changes nothing about the fact that I had to work hard at both.... You appear to have fallen into the syndrome that Employers work harder than employees....

They don't they simply have different objectives...

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Sad Situation

It doesn't really matter whether it is Google, Apple or Samsung, I feel that we have arrived at a sad state of affairs whereby any company or any commission has to create or deal with such situations.

These large companies are becoming far too powerful for anyone’s good. I honestly can't think of any good reasons for companies being allowing gaining such power/wealth. (The banks are the first to blame for this catastrophe).

They have taken the ideals of capitalism to the upper limits and are starting to push beyond... collapse is the obvious next stage.......

Companies should exist for people, not the other way round...

------>>>>>> Thumbs down for the sickening corporate attitudes.

Google shares surf ad-destroying mobile tsunami to RECORD HIGH

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Is it worth it for the business

Has anyone ever seen any studies that show the effective ratios of Google AdWords cost vs increase in revenue ? Who truly makes money except for Google... If everyone is using Google Adwords then no-one really has any competitive advantage, excpet for the highest bidder, in which case it is Google that wins.

Google adwords quickly becomes a very expensive "requirement" for a business, especially when you are in a competitive market. ( Niche products are a different story, the adwords are much much cheaper).

I always wonder how many business actually use Google Adwords simply because they feel that it is a requirerment rather than a sound investment. Do any business's close down because they don't use Google ?

I don't like Google but I will give them credit for being very very successfull. I can't even begin to imagine what it would take to knock them of their pedestal..

Windows 8.1: Read this BEFORE updating - especially you, IT admins

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Re: Microsoft Partner Downloads

I am not sure that it would be Richard Dawkins that talked about judgement from a higher power......n'est-ce pas.

I will wait to try it before proclaiming that it is crud.... ( Ok I already have a good idea but I will wait and try it all the same).

I want to see how much I control the Enterprise version really gives over TIFKAM. W8 runs on relatively small machines so I am interested in the system but I am not overly hot about TIFKAM and the Store.

I am at the stage where upgrading users means moving to W7 or W8, W9 will be too far away before refresh comes up. I know and use W7 so it's definately an option but I really would like to see if W8.1 could also be an option..

We can't run linux because of various in-house applications....most of the Oracle owned ones......

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Re: Microsoft Partner Downloads

Yep same problem, I have tried from both work and from home, the downloads interupts after a certain amount of time and it is impossible to continue without the download corrupting.

Have tried with IE and with Chrome, no difference, same problem. I have also tried different languages French and English and also 32bit and 64bit , no differencc

The most that I have managed so far is 1.76 Gb.... download interupts, continue download...... download finishes but each time it finishes incomplete...

MS servers must be in a semi panic state.......


Twitter hires Google ad exec: Microblogging? We've heard of it

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Re: How many ads can be sold globally.....

I don't know if the clicks are really important, I was always of the understanding that the constant presence of the ads was the "subliminal" factor that pushed us towards product A rather than product B.

I have never ever intentionally clicked on any either but I have noteiced that the ads often portray material that I have recently bought not what I intend to buy. Especially with things that I have bought or searched on Amazon.

I spend too much time researching the up, downs, advantages and problems with any item before I buy them anyway, so the publicity doesn't really have any effect.

Khaptain Silver badge

How many ads can be sold globally.....

>but will now sell ads to retail companies

Something I have never understood : The Social Media sites et al require Ads in order to be profitable but how can there be an infinite number of Ad paying companies.

Will people who advertise in twitter stop advertising in Google or Facebook ? Or do these same companies have infinite advertising budgets.

Sometimes I am under the illusion that there is an endless pile of cash for advertising and yet internal budgets are being capped with lower and lower limits. Where the f***k is all Ad the money coming from ?


Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world

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Re: Four way split

Isn't that basically the situation today ?

NSA reporter leaves paper for eBay billionaire backed media biz

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Wikileaks 2 ?

This time without Assange...

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs muzzled by delays

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Works both directions

Awareness of hacking is also a good thing. Future devs will be far more likely to integrate security in order to avoid being hacked...

This is a win win lose lose situation.

Facebook TEENS EXPOSED to entire WORLD

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Matthew 19:14 or thereabouts

El Reg Version

But Mark( El Zuck) said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of Facebook

Free Cocaine giveaway from Russian search engine Yandex

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What's in a name

Cocaine : Cloud based containerised software services.

Speed : Multi I7 processors in a home box actually capable of providing sufficient oomph in order to run crisis at full res.

Heroin : An almost instantly rush of pure heaven, a 4Tb SSD disked mobile smartphone with a symetrical 2 GB connexion tapping directly into a prioritised TPB/Porn/<insert personal userbase of data.

LSD : A direct to the brain connected personal Augmented Reality device capable of digitally removing woemns cloths whilst replacing any unfit bodies with that of Paris Hilton or Monia Belucci according to your current emotional state. The bodies then start to transmogrify into alien lifeforms which have only one task, satisfying your personal needs....

US parents proclaim 811 'Messiahs'

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Who were closely follows by their Chinese friends Mr and Mrs Kin and their son Wan

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Let's think of the kids

Couldn't tell if it was a pun or not.

Shouldn't that be "moniker" rather than "Monica".

Only half a grammar nazi, just in case---------->>>>>>>>

Khaptain Silver badge

Ironic possibility

Imagine naming your kid beautiful and she turns out to be beautifully challenged.

A boy named "Prince" with a familly name of Albert could be amusing.

A asian boy named "King" with a familly name of Dong could also be amusing.

Microsoft: Everyone stop running so the fat kid Win RT can catch up

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Re: I'd say internal politics too

Unfortunately this is the main reason that only shit projects are ever in the pipeline.

The projects that were thought out correctly and budgeted correctly are always too expensive , at least intially, so they are binned by the beancounters..

Good managers will bin the fairytale marketing wet dream projects quickly, thank <deity>..

The bad managers will actually push the fairytale marketing wet dream projects because they are just too dumb to manage the good projets. They simply don't have the caliber required.

Dilbert and his pointy haired boss is actualy so close to the truth that it brings tears to ones eyes.....

If everyone was equal we would call it Communism but they are not so we call it Capitilism.

London's Tech City welcomes first Chinese tenant

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Peak London

See title, start buying shares in Chinese dictionaries/Language learning centers.....

If you thought fundamentalists and religious nuts were a problem, you ain't seen nothing yet....

Bonking boffins say bacon biters won't breed

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Stop with this research

The last thing that we want is for the mericans to increase their sperm count.......less of them mean more for us...(mericans that is, not sperm)

BBC's Clangers returns in £5m 'New Age' remake

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Re: Why can't they write some new programmes?

What about Mary, Mungo and Midge..

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Why can't they write some new programmes?

Agreed, the fact that they were made from odds and ends added to their credibility, their warmth. Unfortunately CGI has the tendancy to remove the cuddly effect and replace it with "clean and perfect".....

Bagpuss et al shared the same idea imperfection and it is was made them so real..

Can you trust 'NSA-proof' TrueCrypt? Cough up some dough and find out

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Re: Almost unsolvable problem.

I agree with Charles, the solution lies in the disassembly of the compiled code.

The algorithm for encryption is known, it should be possible to create a "theoretic "byte code projection of the few funcitons that exist, these in turn should be compared to the compiled byte code.

After disassembly of the public compiled code.

Each individual assembly function should be compared to the logic of the orginal assembler or C code. The logic must match, no extra routines or unnecessary comprisons shoud be seen.

The main elements :

How many decrypting functions exist, more than 1, Red Flag.

Which functions make calls to the decrypting function. Any more than 1 or two, start asking question.

Which functions handle the secret keycode - how does the function handle the keycode. Leading Space stripping, UCASING or lcasing, reversal, byte code comparissons, individual comparissons etc.... Red Flag.

What are the parameters types sent to the decryption function.




I would agree though that it would be painstaking work but definately possible especially when you have the original code.

I would also put a small mention out to +ORC's and his Martini-Wodkas...

Apple's Oct 22 WORLD-SHAKING San Fran party: New iPads or what?

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Re: Is it just me?

It took me a little while to see that it could actually be a bare arse, of someone lying face down, about to have a suppository inserted.

Google refunds two dollars for cop jobs ad on biker website

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Re: I DIS-agree....

>Your comment made me smile at least :)

Then at least I have done one good thing for the day.

Woof woof.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: I DIS-agree....

Once a sheep .......always a sheep.... ( Hint : It's in their genes).

I wouldn't like to be in your shoes when your Boss, Wife, Local MP, etc does something wrong.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: I agree....

Oh yeah right, the Mongols should be collectively punished for rapes, murders, muggings, armed robberies and other viloent acts .

Should we also collectively punish all the Romans for putting Christ on a cross.

Should we collectively punish all the Australians for destroying the great barrier reef, for speaking with funny accents and drinking too much beer.

Should we collectively punish all of the Americans for being fat

Where and how do you define the limits of collective punishment.

The majority of people in groups are just sheep following wolfs. You don't punish the sheep in order to stop the wolf.

Price rises and power cuts by 2016? Thank the EU's energy policy

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Milking the bunnies

The populations are using more and more energy for televisions, home cinemas, central heating, luxuries, iphone etc. etc...Surprisingly there are no viable energy solutions available for the ever increasing demand. So what do we do, nothing, we continue to consume as ever before..

OK, changing your boiler for a new energy efficient one will help, a little, but it will not remove the requirements for continually using energy. We have found ways to improve energy consumption but what we needs are solutions that STOP energy consumption.. But that would be detrimental to the economy......catch 22.

People want cake, no problem, but first learn they have to learn that cake is not going to be provided for free.... there is always a cost. Life is tough and I am convinced that it's going to get tougher for most but not all... just pray that you are in the latter..

Meanwhile prepared to be milked because it's all downhill from here on in.... until the populations are reduced by one means or another......it has to happen and everyone knows it but no-one wants to take a clear stance and offer "soft" solutions.......

CEO of Brit fashion bods Burberry lands Apple job for retail, online sales

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A day to celebrate

Chavs of the world unite - soon to be faux tartan iPhones for the inclusion in ones collection of bling...

I'll call for UK law shakeup to cuff global web crime lords - new top cyber cop

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: "we need to be confident that we're making the best use of current legislation."

The dilemma here though is that the police commisioner needs "Crime to be happening", otherwise he can't justify his existance....

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