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Plods say it's OK for them give out your DNA

mark french

Stringent guidelines?

Don't the Home Office (and all those other Government depts that seem to be playing a game to see who can give away the most private data) have stringent guidelines?

Doesn't seem to be particularly effective in the fight against f*ckups does it?

School crossing guards join CCTV panlollycon

mark french

RE: Some of 'em are asking for it though

@ The Other Steve

I take it you don't have to contend with these Lollipop muppets very often?

Traffic lights stop traffic for a specific purpose - to let other traffic through.

Are you seriously saying that having to wait every other day while this old biddy waits for some kid that she can only just see whilst using binoculars, whilst NOBODY is crossing the road is the same as waiting for traffic lights?

All she needs to bloody do is get back on the kerb when there is no need for her to be holding up traffic! GAH!

Once in a while would be passable, but when she behaves in this way all the time, it's just stupid and pointless. I hardly think that taking offence to this kind of daily dithering ( i have had no choice but to use this route for the past 6 years!) makes me an emotional retard. It is an expected reaction to a stimulus that shouldn't exist.

As I see it, her job is to stop traffic to allow kids to cross, whilst at the same time using her common sense to not hold up traffic unnecessarily. If you had bothered to read my post instead of getting all Guardian Reader half way through, you would have seen that the point I was making was that she frequently holds up traffic when there is nobody crossing, and shows no common sense. If this is how Lollipop ladies behave, then it's hardly any wonder they get a hard time. If you hold people up for no good reason, day after day, some of them are going to tell you that they don't like it - some may be less polite. This is very different to holding up traffic with good reason - such as kids ACTUALLY crossing - which I (and most other people, I'm sure) have no problem with.

If the kid is nowhere near the crossing, then surely she should be letting cars through?

I fail to see how the fact that I drive a car, and am one of the people frequently held up for NO REASON, makes my point any less valid. I think it puts me in an ideal position to judge this womans performance, and I have to say that it is staggeringly poor daily.

Just so I can understand your thought processes, picture this:

Every day, you have to get in the lift at work.

Every day, the same person holds the Door Open button, just in case someone else might want to get in.

He does this every day, regardless of wether or not he has seen someone running to catch the lift.

Do you think it's fine that he holds everyone up, most of the time for no reason?

Or do you want to clout him for doing the same stupid thing every day, holding you and everyone up pointlessly?

If you think it's fine, then surely you must be the Dalai Llama, or some other divine figure, because I'm pretty sure that most of the population would go with the other option when faced with such ceaseless stupidity.

"Oh boo hoo hoo, sometimes you have to wait in your shiny car on your way to work at your important job for some children to cross the busy road, my heart fucking bleeds."

My point is that it pisses me off to sit waiting whilst kids are specifically NOT crossing the road.

And what's with all this derogatory "shiny car" business? Do you take your velocipede to work? Or perhaps, as a divine personage you prefer to travel by donkey? Muppet.

mark french

RE: Some of 'em are asking for it though

@ The Other Steve


Read all of the posting and you'll understand what I'm saying. You know, read ALL the words, not just a some. Sentences work better that way.

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