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This one time at Apple Camp... Tech titan offers to school US fanbois on coding

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You can get one of the best paying jobs in the world.

That definately wouldn't be on par with what the coders in my company earn then.....

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Re: A little information...

But off-shore workers produce some quirky software that didn't quite meet the specifications and asking them to make the relevant changes is like trying to skin a live whale with a plastic tortoise.

Said manager then leaves company or worse gets promoted according to the Peter Principal .

PayPal 13 plead guilty to launching DDoS attacks

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Re: will the plea for clemency fall on deaf ears?

I can hear the bullets being inserted into the magazine already.....click, click, click.

Will the first accused please face the firing squad enter the accused box and swear at on the bible.

WTF is... NFV: All your basestations are belong to us

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Re: If it walks like a duck...

Lawyers and anyone even remotely connected to Finance.

iSPY: Apple Stores switch on iBeacon phone sniff spy system

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Re: Emptyness is always empty

Ok, that seems a bit more logical. I initially understood it aas simply being Apple studying the habits of their customers within the premises.

>instead of wandering around for 10 minutes then giving up, wandering another few minutes finding someone who can help and finding it is one aisle over from the first place you looked.

Agreed it really is a pain in the arse in the larger stores trying to find some specific items..

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Emptyness is always empty

I do not know about other Apple stores but in Geneva the store is a relatively small affair, it is a T shape.

As you walk in there are the usual Macbooks, or whatever is A La Mode du Jour, on either side of you as you walk in. Then you arrive in the main area which has four large table upon which are spread the usual Macbooks, Ipads etc...

On the edges there are some more shelves/tables with some Imacs and in one corner there is a stand for accessories and on the opposite end the Macbar or whatever it is called.

In all honesty, it takes about 1.2 minutes to see the whole affair and everything just seems to be repeated/spread about everywhere.

It always appears that there are more apple staff than there are customers. It's genueinly a very boring affair.

I can't even begin to imagine the point of activating such a system for such a small surface. I can only presume that the Apple shops are much larger elsewhere but I can't for the life of me imagine what they stock more than the tiny Geneva shop stocks and what could possibly justify the requirement.

Cheap 3D printer works with steel

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Synthetic Polymers

Let's see what happens when someone brings out a Synthetic Polymer printer. A la Glock.... Now that will be interesting.

A whopping one in four Apple fanbois uses OBSOLETE TECH

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Re: Warn Admen?

El Reg is an important tech site that helps us keep track of what is "useable" and what is not.

Anything that has been released from Github, less than 1 day ago can be considered as "useable"... albeit not quite bleeding edge.

Bleeding edge would require access to the source files, the compiler and the compile button.....

Everything else is Obsolete Tech...

Anything Apple is by default obsolete unless you have direct access to Steve Jobs expired brain waves ...( the next S version or C version is never far away). Apparently Apple have patented Steves brain waves and are currently preparing to store them in a special vault within the new anus loop building.

Even an El Reg article of less then 10 minutes old should be considered as Obsolete News...

Lantern lights the way to web freedom for Great Firewall prisoners

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Re: US state department funding?

Agreed, the irony is unbearable.

NSA sez NO to prez: Spooks ban Obama from using iPhones

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Re: Why don't buy yourself a small 30 minute UPS ?


That's a long time to wait for the power company to react, where do you live , Alaska or the Hebrides ?

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Re: genuine question, do you need a landline?


Why don't buy yourself a small 30 minute UPS ? ( Unless of course you have long power cuts)....

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Re: Europe is slightly better

I do not think that the comms are subsidised, what is definately true though is that competition between the operators is very dynamic and it has been for several years. The service, speed, equipment is pretty much the same for all operators, so the only difference that gives them any advantage is low prices.

The watchdog has also ensured that it is very easy to change providers and this has proved also to be an excellent opportunity for the end-customer.

Anyone in France with a television must pay a TV licence of 131 Euros per year, I dont have a TV so I do not pay it, but they are now thinking about making anyone with a computer/connection pay this licence.

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Europe is slightly better

20Mb ADSL line ( Orange or SFR France) ( Land line is include din ofer with free calls to most of the world.

= 32 Euros per month.

Mobile telephone ( I make very few calls -- 20 Euros per month).

I don't have a television ( everything worthwhile is available on the web - as far as I am concerned)

Total = 52 Euros for internet, Landline + Mobile.

Which is slightly better than 408$ .......

Boffins devise world's HARDEST tongue-twister

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Red lorry Yellow Lorry

See title, for me far more difficult.

Japanese mobes to stop punters TXTing themselves under a bus

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Re: Darwinian thoughts

In the tube stations they could do what some of the French underground does, full length, full height plastic barriers. The barriers have doors which open only when the train is at a standstill and close before the train moves of... It avoids all of those meat-bag accidents....

Here is an example of a barriere

The stupid will eventually remove themselves and hopefully without any collateral damage..

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Darwinian thoughts

Wouldn't it actually be better for the species as a whole to allow these people to continue using there devices whilst walking, or sleeping , or bathing or whatever it is that they are doing.

As long as they only risk killing themselves, then I am fine with the idea.


Microsoft's new partner will TOUCH IT DOWN UNDER

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Synthetic Touchy Feely - No thanks

I miss the days when social networking involved going down the pub to have a pint and simply chatting with whoever was there. Why does "social" have to involve gadgets...

I met up with my brother this weekend through a familly gathering, he is a farcebook user and he explanied to me how one of our cousins is extremely chatty with him on FB. The cousion keeps him up to date with all the family trivia etc....

Funnily enough when they met, face to face, in that same social event this weekend they didn't have a single thing to say to each other....

If it has to be tactile then shaking hands is fine, if it has to be written then handwritten letters are fine, if it has to be said then talking face to face is fine...

El Reg is the exception though as it is not really Social Networking, it's just the Reg.

NSA collects up to FIVE BILLION mobile phone locations daily

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5 Billion

If they are only interested in certain people, 5 Billion signals still represents a hell of a lot of people, even at a 1000 signals pers person that still represents 5 Million people per day.

Totalitarianism is here and it's probably here to stay....

Women crap at parking: Official

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Back to the basics

So men were designed to be the hunters and women to me the mothers... I think that nature has known this for a long time already.

There is nothing intentionally derogatory about the above remark, so please abstain from the usual PC diatribe.

Of course there are exceptions, but they are after all just that, exceptions.

Ink cartridge scammers forced to pen cheque for $AUD100k fine

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They got the wrong guys

When I first read the title, my immediate thoughts went to HP and Canon, the greatest scam artists ever....

Report says Microsoft has divided CEO list into possibles and probables

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No TIFKAM bosses please

As long as the future CEO agrees to take away that , or at least give us a choice, damned TIFKAM interface he would get my vote ( If I had one that is).

Weird PHP-poking Linux worm slithers into home routers, Internet of Things

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If they can detect it, then it won't take them too long before they manage to commercialise a "solution". By announcing something like this they are preparing ground for future product development.

Khaptain Silver badge

>But the security company warns that ARM and MIPS flavours of the Linux worm may be available,

What does that mean "may" be availabe ? There "might" also be a new supervirus capable of destroying mankind. There "may" also be no need to purchase anything from Symantec.

Bitcoin value breaks $1,000 barrier in FRENZIED HYPEGASM

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Re: why?

>so why are bitcoins so hard to grasp?

Because there is nothing tangible.

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Re: "Fundamental questions remain about what a virtual currency actually is"

If you want to send me some of your Gold Soveriegns, Krugerands, a kilo of the finest Columbian marching powder , I will be happy to recieve them from you. There is not a lot virtual about them.


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DVLA declares J14 HAD on BU14 SHT and SL14 AGS

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Re: I need a break from the Reg...

I fell into the same trap....

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Then I suppose that M I4 NGE, is not available either

Khaptain Silver badge

Not so obvious

I learned to speak Hebrew many years ago, it was far easier than trying to understand some of these plates

I still can't see what the following are TR14 DDS, LU63 FER ( Lucifer ?)

and what's wrong with SK14 NKY ( Skanky, I presume)

And this takes a fair bit of imagination SP14 STK.....( Spastic ?)

The only one that was remotely intelligent was HU63 NOB .... As it used both of the numbers, whereas the others only used one, or required the fusion of the the two....

Someone at DVLA has a very OR16 NAL job...

Microsoft hires Pawn Stars to shaft Google

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Agreed, this is a very American publicity method; knock down your client's product rather than presenting your own. It always make me wonder what they are hiding….

Google to CyanogenMod: YOU! GIT yore warranty-BUSTING ASS outa Play

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Re: Support when things go wrong.

Yep. there is a learning curve which I feel is necassary before heading out into the deeper waters. I mentioned hanging about for a week but usually it is much longer. Some of the XDA threads easilly run into hundreds of replies/posts amongst which you have to try and filter out the fluff and hopefully manage to find the hidden gems.

If modding was so easy and without problems then XDAs forums would be empty, but they are not....

( There might be other forums but I always stuck with XDA, there are some very talented devs over there)

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Support when things go wrong.

I have been a follower of Cyanogen and XDA Devs for a few years, I am(was) also a programmer ( from assembler to VBA), I also have about 20 years experience in the PC/IT industry world.

I have also modded numerous phones... from CM and various other flavors.

BUT, there are times when even I am a little confused about what to do when things go wrong.... OK I know how to use forums and ask questions but it can sometime take a while to know who to trust. There are a lot of newbies on the forums with a lot of "newbie" advice..... dangerous.... I usually hang about the forums for a week or so before beginning any knew modding in order to pick up on whats good, bad and ugly.

I am not sure why but I get the feeling that releasing this kind of tool to the general public ( there are a lot of numpties out there) is not such a great idea. As long as everything goes OK, why not, but when the shit hits the fan, and it will, there will be several very angry people thinking these b****rds have ruined my phone. ( yes they will be wrong but they don't know that).

Most of the mods are non-destructive but that won't stop a lot of people panicking and no-one will be around to help them...

I am not ranting or complaining about CM or modding in general, I've used/followed them far too long for that, I am just imagining the scenarios that will undoubetdly unfold.

Ex-Nokia team unveil Jolla smartphone with added Sailfish OS

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No NSA please

If there are no NSA, Google, UserData being sent to third parties hidden procedures then I want one.

If it is a good phone, can do maps and the web then that's enough for me. Looking forward to seeing the evolution, thumbs up for the guys taking on this venture. I wish them success.

Eurocrats recommend right to sue American companies over snooping

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Alternative solution - Much cheaper

How about the Americans stop snooping in the first place... there solved.

When you have muppets like Cameron et al that are happy to share our data with the Yanks then there is no point in suing anyone. The yank lawyer would just turn round and say that they had permission form GCHQ or other European agency anyway.......

Sounds more like a lawyers wet dream than anyhing even remotely serious.

Thai man reportedly dies clutching his scorched iPhone 4S

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Re: It's all about the money

Don't Apple don't supply a charging cable when you buy an Iphone ?

US puts Assange charge in too-hard basket - report

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Did this rumour come from Assanage himself, news about him has been a little quiet of late ? Snowden has taken front place is stealing all the limelight.

Microsoft: SORRY for the BORKED Xbox One disc drives, here's a free game

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Broken Disk - Free Game, but don't swear about it

That's very nice of them, do they also supply some Uppers for the heartbreak....

City of London cops arrest 6 suspected to be Microsoft counterfeit ring

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Re: Fake Product Key ?

The windows logo is replaced by a little penguin......

Khaptain Silver badge

Fake Product Key ?

What is a "Fake Product Key" ?

Are they products keys that work but were not generated by a Microsoft Algorithm, if so that is very interesting, or are they genuinely fake in that they don't work at all ?

Got a NAKED Jelly Bean Samsung S4 or HTC One? Maybe it's time for a KitKat

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Re: No thanks

Kitkat is actually English, originally made by Rowntrees. There are Merican versions but they should never be considered as containing any "chocolate".

Apple supplier's '11-hours-a-day' toilers have '1 day off a month'

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Why don't I get the scantilly clad women, I've got lara Croft, Tom Baker, a latex clad lady and Wolfie Smith... and some other stuff

Google, please DRILL through Great Firewall of China with your HTTPS LANCE

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Re: "This is where Google is going too far"

I can't believe it, after all that El Reg fires out this article Schmidt: Social networking will FREE THE PEOPLE of China.

Maybe I wasn't too far from the truth after all.....

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: "This is where Google is going too far"

Mea culpa,

I have confused the name Smith with Schmidt. I read the article as though it was Eric Schmidt that was making the suggestions.

Khaptain Silver badge

Google and Politics. Hurts my eyes

This is where Google is going too far, they are now actively playing the altruistic political rhetoric card.

>“They have sometimes made Google services like Gmail excruciatingly difficult to use,” he wrote. “But given how essential Google’s services are to so many individuals and businesses, blocking the company entirely would have immediate and disastrous economic consequences.”

1st: Google is not essential to anyone or anything. They are a service that can be used or not.... Obligation = Zero..

2nd: Disastrous economic consequences - For whom - Google...... The money will simply be ingested by someone or some other business ( hopefully a meriting business)

3rd: If the Chinese govt decide to put up a firewall then that is a Chinese govt problem not a google problem. By making "blocked" sites available then google are effectively breaking Chinese law and should be punished accordingly. When in Rome....

Eric Schmidt has become the ultimate "CockWomble". (Whoever came up with that word deserves a pint).

Why is it that when people reach a certain level of wealth they suddenly feel the need to become saviours of humanity. Gates, Bono, Schmidt, Joly..... Smells like cheap publicity.

If they want to be altruistic, give the money and do the work anonymously.......without the publicity.....

Monday was Ok , I have Tuesday morning blues

Supermodel Lily Cole in Impossible partnership with Jimbo Wales, YOU

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Re: Supermodel ?

Since when was Android free ? Next you wil be telling us that Google is also free..

Think about what you are saying first....

>I rarely downvote posts, but I made an exception for the nasty implication that the only way a woman can obtain money is by sleeping with a rich man.

There was absolutely nothing intentionally sexist in my remark and nothing was implied, that is merely your choice of interpretation. I was referring more to the fact that it is difficult to understand how anyone managed to obtain 200K for such a product without there being some form of "pot de vin".

Would you have given this woman 200K for this project based solely on the idea?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Yes, I am available for consulting jobs

@DAM - Assure me, you're not going to invest your life saving into this little capital venture.....

I wish to here more donkeys "naysaying"....

I wish to hear the Pope, pontificating....

I wish the egosit were more altruistic.

I wish Ayn Rand wrote easier books to understand.

I wish that Segue-ing would lead me somewhere.....

I wish that ex-pats were more Nationalistic.

I wish that the anti-social become more Social.

I wish that Communism didn't mean losing my comforts.

Et voila, I could become a member of Impossible..

Khaptain Silver badge

Supermodel ?

Supermodel - NOT. More like a red-headed version of ET.

Website Good Idea- NOT - Who did she sleep with in order to "obtain" £200 000 for that ? Can we safely presume that she is merely the name behind the project.. If so then there is the first fail, I had to look up Google to even know who she was. If they said the idea had been Jimbos then I would have simply laughed about it being a silly idea.

People sharing things for free, I doubt it. Most altruistic ideads end up dead in the water or surrounded by scam artists.

Brits to do £5bn worth of their Christmas shopping online

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Amazon Tax

Should we presume that Amazon will pay "Fuck All" in tax then...

Microsoft releases wonderfully loopy experimental GIF-jiggler

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Re: Points

Lol, I hated those damned Lemons, my brother does too, I used to squirt him with them... ( stings the eyes)

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Points

I just learned what a "vine" is ... ( No, I do not belong to the Twiterrati)...

Some of those animated gifs are actually quite well done ( just dont make them appear on my webpages).....

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