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First peek at the next Ubuntu 15.04 nester line-up

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Re: Nope

Mint has been N°1 on Distrowatch for quite some time and not without reason.

In Barcelona, no one can hear you scream ... HTC, Valve unleash Giger-inspired VR headgear

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Thumb Down

Giger - Really !!

Anyone that knows Gigers works would have a hard time finding anything Giger related... A couple of cables sticking out the top, cmon... I really don't see too much of the BioMechaniks here, or is it all virtual.....

How good a techie are you? Objective about yourself and your skills?

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Re: Why?

Given that computers are an embodiment of "binary" states


Facebook meets Belgian minister: PLEASE, sir, NOT THE PROBE

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Complete ban during the <strike>trial</strike> discussions

If they banned Facebook maybe people could get back to living meaningful lives.... On second thoughts did they ever truly have meaningful lives ?

Nihilistic existential thought for the day : does anyone have a meaningful life ? does life have a meaning ? what is life ?

Bloody Belgians should be banned from the earth for making me think like that on a Monday. Send them back from whence they came ( and send El Zuk with them).

Seven months of Basil Brush on YouTube: Er, boom boom?

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Not so bad

Think yourselves lucky that it wasn't Sooty and Sweep.

Boffins now one step closer to male birth control pill

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Re: And the IT angle

Alice and Bob no longer practice penetration due to the latest pentest results showing that there may some existing viral infection.

So long, Cyanogen! OnePlus says its future belongs to OxygenOS

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Just another Distro

Ok so how does this change from being just another distro.

When I initially read the article I thought that someone was going to build an OS from the ground up but this is not the case. If AOSP is being used as the base won't this automatically relegate them into a trailing position, premanantly one step behind Google, since AOSP releases depend on Google's releasing them when it see fit?

Lashed Saudi blogger Raif: Prince Charles has word with new king

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Re: @AC "32 mins" (whatever that means, ElReg) Was: Dear Al Saud,

"FFS he ate her?"

That all depends on how you like your curry cunny.

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Je ne connait pas Raif

Those in power have more to lose than they have to gain....so they wont fuck with the Saudis.

Dutch government websites KO'd by 10-hour DDoS

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Re: Photo library

They all look a little bit high... coincidence ?

EU parliament bans Outlook app over cloudy security: report

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Re: The application is not the problem

"This isn't passwords in emails, it is the password for the EMAIL ACCOUNT itself that is being stored on AWS servers."

Shit, I'm having a bad day, diagonal reading and all that . My bad...

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Re: The application is a problem (given EU data protection obligations)

Unless I am mistaken the EU data protection regulations do not oblige companies to use encryption they only advise it.

The principal "Security:" does not define "how" data should be kept safe and secure. This is vague and open to abuse.

The 7 EU data protection regulations principals:

•Notice: subjects whose data is being collected should be given notice of such collection.

•Purpose: data collected should be used only for stated purpose(s) and for no other purposes.

•Consent: personal data should not be disclosed or shared with third parties without consent from its subject(s).

•Security: once collected, personal data should be kept safe and secure from potential abuse, theft, or loss.

•Disclosure: subjects whose personal data is being collected should be informed as to the party or parties collecting such data.

•Access: subjects should granted access to their personal data and allowed to correct any inaccuracies.

•Accountability: subjects should be able to hold personal data collectors accountable for adhering to all seven of these principles.

Rogue Admins can have full access to email systems and unless the emails are encrypted you have to consider your data as being "public".


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Re: The application is not the problem

If the text that they are sucking out contains unencrypted passwords/info then the problem is not the app. The text should not be available in the first place.

Why are unencrypted passwords or other confidential details being stored in such an easy to get manner.

We have partners that refuse to deal with use unless the entire contents of the emails are encrypted. We are not an IT company, we deal with medical information and credit card information, if we can do it why can't the government.

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The application is not the problem

If users are storing passwords or confidential information in email folders the problem is with the user not with the application/device.

It's about the equivalant of writing a password on a post-it and putting it in the top drawer hoping that no-one will look in there. Even if the drawer is locked the cleaner might have the key, or you forget to lock the drawer, or you forget that you put it in the drawer etc etc .....

They either have to learn to use encryption or to not store confidential information in a clear text format.....

Now not even muggers want your iPhone

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Other domains

Surprising that this kind of technology has not moved into other domains, vehicles, laptops, high end cameras etc

NO BRAIN needed to use Samsung's next flagship mobe

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Big Brother

Re: Pwned

Today it is your telephone, tommorrow your sperm. Your children will be pwned before they are even born.

"It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."

Update - Boffins: COMETS are like FRIED ICE CREAM. Mmm

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I read that wrong

I read that as "Comments are like fried ice-cream" . I thought this was going to be about the ephemeral nature of thread comments....

You'll NEVER guess who has bought I Taught Taylor Swift How To Give Head dot-com

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Some domains still available



Microsoft makes 'business case' for marriage equality

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Re: Final remark


I will only respond to the points for which we have some opposing or different points of view. For the rest of your remarks, let me at least thank you for taking the time to reply in an honest and intelligent manner.

“I reject the idea that only a mother can be "motherly" or a father "fatherly". These are for the most part socially enforced roles, not intrinsic ones.”

The female of our species is the only one of the two that physically gives birth. She also endures the accompanying physical, hormonal and mental changes. She can also, where desired, proceed to feed the child from her breast and watch it grow with her milk as the sole source of nutrition. Only a woman can know what this means. This gives her “motherly” attributes that no man can ever possess. I firmly believe that the bond created between mother and child is far stronger than that of the father and the child. This does not mean that the father cannot also gain a bond with the child but obviously it cannot be the same, it is not the same physical bond that the mother knows. The father also knows that he “fathered” this child, it is the fruit of his loins and it is union with the woman that engendered the child. These elements are part of what makes a parent a mother or a father. I would state that these are intrinsic and not social. These elements cannot be learned, they can only be lived.

As you mentioned, the social traits of each figure, mother and father, have been cultured through centuries of social interaction. This too cannot be ignored, as these traits will continue for the next few hundred centuries.

In a same sex relation, an imbalance will result due to the fact that only one of the intrinsic parental roles being available. Only one of the partners will actually be the real mother or real father, the other partner then being thrown into the role of a surrogate parent, of the same phsical sex. If I were in a same sex relation, and was not the biological father, it would be impossible for me to take the role of the mother. Again I am not saying that I would not be a good parent, just that I would not be able to fill the instrinsic role.

“The thing is, all else being equal it probably is better for a very young child to have one parent of each sex because that provides a greater breadth of role-models. But things never are "all else being equal". “

Yes, I definitely agree on this point. Although I would argue that things usually are quite equal. Within given sectors of social and economic backgrounds, most people are actually very similar, even though they do not like to hear that.

“Rate parenting quality on some hypothetical and impossible to actually create scale of 1...100 and say you get +2 points for having role-models of both genders. How much does that compare to the +20 of having two parents who really love each other, or the -30 of having one of those parents be unfeeling and distant? It doesn't.”

I would argue that it is not the capacity to be a good parent that is important as same sex parents are a probably equally capable of being good parents. What I believe, which might be more fundamental, is the child eventual understanding/learning of the family constitution, especially when he realizes that his family does not correspond to that of the natural environment. ie : Why are my parents not of opposing sexes?.

All around he will see nature, the animals, the media, etc and most notably other kids families and in each case he observes that there is a mother ( a female) and a father(a male). But in his case he will not see these physical elements; he will see physical manifestations of 2 mothers, or 2 fathers. How difficult will this dilemma be for the child to unravel?. How does one successfully teach a child understand the situation whereby natures constants show the mother is a female, the father is male but that within his own family this natural order is not respected?

“ And I could even make a case that same-sex couples can have hidden benefits such as not propagating unhealthy social expectations. “

This point is difficult as it depends upon what one constitutes as healthy/unhealthy social expectations. Society as a whole has its idea on the matter, religion has its own and each person yet again his own personal ideas. Society will generally tend to lean towards that we bring it the most benefit. Today’s Politically Correct mindset wants us to believe that we all have choice and that all choices should be respected/tolerated but I would argue that this is superficial and that the underlying currents often oppose the generally distributed media view. The acceptance of same-sex couples is a new factor within society and has no precedence; it is bright and shiny for the moment. When the bright and shiny wears of, I believe that we will start to see some very, very difficult situations arising.

“I am a feminist. In any traditional couple you are likely to have slightly different domestic behaviour between the male and female parent. A female child will likely more identify with the female parent and thus gender-based roles are perpetuated. Whereas a female child with two male parents would not run that risk.”

As mentioned above I believe that this will actually lead to confusion for the child due to the paradoxical nature of the parental constitution.

“Of course there are some benefits to a male-female parent unit. It can be handy for a child to have someone of their own sex to talk to - especially when they hit puberty. “But that doesn't mean that any given same-sex couple is going to be bad as parents.


“Or even that these problems are especially difficult to overcome!””

I can only imagine that they would be almost impossible to overcome due to the contradiction with nature. Nature manifests that male-male or female-female cannot reproduce, it is therefore paradoxical for the child to understand that he can have been born from same-sex parents.

“Basically, your argument based on the idea of marriage being about children is a supportable position to some extent (imo), but not your corollary that only male-female can be good parents.”

I only believe that a child needs a mother and a father, of the biological kind in order to achieve the correct equilibrium. I also agree that having biologically opposed parents gives no guarantee whatsoever about the outcome or capacity to be good parents. But that it is the fundamental for a solid beginning.

“This, I regard as just some bizarre perversion of an Appeal To Tradition fallacy. And no, I don't think we're going down the same path as the Romans because we're becoming more tolerant of homosexuality.”

I mentioned this because at one point homosexuality, at least among men, was very much accepted within given periods but that the periods ended and homosexuality was again put into the bad light.

French plod can BAN access to any website – NO court order needed

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Not so bad really

Here is a presentation, in French of course, it doesn't actually seem as bad as you might first imagine.


It's too long for me too translate but too resume things very briefly, there are 4 main sections.

1: International relations ( Strange she but she doesn't mention what this section actually does) Probably cooperation with CIA, GCHQ etc.

2: Operations : Taking care of the various web scams, false credit cards, piracy and mobile telephony scams ( automatic SMSs sent in the background to over-taxed tel. numbers etc).

3: Technical Assistance - Informing the public about dangers, setting up stategy for safe usage etc. A kind of hotline.

4: Tracking illegal web content - Paedophilia, Racism, Terrorism etc ... They have a website in which you can notify them of URLs/Sites that contain illicit content.

They appear to be a mix of both the police and the Gendarmerie and will and do follow up the various affairs. Doesn't look so bad really, this is not some government nanny squad, they actually do appear to be on the look out for the bad guys ( or at least in the video that's how the come across).

Les Francais sont loin d'etre aussi con que certain peut imaginer.

Anonymous loose cannon admits DDoSing social services and housing websites

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Re: Emote-words Bingo

I see that the actual capacity to understand some mild wit is actually dropping on El Reg these days !

Oh well not to worry.......says the wooly backed troll as he trundles over to his trough...

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Emote-words Bingo

“Many DDoS attacks are little more than a temporary inconvenience but in this case Sullivan’s actions are likely to have deprived vulnerable people of access to important information, ranging from where to get support on family breakup, to reporting crime anonymously"

I am surprised that he didn't managed to add a "save the world's children hotline" into this list of deprived vulnerable people.

Swedish National Font marches to the sound of whalesong

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Re: They can re-badge themselves all they want, but....

Is that you Julien ?

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I am amused

It would have been amusing to have seen the English version using Blighted rather than Blighty.

Plane crash blamed on in-flight SELFIES

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"It's likely one of the 90% scale replicas doing the airshow circuit."

Mise en Scene by the El Reg Playmobil team.

Swap your keyless key for keyless key-less key. You'll need: a Tesla S and Apple Watch

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Re: One good feature

"If I strap it to my wrist, can I claim prior art?"

Better yet, keep it in your pocket and call it a "pocket watch key".

And to top it off you probably don't have to charge yours up anymore than once every three years.

'Ruskie' malware pwns iOS 7

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Re: First Sony now Apple - On the same day

Ok I'll give that to you but it was already 2 days old.. and since El Reg works at the speed of light, that was a long time ago.. :-)

Blackhats 3 - Evil Overlords 0

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First Sony now Apple - On the same day

The pesky ruskies are busy of late, first Sony now Apple. Blackhats 2 - Evil Overlords 0

[On the same day = the same day that El Reg announced these "theories"]

Get internet access to those POOR country bumpkins, says UK.gov

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Re: Farmers and Bumpkins, paaah @Boltar

I kind of wondered about that too, occasionaly we see a lot bit of Effing and Shoving but seldom of this variety or strength.

The interwebs really have become the outlet for contemporary woes.

'Revenge porn' law to arrive in spring – MoJ

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Blurry Faces, Rubber masks or Nazi uniforms

What would the law do if the faces were blurred out, a la Google Streetview. How would the defendant prove that he/she were the actuelle victim, especially if they had put on/or lost a bit of weight in between time.

Or if said partner were to be partaking in some rubber fun, full rubbered/latexed up it would be nigh on impossible to prove who was who..

Does dressing up in Nazi uniforms with soft rubber whips class itself as a sexual act... ( I won't FORMULAte any suggestion about anyONE).

The lawyers will probably have a lot of fun with some of these cases. Quick thought, I wonder if a Lawyers darknet exists ?

Death becomes it: Grim Fandango Remastered

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"No doubt it’s also why the genre died a death too, only to be replaced by the more user-friendly "Telltale Games" style episodic gaming in more recent years."

Yup, I always like to believe that initially computers and the early games were played by people that were capable of thinking rationally ( even though some of the puzzles were a little unrational to say the least).

Unfortunately the masses have to be catered for and the IQ levels appear to be far lower. Now it's either a "visual experience", ie lots of nice graphics but no gameplay or it is fire, fire, fire at anything that moves.

I do follow the 0adventuregamers site from time to time hoping that a new Gabriel Knight, everyones favourite Schattenjäger, will appear. The last game I bought was "The vanishing of Ethan Carter" but it's slowness bored me to death, the 'trudgery' of walking around was painfull....

Dating site PAYS cracker for stealing creds

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Do they choose the correct solution

"Due to the fact that he (Mastermind) has not passed the data to anyone and has no intention to do so in the future, ... we have paid him an award for finding a vulnerability and agreed on further cooperation in the field of data security," the company said in a statement.

I am surprised that they didn't pay a "double Silverballer wielding code barred sympathiser " to simply eliminate the threat. In the long run it would probably be a better investment.

Does anyone know of any updates on any of the blackhats that were employed by the companies that they hacked ? Would be interesting to know how things faired.

The Pirate Bay clambers back online after cop raid sunk site for 7 weeks

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Re: And so

Every generation has the music it loves and grows up with, mines was the Doors, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Black Sabbath, Leonard Cohen etc etc etc the list goes on and on....

Unfortunately today's generation got Fubarded by the record industry... Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber.... Do people really want to pirate that...

Smartphones merge into homogeneous mass as 'flagship fatigue' bites

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Flappy Bird Syndrome

Whether or not you have a 6 inch 32 core i7 in your smartphone or 1/4 core Athlon, Flappy birds doesn't get any easier.

In other words, the smartphones of today far outweigh the requirements that most users have.

The capacity to have a 5 word instant message communication threads and the lining up of some silly fruits is all that is requried for 90% of the users that I see on the tram ride to and from work. They no longer need to spend 700 euros for this...

Bill Gates – I WISH I was like Zuck and spoke Chinese. Yep, I drink poo

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Re: Well...

Le Weekend - Je t'accord

Le Car-park - Jamais, c'est "Le parking"

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Re: French - Anything but easy.

"Hebrew and Arabic require learning a whole new alphabet, at least with French he's already got a head start with a (mostly) known alphabet."

Learning a new alphabet is no where near as difficult as most people would imagine. There are after all only 22 letters in Hebrew for example. ( not including the nekadots - the vowels). It has been 27 years since I lived in Israel but even to this day I can still read. ( unfortunately I no longer understand very much of what I can read as my vocabulary is gone through lack of use).

Whereas vocabulary is a massive learning curve as it requires a huge amount of memory. I am at a stage in my life whereby I use French words that I do not know/use in English. My memory no longers affords me the advantage of learning new words in both languages. ( French is my daily language, it has been for more than 20 years).

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: French - Anything but easy.

"Also, Hebrew is fugly",

I couldn't disagree more, here's a little well known song that will help explain my thoughts about the above comment.

"People are strange when you're a stranger,

Faces look ugly when you're alone.

Women seem wicked when you're unwanted,

Streets are uneven when you're down."

Krieger, Morrison, 1967

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Re: Don't Forget...

Yes, the pronunciation is very important and just behind it I would put the nuances of the culture. Word for word translations might be almost usefull for technical instructions but real world language is usually very different.

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Re: French - Anything but easy.


Genau, Ich mochte Deutchse lernen.

I began to learn to learn German on the 20min ride to work in the morning but I gave it up due to lack of requirement to speak it. I would agree that it appears to be closer to English than French but the logic behind phrase construction is intially quite difficult especially the verbs appearing at the end of a phrase and also the difficulty with having 3 genders. Even after 20 years in France I still dont remember whether some words are masculine or feminine.

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Re: French - Anything but easy.

"Sorry to ruin your rant but Bill didn't say that French is easy - he only thinks it's easier than Chinese or Arabic:"

Sorry to ruin "your" rant but I didn't comment that Bill said that learning French is easy. My comment was along the lines that learning French is actually more difficult than most people realise. Personally I found Hebrew easier than French and once you know some Hebrew you will find that it shares some elements with Arabic. Learn to count in Hebrew then do the same in Arabic and you will see what I mean.

[I lived in Israel for several years so I do know what I am talking about].

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Re: French - Anything but easy.

It will be interesting to see how will Cortana will fair in Win 10...

Khaptain Silver badge

French - Anything but easy.

Bill, a word of advice, from experience. it is easier to learn modern Hebrew that it is to learn French.

Je vous assure que Hebreu est plus facile que Francais.

אני יודע, אני חייתי בישראל במשך 3 שנים..

Microsoft 'showers gold' on anti-Google Cyanogen and its Android alternative

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Re: Biting the hand the feeds you

"I expect if that ever happens, they'd just fork the last free version."

That is exactly the situation that is the most worrying, the "last free version" will quickly become unusable on newer phones and I can't see how CM will be able to cope with that situation.

[Ok $70 million gives a lot of coping power but MS is then the Sugar Daddy ]

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Biting the hand the feeds you

It was always my understanding that the codebase for CM was the official "Google" provided code.

Won't this piss Google off to the point where the will stop making code available?

Google Translate MEAT GRINDER turns gay into 'faggot', 'poof', 'queen'

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Re: Oh not not again.

Since it is based on the French word "Gai", voila some etymology, in French of course

I will sum up some of the points in the text below.

Historically it appears to stem back to the 11th century.


That which is funny humour, that which expresses gaiety; that which inspires gaiety, a calm and agreeable moment. Bubbly.

There are a few others less connected meaning which are not worth mentioning unless you need to know that it could express Light Green, Yellowish when speaking about soup....

Étymol. et Hist. 1. 2emoitié du xies. « qui est d'humeur riante (en parlant d'une personne); qui exprime la gaieté (visage, etc.) » (Levy Trésor, p. 121); ca 1155 « id. » (Wace, Brut, éd. I. Arnold, 1564); 2. ca 1225 tens ... gais « qui inspire la gaieté, temps agréable et doux » (Durmart le Gallois, éd. J. Gildea, 924); 3. ca 1300 vert gay « vert clair, jaunâtre (en parlant d'un bouillon) » (Taillevent, Viandier, éd. P. Aebischer, p. 94). Peut-être empr. de l'a. occitan gai « pétulant, gai » (dep. Guillaume IX ds FEW t. 16, p. 9 a; v. aussi Levy (E.) Prov.), lui-même issu du got. *gaheis « impétueux » (cf. a. h. all. gāhi « id. », all. jäh « brusque »), provenance qui serait due à l'infl. des troubadours (FEW, loc. cit.), ou plus vraisemblablement mot issu directement de l'a. h. all. gāhi d'où la forme attendue jai (xiiies., Pastourelles, éd. J. Cl. Rivières, CIX, 8). La prédominance de la forme avec g- s'explique en particulier par les interférences constantes entre gai et gaillard (v. DEAF, col. 35, s.v. gai).

Khaptain Silver badge

Delete the entire dictionary as a solution (except for 16 words)

Is it even possible nowadays to "not" offend someone, or some group, or some subset of and subset of a tiny proportion of infinitesimally minor range of people.

When we have reduced the language to 16 words and the human brain to nothing more than a slot machine will we then have achieved satisfaction for the Nanny State and it's members.

Humanity can defeat SkyNet with BOOKS, says IT think tank

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Reading books - wats dat ?

There might be soemthing in this although not from an AI perspective.

Society is manifesting it's true colours via the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Conversations are boiled down to 140 or so characters, tiny snippets of miselading information and images of cats...

If society is to be saved then it has to re-start educating itself on something other than the constant stream of drivel upon which it currently feeds.

Nexus 6 would have had a fingerprint reader, but Apple RUINED IT ALL

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Microsoft, Google and Apple - all guilty megaopolies

The phenomenal sums of money available to both of these companies has reached scary levels of everything.

How many companies/startups today have the sole goal of actually bering bought by one of these three giants.

The sums of these three companies is probably larger than the annual GDP of most of the worlds countries.

Something bad is definately going to happen, I just hope that it won't be before I retire and have had a least a few years outside of paying, directly or indirectly, to one or all of these megaopolies.. [Megaopoly is probably not a word but it sounds about right.]

Panicked teen hanged himself after receiving ransomware scam email

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Re: Devils advocate

"With this understanding, can you can see why someone with autism who receives an email saying his sexual predilections are going to be publicly announced might respond in the way he did?"

Yes, I can easilly understand the predicament but I would suggest that the email was merely the heat at the end of a very short fuse, sooner or later the bomb was going to go off.

What I think many people fail to see is that the email in question was never intended to cause anything other than personal embarassment, and like most spam messages, was decided to catch maybe 1 in 1000000 people.

In my personal opinion, this guy was one of those "extremely" out on the edge, extreme cases that no amount of protection will ever cover. If it wasn't this email, or an image, or a particular sound then it could have been any of a thousand other reasons that would have pushed him over the edge. We here about teenage suicide for far less serious issues than this.

Like most people, I too have days when certain things get me down, upset or damned angry and I am incapable of predicting the how, why or when they will happen. I will never be able to fully protect myself from all and any future threats, unfortunately this guy's limits were a lot lower than most of us and we will never be able to detect or protect fully for such cases.

If we lived in a world where we understood more about these things and took action against them then we would probably inadventantly create people with even lower levels of tolerence.. Nature has an almost uncanny capacity for adjusting /re-adjusting to our contexts.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Devils advocate

"I can only presume... his autism was sufficiently severe that he was a very fragile person."

Yet managed to go to a mainstream school. Unlikely to be "very fragile".

If the Autusim was not severe, then why bother mentioning it in the article.

If this person was not 'fragile', as you infer, then I do not understand how the email/ransomware email had such a devastating effect. Many people receive these damned emails but most people will not commit suicide because of it.

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