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Open wide, 'Friends': Facebook wants to give you a 'Privacy checkup'

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Word of the wise

>And you probably won't win anyway because other people will feed data in on your behalf.

Choose your friends carefully.

Microsoft walks into a bar. China screams: 'Eww is that Windows 8? GET OUT OF HERE'

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I think that it means that XP and 7 will become even more pirated not W8.

Google: Mmm. Tab-free Gmail desktop client? We won't DENY it

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Re: kids of my lawn

@Dan 55

You have to help me out here. Are you saying that the correct syntax should be example a :

a : Don't forget to include the merits of the "full stop" or "period."

b : Don't forget to include the merits of the "full stop" or "period".

Version a : I believe that that is the American form.

Version b : I believe that that is the British form.

Being of British rather than American descent I automatically use the "correct" syntax :-)

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Re: kids of my lawn

Don't forget to include the merits of the "full stop" or "period".

Archive.org web trove hits FOUR HUNDRED BEEEELLION pages

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Remash of old material

Ah ha, now we have proof that the El Reg hacks simply remash existing material.

Win X Rollout

El Reg hack replaces Win 98 for W8, changes one or two names, drops in the obligatory threat from company X who is "prepared" to move to an alternate OS et voila Bob's your auntie.

Bill Gates was already the worlds richest man, for the 4th year running with an estimated 51 Billions - so we can easilly remash that as well....

Interesting to see how nothing much changes.

SMASH AND GRAB iThieves run car through front of Berkeley's Apple Store

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Re: Hasn't El Reg heard of ramraiding before?

Apple Release News: The "iPerenium" - With only two fingers and a quick swipe action you can get the job done?

Anti-theft mobe KILL SWITCH edges closer to reality in California

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>The threat is in the data centers, not your phone.

Agreed but what is worrying is the change of 'voice' that will be governing the data center.

Japanese cops arrest man with five 3D printed guns at home

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Re: other countries with a far greater accesibility to firearms,Israel and Switzerland


I completely agree with you that that is not the normal mentality of most gun owners but unfortunately it is the mentality of some of the "police"... ( the police are also normal citizens outside of the uniforms).

I have never hung out intentionally with people that have undeclared firearms but as you mentioned due to circumstance some people I know have become illegal owners. An example from last week, I friend's father recently died and he "inherited" his fathers hand guns which at the time did not require the same licencing as they do today. ( Normally he is obliged to render the arms to the police). Anyone who has a firearms owning parent/grand parent is in exactly the same position.

I must add also that most legal gun owners, probably around the 99.99% are respectable and law abiding people that handle firearms correctly, they are not the group that are causing any fire4arms problems.

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Re: other countries with a far greater accesibility to firearms,Israel and Switzerland

Dear AC,

As it happens I have actually lived and worked in all of these countries, have you ? I have also frequented many many people that own or have access to firearms for a multitude of reasons.

Israel : I lived and worked there for several years and have on several occasions been on field trips into the desert, we were accompanying children, and I was asked each time to carry a loaded Galil, instructions were simple "help protect" the group should a situation arrive, all of the adults were armed ( forget the legality and welcome to the real world) . I have the photos to prove handling of IMI Desert Eagles; One of my ex-colleagues was a IDF Sniper ( the real world kind not the movie kind - I worked with him for 2 years before he even mentioned it, I learned a lot about life from that guy).... None of these situations are exceptional, firearm accessibility in Israel is a lot different from the States, do not confuse the two.

USA : Rednecks in Arkansas/Texas - mainly hunting firearms but lots of them. I won't bother going into details about what or how the hunts were conducted. They also introduced me to hunting crossbows and compund bows, both of which are just as deadly. San Diego, I once opened my apartment door and a gun was promptly stuck in my face, the police were looking for someone and confused my aprtment with that of the guy downstairs, they checked my identitiy, excused themselves then headed of down below as if it was entirely normal. ( remember what I wrote about mentality).

Switzerland : Having worked there for over 8 years, I won't even bother going into the details about the expectations that the country has towards each man being armed/owning his service firearm and being able to use it. The Swiss have some excellent marksmen, it's not without reason. Come and visit, get to know the people and maybe then you will understand that firearms are a lot more prevalant that you might imagine. Have a quick check up on firearms suicides, the figures are a little bit embarrasing for the Swiss, they dont like to publish the numbers and ahve recently made some votes about firearms in the home because of this.

I also have both hunting and sporting licences and therefore also frequent people on a "weekly" basis, all year round. Have you ever been a member of a shooting club, you would be amazed at just how many people own one or more firearms, legally....and even slightly less legally. head off over to some of the above mentioned countries online forums and have alook at how active the forums are, they are a buzzing hive of activity if you follow them.

We won't even begin to cover illegal firearms or the bad guys....

By the way, the States was the only place that I ever heard anyone talk about shooting people, even just for fun, outside of a survival situation.

I intentionally used the word "Accessibility" because I fully understand the difference between ownership and accessibilty.

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Correlation is not in direct relation to gun ownership.

Guns do not kill people, people kill people.

Leaving aside the USA for the moment.

Serbia, Finland, Sweden and even Switzerland have a similar or much higher gun ownership percentage than that of Uruguay. Yet the homicide rate in Uruguay is more than double that of the others combined.

This shows an example whereby there appears to be no direct correlation between gun ownership and homicide. I would hazard a guess that the real problem is either drugs, gambling, some other vice or possibly the mentality. The USA has probably more drugs, gambling and vice than any other of country and also the highest homicide rate, possibly a correlation here.

The 'Mericans are also brought up not into a gun culture but into a culture whereby a man can use lethal force to defend his property, herein lies another part of the problem....the mentality. The Mericans choose to use the gun as the means, other cultures use don't. Again possibly a correlation.

If someone wants to kill another I am sure that with or without a gun they could quite easilly find the means, fortunately most people are not brought up into that kind of culture.

I have lived in the States and also other countries with a far greater accesibility to firearms,Israel and Switzerland, but I felt less safe in the States.

Nothing more than my tuppence worth.

Cost-cutting Barclays bank swings axe on 5,600 IT and ops bods

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Yup, it's nothing more than juggling figures between the budgets lines. Depending on who reports are presented to, figures will magically disappear or appear as required. Showing internal costs whilst omitting outsourcing costs can make a budget look great.. Just make sure to hide those damned outsourcing figures......

Report: Climate change has already hit USA - and time is RUNNING OUT

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Re: Marvin would love this news


Do you even understand the word "Global", it appears that you you haven't quite grasped the concept ......

And while you have the dictionary in your hand look up what "Eugenics" means as well.

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Marvin would love this news

So to sum everything up.

Global Politics are fucked up - no one can agree on anything.

Global Economics beneft about 0.0000000000000000001% of the entire population so it's basically fucked up as well.

Global Population is out of control.

And to top it off we have managed to fuck up the Global Climate or at least now we admit to it.

or is this just the preparatory work for the 1st Global War ?

Is there any chance of having some good news before I die...

[I was going to include religion but that's always been fcuked up anyway]

SCOTUS asked to overturn patent-troll's charter

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And all of this is funded by whom, the taxpayer or the Patent Holder ?

It appears that Judicial systems are become so complicated that they are themselves removing the justification for their own existance. It's apperars to be getting to the stage whereby it will be cheaper and quicker just to pay a hitman rather than go through the courts and the legal fees..

Thumbs up for your reply, very detailed and quite interesting.

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Can we therefore infer that it is easier to corrupt a Federal Circuit judge than a Supreme court judge ?

Microsoft hints at smaller Surface

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Re: Product name suggestions

"MS STS" : Surfaced Then Sank

Creating your golden statue of Nicolas Cage finally possible

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Re: cheesiest, least credible (or is that edible), cheesy actors

I digress , I liked "Lords of War" but it required a cheesy arms dealer, so Nicolas was perfect for the part.

Agreed - The statue should be made of cheese rather than gold... Seen the price of good cheese lately, it's definately gaining ground towards the ounce of proverbial Gold. ( Cheese is kind of golden in colour , almost.)

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Re: Cell

Can't we just have the huge statue which we could then use as a urinal, spit bowl, punch bag <insert favorite punishment, torture method here>.

Nicolas Cage is probably a great guy in real life but he is one of the cheesiest, least credible (or is that edible), cheesy actors that Hollywood ( the Copolla familly) has ever spawned...

Unless of course the reference to a budgie cage relates to the fact that he will spend his day being shit upon.

Did I forget to mention just how cheesy this guy is?

What HAS BEEN SEEN? OMG it's a thing that looks like an iWatch

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Re: El Reg has either deliberately or inadvertently got their description wrong

Steve, Why then does that allow itself to be patented ?

Isn't that a bit like saying, I have a cardbaord box and I like to fill up in the following manner........, therefore I will now "patent" my method and thereby disallow all others form filling up their boxes in the same way.

What is actually being patented ? Isn't there a notion of "invention" involved in a patent.

I am not arguing that what you are saying is wrong, it's just that I do not understand how this is justifiable.

Brit IT workers are so stressed that 'TWO-THIRDS' want to quit

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Biased from the start

The actual title of the survey is the IT Admin Stress Survey", wouldn't that on its own set the footing for negative responses?

If the title had been "IT Admin - Satisfaction within the role" even though the questions were exactly the same I am sure the results would have been different.

In the key finding they only list the negative responses even though there were some quite happy IT admins.

This appears more to be some poor attempt at preparing the scene for hiring their "unstressed staff" or to encourage employers to come to GFI for support rather than "further stress" in-house staff.

Smells like the cat's supper.

Selfies are so 2013. Get ready for DRONIES – the next hipster-cam-gasm

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Re: Optional backpack required

The analogy is nothing more than the fact that hairdryers are not really "a la rigeur" on fishing boats. ie : they are very scarce and very unlikely to become very popular.

Khaptain Silver badge

Optional backpack required

Walking about with a drone and required equipment will likely become as popular as a hairdryer on a fishing boat.

Data retention: encryption won't protect you much

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Dark Net

Isn't this one of the major reasons that TOR became as popular as it did ? Although not perfect it certainely appears to be one branch further up the tree of obfuscation.

The question remains though, what level of access do the various government agencies really have within the TOR, how many entry/exit points are "pwned" by them ?

At the end of the day though the rules are simple; do not use anything public when you want to keep something private. ( much easier said than done though).

Really? Sigh. Really? Apple's lawsuit against Google is REVIVED

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Consultation fees

A lawyer's dog, running around town unleashed, heads for a butcher shop and steals a roast. The butcher goes to the lawyer's office and asks, "if a dog running unleashed steals a piece of meat from my store, do I have a right to demand payment for the meat from the dog's owner?" The lawyer answers, "Absolutely."

"Then you owe me $8.50. Your dog was loose and stole a roast from me today."

The lawyer, without a word, writes the butcher a check for $8.50. The butcher, having a feeling of satisfaction, leaves.

Three days later, the butcher finds a bill from the lawyer: $100 due for a consultation.


The above basically sums up the majority of all these multi-beeelllion dollar cases. The lawyers always win regardless of the outcome.

Rounded corners? Pah! Amazon's '3D phone has eye-tracking tech'

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Re: iphone?

I don't know about the iPhone but the Nintendo Gameboy 3D really does make me feel queasy...

I wish the marketeers would call it what it really is "enhanced 2D" or "altered 2D" but definately not 3D.

Gnome Foundation runs out of cash

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Re: They should stop telling people...

I presume that they pronounce it guh-nome because of guh-nu, gnu is pronounced correctly though whereas guh-nome is a little bit silly.

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Back to the basics, hurrah

I have been running XFCE for the last year or so and honestly couldn't go back to the bloat or overkill of either Gnome or Kde, neither of which make me any more efficient.

It's like adding Home Cinema to your car, sounds like a great idea but at the end of the day it's just way too much.

Gnome went too far, MS are doing the same with Tifkam ( just a shame that Tifkam won't disappear as well).

Forget the beach 'n' boardwalk, check out the Santa Cruz STEVE JOBS FOUNTAIN

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Really speechless

Smartwatch sales off to a very slow start

Khaptain Silver badge

Possibly, but for the moment things are not really running like clockwork..

Uh oh! Here comes the first bug in the Windows 8.1 Update

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Re: lol

>That shows they are good at taking money from suckers like you, for software that doesn't fully work.

MS, Apple, IBM , Canonical, Red Hat etc are business that make money from "suckers"... All of them produce software and their corresponding updates, so by your standards we shouldn't use anything that comes from any one them. They are all in the money making game.

Which company do you use that does not require payment for their services and is also capable of producing business/enterprise class software that has no bugs?

Please add some details to your ranting.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: lol

In 2013 MS had a net income of 21 Billion dollars.

How much did you earn ?

Now who hasn't got a clue ?

Unless of course you know about some another, for the moment unknown OS that doesn't require updates and that works perfectly everytime. Please share the secret with the rest of us.

Windows XP still has 27 per cent market share on its deathbed

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Re: Underlying meanng of the data ...

So what exactly was your point ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Underlying meaning of the data ...

And strangely enough so are 85-90% of business: ie the people that actually pay us.

If 85-90% of business used *nix there would probably be 85-90% of El Reg's readers using *nix.

I really don't have a preference whether it is indirectly MS, Apple, Canonical or IBM that helps me pay my bills just as long as my bills get paid and my company can keep doing business.


Samsung's thumb-achingly ENORMO Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

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Yes, but only the kernel.

Euro trade commish criticises Chinese telecoms subsidies

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Can someone give a solid reason as to why the Chinese would consider "playing fair" in the game of world economics ?

Left swipe! That hot Tinder babe is a malware-flinging ROBOT

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>Hey, how are you doing? I’m still recovering from last night :) Relaxing with a game on my phone, castle clash. Have you heard about it? http://tinderverified.com/castleclash[removed]. Play with me and you may get my phone number.

Judging by the text, the intended victims must be in the 12-14 year old age group. Strange target within a dating site !

Or am I getting too old and don't realise that the 12-14 year olds actually do use dating apps ?


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Re: We have all experienced Schrödinger's USB stick

If only the other device also had something to identify the right way up as well....... or wasn't in the vertical orientation around the back where you have difficulty seeing anything..

Lego is the TOOL OF SATAN, thunders Polish priest

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Re: And this dear listeners..

All men begin as atheists, it's only when the Bible Bashers starting spinning their tales to children that anyone ever become religious.

It is forbidden to play with a child's body, why is it not forbidden to play with his mind ?

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Re: In the dark, bare feet

Either that or the edge of a door.

Is this photo PROOF a Windows 7 Start Menu is coming back?

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Re: Someone must be blind to think thats a Window 7 Start Menu

>Metro is a corner stone of Microsoft's future strategy

Hopefuly they are now beginning to realise that their "corner stone" is not the correct corner stone for the building that they want to produce.

Different platforms have different needs, a one size fits all OS is nothing more than the epitomous Silver Bullet.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Still hate the tiles and the window decorations

>I am not sure that the guts of Windows 8 are all that bad.

Definately agreed, if we have the choice to completely switch off all of the Metro stuff it would actually be a very nifty OS.

BT Tower to be replaced by 3D printed BT Tower

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10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street would have been a far better choice, it's already filled with Playmobil characters .

( This one seems a little too obvious for 1st April, mmmmmmm, pauses and wonders if it's a red herring kind of thing)

YouTube follows Twitter onto Turkey's block list

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Re: To think...

And you actually believe that the EU is any less corrupt ? We are just better at hiding it.

GNOME 3.12: Pixel perfect ... but homeless

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Re: Desktops


Everytime you hit the Windows key that damned full screen TIFKAM interface pops up. Personally I call that invasive and way overboard. What people complained about is not the lack of the desktop but lack of the start menu, and I don't mean the start menu button..

Or are you thinking about those W8 "apps" that no-one cares about....in that case yes I agree with what you are saying but does anyone actually use those programs.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Desktops

>It is a bit shocking that the minimalist desktops seem to have overtaken the big lads. Linux users generally gravitate towards MATE, XFCE, LXDE and so on. I have gone from KDE to XFCE. Gnome and the other behemoths go on releasing self-indulgent albums but nobody is listening.

I would go as far as saying that that is probably one of the main reasons for Windows 8 failure, the desktop became too apparent. Although I am principally an MS bod, I always have a VM running somewhere and the machine in my garage running Linux; Mint in its various forms for the last year or so.

I have also not used Gnome or KDE for years because of their general bloaty/heavy/over present feeling, I stick to XFCE, I dont care if XFCE doesn't have feature X or feature Y, the fact that it remains "behind the scenes" and out of my face is what makes it nice, light, reactive and very user friendly.

YMMV but I feel that XFCE just hits the right boundary.

Dear Reg: What is a 'Lag' and a 'Jacksey'?

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Re: It's the Register.

"Twunt" probably wouldn't please them much either.

Apple vows to add racially diverse EMOJIS after MILEY CYRUS TWITTER outrage

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All Hail El Reg

Why is there not an El Reg emoticon ? I could be used to symbolise all the madness in the world. A bit like the Guy Fawkes = Anonymous relationship.

El Reg = All of the world's madness rolled into a vulture.

BT snatches crown: Soars to top of complaints list

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Re: maybe

>it's just that we've given up complaining about the rest of them as much because fuck all changes whether you do or not.

That's not quite true as far as changes go. There are have been several increases in salaries and bonuses to the top dogs due to reduction in maintenance charges.... Instead of hiring some new technicians/engineers they distributed the cash between them.

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