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FBI: Apple and Google are helping ISIS by offering strong crypto

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Guns and stuff

Will the FBI all also be making a future claim that all weapons manufacturing in the USA should also be stopped since ISIS use guns and other weapons, some of which might actually be of American origin......

Fanbois designing Windows 10 – where's it going to end?

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The government specifications actually recommended buying three fish but the committee like fish, as mentioned above, therefore they decided that a horse would be better. They love French wine but they don't care for French horse, even when cooked "à point".

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"What is the difference between a "design by democracy" process with a biaised sample and the age old "design by comitee" process?"

two very important points:

1 : The democracy do not know what day it is.

2 : The committee knows that it is almost time for lunch.


The democracy make decisions based solely on their ignorance whereas the committee make decisions based upon their desire for smoked salmon accompanied with a glass of Viré Clessé.

Naked cyclists take a hard line on 'aroused' protest participant

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Re: @Trevor_Potts again


If you know in advance that you suffer from sporadic or unintentional erections then it is perfectly reasonable to assume that you would be prepared to take appropriate action before or during such an event should it "arise" ( pun intended). For example, you could wear extremely baggy trousers/shorts in order that no-one would be aware of the aforementioned afflication. In the case of a gun owner, his reponsability would be to conceal carry.

If however you already know about your afflication and you decide to walk through the park wearing thin white spandex shorts whilst taking the occasional glance at the local sunbathing, penis fearing , sunday school, virgin beauties then quite possibly you could be considered as having the "intent" to shock.......In the case of a gun owner, walking about Central Park whilst actually holding a cocked ( pun intended) and loaded pistol in your hand would be probably be considered "intent" to incite reaction.

"Intent" is probably not so easy to prove but I think in many cases it could be shown that insufficient care was taken to mitigate the risks....

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Re: @Trevor_Potts again

I would suggest the following:

* Someone carrying a gun or an erect penis around, is not a problem.

* The problem, if there was to be one, would lie within the "intent" that the person has with the aforementioned item(s).

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Re: Been there, done that...



1 : They play to the international view that we are all posh horse riders or pregnant by 14.

2 : Challenge: Pick up a red top paper (sun, star, mirror) and find a page without sex or sports.

The 2nd statement kind of confirms the end of the 1st statement....

Microsoft: Here's what you'll cough up for Windows 10 next year

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Free Legal Torrent for all

How about they make a legally available torrent for once....and keep everybody happy. And while we are at it, how about removing all this Home, Pro, Enterprise marketing crap...

One version, legally available for download, upgradeable from all versions, even 8.1, would make a lot of people very happy..

We know that the subscription versions are coming, it's not a secret, so why not get off to a flying start rather than a lacklustre one...

[Windows 10.1, just sign this long term leasing form and it's yours for the meagre sum of only 10$ per month - for the Home version... ]

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1

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Re: It's notice-ware not adware

How to remove this "I did not request this to be shoved in my face publicity adware"...


Equinix moves into Europe by slurping up Telecity

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Misleading title

I visited Equinix's data centre here in Geneva ( Centre Confederation) about 6 years ago and at that time they considered the facility as being old.....

Not really what I would title as "moves into Europe" especially when they now have 32 data centeres in Europe and the Middle East....obviously they didn't all date back to this morning.

Here is a link showing their EMEA centres


Libre Office comes to Android

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pre-Alpha UAT ?

"basic editing capabilities, like modifying words in existing paragraphs and changing font styles such "as bold and italic.”"

You had me there, for a moment I thought the article was serious.

Who's the big Swiss bunch that wants to take Sir Jony's lunch? It's... SWATCH!

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Business Choices - Nick you are going to fail big time....

Either you have a quality product or a cheap product and I can't think of many things worse that cheap electronics....

Sex disease surge in US state partly blamed on hook-up apps

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I would suggest that having sex with the wrong people is the primary culprit....

The problem lies with the fact that you do not get to know in advance who the good ones are...

Multiple fondling on the MIGHTY 12-INCH iOS 9 SLAB — so, so close now

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Multiple apps but ...... (wait for it)

Only one menu bar... yup it's a Mac

Google DOG WHISTLING fails to send URLs across the room

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Black Helicopters

Ulterieur Motive

So while you are surfing the web, Google will be communicating with your Fridge, Ipad, Hoover, Car, Wife's favourite electronic massage device etc....

I couldn't possibly think of how this could be used against someone, no sirreee....

Don't be evil !!!!!!!!

Robocalling Americans? That'll cost you $1.7m

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Get the ball rolling

I can't think of any companies that deserve more than these bastards to get hung out to dry for their consistant "harcellement" of the general public.

It's time that all this nonsense stops. Automatic or manual outgoing telephone marketing/racketeering campaigns should simply be forbidden unless the client has specifically given their authorisation to be called.

The telcos know by the numbers who is doing this shit, so it's not like we don't know about them. When someone makes a couple of thousand outgoing calls every morning/afternoon it is not difficult for a telco to keep track of them.....

[ Specifically meaning haven taken the time to handwrite a letter to the marketing agency].

Candlelit vigil planned to honour executed Newcastle cow Bessie

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Re: Subtle Alternative

@JimmyPage : the cow may have managed to charge onto a busy road

I have just spent a couple of weeks driving around South Africa, mostly the KZN, Swaziland, Mpumalanga and Limpopo regions.

There are cows and goats and people all over the place and I mean on 2 lane roads where the speed limit is 120Km/h. It's not even unusual to see people crossing the motorways on foot...Taxis Minibuses will stop "anywhere" to pick up people, it's like driving through a gauntlet. Anyone that has driven there will attest to what I am saying.

Any yet it doesn't seem to create the slightest problem for the locals or even for myself.. Yo drive carefully and look whats in front of you... Driving at night is considered as "madness" but in the daytime things are fine.. So why is it that in England, it takes 20 cops and a helicopter to stop one cow form "potentially" creating a little bit of damage... whereas in SA there are literally thousands of goats/cows/meatbags all over the place and no-one lifts and eyebrow.....

This is nothing more than the cops having a fun day out with their one and only hunting rifle... The helicopter alone would probably cost around 1500 Euros per 15 minutes of flight... not to mention 20 cops, cars and all the tralala that accompanies them... Plus the rifles "marksman"... Shit it would probably have been cheaper to simply let the cow run out of steam and send in a tractor/trailor

When a nation becomes spoonfed, they become helpless.. Kind of confirms the idea of a "nanny" state.

Khaptain Silver badge

Subtle Alternative

Dare I suggest that a "tranquiliser" might have been a suitable alternative, rather than the more drastic 308 Winchester......

There are special people called "veterinarians" who may have been in a position to supply the aforementioned alternative.

South Korea mandates spyware installation on teenagers' smartphones

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Re: re: the minute it became obvious you had the capacity to spy

Whatever happened to "The Talk"?

Unfortunately it requires what many parents appear to lack : Common Sense...

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Re: But what do they hope to find out?

"So what would stop you licking a cats genitals then?"

Cat piss is not one of the items that I personally would put into a box labelled "erotic stimuli".

Khaptain Silver badge

learn with Frank

A quick search for "mammalian protuberances" should be fine. the Sherriff is not so clever.

Thank you Mr Zappa.

AI pioneer reckons China's where the Rise of the Machines will start

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Re: I , for one...


YouTube Kids 'showed nippers how to make nooses, play with fire'

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* Explicit sexual language presented amidst cartoon animation

* Videos that model unsafe behaviors such as playing with lit matches, shooting a nail gun, juggling knives, tasting battery acid, and making a noose

* A profanity-laced parody of the film Casino featuring Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street

* Graphic adult discussions about family violence, pornography, and child suicide

* Jokes about paedophilia and drug use

* Advertising for alcohol products

So basically they have access to the internet.....

Zuck can EFF off: Internet.org is SO NOT the INTERNET

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Re: So in summary...

WAP = What a pain


Khaptain Silver badge

Re: This sums up the problem:

I sat for 5 minutes trying to determine what a TPS was, Third Party Shooter !! I have been trying desperately to remember if we could play Doom from an outside point of view...

Stripped to the core and full of Xfce: Xubuntu Linux loses it

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The world is not *BUNTU

If you want small then head over to DSL (Damned Small Linux)... 50Mb......

There are others like PuppyLinux etc . Everything depends on what you "need" compared to what you "want"..

Have to agree with the 1st post though, that the bane of Linux is the "multi-multitude" of offerings, sometimes too much is too much.. Me, I am sticking with Mint + XFCE...

Anything with *BUNTU in it's name is starting to make me cringe....

Apple Watch rationing caused by the MOON GOAT, not quality

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Deep within Apple HQ

Ok guys we have to come up with a reason for the poor results.

Lack of consumer interest

Incapacity to create a Buzz

Boring and useless product

Wait , wait I know, let's blame it on the moon.. Those suckers believe everything that we throw at them anyway..

Wrestling with Microsoft's Nano Server preview

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@Dr Christian

Amongst other things the OS serves as an abstraction layer between the application and the hardware. Without it the application would be required to take care of the complexity of handling Interrupts, Drivers, Memory Management, disk or peripheral IO etc ?

Unless your application was a driver or did nothing more than make a LED flash then I have would have difficulty understanding what usefull purpose it could serve.


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Not just Eye Candy then

Is this indicative of how Microsoft consider their latest offering.... Nothing very interesting to offer so here have a free game of Candy Pop.....

This is how to take a professional product and reduce it to the rank of pathetic amateur......

An OS should sell on its simplicity of use, invisibility, integration, ergonomics, etc etc but no, here we have an OS selling by including a game for children.....( and bored commuting adults)

Look out, law abiding folk: UK’s Counter-Extremism Bill slithers into view

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So I suppose that the prisons will be closed too and while were at it, let's just close down the internet and then set fire to Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen etc. (oooops some of that has already started)...

Nintendo to revive long-dead 'World Championships' contest

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Re: Another bit of idiot naming...

Nintendo needed to find a country whose IQ levels were sufficiently low enough in order to ensure that a quorom of players could easilly be attained...

America was the obvious solution.

Swedish Supreme Court keeps AssangeTM in Little Ecuador

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Re: What?

"Please arrow this post down. I want to see as many down arrows as possible. Thank you."

Had to oblige .... boring afternoon......................... . . . . . . . . . .

Cyber-scum deface Nazi concentration camp memorial website

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I think you make some good points but you have missed the one important one. "We in the West, 1st world countries, benefit from all the spoils of war."

We live in luxury compared to the rest of the world. Anyone that has ever travelled outside of the 1st world countries knows this only too well. The rest of the world. 2nd and 3rd world countries, are no longer as ignorant as they were before. The media and the internet have brought them an insight into how the 1st world countries live ( albeit a very twisted insight).

What image do they possibly see : predominantly white people, who on the surface appear to do very little work, who consume endlessly, who live like Hollywood stars and pass their life's deciding which leisure or hobby to follow next. ( Yes it is untrue but that is how things are portrayed).

Having lived in the Middle East, spent some time in the States and recently after a visit to Africa I am utterly incapable of stating that the 1st world countries work any harder or deserve so much more than the other countries. I can only presume that that is how other must see things as well.

So just how does one justify the disparity in living conditions ?

The media is pushing the poorer countries to want the same as the richer countries but their governments, lifestyles, available resources do not allow them to achieve the same standards. This is turn leads to a condition whereby the people are very easily radicalised by those in power because the people are frustrated....

The World's population is increasing, resources are limited and everyone wants the same cake... we can't keep blowing into the balloon and not expect it to go explode..

Pakistan URINE STORM: Google Maps chokes off user editing

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Google's heuristics engine probably removed the 'S' in order to find the second result...

Microsoft: It's TRUE, you'll get Android and iOS apps in WINDOWS

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One OS to run them all ? Or all to run the one

If OSes can all run each other apps, then whats the point of having multiple OSes ?

Isn't this getting to where Linux all wanted to be ?

Got a Samsung Galaxy S5? Crooks can steal your fingerprint – claim

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Re: Are you sure that they read your fingerprints !!

And when I am in the darkness, I will slow down and do some spell checking.

Khaptain Silver badge

Are you sure that they read your fingerprints !!

I have always understand that these devices can merely detect identifiable patterns within your fingerprints and then stock/store/cache these patterns. They do not actually read your fingerprint, ie they would be incapble of reproducing your fingerprint..

I do agree though that they stock a pattern which can then be associated with a password. This pattern could then be used to identify purchases if the pattern could be injected into the identification process. Which is probably possible via a means of hooking an chaining similar to what could be done with interrupts as long as you have kernel level access.

If this is not the case please give me a link to a worthy site which proves the contrary i.e. that these devices could actually reconstruct a fingerprint. At which point my tail will move quickly between my legs and I will scamper away into the darknass...

Cash register maker used same password – 166816 – non-stop since 1990

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Re: customers should conduct rigorous penetration tests

And your colleagues for this mission will be Morgan Frogman and Tim Cruise. ( I have been assured that they are both nearly as good as the originals)

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: That caption for the second image

That image is truly worth a 1000 words. ( or passwords)

Fed-up Colorado man takes 9mm PISTOL to vexing Dell PC

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What's worse

I can't decide what's worse, the Dell or the HiPoint !

For anyone that doesn't know, Hi-Point make very low cost firearms, they are on the opposite end of the scale from Sig Sauer etc.

It's official: David Brents are the weakest link in phishing attacks

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Re: PHB united

They are both the same business really, they spend their time extracting sums of money from their punters.

Khaptain Silver badge

PHB united

Most of them don't get into their positions because of their IT skills....

Japan showcases really, really fast … whoa, WTF was that?!

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What happens when you cut the current, does this thing just drop down to the ground (10cm drop), start to slide and then quickly issue prayer books....because at 600Kph there will be lot of sparks, stained underpants and prayers that the slippery path is obstacle free.

Prayers won't make the damned bit of difference but lot's of people will like to believe at that precise moment that something or someone will save them from their slippery end.

Flying giant octopus menaces New York

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Re: DDBs?

If you stack them vertically are they still consider as Double Deckers ?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Buffalo burghers

If a pound of Gold comes crashing down on your head, your skull would definitely be under the impression that the gold is much heaver than the feathers.

Think about it ....

Apple will cut down 36,000 acres of forest in 'conservation scheme'

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Re: For people who cannot they see the wood for the trees

That all depends on the kind of forests you are cutting down

If it's 5 year old pine trees, I really don't think that it would matte to much.

If it is 200 year old Oak trees than that's not quite the same cup of tea.

If it's the Amazon rainforest in it's original condition then ........<insert castration method here>

Chinese 'Superphone' manufacturer declares war on Apple

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"scooter riders wearing german army-style helmets complete with nazi swastika decorations"

Replace "scooter" with "Harley" and that description could easily represent your local Hells Angels/Bandidos outfit....

Khaptain Silver badge

The original image is easy to find and "subtle" would not definately not be one of the adjectives used to describe it


I wondered how much the Chinese know about Hitler and I came across this unusual article


Obviously out cultures are quite dfferent

iPhone vs. Galaxy fight hospitalises two after beer bottle stabbing

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Re: This wouldn't have happened…

since when were guns capable of defending themselves ?

Slack raises $160m from investors, gets mega $2.8bn valuation

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Intranet by another name ?

"The Slack service allows employees to create and manage internal message boards for individual projects and departments""

So what are company intranets/sharepoints/sametimes/lync etc being used for if it is not exactly this ?

‘Right to be forgotten’ prompts more French privacy concerns

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Belligerent CNIL Berates Google.

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