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Ouch! Microsoft sues recycling firm over 70K stolen Office licenses

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Re: But why?

I imagine that MS have no way of knowing which licences passed through the hands of these guys. I would also presume that a fair amount of estimation was involved to arrive at 70000 or are there other techniques which we are not aware of, if so what are they.

I would also like to know how they got the licence keys because they are generally not visible after installation. I know that Jelly Bean used to be a method but I am unaware if it still works..

Why would I want to know : Simple, it is always interesting to see how the criminal mind works, you do not have to be a genius to be ingenious.,

(Hint : Don't search for/download Jelly Bean without having very up to date virus définitions)

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

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No Finbar, I said "that I wanted to see what you can do with a pair ot bits.."

Scotsman cools PC with IRN-BRU, dubs it the 'Aye Mac'

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Re: Makes Me [Click] Baity

or even "Has replaced the existing liquid expansion recipiant with an old IrnBru labelled perspex bottle + replaced the existing liquid with an IrnBru coloured liquid within a prebuilt PC".

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Re: Perspex?

"On the same note, Glasgow should *never* be pronounced. "Glarsgow"."

Where I am from it would have to be spelt "Glesga" or "Glesgi* , that's how it is pronounced locally, even the Glaswegians don't pronounce it that badly....

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Re: I visited Ferranti in Edinburgh ...

PS : It's pronounced "Irn Bru" all over the world....

As a Scotsman I can't pronounce it any other way....

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Re: Sod the Irn Bru

"But with a clock like that... how can we be sure it's not actually a bomb????"

Because "Scotsman" enough said.....

Microsoft has developed its own Linux. Repeat. Microsoft has developed its own Linux

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RedmondHat Inside


Khaptain Silver badge

Re: craft it smaller

Just recently tried a Belgian beer that was new to me, it's called "Kasteel Tripel" ( Do not confuse this with Castel which is a wishy washy South Arfrican beer).

Kasteel Tripel is 11%, believe me you won't be downing 10 of these little bottles, the beer, as many of the Belgian beers, is excellent and definately worth a try.

IPv6 is great, says Facebook. For us. And for you a bit, too

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"“We’ve observed that accessing Facebook can be 10-15 percent faster over IPv6. We believe other developers will see similar advantages from migrating,” ."

With incentives like that I prefer to remain on IPV4. In fact that would be a great idea, put all the social media,commercial, sports and porn sites on IPV6 and leave the rest of us alone to live quietly in IPV4 land..

Did GCHQ illegally spy on you? Now you can find out – from this page

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Re: Hell, just dial a random number every 3-6 weeks.

What's the chances that someone is already preparing a bot with the details of 35Million AM accounts.....

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Re: I don't think so!

and www.google.com, www.microsoft.live.com, www.apple.com, *.gov, a hundred thousand emails servers, a million forums etc etc etc

It's basically called the Internet.... and the details of your personal lives are now it's bloodline for the vampirical beast known as "commerce".

World finally ready for USB-bootable OS/2

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Re: VirtualBox is a dumpster fire

The Office environment is VmWare + Netapp, but I don't get to bring that home.!!!!

I have a work test rig at home for W10. I don't believe in VMs for everything, I want to see an OS on metal, with real spinning rust, low memory and shitty drivers, VM's tend to hide some of the problems that can occur etc etc ..

So far W10 won't run the Cisco VPN Client, so that puts an end to a lot of discussions... and from what I understand Cisco will not be continuing the client in it's current form and our MotherShip is not ready to upgrade technology....status quo.

VirtualBox and Mint are just involved in order that I can directly VPN into the office on the test rig.. ( since Cisco don't work), downloaded the v5.0.5 tonight which at least has helped with the Bridged Networking problems....

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Re: What problem will it solve ?

"I'm currently struggling to run Linux Mint as a VM under a Windows 10 host"

See reply above. It's not a choice !

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Re: What problem will it solve ?

"but there are still a few companies with an extensive OS/2 landscape, who've saved tons of money by sticking with it."

How are they obtaining support, OS2 was basically shutdown in 2006. Or are they managing to simply make do with what was available at the time. If this is the case then they are not saving money they are just avoiding spending any money, the same would have been true no matter which system they used or is there something that I am completely missing here.

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Re: What problem will it solve ?

"Is there any reason that you're not running Mint natively?"

Yes, and these are constraints not options.

Khaptain Silver badge

What problem will it solve ?

So apart from the nostalgia factor what could we actually use it for ?

I love the idea but I just don't see it's potential..

I'm currently struggling to run Linux Mint as a VM under a Windows 10 host using Virtual Box ( the bridged networking is borked, r5.0.4) and I presume that this will not help with that problem.

How did jihadists hack into top UK ministerial emails if no security breach took place?

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What's his name ?

A very inconsistent article, can you please give clarification, at least a bit more han GCHQ ab out how actually did or do not perform the breach, was it ISIS, IS , ISIL, Jihadists Liberation Front or the Now Defunt Syrian ExBrits Hackers Club.

Plods waste millions keeping their arses covered and ears open

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Cost cutting solution

Why can't we supply them with all the excess,used or last years pantomime outfits... It might not make them look very "authoritarian" but at least it would make for some interesting arrest scenarios..

Captain Hook successfully apprehends Woolworths shoplifter.

Barnaby the Clown arrests yet another drunken football yob.

Big Bird has been on a MacDonalds stake out for the least three weeks..

Hats off to Nintendo’s platform supremo Super Mario Bros at 30

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Mythical but not for all

I used to enjoy watching other people play, especially in the later rounds, but personally, I never got the bug.. The one thing that Mario never had, at least in my opinion, was a sense of adventure..

To be perfectly honest I never understood the attraction to platform games, although I did complete Manic Miner (which was more of a puzzle game than a thumb basher)....

Hi. Ofcom? My mobe's call quality is crap – but you said it was fine

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Sponsorship - The keyword

"Regulator Ofcom is to use an independent lab to test and rate phones for how well they actually make calls"

It just so happens that this years "independant" lab will be sponsored by Apple, next year by Samsung, then a comglomerate of both...

HP and Dell flogging Surface Pro direct? No issues THERE. NONE AT ALL

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Nutty Nadella

"We want to move people from needing, to choosing, to loving Windows and so do our partners,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella"

He does realise that Microsft sells operating systems and not girlfriends or children ?

"Loving" an operating system just sounds weird.

Et voilà: Violated Versailles vagina might stay violated

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Re: Er, why are we following this?

Because reading yet another article about which CEO farted in the last 3 seconds has become extremely mundane.

Never forget that a lot of people here were brought up on Saunders (Finbar) and Spectrums...

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Yes, leave the graffitti

The graffiti is more interesting than the work itself, it says a lot more than what the metallic muff does.

Files on Seagate wireless disks can be poisoned, purloined – thanks to hidden login

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Re: That picture

"I'm nearly there with having the Chief Information Security officer's approval too"

You mean that the CSO has agreed to take the disks ?

Voluminous Versailles vagina viciously violated – again

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Re: "everything will be done to identify the authors" ?

Hollande didn't really say very much

"Le président François Hollande «dénonce fermement» la dégradation de l’oeuvre qui a été «couverte d’inscriptions haineuses et antisémites», a indiqué l’Elysée dans un communiqué."

It was Fleur Pellerin ( Minister of Culture) that was present...

Here is the article from liberation.fr, the comments from the usual ministers amount to not much more than the typical diatribe using any all of the following words "shock, horror, injustice, antisemitism, scandal", none of it appears to be even remotely sincere..


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Holy Vandalised Vaginas batman, it looks like we will have to penetrate deep into the depths of this labiarinth and try to find the magic button that will unleash this caverns secret source of energy.

Want your kids to learn coding? Train the darn teachers first

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Teaching the teachers

Knowledge : Almost anyone can be taught the basics of coding which they in turn could teach to someone else. Ok let's not begin with a course on Polymorphic Abstraction within the Network layer of a IOT toaster...

Confidence : Now this becomes a lot more delicate, how do you become confident about teaching something that half the kids don't want to know about and the other half already have more knowledge and experience than you do....

£4.5m sounds like very little money to even begin scratching the surface ( No, not the MS Surface). Once you remove the backhanders/the kickbacks/the waste and the overtime, the remaining $1.60 would probably be better spent changing the kids home page to point to the "The Register"... They won't learn much but at least they could have a laugh before heading of down to the pub, the one that runs of the BOFH's UPS ....

It's Friday and I am thirsty, lets hope the Guinness cooler is on that damned UPS too.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

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All it takes is a little bit of Catalonian Police Weed and then all I want to do is stare......

Spaniard trousers €60,000 bank error, proceeds directly to jail

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Re: Not worth it

@I aint Sparticus

I would hazard a guess that you have read some Nassim Taleb.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Not worth it

"Unfortunately most countries have about a $10 thousand dollar cash or transaction limit at which point the bank is legally obliged to make a report"

That's why you need a Swiss/Bahamas/Offshore banker in the equation, they know how to deal with these "minor" issues....

There are many ways of making money disappear without the skilled and deft handiwork of Penn & Teller.

Feeling sweary? Don't tell Google Docs

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Re: American swearing


"I think you are looking for 'Anus' :)"

I was thinking about "arse", as follow

* He fell on his arse after tripping on the kerb whilst walking backwards - Nothing naughty here..

* The arsehole fell down after tripping on the kerb whilst walking backwards - A lot less polite (debatable)

* The fucking arsehole - Defiantely the rude variant..( Nothing to debate here)

Just for the records, I never go looking for Anus, lol.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: in a bit of a hole

It would be interesting to learn how they set the standards as to what constitutes a naughty word and what is acceptable.

For example : List of Acceptable / naughty but debatable words

Arse / Arsehole

Masturbator / Wanker

Vagina / Muff

Dick / Dick ( Dick is a name after all)

Sperm / Jizz( Jizm) and derivatives

Erection / Hardon (Boner) and derivatives

Pearl necklace / Pearl necklace

After we have added some words to the list I can only presume that the list will grow longer as people become accustomed to using alternative words. Fuck might get replaced by Feck ( as the Irish already do), will we then begin adding those words too ?

Websites aimed at kids are slurping too much info, finds report

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Re: Shared personal information

I didn't quite mean in it that sense but I see your point.

I was thinking more along the lines that your privacy was intact up until the point where your data ( private identity , email address etc) was "sold" on to third parties. Up until then your private life was not invaded by spam etc.

Your right to privacy, ie not receiving unwanted email, not being on a CallCenter script, not receiving unwanted commercial calls etc has thereafter been violated, your "privacy" has been "stolen" from you..

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Shared personal information

Can it not be argued that it is "identity" theft.

The data is merely the transport agent, so yes I would agree that we cannot justify data theft.

But your "privacy" has been stolen and you are/will be deprived and it certainly cannot be easily restored once thrown out into the hands of the scrupulous..

Khaptain Silver badge

Shared personal information

"Of those, it found that 67 per cent of sites and apps collected children’s personal information. Half of the total number shared personal information with third parties."

Why is this not considered as theft ?

Stench of confiscated dope overwhelms Catalan cop shop

Khaptain Silver badge

Up in smoke

This should belong in a Cheech and Chong movie, or a fat Freddie cat comic, hilarious....

French hacker besmuts road sign right under Les Plods' noses

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Power loves the smell of pussy and pussy loves the smell of power.

Crude, but probably very close to reality....

I lived in Strasbourg for a few years and was in the parliament on several occasions.. Most of the EuroMPs that I met there were a bunch of boring buggers that would undoubetely require large quantities of Cialis and alcohol to get into the "swing" of things...

It never ceases to amaze me why people in power, or who believe that they are in power, are often addicted to meaningless pursuits.... Why the eternal need to have one's ego rubbed ( amongst other things)?

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Unimpressive French swearing.

There are far worse things that can be said in French but he remained in keep with the context..

The idea wasn't to shock but moreover to protest about how lightly DSK got off. One law for them, one law for us...

In England London someone would have repeated the same gest/idea but would have turned up in Trafalgar square with a crumpled tshirt saying ...David is bland.... Now that really would have been naughty wouldn't it.

Self-driving cars? Boring. We want self driving, lizard dodging golf carts

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Re: GAU-8 and a Golf Course??

"Of course, the talk of making self driving golf cards begs the question: Why not just put in a set of rails on the path, and then have a railed golf cart to zoom around. Probably less costly."

Because the lardy assed, high handicapped golfers can't hit the ball worth shit and they spend post of their time driving all over the golf course looking for their balls, usually far from the normal paths...this would require a complete inter-city, intra-urban, intra-forest, submersible set of highly connected rails....

I admit that it is very comfortable to have a golf cart but it stops one from improving. It gets tiring walking all over the golf course looking for badly hit balls and this is usually enough to push your desire to improve, take more lessons or alternatively give up golf completely....

Now if someone stood behind you with a GAU-8, you might actually take a bit more time with that swing.. Teeing off would then become a fun sport to watch.

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Re: Armory

That made by day, well worth the read, when I a m at the firing range this weekend I will definitely have a little think and a little chat with my "large calibre firing friends". It would be fun to watch them shooting whilst wearing roller skates.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: Armory

Your right, I read an article recently where the pilots mentioned that the whole plane shook and vibrated when they unleashed the "wrath" from these guns... Absolutely amazing to see the videos and the pure "destruction" that these guns cause/caused..

Khaptain Silver badge


All that is required is one of the those #cough# soon to be decommissioned #cough# 30mm Gatling guns from an A10 Warthog and no damned lizard is gonna stand in your way.

Croc country cops' mobile facial matching a festival party pop

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Re: "greatly enhance intelligence and surveillance operations"

If you are not already a criminal they won't let you in...

Khaptain Silver badge

Carefull now

If they take those damned cameras into parliament won't they have actually have a problem finding people who are not criminals...

Side note : Start investing in your local Plastic surgery clinics as it would be logical to presume that the clever criminals will always stay one step in advance..

Ashley Madison: ‘Our site is full of women, and members are growing’

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Re: I can believe it

"Nom de keys - after all, who uses a pen any more?"

Clunk, I have just understood what was meant by "Keys".....

Anyway it would therefore be "nom de touches". (Un clavier a des touches et non pas de clefs)..

---->>>> The facepalm is for me not having understood "keys" in the OP.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: I can believe it

Try getting a new passport without using a pen !

It's an example because I am currently in the process.. ,you still have to actually sign your name, with a real pen, without writing outside the little box... You can't use a "Nom de Plume" though....

or buy a house, or take a credit ,or a million other things outside of using Facebook and Twitter.....

Unfortunately the Yoof of today appear to be allergic to actually taking the time to write, whereas it can actually be a pleasure.. it also forces one to think before one reacts..

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: I can believe it

"nom de keys of George Clooney"

Nom de plume, Shirley.

Khaptain Silver badge

Re: I can believe it

Did you ever actually meet them in the flesh ? Were they in your own region and was that region a major capital... ( I presume that you don't live out in the sticks).

The reason I ask is because I presume that some of the women on AM will actually be prostitutes/escorts who simply use AM et al as online meeting spots. ( I am not, nor ever have been a member of such sites so this it purely conjecture on my behalf).

UV for being frank.. ( just don't tell Frank)

Khaptain Silver badge

Did you write for Playboy at some time in your life ?

Falcon 9 fireworks display grounds SpaceX

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Debug Question ?

How do they manage to analyse Rocket failures?

I always imagine that if they do actually manage to find the pieces, that many of them will be almost unrecognizable, they must then be pieced back together and then hopefully they can start to debug the causes.

Or are there alternative methods which they can use ? Sometimes it appears as though they find the reasons PDQ...

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