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Heavy VPN users are probably pirates, says BBC

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Re: How low the BBC has sunk

There was a time when a Website would have been thrilled to have been mentioned on a BBC show.

Nowadays we are moving into the realm of the TV shows being thrilled to having being mentioned on a Blog,VLog, Youtube channel.

The world has moved on, Television as a medium is on the border of outplaying it usage/requirement.

Snowden shouldn't be extradited to US if he testifies about NSA spying, says Swiss gov

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Couple of words about the Swiss

Before they go playing the "saving humanity and rights for all men" card, let's spin it round the other way. Let's imagine that Snowden was actually releasing Swiss banking details about drug money laundering thru Swiss accounts, illegal tax avoidance schemes etc etc.. I wonder if they would be so "welcoming".

I seem to remember a few cases recently whereby the Swiss got slightly pissed off about people spilling the beans on Swiss banking methods, the names Mr Lapour and Mr Falciani might ring some bells.

The Swiss are as corrupt as any other 1st world nation so I don't see why they should be anymore trustworthy than the Americans.

Swiss meaning Bankers, Businessmen and Politcians, ie those that are actually in power.

Moto 360: Neat gizmo – if you're a rich nerd

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Re: siri et al

You obviously dont suffer from the same problems as these two


As a Scotman myself I have gone through the evils of trying to configure/train DragonSeaking to my accent many moons ago.... It was a very frustrating affair. And I consider myself as having a very easy to understand accent due to the fact that I have lived outside of Scotland for almost 30 years and was obliged to improve my diction in order to become understood ....

I don't like speaking to Google as I have no idea what twisted usage they might eventually make out of my recorded voice... ( Tinfoil hat for me please)

We give Panasonic's new 5-inch Toughpad phablets a kicking

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Cough, how much ?, cough

I am not known for being very delicate so this would be just perfect but not at that price..

Heads up, Chromebook: Here come the sub-$200 Windows 8.1 portables

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Re: re: There are also many who aren't happy with the limitations of Windows


AFAIK there is no such thing as a windows portable. Windows is an operating system not a piece of hardware.

Unless of course you mean a Microsoft Monopoly Sponsored portable.

Hey hipsters: Tabs are so last year, fat phones are where it's at

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Re: Just change the UI

As a suggestion, why not use "Oracle Forms" for the UI. Admittedly it's not quite TIFKAM or Unity but tab works great, all the device would really need is a tab key.

Something smells PHISHY: It's the celeb nudie iCloud PERV trap...

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Re: "fappening"?

Ono, ono, onomatopiea

Can't get the bloody tune out of my head now....

Video: Dyson unveils robotic tank that hoovers while you're out

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Sy Borg

Dyson should have spoken to Frank Zappa about Sy Borgs, the ones that look like Telefunken U-47, and their sexual appendages, the patents would have been a whole lot different.

Sex is great in books, lousy in apps, says Apple

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Re: Apple don't like sex

And hers doesn't have a very special button in the middle to which all kinds of reactions are possible ?

Apple Fanbois (and girls) already lining up for NEW iPHONE

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Re: 3 minute orgasm

>Think of the chafing...

18 days worth of chafing.....oh la la ...

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3 minute orgasm

18 days of looking like a fool, 1 minute to unbox , 1 minute to configure, 1 quick call to another fool, et voila, the orgasm is gone.

Fapping oneself for 18 days for a 3 minute orgasm just doesn't seem worth it.

Andy Warhol's 15 minutes will seem very short lived once world + dog has finished laughing at this short manifestation of patheticness.

(Definition : Patheticness - The incredible lengths that one will go through, to do something completely worthless and twee).

Govt waves stick at pirate-friendly Google search

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"asking them to work with you to stop search results sending people to illegal sites"

Search engines don't send you anywhere at all.. You actually have to click on the link yourself, it is a conscience act on the part of the user.

>despite fully knowing that they’re criminal operations.

Google et al are not the law, the decision is not theirs to make. What's acceptable one day might change the next.

Sajid Javid is free to host/publish a website which lists, names all these illegal companies and send the URL to the UK public of necassary in order that they can then make an informed decision about whether to use them or not.

Please leave the search engines alone..

Cave scrawls prove Neanderthals were AT LEAST as talented as modern artists

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Picasso's ancestors

Since I am not an art aficionado and have very little understanding of the "conceptual-ism" behind some of todays ideas, I would hazard to state, in judging this modest cave conception, that the Neanderthals were equally as intelligent as we are today.

Fortunately for them they probably didn't have to suffer 2 hours of queueing to get into the cave to see the aforementioned chef d'oeuvre.

NZ Justice Minister scalped as hacker leaks emails

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Snake bites own tail

Would this be an appropriate moment to remind politicians about why people are reclaiming the right to their privacy.....

GCHQ protesters stick it to British spooks ... by drinking urine

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Re: Just to clear up an inaccuracy or two

Just out of interest I googled HCHQ and Cheltenham ( The error was not intentional)

I then tried GCHQ +Address

Have a look at that URL, it actually contains my last research details as well.....merci for the privacy Google.

Apple reportedly inks deal with American Express for its iPhone payments system

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Yoda sighs deeply

The rumour mill is strong in this one Obi.

Tim Cook: I'm NOT worried about CRAP iPad sales. It's just a 'speedbump'

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Fairy dust doesn't come cheap you know.

Why has the web gone to hell? Market chaos and HUMAN NATURE

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Re: Human Nature

>Who gets to decide what is right thinking and what is wrong thinking?

The answer has always been the same : Those with the most power and the desire to retain it... ( Driving force = Greed = a very powerfull motivator).

>Which ideology is allowed and promoted to the exclusion of all others?

The ideology that will be allowed is related to the above response as the idealogies are "controlled" by the same people. ( Churches and Government work hand in hand when necessary but will work single handedly when they have enough turf, most often it is they who nurture the ideologies, until such times as a Ghandi, MalcomX, Mao, Hitler arrives which usually results in the changing, be it temporary or constant, of idealogies.).

>Does a free and tolerant society ban certain viewpoints in the name of the common good?

A "free society",it is an oxymoron. Free can only ever been taken into consideration on an individual basis. Societies require "laws" and law in general *control/restrict" freedom . Freedom is potentialy a huge risk for Society. We can only live in a society when we limit our freedom. ( Otherwise I would use my freedom to kill my neighbour for drinking too much, firing his gun after watching the world cup and seeing his team win, having a potentially dangerous dog, rude children and a car that insults good taste. )

>Is said society then really free and tolerant, or is it just as repressive as the evil it claims to be saving us from?

Definately, hence the catch 22 situation of the serpent biting it's own tail.

>Are some animals destined to be more equal than other animals?

Yes, this resolves down to the basic law of nature "Kill or be Killled".

The result of all this - BAU....

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Re: Human Nature

>Maybe, but it's not a true reflection. It contains more than a fair share of the views of people who are extreme in one form or another, because they're motivated enough to spend the time putting their views out there.

But isnt that exactly how our society/government function today.. The extremist views are put intot the limelight and everything else ignored. When we look at the other forms of media, television, Radio, Newspapers,Cinema etc this is exactly the picture we are presented with.

>Easy communication favours the nutter, whether of the cold fusion type or the Nazi type. The danger is that communication is the carrier for culture and if we continue to leave these views unopposed - and I mean strongly unopposed, not just a bit of tutting and saying "well, it's the modern world" - then they will get to shape the future. Mostly in the form of the mediaeval past.

Agreed, it gives the nutters a vector by which they can vent their spleen but they require an audience first and that audience must be receptive... Today there appears to be a lot of receptive people....in a multitude of sectors adn this I find is reflectd in the Web.

As an example : Even El Reg uses some of the same techniques as the mainstream media in order to obtain clicks.... they have a recepive audience, so it works.

>So, the question is: should tolerant society tolerate intolerance? The answer is, I think, not if it wishes to continue.

Question : define "tolerance" and/or "intolerance".

Society's definition of what is tolerable is a cyclic variable not a constant. The fine line between the two is used by both the Extremists and the Moderates in order to gain ground.

If the web is showing signs of going to hell then I think that that is very reflective of where we are heading ourselves.

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Human Nature

The web is simply a reflection of contemporary society.

The downside that we see is a mirror of what man desires most, Wealth, Estate and Power.

The updside is that we have a marvellous communication tool that can help us to advance as a race ( the human race)

Unfortunately the upside often leads to an abuse by which someone can achieve the downside.

Inversely, the downside is a motivation for invention pushing the barrieres increasingly, thereby improving the tools.....

Catch 22 - One needs the other, it's Yan and Yang of contemporary life.

Sin COS to tan Windows? Chinese operating system to debut in autumn – report

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Re: CAD/CAM for for Linux&*BSD

Yes, I tried Freecad for about 10 days as it was listed as being one of the most complete/best rated. It is a parametric modelling tool so is similaire in approach to Rhino3D. Unfortunately it was far from being stable or complete enough to allow me to replace Rhino.

I also briefly tried QCad but it just didn't appeal to me. (Solidworks doesn't appeal to me either in comparison - too heavy for simple projects.)

I also tried another program but I cant remember it's name and it's not on the list, but it obviously in the Beta stage....looked promising but I don't want promising.

I know that there are other paid-for solutions but that is what I want to get away from and CAD/CAM tends to be very expensive.

I also had a look at Draftsight by Dassault but it is a 2D drafting rather a 3D modelling program which is unfortunate as it is free.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: CAD/CAM for for Linux&*BSD

>However, this is still some special software most people don't use.

Cad/Cam is a huge multi Million Dollar industry, and its only one of multiple domains for professional software is sorely lacking.

The point of my comment was/is that there is not enough "professional" software, regardless of the industry. What you mentioned might be suitable for the home but definately not for industry.

Hence the Chinese prefer windows because pirated versions of industry software is available whereas it is not for Linux. Try get a version of Photoshop, Lightroom , Solidworks for Linux and you will see what I mean.

I agree that it also becoming more difficult to find pirated version of Windows software as well.

And before anyone knocks me down as hitting below the belt, I do want to find good software on Linux but sometimes I can't. I love Rhino3D but it just doesn't have an equivalant, same goes for Lightroom.

So I have to run both systems....which is a pain. ( and no Wine is not a solution)

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Re: Good luck with that

There is probably a lot more than MS Office to be found. If it was only office it wouldn't be a problem.

As an example what professional solutions do you see for CAD/CAM applications ie AutoDesk, Rhino3D, Solidworks.

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Re: Good luck with that

The big problem lies in the fact that the pirated Windows programs ( Apps for the youngsters) will not run natively under Linux......

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Chinese Keyboard

Love the floor pedals, bad-a-boom-boom.

Honey, I shrunk the workstation … into a Chromebook

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Google pwns your web, google pwns your apps, Google pwns you

It's becoming harder to love pieces tech world when you learn that Google are behind the scenes.

Six of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos

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Re: Always wary of buying expensive keyboards.

>Amazingly, cheap keyboards just never seem to wear out like the expensive ones do.

Makes for great business...the expensive ones have higher profit margins.

6 Obvious Reasons Why Facebook Will Ban This Article (Thank God)

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Re: It's a MAD WORLD.

Because the teenagers have decided that a career in "idiocy" is probably more exciting than a boring humbdrum job in an office.

Sometimes I wonder if they are right !

Khaptain Silver badge

Not just FB please

There are a hell of a lot of other sites/advertisers that really need to start applying the same thing. Professional Click Baiters need to be publically castrated with ten different sharp things...

Wearables market set to EXPLODE... Wait, is that a STRAP-ON chair?

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Clickbait, never on El Reg

You have to love the title, certainly after reading the other article about FB & click bait this morning.

Brit Sci-Fi author Alastair Reynolds says MS Word 'drives me to distraction'

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Re: Personally ...

Jake as much as I agree that "vi" just works, I find it hard to believe that today someone would choose vi over the multiitude of WYSIWYG solutions. As an example "Scrivener" is a dedicated writing program with a multitude of tools that can assist the writer. Whereas vi is a just "text editor". ( yes I know it is more than just a text edit but you get my point).

What advantages does vi offer a writer ?

Personally, on Linux, I use nano because I really do not like vi. I never remember the shortcuts, which forces me to pull out my cheat sheet, which i don't like having to do.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Personally ...

It's difficult to know when jake is feeding the fish and when he is being serious.

I can imagine that you might do some scripting with VI but 250 pages of Sci-Fi novel sounds a bit dubious.

Cutting cancer rates: Data, models and a happy ending?

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Data and its problems

Data is just that "data". One of the problems, as this article shows, is that we never know if the data is complete, or even how to complete it if it is not and of the importance that the completeness requires.

The intial dataset was incomplete and had the potential to become "unhelpfull" but after the inclusion of the aneasthetists data is suddenly became usefull again, almost like the bimodality of the cancer itself.

Data is whatever we want it to be depending upon what is or is not included and of how that information is interpreted.

I tried to defend a colleague this week who complained that she as overworked. Upon pulling out the data it appeared that she was doing less than half the work of previous colleagues, everyone was amazed and ready to start disciplinary proceeding.. I went further and interviewed her, what was not apparent in the data was the fact that contract procedures had changed and she was now in fact doing more work that her previous colleagues.... Our intial dataset did not include the contract changes, it would have been very difficult to model and I doubt that anyone would have realised the importance and yet it was fundamental to obtaining a usefull conclusion.

Data is just that, "data". It is the understanding of the data that is important not the data itself.

I found this to be a very interesting article, kudos El Reg.

iPhone owners EARN MORE THAN YOU, says mobile report

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Re: Writer paid per word?


Mines takes two complete revolutions of the hour hand..

Khaptain Silver badge

When I go to work in the morning there is a hell of a lot of people, judging by their clothes, who are definately not in the upper bracket. If anything I would suggest that many are in the lower bracket and would benefit more from improving their wardrobe or hairstyling rather than owning an iPhone.

iPhone used as a status symbol , yes definately, but the status that they are portaying is the oppposite of what they imagine.

Best shot: Coffee - how do you brew?

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Back to the basics

I have tried a very large range of methods, machines and madness for my favorite drink.. I even managed to give up smoking but never quit the coffee....

In any event and probably because of optimizing my time, I stick to good ol instant coffee......

I have become almost alergic to Nespresso, more than 2 of them a day gives me "major dogs breath", my little Cafitiere Italien, handed down by Italien Mother-In-Law, has never seen daylight for years, the French coffee machine also hides in a cupboard , , unless some particular visitors arrive, but you can be sure that the instant coffee tin is always replenished with always a packet to spare.

As I write this I have some fresh French bread,"une flute tradition qui sort de la four", butter and jam and a large cup of instant in from of me.

If I was to vote for the best coffee ever though, it would probably be made with a a Robusto, Arabica mixture made in an Italian Cafitiere that is used daily..

Alternatively it would be a Turkish made coffee when it has been made with a little bit Cardammon. ( Never sure how to spell that spice)

PS Starbucks don't do coffee so I never bother with them either. Strangely enough though I don't care for most of the coffee served in the French or Swiss cafes/restaurantes either.

Microsoft refuses to nip 'Windows 9' unzip lip slip

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Re: Apple's Yawn and Windows Apology

MS can wrap it up any way that they please, it will not change the fact that they fucked up and have a lot of ground work to do in order to repair this sorry state of affaires.

As has been mentioned in the forum, a lot of people simply want the choice, they want an either/or situation. Choice between the Old menu or the New , what they don't want is an imposed system.

MS have tried a little with 8.1, they will probably do a little more with 9 but it will still remain an apology, wrapped up in some Buzzword Bingo speech.

Have they listened to their users, maybe a tiny little bit but they probably have listened to their "financial experts/shareholders"... who want to see figures improving/advancing.

Windows 8 was part of the "One OS to rule them all" process that hasn't quite made a hit. ie it has made nothing more than a tiny ripple.

But now MS have the shitty positon of trying to repair their mess, of squirming out of the rathole and hoping to rebuild user/shareholder confidence.

If they don't use W9 as an apology and pull some magic out of the hat then the share prices will probably start to drop and that hurts, a lot...

Khaptain Silver badge

Apple's Yawn and Windows Apology

I don't understand the competition either.

Apple are going to pull a "yet another iPhone - much like the last one and a lot like the next one" out of the hat.

MS are going to fail miserably at covering up the W8 catastrophy and short of pulling a W98 menu out of their hat it is likely to simply come over as an apology.

Either way the two subjects' appeal, or lack appeal, to two very different user groups.

This is like comparing Ford bringing out a new pickup truck at the same time as Sikorsky showing of their latest helicopter....

As for the headlines/deadlines obviously I am only going to be interested in one or the other and in my case it will be the Windows Apology. ( Would love to see Bill up on the stage - the ANdel, Noddel, Nandel,Noodela, whatisname guy just doesn't cut the mustard.)

Apple's iWatch? They cannae do it ... they don't have the POWER

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They cannae dae it, they dinnae hae the power.

Hello, police, El Reg here. Are we a bunch of terrorists now?

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Two girls and a cup

"Two girls and a cup" - Easy to make a mistake about what you are going to see.

"Beheading of a British Journalist". - not a lot of error possible here.

Should everyone that looks at the crucifixion scene or a bloody Christ dying on the cross also be considered as terrorists ?

Dozens of COPS cuffed in Turkish Prime Minister's wiretap probe

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Re: It's weird

That really was a poultry response....

Apple takes blade to 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

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Re: £999


I suppose I really do not belong to the KoolAid crowd, I had to look up "Mavericks" and I see that it is in fact a surfing spot way in the south of California..

I am way too old and much to Scottish, to start wearing dreads and flowery surfing shorts and saying "man" at the end of every half sentence......... Even when I lived in San Diego I really couldn't get to grips with that look.

From Big Cats to surfing spots - How much cooler can it get </sarcasm>

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: £999


Serious question - Can you install/run it without the GUI ?

Khaptain Silver badge


To be honest it actually sounds like a fair deal. I am looking for a new development laptop, although it would be a *nix install instead of OSX [ version name of big cat]. Any care to mention any bad points that I should be made aware of.

Things are looking up in Flappy Bird sequel

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Fodder for Nintendo copyright lawyers

Doesn't look a bit like something ripped from a Mario game, no sireee.

Rupert Murdoch says Google is worse than the NSA

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Re: Anyone can play!

Even simpler

Murdoch is Ebola.

Visual Studio Online goes titsup as Microsoft wrestles with database

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Just the damned word makes me cringe now.

Brit infosec firm lets hackers think they've stolen something

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How exactly how does the firewall know when an internal machine has been hacked ? The hacker might be simply emailing/ftping/telneting/wputting data to an external address just as someone might be doing this as part of their normal job ?

Where exactly does this device/sftware sit, between the router and the firewall or between the firewall and the lan ?

I presume that the internal client machines need some kind of client, what happens when that client is switched off, or do they encrpt all of their inhouse data in advance and the client "simply" unencrpts on the fly ?

The article is very vague as to what is really going on.

Face-recog tech spots US fugitive wanted for 14 years ... from a photo

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Boom goes the porn industry

I never would have imagined that it was possible to recognize a facial.

Snowden on NSA's MonsterMind TERROR: It may trigger cyberwar

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Attack from within

>but Snowden said incoming salvos on US servers are often routed through other countries,

If anyone is going to attack the USA they will probably do so from within as the following statement helps to justify.

>The NSA's internal audits were so lax this wasn't picked up, and to this day Snowden says he believes the NSA has no idea exactly how much data he took.

( Does the U stand for "United" or "Useless")

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