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New Zealand Supreme Court says Kim Dotcom search warrants were legal

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I don't get it

Can anyone actually confirm that KDC, or his company, was actually sharing illegal files. I always understood that he simply owned the platform.

Or is this poor bastard, simply being used as a media scapegoat...

Sounds like our Kiwi bretheren have dropped their pants for Mr Obama...... I think that this is what upsets me most, I like the Kiwis so I can't understand them being brow beaten for this kind of crap.

Unless of course KDC was actually the sharer, in which case, tough luck, you got caught.

Hilton, Marriott and co want permission to JAM guests' personal Wi-Fi

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Black Helicopters

Jammers ???

I thought that jamming wireless signals was illegal or are the hotels above the law?

Now Obama seeks China's help to halt alleged Nork HACK ATTACKS

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Re: He really wanted to see that movie badly

" I thought we still have a couple of years to go."

Maybe the Yanks have lost interest in Afghanistan and are simply looking to move on. Maybe there are a couple of Missile Manufacturers, that need to shift some stock and NK would be an excellent opportunity. Might be worth investing in Raytheon for a quick buck or two. ( Or whoever G.W. Bush invests in ).

Icon is obvious ->>>

Microsoft fires legal salvo at phone 'tech support' scammers

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Re: Nice "one"

It appears that some people don't understand words.

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Re: RE: ".........(law enforcement) have AFAIK pretty much ignored the problem....."

I have to agree with Arctic Fox, this is a police/Interpol problem, 1.5 Billion cannot be considered petty crime..

Also the Telcos know exactly where these calls are coming from, so surely it wouldn't take long to track the bastards down.

Movie industry's evil plan to destroy the internet is going precisely nowhere

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Alternative solution

Why don't we just change all the DNS entries for Sony. If they can't be found, then a lot of people would be extremely happy.

Iliad owner coughs €2.3bn for Orange Switzerland

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Illiad, who ?

Must admit that I have never heard of the name "Illiad" I can only presume that it is the holding company. "Free", however is very well known as they have successfully pissed the major operators, SFR, Orange and Bouygues...

If they do the same in Switzerland as they have done in France they will make a fortune. Swiss ISPs and Telcos are extremely expensive and I believe that the Swiss public will be enthralled to have some decent competition.

Soon everyone will be doing it with a strap-on: The Reg's 20 festive wearables

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Re: Wahoo Tikr runner

Everything that was interesting was clearly shown.

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Re: Everyone?

I clicked throught the 10 pages of marketing and thought to myself, shit, who would want any of this stuff.

After three seconds of thought I split people into two polarised groups (a very serious study if ever i saw one).

"The anti-everyone group ( I belong in this group with Steve along with a lot of El Regtards)"

You like watches, you already have a real watch ( at least one probably more).

You are sporty kind of person, you already have a Polar/Garmin/Suunto.

You are a Geek, but not stupid enough to but this gear, at least when you can buy an indestructable Casio G-Shock with 14000 functions.

"That everyone group ( you know who you are - there might even be some closet Regtards)"

You drink KoolAid, Ok then why not, it will match the fluorescent ski bonnet...

You already have an iPhone, thes add to the Shiny shiny collection.

You wear shell suits, and maybe like the Chav approach to life.

Fashionistas wet dream material here.

TorrentLocker ransomware pestilence plagues Europe, bags $500k

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Re: Why is it different for computer use ?

>Well, first of all... you can't kill someone over standard tcp/ip...

That depends on how well you can manage Stuxnet and/or Regin.

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Interweb Licence for The Flox

Should the heardables, sheeple, collectively known as "The Flox" be required to obtain a licence before being allowed to go near the interwebs ?

In all honestly, many people were given the key to a technology/toolkit for which they have had no prior training, are completely unaware of the abuse that can and is done, and are simply lost in the miriad of abreviations and keywords. ( Those in a business environment have less excuses, there should be an IT bod in the vicinity to help explain things).

A static textfile or an executable have no difference for the Flox, they just click on the damned thing and a program magically opens up displaying the content/performing the task. Why should they be expected, "inherently", to know the difference ?

By default, Windows turns of File Extensions which makes things even more vague. I can understand the anguish of those that receive a file named "Electricity Bill.pdf.docx.exe"

I understand that the OS has a lot to answer for but the user has his role to play as well.

The user interface of a vehicule, road signs, basic laws are relatively simple but we are obliged to take lessons and pass a licence. Why is it different for computer use, which for the user, is far more complex ?

Microsoft says to expect AWESOME things of Windows 10 in January

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Re: High school adjectives for business solutions

> Horse-Drawn Aeroplane

That's definately a 2 or 3 beer analogy. Cheers

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Re: Fenestrae X

"Only thing I would find awesome is if Windows 10 ran as well as other operating systems I've used."

If it doesn't you could always change the name to Defenestration X.

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High school adjectives for business solutions

Do people honestly use AWESOME, in upper case I might add, as an adjective for an OS ?

I would honestly prefer something like, "Enterprise class", or "Business strengthened", "Proven stablility", yes, they are boring but they actually mean something.

AWESOME is a very vague word that has about as much appeal as a blunt kitchen knife in an operating theatre. It's a word associated with beach bums and surfers named Brice....

Bring back the IT adjectives, they're boring but appropriate.

ICANN HACKED: Intruders poke around global DNS innards

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Re: @Khaptain Come on - TheReg should know better

@Frank Ly

I had no other option, I was far too worried about the shitstorm that would have arrived if I had used the "Gl*ck" word.

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Re: Come on - TheReg should know better

"Well, 'cracker' is a racial epithet in the US, that's why the press avoids it."

I'd say it was then about time that a lot of people grew up. It appears that anyone with enough time on their hands will eventually find a term, a word or a phrase which offends them.

In my book, if you decide to behave like a c**t then you have to accept to be treated like a c**t.

I put asterisks in place in order to avoid offending all the colts...

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Spear Phishing !!

"The organization notes it was a "spear phishing" attack, suggesting employees clicked on a link in the messages, and then typed their usernames and passwords into a bogus webpage, providing hackers with the keys to their accounts."

This can't be serious, if it is then maybe they should change their name to ICANT....

Sony looks at unpopular Google Glass, shouts 'ME TOO!'

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It's a sony

"Unlike Google Glass, which required users to purchase the full headset, the Sony unit clips on to a user's own sunglasses, sport goggles or fashion glasses (the company did not say whether the display will work with prescription lenses at this point.)"

So the product has intentionally been designed for the Fashionista crowd. I've yet to see someone wearing Google Glass so I don't imagine that these are really going to make much of an impact either.

Is there really a mass market for these wearables, I can think of specific niches, but I just don't see these as being a "herdable" product.

ps : That's the 1st time I have seen "herdable" in an article.....makes a change from sheeple.

NASA asks world+dog to name Mercury's craters (back off, 4chan)

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The Eadon Crater

Would be nice to have an El Reg "icon" way out there.

Boggling bum babe Kim fails to 'break the internet' – Robin Williams instead tops Google charts

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Re: Kim k

"Come off it mate, "current events" are universally grim: Isis, murders, wars, unemployment, lying shithead politicians."

Always look on the bright side of life, dum, di dum, di dum di dum di dum....

Life's a piece of shit, when you look at it

Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true

You'll see its all a show, keep 'em laughin as you go

Just remember that the last laugh is on you

Always look on the bright side of life, dum, di dum, di dum di dum di dum....

Couldn't think of more appropriate timing....

Pirate Bay admins 'couldn't care less' about police raid

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Re: Could(n't) agree more


I just read an article that stated that it was around the late 1950, early 1960 that the Americans started to use "I could care less". Before then, apparently they did acutally use the "I couldn't care less" version.

The article also states that no known reason has been stated as to why the negation disappeared.

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Could(n't) agree more

UK : Couldn't care less.

US : Could care less. ( I cringe every time I hear this).

UK : Couldn't agree more.

US : Could agree more ( Can someone confirm if the "other side of the pondians" use this too, even though it is far more cringeworthy than the other monstrosity)

France says 'non' to UberPop

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Free for all

So basically this is a free-for-all service whereby any numpty on the planet can respond to a request for services. Now what could possibly go wrong with that !!

It's easy to understand from the Taxi-Drivers point of view. Imagine that the same kind of service went out for IT.

UBER-IT, we respond to your important IT requests 24 hours a day. We can't garauntee the service but we will gaurantee that your troubles are only beginning..

Cool Large Hadron Collider to fire into doubly powerful ring

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Equal Reactions

Somewhere else in the universe a long piece of pipe is heating up to extreme levels in order that black holes can be sucked backwards through the pipe at incredibly slow speeds.

Sony hackers PINCH early version of James Bond Spectre script

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Re: No, no and no

>They can post it online, but a true fan will simply choose to not download it.

I don't mind them posting it online, I can then choose not to look or search for it. I worry about the media splashing the story across the Internet/Newspapers/Twitter anywhere public that they feel that they can make a quick buck on...

Assange, if a French speaing person says his name it sounds like "un singe" which means "A monkey".

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Re: No, no and no

>If you could find a way to focus my schadenfreude particle emissions into a coherent stream you could vaporize black holes.

For years they have been researching a replacement for nuclear power and dirty energies.. Look no further lads, I think we have found the solution...

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Re: No, no and no

So Sony's sorry situation spirits some schadenfreude.

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Re: No, no and no

Calm down Trevor, this article is about the Bond script, the Sony hacking article was a few days ago...

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: No, no and no

"Really? I think it's fitting and just. Sony have been such utter fuckbags to their own customers for so many years that I think this is a great start to the penance they should be paying".

Talk about cutting of your nose to spite your face... I couldn't give a toss about Sony, that was not my point. What I care about is the futility of releasing the Bond script. Ok, Sony might lose a few dollars, it won't stop them being a bunch off bastards. But it truly does affect the actors, writers, film crew, carpenters, coffeee boys, the audience and fans of Ian Flemings hero...

No-one gives a shit about Sony but this story is not about them.

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Re: No, no and no


Oh shit you revealed the script....

Nah, but seriously, every James Bond and every JB film is different, each has its own quirks, exotic locations, cars, weapons, girls, penthouses, squabbles between Bond and M, Q and his inventions etc etc. Yes the algorithm is always pretty much the same but somehow they always seem to improve on the last and keep you thirsting for more. ( Timothy Daltan being the exception, what a let down).

DC brought the grit back into a series that needed modernisation, personally I think they succeeded. Daniel Craig and Monica Belucci sharing the screen, cmon, who doesn't like that idea........ even if we already know how it ends....almost..

Khaptain Silver badge

No, no and no

This is not just a World Company X got hacked scenario, there is something much more offputting about this....

Unlike the LOTR where we know the story in advance, the Bond films offer something fresh each time and they are usually a pleasure to watch... It really would be senseless to release the script.


Khaptain Silver badge

Or alternatively it might actually be that that life, the universe and everything is actuallly the question to 24..

Swiss McDonalds serves up no-holes-barred cheesy action to punters

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Fortunately two girls one cup and goatse scenarios do not produce offspring....I am not sure that they fall into the category of porn either, horror maybe...

Khaptain Silver badge

"what would have happened if there was a family in the restaurant at the time?”

Well, they would have seen some naked bodies performing the kinds of acts that resulted in their existance... What would they do if their children walked into their bedroom whilst they were having sex ?

Iranian CLEAVER hackers may DRAIN energy and defence firms, warn Feds

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Word Play

A cleaver hacks.

A hacker cleaves.

A heaver clacks..

A clacker heaves

Which one are you ?

Hooker beating: What if you read the Bible AND play GTA5?

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Isn't tolerance a criteria

RockStarGames are very tolerant, they will allow anyone to play. I can think of several "distributors of dogma" that are a lot less welcoming and open armed....

Chum's house burnt down? Facebook mulls 'DISLIKE' button for that

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Fundamental factor of Facebook

The antonym of Tim Bermers Lee is faced with a crucial decision, do we or don't we add the dislike button.

Since there is no gain/loss ratio impact in El Regs up/down voting system, it really has no influence other than personal satisfaction/quick find me a rope tied in a noose situations for the dearest of the dear RegTards.

BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT, as in the American full sized butt, the FB crowd have slightly thinner skin and Mr Zuk's decison to introduce the big bad dislike button could actually result in the rather quick demise of a small, read miniscule, percentage of the world's FB population.

Having recently received more down-votes in one thread than some people receive up-votes in a year I do know what I am talking about... Having frequented El Reg for a few years I have become accustomed to some rather heated debates...Admittedly I do not win them all but as a rather thick skinned Scotsman I can take as much as I can give... ( Objectively the Scots are a bunch of hard bastards)

Regardless, the point that I want to make,, and all sarcasm aside, I believe that that El Zuk actually does have a major decision to make: For some people/business/artists etc a large quantity of down-votes is actually going to have a very large impact in their lives.. the online life has become a very, very personal and even financial offline affair. ( This is different from TripAdvisor in relation to the fact that FB has always been a personal rather than a business thing, although the business side definitely is a vector too)

The web has become a battleground and anonymity has become as shield, The weapons of choice, the ad-hominem and the dislike button.. Today's warriors are far more likely to have keyboard rather than trigger skills. Therein lies a certain poetic abstraction of contemporary vice...

El Zuks role has now become similar to that of a newspaper editor in that he decides which columns should appear and which shouldn't and the consequences of such are actually very "consequential":

Should we shoot the editor or shoot the messenger, never an easy decision....

Tor takes off the gloves after sustained staffer harassment

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Re: Cyber Bullying or a Paradox?

I really deserve a slap in order to wake up, I didn't even understand what the original AC was actually referring to... I honestly thought he was referring to coffee in order that I wake myself up....

I just re-read the comment and undersood what he really meant, "facepalm for me"....

Khaptain Silver badge


Removing anonymity from TOR , now thats ironic, could we then rename it to "The Orthodox Ring".

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Cyber Bullying or a Paradox?

@The orignal AC

I understand the reference to coffee since I am having a slow morning but you lost me with the quoted text..

Khaptain Silver badge

Cyber Bullying or a Paradox?

Is there a paradoxical element to this being a Tor member that I have completely missed or is this just another cyber bullying article. I can't quite catch the drift of the article, I am having a slow morning.

Apple lawyers fight to silence dead Steve Jobs: 'No right' to hear him from beyond the grave

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Re: Not strange to me...

Again Trevor, thank for your reply, I find that what you say is honest and feasible.. I will not try to dispute what you are saying. I won't deny that I may have been swayed by some, what I intially thought to be genuine theories, especially the technical theories,a t face value some of them sound very plausible.

Something that disturbs me though is the following, why are there so many conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 ? There are people devoting their lives to uncovering the truth. Books have been written, films have been shot, documentaires are 10 a penny. Intelligent and educated people collaborating on technical aspects ( AE911truth.org) Ex-CIA agents ( Susan Lindauer) coming out with their versions of the truths, ex-vets (http://www.mo911truth.org/) getting together and requesting futher investigations etc etc etc .

Is it feasibly possible that they are all wrong, I am not advocating that they are right, just that it seems improbable that they are all wrong. What are the chances that there is Smoke without Fire.

Is it just a general consensus that the governements (those in control) are no longer to be trusted ? Is there a reason for someone wanting to create this kind of psychological chaos within society or has society simpy lots its marbles. Is this the precursor of what's likely to increasingly happen in the near/immediate future.

At the end of the day the same question will always arise : Who stands or stood to gain from this ? or is it just the kickback from prior errors.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Not strange to me...

Trevor, One question

Do you personally believe that everything that the media showed and told to be the absolute truth concerning 9/11 ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Not strange to me...


Let me resume very, quickly my stand on things and why would I be sway towards the Pro-Conspiracy side of things.

It's very simple really, I do not for a moment believe that what was told is true. I do not believe that 19 Al Qaeda terrorists managed to fool the entire US Secret Service, that they managed to hijack 4 aircraft, whilst leaving no trace of how they managed to execute what can only be considerd as a perfectly executed scenario. I cannot believe that these attacks were not pre-planned by someone on the American side of the fence, it's just not feasible. I cannot believe that there was not a political motivation behind these attacks.

When I use the word believe, I mean "blind belief", the kind of belief that states that no matter what stange anamolies exist, that we continue to believe in the given story.

You mention yourself on several occasions that some things just do not seem quite kosher. You too realise that there is an underlying dilemma and I am sure .that you too would like to understand the full scenario.

By trying to sift throught the ProConspiracy theorists theorems I hope to catch a glimpse of something that can help understand what truly happened.

I am not per se a Pro-Conspiracy theorists, what I am is someone that will not accept that the given events of 9/11 are the whole truth.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Not strange to me...


First off, thanks for taking the time to write something lucid rather than the ranting that I sat through up above. Initially all that I wished was to highlight was the power of the media, I had no intention to enter into yet another debate about 9/11 but as the internet/forums go that’s unfortunately how these things often string out.

Some of your remarks, most notably concerning Black Ops experience I can only agree with. Are Dick Cheney and his cronies capable of pulling off some nasty stunts, definitely. Do we have the technology available to fake the videos, data and coerce the media, of course we do, and we have had it for a long time already. So we definitely agree on all those points.

I will give you 1 point for your theory on foreign satellites; this is a subject that I have never seen mentioned anywhere. I presume that foreign governments are not likely to admit spying in the states though, so they have to remain quiet.

You are right, I cannot prove or disprove what was actually flown into the buildings or Shanksvilel, nor how it was done but I am convinced that it was certainly not done using the means that were publicised.

Here are some points that I will never understand that will eternally leave doubts in my mind.

• The manner in which the 2 towers and the WTC 7 fell, the statistics of this happening defy all probability. All three building fell “perfectly” to the ground….

• 7 of the hijackers are alive and well, the BBC found them and interviewed them. So ban goes the theory about 19 hijackers.

• Both “planes” hit their targets perfectly, this is a task that is apparently “extremely, read almost impossible” for a very seasoned 767 pilot and yet they would have us believe that people barely capable of flying a Cesna managed to do it with complete control. ( I have been in and tried a real flight simulator, a C-130 and learned first hand that yes it is difficult to fly a plane. I cant even begin to imagine what it means to fly a 767.... )

• Why was a 747 engine found on Murray street. AA and their 767s do not use these kinds of engines.

• When Convar recovered data some of the mainframe hard drives there was proof that more than a 100 Million dollars was illegally moved on the morning of the attack. This leads to believe that someone was aware of something was going to happen.

• Stock markets - 600% increase in “Put Options” on American Airlines on Sept 10….. No one has yet claimed the money that was maid on these transactions...

• WTC7 – Not a controlled demolition, very hard to believe. Coincidently it is well known that is was an FBI/CIA/NSA building.

• WTC6 Core – Wtf happened t here..

• The Pentagon – Why do so many pilots and even Gen. Stubblebine refuse to accept that an aircraft hit that building? There are far too many credible people refuting the facts, these are people with nothing to gain and a hell of a lot to lose. This doesn’t make sense.

• The Pentagon’s defense sensors were switched off except for the one that captued the incoming aircraft? Now this really is hard to believe...

• Flight 93 – Shanksville – Absolutley nothing to show that an aircraft hit the ground except for a hole. No parts, no engine, no bodies, no luggage, nothing… A 100 tonnes of Airfcraft + passengers etc just “disintegrated”.

• It would be easy to add many, many more but there is no point…

Please do not respond to the above points, we would be at it for weeks and neither of us would advance. I just want to convey some of the issues for which I do not see, nor have read any truly rational solution that outweighs the pro-conspiracy theory solutions thesis.

As I mentioned above, my initial goal was simply to demonstrate the power that the media have, especially with narrated video. We were immediately told that is was Al Qaeda and a terrorist attackbefore anything at all could have been established. I think this thread is a perfect example of just how powerful imagery can be. It can sway opinions very strongly, regardless of the direction.

For a long time I have read many of your comments/articles and I have some insight into your professional capacities, Cartesian spirit, capacity for rational thought and even your “aspie” view of the world. Mix all of the aforementioned traits together and it is obvious that you must be in a position to also doubt many of the “facts” of 9/11.

But I digress, this thread needs to die and as much as I would truly like to know the truth about 9/11 I am confident of one thing, we will never be allowed to learn the complete story.

Microsoft BEATS Apple, Google ... to accepting limited Bitcoin payments

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Re: Welcome to the Darkside

So why bother transferring bitcoins if you will end up paying in another currency, what would be the advantage ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Welcome to the Darkside

What's next, an inbuilt TOR client, a inbuilt bittorent client and just to top it of live porn feed. All you need to do is fill up your Bitcoin wallet from an accredited MS Bitcoin provider....

Sarcasm aside, I am extremely surprised to see MS taking this so seriously. What I don't understand is how they, MS , Apple or Google etc will ensure the stability of Bitcoin. When dealing with illegal drugs, guns or whatever that was being sold on the Silk Road is one thing, if you get ripped off then it's your own fault, but when we are talking about a major software house/shiny shiny maker or Googletastic Google then the games changes quite a bit ( pun intended).

This week a game will cost your 0.2 bitcoins, next week 0.8 bitcoins and then the week after back to 0.4 bitcoins. How will they stop the Yoyo effect or don't they care.

Microsoft says January Windows 10 build will excite sysadmins

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Re: choice

The funny thing with me and Linux is that I always end up choosing interfaces that are very close to Windows 95/XP. I presonally find them to be the least distracting/easiest on the eyes. ( In my case Linux is not soley run through a cli, I need applications too.)

Hell, I even dumb down W7 to make it look closer to XP and alsmost systematically use a solid darkish blue or black desktop.. I really don't care about Aero or eye candy.

Google+ to offer 'infinite' gender identity options

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Re: ?

>Both times it has been where an unknown emergency patient was involved in an accident of sufficient severity that their gender could not be determined.

I can skin and gut deer without problem but your description sounds as though I would still be a bit swayed for a few days after.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: ?

@Chicken Marengo

Ok,after reading that list I could probably make some further suggestions





A la mode.

I must admit that "Unknown" is a little but worrying.

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