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10,000 km road trip proves Galileo satnav works, says ESA

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I think that the real issue here is about ownership..... The good ol US of A can switch of / disturb NavStar GPS for others at the flick of a switch, whereas they don't have their finger on a Galileo button.

I also believe that it will have very accurate positioning, 1m for the general public, but that the precision service, I will guesstimate/speculate on 10cm, will only be made available to the Govt and/or Military.

Lenovo cracks its first ever $10bn quarter

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How about some freebies

Or even how about droppong the price of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch to around 500$, for promotional reasons......

Japanese fanboi first in queue for, er, iPhone 6

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Satirical Personificiation

I presume that this is some kind of satirical personificiation of Apple's ultimate consumers.

Here's looking forward to the "forthcoming" iPhone 1242 ( only a few hickups to resolve and it will be on the production line).

His stunt has worked though, he has managed to make the headlines of El Reg.

Scotland to test mobe signals slammer jammer

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Re: Listen in

The GCHQ and the NSA don't seem to have a problem recording non-criminal conversations, I can only presume that also include the criminal conversations and obviouslly share the info with the local plods.

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Re: Rollout?

And public transport.

John McAfee declares war on Android

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That's what Eric keeps telling Larry.

HP's hiring: UK jobs for, er, UK workers.... maybe

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Everybody or Nobody

When the upper echelons make these kinds of decisions I believe that it would only be fair if everyone on the board had to relocate to these "cheap" countries and that their salaries/bonus/fees were readjusted on a prorata basis.

If the lower workers can be replaced, then why not replace the entire company.

I wonder if their decisions would remain the same ?

Time to pack in your job: Someone FINALLY needs a cat vids curator

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Re: Choices choices choices


Its Friday, the article was a little bit tongue in cheek, notice the troll icon...

Have a beer and chill out a little ..all is forgiven.

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Choices choices choices

1 : Work in Pizza store, bad pay but free pizza.

2 : Work in arts festival thing : bad pay but all the best cat videos.

3 : Work in an Apple store: “awesome”, “amazing”, “brilliant"......

Fuck it, I'll become unemployed. Even unemployed Pizza is still affordabe, I get free entrance to the arts festivals, youtube already gives me too many cat videos for free and I won't have to look/behave like a twunt working for Apple...

And I can also reply to El Reg stories......

Google admits 'garbage in, garbage out' translation problem

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Re: re. chat(s)

They have not yet mastered the use of the Babel Fish......

CERN outlines plan for new 100km circumference supercollider

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Re: Is that really the best place to build these things?

My apartment is inside that ring, so I would much prefer that they move it to Australia.....ie as far away as possible....

If things went wrong, no-one would miss the Aussies anyway..... Suggestions required for an antipodean icon, possibly an upside down picture of Darwin ( Charles not the city), it could then be usefull for a multitude of comments.

Think wearables are the next tech boom? Cisco's numbers beg to differ

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Too much smoke

The home computer brought computing into the home and allowed Joe Public access to a plenitude of possibilities.

The portable computer made it "portable", Joe Public could now take his plenitude of possibilities anywhere with him.

The portable telephone meant he could also communicate verbally whilst on the move.

The smartphone meant he could communicate and use his plenitude of possibilities whilst on the move.

The wearables: Difficult to relate them to anything other than fashion accessories or minor appendages to existing hardware. They won't actually give Joe Public anything more than he already has.

Personally I see this as a quick fad UNLESS one of them is capable of producing an interactive holographic image/screen/interface which has 7 day autonomy.

Gartner as usual are a "little overly" optimistic, they must be smoking crack again..... Cisco appear to be smoking on a very little light weed , good for Cisco.

Interesting article all the same

Jean Michel Jarre: Je voudrais un MUSIC TAX sur VOTRE MOBE

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Go away JMJ - Your time is up.

So after you have bought your music, legally with all the various taxes included, you can then get charged a second time in order to listen to it.

JMJ - Un petit homme qui doit être classé dans les ranges de gens pathétiques.

City bankers survive simulated cyber-war

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Re: Make it more real

I would further add the scenario, probably the most likely, whereby the attackers have inside help.

Imagine the advantage of hacking into an institution when one of your drinking buddies is the BOFH.

fWHoaR! Researcher crack eternal mystery of what women want in a man

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Re: Long face, long schlong shurley..?

Bulls have very wide heads AND long schlongs.. therefore they have everything that a woman wants..

First man/machine nerve grafts restore amputee's sense of touch

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Re: glad to see those minds put to good use

"Does this mean that this guy is now one of the worlds first true cyborgs?"

Not quite at T800 standards but definately getting there.

Impressive work all round, let's pray that the military doesn't invent a less positive use for it.

How many keys can one keyboard have? Do I hear 200? 300? More?

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Cheat Sheet

Dont forget to print out a cheat sheet which shows where all of the keys are placed.

Forget ski-jumping – Russians setting records in Sochi visitor hacking

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Re: Malware may be the least of your problems

"The State Department warned that travelers should have no expectation of privacy, even in their hotel rooms."

Welcome to America, Great Britain, China, Russia.

Alternatively, just don't travel anywhere with a laptop, smart phone, computing device, internet connected thingy if your data is that important.

Crafty French hackers tweak 'My Account' page, slurp 800,000 Orange users' details

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Re: Clarification required

I wonder if they couldn't introduce a 3rd factor by using the NFC feature of newish phones or even something Bluetooth related?

Khaptain Silver badge

Clarification required

The article is slightly confusing about numbers here

1 : Is that 3% of 800 000 users therefore 24 000 accounts


2 : 800 000 is 3% of the total users therefore orange has 24 000 000 users.

I verified my own account and did not see any mention of the hacking.. Should I presume that I am safe, no, quick change of password just for the sake of it.

Why is it that the major operators/telcos and ISPs dont force a password change every 6 months for example.

Anonymous means NO identifying element left behind – EU handbook

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Re: "Data are anonymised ..."

"Data are anonymised " just doesn't roll of the tongue correctly, there are too many hard a's.

Whereas "Data is anonymised " is far easier and therefore sounds/feels more correct.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: "Data are anonymised ..."

(or even the British)

or the Americans, Canadians and Australians.

The revival of survival – the gaming genre that refuses to die

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Re: Sir, You Are Being Hunted

@ foxyshadis

Never heard of this either, it reminds me a little of Alone in the Dark...

Tweedpunk Stealth ( quite original if I say say old chap)...

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Re: Why Zombies

Watch Dogs looks promising, it even has an IT theme. If the game really is as good as the video then it will become a must play... Hopefully there won't be too much travelling/driving about which tends to get really tedious.

Assassins Creed was just far too boring.. Eternally repeating the same missions, shame because some of the places were superb.

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Why Zombies

If there is one thing detestable in games, it is Zombies. I honestly can't think of anything less appealing that shooting something that is already dead ( well half-dead). The Zombies don't have guns, don't shoot back and are generally unintelligent.... They play the role of mere cannon fodder.

Or are they used solely on the premise that the games companies are "relieved" from the responsability that "Shooting games result in real world scenario shootings" ? Sorry guys but Zombies look a helluva lot like people to me.... ( just not very healthy ones)

How about a game where the targets are the silly law makers, the corrupt politicians and the thieving bankers. No, I am not putting all law makers, politicians and bankers into the same cart, just the bad ones....

Spiceworks scoops $57m in 'last funding round before IPO'

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Purchasing - No thanks


I didn't fully understand from the article how exactly they will make money. Ok, there will be an app store but what will that AppStore sell that will interest the existing userbase - ( I already pay the vendors for their hardware, I don't want to have to pay them for their apps as well) and I can only hope and pray that it won't sell the SpiceWorks Core App....

SpiceWorks has been free for as long as I can remember and is indeed and excellent tool but should it become "Non-Free" ..........it will probably end up going down the same road as WinRar and Winzip.....

I must admit to not being to happy about this announcement but such is the way of all things Web.......

'I had a rare Twitter handle... I was extorted into giving it up'

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Re: "I’ve been offered as much as $50,000 for it."

Because the greedy bugger was holding out for someone to offer him 1 Beeeeellion dollars.

Microsoft veep Satya Nadella now frontrunner in race for CEO spot

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Yes, like having a big bag of cherries and removing all the good ones until all that is left is the rotten, worm eaten, acrid tasting blob of mush that no-one wants.

A lot of existing CEOs in other multinationals must have a pretty negative idea of where Microsoft is going and therefore don't want to be associated.... it would be like jumping on a burning wagon...

Angry anti-NSA hackers pwn Angry Birds site after GCHQ data slurp

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Re: Keep on popping those NSA piggies

Lol, I had never heard of Godwin's law until mentioned above, OK I will put on my numpty hat and go sit in the corner of the barrel.

I never make any comments regarding Nazis, now that I have I fell straight into the well... We learn something new every day.. That's memetics for ya.

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Re: Keep on popping those NSA piggies

Stasi works too.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Keep on popping those NSA piggies

Strange the similarity between the letters NSA and NAZI....

This tool demands access to YOUR ENTIRE DIGITAL LIFE. Is it from GCHQ? No - it's by IKEA

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<Quote>However, that doesn't necessary apply to partners.</quote>

This is the phrase that says it all........

New Doctor Who's new costume newly REVEALED by Beeb

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Re: DMs...Hmmmm

Couldn't agree more about the comfort of DMs. To this day I still buy shoes with a wide fit because that's what DMs provided me with at the time.

I still remember the day I unboxed my first pair of boots, the smell, lacing them up and walking round the block, the dogs bollocks in all glory.......

I was in Edinburgh recently and saw a Dr Martens shops on Princess Street, popped in for nostalgias sake and was stunned by the "cheap" feel of what they are producing now.

I did some Googling on the subject later only to find out that almost all are now made in China or Thailand. Apparently some are still made int he UK but are difficult to find.

Khaptain Silver badge

Right wingish

Cut his hair a bit shorter and we would have the first skinhead Doctor....

On the whole looks quite cool though, it's clean and dynamic.

BlackBerry makes its devilish Android trickery official in OS update

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The thorn in the foot

The problem with recent BBs are that they now require BES10, Blackberry ( RIM or whatever they are now called) needs to make the phones at least semi-compatible with existing BES servers. Then the corporate buyers would at least accept to include them as possible candidates....

Updating to BES 10 is probably not a major requirement for many of the corporates at the moment.

The phones ready but the essentials are not mainstream.......not an easy position...

Tech giants CAN disclose US spooks' data demands - but with heavy restrictions

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Is this another way of saying that there are only 250 "potential" world terrorists that use an iPhone ?

IBM reveals radical email interface rethink

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Please, please, please do not use ANY of the code form the Lotus Notes/Domino code base.

And no, having people's faces on the main page is not a good idea, that is merely pandering to the Facebook crowd ( and we already that they are on their way to extinction)...

French drug dealers regretfully announce 'temporary closure'

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Re: Allô ?

The following text has been shamelessly copied from the officiel website. It states the primary mission of the Academy.

La mission confiée à l’Académie est claire : « La principale fonction de l’Académie sera de travailler, avec tout le soin et toute la diligence possibles, à donner des règles certaines à notre langue et à la rendre pure, éloquente et capable de traiter les arts et les sciences. » (Article 24 des statuts.)

Cette mission doit se traduire par la rédaction de quatre ouvrages : un dictionnaire, une grammaire, une rhétorique et une poétique ; seul le Dictionnaire sera réalisé par l’Académie. Les autres points du programme seront remplis en dehors d’elle, par des ouvrages qui, à leur manière, feront autorité.

Badly translated by me as follows:

The mission entrusted to the Academy is clear : The principal function of the Academy will be to labour,

with care and with all possibile diligence, to provide the necassary rules for our language

in order keep it pure, eloquant and capable of handling the arts and sciences.

This mission should be interpreted by the editing of four works: a dictionnary, grammar, rhetoric and poetic licence; only the dictionnary shall be created by the Academy. The others will be fulfilled externally to the Acadamy, of which these works, in their own manner, will become authorative.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Allô ?

Phil, yes you are correct, I used the quotes in order to highlight the usage of the Anglisicms.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Sad Times For the Grenoblois

Agreed, it is difficult to imagine but there are definately "ghetto neighbourhoods" even in the French Alpes.

In the following link, even if don't understand French, you can see the housing scheme known as "La Villeneuve" which is proximity Echirolles, it has become a place of residence for those on a very low income even though intially it was designed for people from all social classes.


Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Allô ?

Even though "revendeur" would be the correct literary translation, it would be more common to hear people actually use the word "dealer".

Example : Il achete un peu de "shit" chez son "dealer".

Les anglisicms are rife in France et meme s'il faut pas mixer words from different languages, des fois, it is difficult not to.

Facebook will LOSE 80% of its users by 2017 – epidemiological study

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Sounds about right

Facebook is really no different to Myspace, Yahoo, Compuserve etc they belong to group of non essential things that make up the Interwebs....

Ofcom says yes to sat broadband on PLANES (and trains and ships)

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500 people sharing 50Mb/s, mmmmmmmmmmm, as he deftly double clicks his favourite torrent client...which has a plethitude of HD Blue Ray rips queued up.

Khaptain Silver badge

New options available

In flight porn on a transat flight, just be carefull who is sitting next to you......

PS : Please ensure that Skype et al are filtered out of the traffic...... No talking during porn sessions if you please..

Plusnet is working on a network-level filter to block pirate sites

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Re: wait and see

Wake up man, didn't you now that Copyright Infringement and Terrorism are on the same level on the scale of terrible things to do.....

Well at least he RIAA, MPAA et al seem to think so

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Court Orders.

I wonder if they will also block Google.....

If I want to find pirated stuff the first thing I do is a "Google" search as this is usually quite sufficient in order to find the "pirated" material.

Like many other I also use youtube for watching copyrighted films, ie Full Movies, will they also block youtube ( there are more any more images of Womens Breasts, oooooohhhhhh, on youtube, again they must be blocked for all this evil doing).

IBM's top brass forgo bonuses after drop in yearly profits

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$4 Million slithers down into the underworld

Oh well I guess I won't be getting that invitation to cruise on her NOT soon to be new yacht..... Saves me from having to buy the Champagne....

Strange I don't rememer my bonus as having been in the 7 digit region.....

Our robot overlords won't be evil cyborgs: Prepare for whisker-equipped ROBO-KITTIES

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Leather gloves required

If you tug on the said whisker, does a supersonic paw fly out and use it's razor sharp claws on the back of your hand in order to remind you never to pull it's whiskers ?

My cat just gives me a look that says that that is what is going to happen should I even think about doing something even remotely as silly.

Reading this headline? You and 9.47 million others

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Re: Smarm

Nope, they should be thanking us, otherwise their writings would be just relegated to the level of spacedust within the time continuum.

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