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Reg man inhales the smooth, non-cancerous, taste of USB nicotine

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Re: One point that is often conveniently forgotten ...

Cliff, I understand your point of view, but as an ex smoker I feel that allowing people to smoke them in the office is akin to holding company meetings in a bar when you know that half the staff were once alcoholics.......

I have given up for a few years so they dont bother me too much but anyone that is trying to give up will constantly see someone holding a cigarette and that can become a real problem ( OK, I know that they are not real cigarettes but you know what I mean)

Personally I feel that everyone should be encouraged to give up smoking and that cigarettes should be completely forbidden. Removing cigarettes from Society will do nothing worse than making Philip Morris less rich.... ( The ex-smopers money will always be spent, just on different things)

Microsoft releases wonderfully loopy experimental GIF-jiggler

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1 : I hope this doesn't mean the return of animated Gifs.....

2 : <quote>The headline alliterates if you pronounce GIF as its makers intended: with a soft J for jelly sound, not a hard G for golf

Were French people involved in the decision to make it into the soft J rather than the hard G.

What turns Americans on? Everything but Xmas and Osam

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If nothing else the word "concupiscent" was definitely worth reading the article for....

PANIC OVER DROOPING house prices hits MEMBER-shaped estate

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Re: "Prince Albert"

Ooops mixed up me Princes.....

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Road names

Maybe that should be Prince Edward Road...

Mystery traffic redirection attack pulls net traffic through Belarus, Iceland

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Datacentre Question

Who has any datacenters in either of these countries ? Google, NSA, GCHQ, The Chinese, Al Qeada ?

Someone is in control of the routeurs through which this data is being read/siphoned/spied upon...., who ?

Wintel must welcome Androitel and Chromtel into cosy menage – Intel

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Re: Hey EU, are you listening?

The one and only time that I will suggest an Oracle solution

Oracle VirtualBox ( icons instead of buttons and it works )

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Intel - Smintel

Intel have been the 5000lb Gorilla for such a long time that it can only be healthy for the market in general that they lose some of their position.

Intel were/are worse the MS for imposing their manner of doing things......They have been far to dominating..

MS are also feeling the same pinch, good , it was long overdue.

Intel and MS both have some excellent products but they are both in dire need of eating some more humble pie.

Google and Apple also need to take into account the same scenario because it appears that they are heading down the same path.

Lead ONTO your pencil: Bill Gates pours cash into graphene condoms

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Re: A much cheaper method

I agree that Sodomy won't stop STD's but it will slow down an ever increasing population that no one can take care of. Which I presumed was the major reason for the condoms.

I don't believe for a moment that anyone will manage to make those people use the condoms anyway.

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Re: video adverts

Only 5, please for the sake of sanity publish them.

Rotund dotcom copies Miley Cyrus on XBox Day!

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Choices choices choices

I don't know which of the two I dislike the most. Probably Dotcom because he chooses to behave that way.

Cyrus is merely a puppet, albeit a very rich one.

As for the Xbox, I have either become too old or I have seen too many of the same games for far too long.....

Berners-Lee: 'Growing tide of surveillance' is destroying the internet

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Yes, that represents about 99% of the web but they are looking for the other 1%.... Unfortunately they have to monitor 100% in order to achieve their goal.

The latest stupid yoof craze: Taking selfies - while DRIVING

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Re: Driving

>Just give people self driving cars already

Couldn't agree more, I can't think of anything more chronophagous than having to drive. Removing the human element from the equation would definately improve the situation on a whole.. Think aircraft here, something like 99% of accidents are meat-bag related.

Fake X-rated Facebook scam vids of Selena Gomez: Man sued

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Faceslaps all round

Will they also give a quick round of faceslaps to all if those that are stupid enough to click on the damned links...

ROCK FROM MARS FOUND in Africa, reveals Red Planet's SECRETS

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Re: Ok, excuse me for asking but HTF do they know it is from Mars?

On the back of the rock there is a small inscription

"Made in Mars ( by the PRC)"

Darknet: It's not just for DRUGS. Ninja Banking Trojan uses it too

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Re: So the baddies can stay hidden from the NSA?

The clever crooks are spooks...

My name is NOT Dread Pirate Roberts: Silk Road accused's fam'n'friends stump up $1m bail

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Re: ...pointing to his history of charitable work....

OK, I know that this is the Independant and not the high court but even if only 10% of these figures are true they pretty much speak for themselves.

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Re: What we really want to know...

Yes, that's why I don't mind people calling me big nose..

It's the games, STUPID: Sony makes 'about $18' on each PlayStation 4

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Does that include returned/failed units

18$ is approx 5% of the manufacturing cost, therefore only 1 in 20 units needs to have a problem and then they start losing money.(again)

Blue Light of Death anyone.........

Carl Icahn: I don't want to fight with Tim... but I will

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Re: Icahn

He represents everything that's wrong.


Bitcoin price soars after US Senate hearing on 'legit' currency

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Re: Good

I don't understand why currency should be taxed.. Is it not the goods that you buy with it that are taxable ?

As long as this does not turn into yet another method for the bankers/traders of Bitcoins to get rich at the expense of others then I don't see much of a problem.....yet....

Departing Ballmer shakes up Microsoft's top engineering boffins

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<quote>He is uniquely positioned to drive exceptional forward-thinking research that pushes the frontiers of computer science, while also driving impactful technology transfer through deep connections with our business teams.”</quote>

Translated from ShitSpeak to normal English:

He is hoping and praying that he will stumble upon something usefull, that might just sell, if the sales team ever speak to him again

Show us your Cook: Size is everything for Apple iWatch fans, apparently

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A new species

>The prediction will come as some relief to insecure male Apple lovers

WTF is an "insecure male Apple lover ",

a : Is it someone that is having an affair with a timid, red fruit eating, man.

b : A slightly schitzophrenic, masculine fruit that lacks confidence and whose alter ego is a Don Juan character.

c : The opposite of a coke fueled, masturbating female apple......

Facebook, the BIGGEST WINDBAG on the planet? It'll blow $300m trying

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Re: Interesting thought...

Ah-ha, now we know how IPSOS get the results......

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Re: After thought

Wow, whatever happens the Architects are the winners.... Good to know that they do actually plan it out.

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After thought

Do the architects also plan ahead in terms of what will happen to all the infrastructure when Facebok loses it's popularity ?

First the Yanks, now us: In-flight mobe use WON'T kill us all, say Eurocrats

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Fight Club

I can't think of anything better for creating "tension" within an aircraft than having to sit next to a twunt with a telephone stuck to his ear for the full flight.

Or worse still, sitting in the middle of 2 twunts......with telephones. ....ear....flight.

Who's hogging Amazon's cloud CPUs? I'll kill 'em ... oh, look, it was me

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Re: Frankly ...

Can you give a good reason as to why they are not worth employing ? I presume that it is not their only skill set and in general most people list all, or a good subset of their current skills.

Are you really a "Corporate IT Recruiter" , you appear to have a very negative attitude which doesn't really fit in with the requirements of the job.

Unbelievably RARE, two-horned 'UNICORN' SPOTTED in woods

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Yeeee Haaaah

I wonder how much that Texan business-twunt will pay to kill this protected animal, all in the name of preservation of course.........

Europe, SAVE US! Patriot Act author begs for help to curb NSA spying

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Dear American people

You are getting seriously fucked over by your own government, they are creating a shitpile that you will be cleaning up for years.

Amendments, what amendments, your government is simply saying "fuck the amendments, we do as we please".

The American governement has become a disease, let's hope/pray that it doesn't become an epidemic..

Slavery is coming back, in fact it's already here, to the good ol USA, have a quick look at this nice little wealth distribution vid

Knee jerk reaction, of course it is but what the fuck else is it going to take for people to wake up...

Morgan Stanley: Web firms too fat and ugly to bother investing in

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Re: Personal introspection

@Kristian : I have a feeling that you did not understand my post.

Morgan Stanley are criticising others for being too fat and too ugly, it is kind of irrelevant who they are criticising because they themselves are guilty of the aforementioned problems.

Alternatively ..............."Pot Kettle Black"..............

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Personal introspection

Morgan Stanley is too fat and ugly to bother investing in .........

Hyenas FACEBOOK each other with their ARSES: FACT

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Re: Disruptive experiments

What would that be called, Tree Trolling, Urinal Usurpation or maybe even Shit Stalking ?

HUMANITY STUNNED - Apple Retina iPad Mini arrives. A solemn moment

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Retina is dead, long live the Vagina

What we need know is Vaginal not Retinal....

Now that would make some interesting news.

Khaptain Silver badge
IT Angle

Sarcasm is defacto for all posts..

Apple kicks iStuff-sniffer out of App Store

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Re: So the T&Cs of Apples web site - @Stretch

So you can look at their website with your eyes but not through a computer program, even though both of them return the same result ?

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Re: So the T&Cs of Apples web site

@Steve : Yes I agree that they should not be allowed to make money from Apples data.

@Test Man : I don't understand how "scraping " would change the slighest thing for Apple, Scraping requires nothing more than performing normal requests to a web page, this is not a DOS scenario. It's not like they would have been doing 10000 requests per second. A 100 requests per day maybe...which is derisory at most.

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Re: So the T&Cs of Apples web site

Steve, this is data available on public websites, all they did was aggregate the information...

It's not hacking, cracking or theft. I honestly can't think of a worse place to display "compartementalised" data than on the WWW....

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Re: Cold Frenzy

All part of the trials and tribulations that an Aficionado must endure...

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Cold Frenzy

By allowing the consumers to know where devices are available the "frenzy" is reduced to nothing more than a bus ride....

Bloke named 'human' demands 'COPSLIE' licence plate

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Re: Alternatives

There is just so much wrong with that last reply.

Your AC status says quite a lot about how much "critisicm" you are willing to take here.

Khaptain Silver badge


Some alternatives that might let him win a darwinian award.





I have always considered personal plates as being in the same line as Go Faster Stripes, or furry dice....

PC market bombs in Blighty as Gartner tracks plummeting shipments

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Words from a prophet

And so continueth the endless cycle of consumerism.....amen..

FLIGHTMARE! Inflight cell calling debuts, dealing heavy blow to quality of life

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Re: Kneel

I couldn't agree more. I worked in the private jet industry for several years and our clients used their jets as a means of arriving fresh for meeting, they would "sleep" in their aircraft..........

Business is done on the ground between two people, face to face......... not in public.....

Doing "business" in public is more about being seen to do business rather than actually doing business.

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Public decency please

It is not legal, nor very polite, to piss, shit or spit in public places because it really does annoy a lot of people. Everyone I know adheres to this principal.

I consider that someone yapping on telephone is extremely annoying and I am convinced that the majority feel the same. Why are there therefore still so many fuckwits that can't or refuse to understand that is a fucking pain for anyone that doesn't want to hear it.

Then we are going to give people the right to do that in a damned aircraft..........

I can see the next stage though, Optional, but expensive, Phone Free zone seats...... Easyjet must be preparing their website as we speak.

Snowden: Hey fellow NSA worker, mind if I copy your PASSWORD?

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Re: Golden Rule


>Very familiar, but what one has to try to do is to make those co-workers and bosses, who stand behind the person who has to enter a password, to voluntarily turn their head.

Normally I would make the situation into something funny. If I am at my desk or someone elses for that matter and I need to enter an admin account/password I will ask anyone watching if they are an "undercover agent" trying to get a hold of my password by watching my fingers, always in a light hearted tone. I can't think of many/any occasions where they didn't realise what they were doing and immediately look away.

Spies and crooks RAVAGE Microsoft's unpatched 0-day HOLE

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Re: Shocking - up-to-date software avoids the problem


>If you are running critical production devices on Win XP or Win Server 2003,

That would be about 60% ( probably more) of current megacorps then.

KRAKOOM! iPad Air explose in fireball, terrified fanbois flee Apple store

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Re: Some missing elements

or maybe Richard Stallman was taking out his revenge

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Some missing elements

They failed to mention that a bearded youth wearing a tshirt, with a evil faced green robot printed on the back, had been seen running from the shop just minutes earlier; holding some lighter fuel and a box of matches.....

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