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Brit trio convicted for liquid bomb terror plot

Phil Kennaugh
Black Helicopters

Liquid Bomb De-bunked?

OK, I've only skimmed the thread, but I *do* remember the comprehensive debunking of liquid bombs by El Reg some time ago.


I was surprised then to cop a demo of one by a UK News programme.


Could someone please explain the difference?

No longer knowing what to believe,

Confused ov Leeds

Gordo's DNA database claims branded 'ridiculous'

Phil Kennaugh

Which way to..

..the exit?

Gordo's even got me willing to vote Tory to get these lunatics out - which says how dire things have become. Please - if anyone sees me heading to a polling booth, just shoot me.

Thankfully a quick burst of sanity ( in the form of decent caffeine ) has reminded me that the big-business CONservatives are extremely unlikely to repeal any of these highly 'useful' laws ( except maybe about organ donation whilst still alive.. ), and will no doubt add their own FUD/PR policies to keep us in line whilst emptying our pockets.

The only solution's to leave, so I am. Switzerland seems far enough away from the madness zone..

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